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SEO Coaching & SEO Strategies For Scaling a #SocialMediaOptional Business Online


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Ways To Work Together

If you’re seeking business support, here’s how I can help:

All-In-One CRM

Our bespoke solution for serious growth

Learn what all our clients have been raving about and join the Online Business Automator CRM.

Save thousands of dollars every month with our custom built platform used to automate your online business without the hassle.

Plus, get hands on support from our in house team of trained experts to help you with automation, setup, migration and more.


SEO Agency & 1:1 Consulting

Personalized SEO Strategy & Ad Hoc Business Support

You can purchase ongoing business support OR an individual SEO Coaching Session through ad hoc and sliding scale pricing.

My SEO coaching coaching sessions can be used to develop clear SEO marketing strategies based on specific keywords research to improve rankings on search engines like Google.

Alternatively, coaching sessions may be used for general Online Business support in developing the right strategy for more sales with lead generation strategies that attract more qualified leads without paid advertising.

Tired of Living Your Whole Life On Instagram? You're in the right place.

If you’re done trying to keep up with the insatiable demands of social media, pouring your heart and soul into daily posts and stories that never seem to last, and never feeling like you can take a break without loosing momentum;

You’re not alone.

There’s a smarter and more predictable way to

Build a profitable and successful coaching business

That doesn’t rely on constantly sharing your life through instagram stories.

Mel and soph pointing at the computer

What if you could build a business that was 100% #SocialMediaOptional?

Seo Coaches Work With You To:

all while spending LESS time posting or dm’ing on IG & FB

This is the power SEO Coaching with an experienced SEO Coach

A good coach who has your best interests in mind will help you change the way you spend time online by developing the right strategy and understanding the best keywords for you to focus on.

A good SEO Coach works with you to implement keyword research strategies and understand how good SEO shows up with both off page and on page optimization.

People tend to hear phrases like keywords or Search Engine Optimization with their eyes instantly glazed over dismissing the possibility that an SEO strategy could ever work for them.

SEO strategies paired with optimal keyword research are the BEST way to predictably and sustainably grow your coaching business or private practice in 2024 and beyond.

It is why I teach SEO for Coaches as the best marketing funnels to attract coaching clients, fill your private practice, and sell your courses.

Lets Talk SEO Results

Wondering What Kind of SEO results can you expect from working together?

Here are a few highlighted cases of client results and testimonials to give you an idea of what’s possible when working with a good SEO Coach who has a deep understanding of the SEO Industry

Anna hired our Agency to automate & streamline the entire business backend, allowing her to launch a successful podcast, fill her 1-1 client roster, and have a steady, predictable income in her business without the stress of social media.

Business Coach,SEO Coach,Online Business

Anna Marsh – United Kingdom

Functional Medicine & Nutrition Therapist
10 Years in Online Business

Scope of Work: Full Service Done For You Agency Client

Time of Service: 12+ Months with ongoing maintenance support still being delivered.

Tangible Results:

  • Email list grew by over 40% in the last 18 months
  • Averages 4.3 new sales every month for the last six months
  • Annual revenue grew by more than 30% in the last 18 months
  • Primary source of sales is generated via email marketing, podcasting, and blogging (previously, all traffic was via Instagram & Facebook)through organic site visitors
  • Averaging between 9-18 applications completed for services each month (500% increase)
  • Averaging between 4-11 sales calls booked each month for 1-1 service (400% increase)
  • Anna’s new Podcast has grown by over 489% from September 2022


Business Coach,SEO Coach,Online Business


Business Coach,SEO Coach,Online Business

Meet Soph | SEO Coach & Trauma Practitioner

In my 8-year entrepreneurial career, helping clients launch, grow, & scale their businesses online...

I’ve worn many hats & developed an array of skills adapting to the needs of the people in front of me.

From teaching coaches how to launch 1-1 & group coaching programs through organic social media marketing to helping business owners scale companies by implementing better systems & automation via SEO (search engine optimization)- I’ve seen and done it all.

In an industry that’s seemingly always changing, I’ve learned to prioritize business practices that support long-term growth and compound my efforts for years to come, not just days or months.

I was tired of spending all my time on Social Media Marketing and dove deep into SEO Coaching

So I intentionally built a social media #optional business growing a library of free resources that compound free organic traffic to my site every single month with a simple yet effective seo strategy and SEO coaching services;

All while I get to enjoy a quieter life, supporting clients in my OBA course, agency, and private practice.

Want to learn how you can do this too?

Credentials & Certifications

8+ Years in Online Buinsess

I started coaching clients professionally in 2015 and have helped hundreds of students all over the globe through our group coaching programs, along with starting an Agency in 2020 delivering custom done-for-you projects to clients.

Certified Equity Centered Coach®

I’ve been training in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work With Trudi Lebron since 2021 & am wrapping my certification as an Equity Centered Coaching® Leader.

Operational & Automation Expert

I’ve built hundreds of profitable & high converting sales pages, websites & marketing funnels for clients to automate their business backend get their time back.

Certified Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner

I’ve dedicated nearly three years of studying Somatic Experiencing® & over 500 hours of online & in-person training since 2020.

Curious about working with me in Trauma Resolution Work?

Virtual & In-Person Trauma Resolution Coaching

Seeking highly trained support for trauma resolution? I offer ad hoc 55-minute virtual and in-person Somatic Experiencing sessions to support clients in renegotiating trauma within the body.

To ensure this work is accessible for those who need it, I offer simple sliding-scale pricing with no pre-qualification requirements.

The “I Can’t Believe This Isn’t A Paid Course

Business BLOG

Do you ever wish you could get nuanced and detailed answers to your business questions on Google or find step-by-step comprehensive guides on creating a coaching program, starting SEO Marketing, or calculating your profit margins?

Consider it a dream come true!

After taking a 3-year hiatus from social media marketing, I decided to pour all my energy into long-form content that provides immense value to my readers (at no cost) so you can start making moves today.

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