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July 9, 2021

EP #122: A Declaration Of Action With Joanna Green

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The Sacred CEO™ Radio
EP #122: A Declaration Of Action With Joanna Green
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Show Notes

Most of the time, taking action is just a matter of declaring that you will. Though we are connected to the infinite expanse of the universe, we can’t just keep waiting for the universe to take action for us. It comes down to us and how we move forward. Joanna Green works with leaders, celebrities, and high-level influencers to remind them of their innate divine nature. She joins Sophie Kessner to talk about putting yourself in the right mindset for taking action. Don’t let the time to take action pass you by! Make that declaration today!

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A Declaration Of Action With Joanna Green

I am excited about this episode for many reasons. It’s the fact that the depth we’re about to go into and the space that we’re about to field is unlike anything that you have probably ever tuned into before. Without further ado, I want to introduce the star of the hour and the lady that we’re going to be jamming with, her name is Joanna Green. She was the most galactic human that you’ll ever get to know and get to have on this show. She focuses on embodiment, integrity, and much prosperity. It’s on the totally different playing field than anything that we’ve ever talked about in regards to wealth or freedom or any of the things that we focused on the 3D realm. Joanna, I’m glad to have you here. 

Let’s fucking play.

Go ahead and start with a short synopsis. Give the people a little bit of, who are you? How should they paint the picture of this person that they’re about to spend time falling in love with? 

The amazing thing is I’m in a redeclaration of myself. I can give you the history, the background of who I’ve been until now, but you’re witnessing me in a chapter of my life ending and I’ve redeclared who I am. I decided I was going to be a billionaire, but my mission before that was, I wanted to create heaven on Earth. To me, I decided the heaven on Earth has already been here. All of the foundations are laid, next order of business. The way to listen to me is from a space of what’s possible when we live in such integrity and embodiment of our knowing of our God source, infinite creative power that whatever we say is going to happen will happen by law like gravity. That has been my journey to becoming a person that can operate from a space.

The fact that what I say happens and goes and everything will, and it just goes. What my word is to the world that happens ratio and my word before this has been that I’m going to source heaven on Earth. It looked the way it looked and it organized the way it organized and you’re in the space of my redeclaration. The interesting thing is that my preparation for what it took to understand what harmony looks like on a planetary level. What the systems and the structures that people put individually and collectively into place to either obscure that or get in a way is the same conversation about prosperity. It’s vocalizing it on the money. For me, the ease, grace, being and happiness was the foundation. The money is the same conversation and the material realm with the cherry on top.

One of the things that’s juicy and potent is this conversation of lifting the veil of this matrix that many of us have been living in, especially in the entrepreneurial world where a lot of the focus is revenue generation. I want to create wealth and freedom. I want to be able to tap into this. Many people use entrepreneurship or business as an avenue to try to get there, but they’re operating from such a place of old paradigms and being in their own way with it. They haven’t yet tapped into the remembrance. It’s this piece where many people who are on this path of wanting to cultivate prosperity, freedom, and wealth. This massive desire that they have and yet they’re operating from a system that is essentially keeping them from cultivating that exact thing that they want because they don’t believe they have it already. They’re not embodying it because they’re operating more from their lack. They haven’t yet tapped into the remembrance of their divinity.

This is my perspective from my observation, but one of my geniuses is that I am able to see patterns. Something about me to prepare myself. For me, the core of everything is being in presence because when you’re present, you can see a lot of patterns. It’s the way the world works without you trying to figure it out. It will illuminate itself for you if you watch it enough and watch how reality is. It’s not try to figure out a five-step process, but let the natural order of evolution emerge in front of you and you get that you’re not disconnected to it. There becomes such a more fluid, organic, orgasmic way of being. Here’s something that I’ve seen from my journey and I’ve watched it over and over again. I’m going to explain it a four-stage process, but it’s an evolutionary journey.

This is what I’ve seen over and over. People come into entrepreneurship and depending on whether they came from that business, healing or CEO background, they had these rules and structures that went in place that they agreed to because that’s how that system operates. Whether or not you wanted to be in or out of the system, you set up a conscious in some regard agreement field to operate in that world. People go into entrepreneurship and that’s the vehicle they’ve been driving in. What was helpful for them in that regard?

There are some attributes of that world that’s not helpful as they create a system, structure, and business that’s an ecosystem of their being because they were in somebody else’s ecosystem. There’s an adjustment period and we call those things like, “I have unconscious belief systems and all of this word or I need a mindset.” You’re in the transition period to liberate and become yourself. That’s a phase of the journey. I find people in the process of doing that either find a mentor or a leader. Let me use the word that’s a little bit everything else where they calibrate to them or whatever, where they’re like, “I know that that’s possible for me. You’ve already got it. Let me hang around you so I know what it feels like.”

There’s a lot of re-education of their being that’s happening and a lot of people then start mimicking because it’s almost like you’re becoming a new person. Even babies do this, they model and mimic after something and that’s the second stage. After you’ve dealt with your limiting beliefs, then you start mimicking because you’re in this new world and you need to figure out a new way of doing it. You’re needing this external like mommy figure. I’ll be blunt about it and it’s not a bad thing, but you’re still in a recalibration to a system and an ecosystem that’s not your own. In some, you’ve entered a secondary matrix.

There’s a phase beyond that which usually is walking like a toddler. You eventually don’t need to hold onto something or don’t need to be inside of the confines where somebody else can see you and you go on a walk. I don’t say that as the three-phase system, but that’s the evolutionary journey that people get when you see somebody and you know their content. You know that nobody can replicate that content and it speaks like them. I have a background in a lot of design and fashion. You can tell when somebody’s genius is being spoken through in their lens and it’s them. It’s not a replicated version of somebody else’s thing.

To me, what we’re in as a collective thing, we’re in the evolutionary journey of both self-actualization. Also, the returning of our own innate genius independent of any systems, matrices, and coming from the space of being. That has a level of power that we’re rehabilitating ourselves to. This process is that. I do feel that each person is in the individual process of that. Whether or not they’re in entrepreneurship or they’re in the world, our whole organization of humanity is coming into its genius. Not everybody is designed to be a founder or a CEO, but they are meant to be the source of their own creation. It means that if they choose to want to go and work for somebody, whether it be a marketing director or a school teacher, that is their self-proclaimed genius, which they made a sovereign choice.

It’s not because they had to fill these boxes or that they were given these options. The real declaration and choosing of self versus looking at the landscape of life and being like, “Where do my passions meet with the needs of people are shifting?” In some regards, I feel like we’re in a civilization shift. I think a little bit different because I do study systems. If you look at how we got here was the military-industrial complex and how our world has gotten done since World War II. I think about these things because we were born into a system that existed before you were here. We’re a generation where we’re watching that system, which was designed to produce things for a wartime system. We’re going from that to a system of creativity and creation.

That is a different organization of life. That creates a reorientation of how is my creative genius is now being called forth in this ecosystem where I do not have to be defined by the existing structures. I can create and generate my own structures. If I don’t want to be the source of it, collaborate with people who also have the self-organizing genius for that to come into form even though I don’t need to necessarily lead from the front. If I were to give the meta-view of what we’re in as a civilization, society, and time, I can explain it from a galactic point of view, but that’s the human tangible attribute about it. Where prosperity comes in is, there’s a different relationship to money when money is a byproduct of you being yourself.

It’s being yourself in the full-on integrity way. When you’re being yourself, you don’t have these upper limit blocks in my experience because you’re coming from a pure field of infinite possibility and creation. There becomes this emergent desire that is possible that doesn’t necessarily need any external reference point and you’re like, “I’m going to be that.” When you listen to interviews with either famous celebrities or Olympic athletes, they’re like, “I fucking chose it. I knew that this was who I was when I was five years old.” They did the actions and the doings but the flag in the ground of who they were was the self-organizing principle that brought that external world and results into being.

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Everybody finally gets that reprogramming your mindset isn’t enough we have to get it into our body. That is the reformulation of the compartmentalization of self. It is largely created by the military-industrial complex and how it reorganized society and how the Western world looks at the world. We’re having a harmonization of ourselves and our body, which is the microcosm of the macrocosm. When that all clicks and people are in the journey of that clicking together, the endless stream of eternal creativity, joy, happiness, and prosperity comes from that. It is self-sourced through the organization of self.

Many people are in that space where they’re conscious and aware of the shifts that they’re making mentally. They’re trying to discern and decide for themselves. It’s still a mental game where they’re seeking some validation or confirmation from something in the external fields. You help them navigate whatever that self-leading process is. It’s not yet fully that sovereign, intuitive, and embodied decision. It’s still like, “This could work and this could be the thing,” versus leaning back into that truth of, “This is the essence in who I am.” For those people who are in that space where they’ve done a lot of the conscious mind work, they’re wanting and feeling into the bodywork of this. There’s this place where they arrive and it’s like, “How do I discern for myself? How do I tune into and declare for myself for my intuitive knowing?” Not from a place of, “This is what I’m seeing in there and I’m replicating.”

If I’m going to say a three-step process, there isn’t. I’m going to say there’s an evolutionary art because I don’t like steps and processes. There’s always an attempt for balance and harmony with where our world is going. You’re going to a harmonious world that is the end result bar none. There’s no other way where it’s going. It works for everybody. If you think about it, we’re talking about this mind. We’re thinking our head and whatever. In order to harmonize that, you have to go to your feet and the earth. That’s how you do it. Energetically you need to start focusing on something that’s not the mind. You have to go from knowing to a phase of not knowing everything, to a space of being known and knowing everything.

The space before you know is that you don’t know anything. It’s counterintuitive. I always tell people in that space like, “You have to unplug.” Your mind is a stimulus-response organism. I would say more your thoughts are stimulus-response organisms. When you get to the field of eternal mind, it’s a different world. It’s an addiction to feel safe and to know the next response for your body to feel held and protected. What you have to do is you have to go, “How can I hold and protect my body? Why don’t I feel safe in my body?” This is the thing where I’m like, “The easiest things to do is take more time, disconnect from media, go into the earth, sit on the ground, bore yourself to death.”

It’s like any addiction, if you stop the participation in it, everything will come up that wants to leave, and then you will have to be sitting with yourself. That’s why whenever people read this, the moment that we all sat at home for a while, it’s an invitation for that space. You have to be with yourself. There’s nowhere you can run and go to. The mind is always attempting to solve usually problems that don’t exist. The slowing down and the not doing, that is where a lot of people go into the whole feminine flow. You need to redirect the energy of figuring things out into the not knowing of presence. You’re going to realize where you’ve been trying to figure things out is to avoid, fix, and change things.

You’re still coming from, “I do not feel safe with myself in my body and who I am.” You will always operate from the need for safety until you become your safe beacon. You get to be able to declare from a space of unified experience with yourself. That is the journey where a lot of people end up discovering some level of shame, sexual abuse, fear of their own power, and manipulative power dynamics around creativity and security in the world. To tell you the truth, they are completely warranted because the identity that was created for people to exist in the previous system generated all of those experiences as part of it. Innately you knew that it wasn’t in alignment with organic law. It wasn’t true with who you are.

You have to detox or release those things to land into your body, and then you almost have rehabilitation by having a model or a mentor. You eventually go, “I’m in my body, now I can source stream and be the universe that I am.” You then choose and declare. As much as you’re going to want to try to make this go faster, your body is intelligent and it’s wanting to create such a beautiful foundation. It’s not holding it all so there can be harmony with all of it. You’re going from the reconfiguration of your mind to operate at a certain level of society, to your being to operate at a level of an infinite possibility. That is a reorganization of your entire nervous system and beingness. Be compassionate during the process but also get that it is such a beautiful self-organizing system.

The blocks people have when you get to mindset work and not working anymore is because you’ve graduated from that. Your body is trying to tell you, “Great, awesome, next step, the door is closed, new one open, walk down that path.” You keep going and knocking up against a wall, when your body is like, “Love me, feel safe with me, have pleasure with me, enjoy me, experience all of who you are.” You’re walking yourself home and then you’re like, “I’m this new person. Who else is like this?” You go into finding a community that you can feel safe where you have the collective confirmation of your journey. You still don’t believe it because it’s new and novel.

You go through that and then eventually your body will say, “Pause moment. You have crowned yourself. You have queened yourself. You have come into your infinite form.” There becomes a moment where what you need and what you desire even shifts because you have finally gotten to this pure realm. From that, you can say world to world ratio because there is no obstruction to who you’re being and your relationship to the world. I deeply let my journey wanted this to happen a lot faster. That’s why if you can be inspired by others during the process, but also be able to maybe utilize this framework as a way of understanding it. You can get feedback and data from people, but that you’ll find in the later levels of mastery.

Even if you want a certain result, you think that’s the next thing, you invest in a program or do things, but your body is like, “That’s not the next thing for you,” you’re not going to produce the result even if it’s the most amazing program because it’s not the timing. Everything from this space wants to happen at the next right moment step for your own perfection. That’s where a lot of people have to do this interesting journey of both mastery, ability to take action, and surrendered action. You’re learning how to walk as this pure human and trust yourself on it. When I say trust, I mean people are like, “I need to trust myself.” Deep trust is such a foundation for the fluidity of creativity to be ecstatic.

The piece that I’m tuning into and what I see a lot of is the patterning of two things. Number one, it’s a pendulum swinging. You see this very much showing in the operating systems of many women specifically, but also we’re starting to see it a lot with men. It’s operating so much in the nervous system of what we would call the masculine archetype, then navigating over to the feminine archetype and trying to find that harmonization. In this piece of what I like to speak into as integrated embodiment and surrendered action, where it’s trusting not only yourself but what it is you’re tuning into. Allowing the process and being able to lean back and receive it will also know that it’s coming as you continue to realign with it.  

When I began my business, I called it Luminous Living and it was all about luminosity. I don’t think I understood what the actual process of illumination was. In the illumination, I first saw everything I didn’t want to see and that was annoying. It was like, “I thought it will all be easy.” I saw things I didn’t want to see. The GPS system was that I wanted to build a business in alignment with the cosmos. There was something that was true for me that I got deeply about the natural rhythms of life, which mapped on as true for me. When I say the natural rhythms of life, I mean the natural rhythms of all of life like seasons. At the end of the day, it’s worthless talking to people like entrepreneurs.

What you always want is to employ the process and you’re always wanting sales. You have to understand that most people and buyers are unconsciously inside of certain cosmic currents that are always occurring. We’re not out of touch with the natural elements. The respiratory system. The trees produce oxygen, we breathe it in and comeback. There’s a symbiotic relationship which is grounded with our planet. That sounds distant if you think about it from talking about sales but it’s not. If you are able to see the mega rhythms and be able to align yourself to your real current rhythms, there’s creation which occurs as receptivity and then an expression of that.

To me, I don’t use as much masculine and feminine in my wording. I work in the direction. Is it coming to me or am I producing something out of me? All of my creations are truly orgasmic overflow. That means that I’ve received so much that something’s coming in and those are there to share it. The way I operate going back into business and alignment with the cosmos, I’ll tune in and I’ll know, I’m like, “By Friday at this time just processed. Whatever I think that I need to do is going to naturally have already shifted my being, which means I can walk throughout the day and things that I need action to do are reorientation of myself to become in alignment and then take action from that. I never ever take action to force it.

I let my inner being, which is doing an action, re-organize to it and I usually know by this day it’s going to happen. I already know that mega-cosmic rhythms that I’m attuning with. What I’m doing is I’m looking at the point of least resistance of when is my body in alignment with it. People talk about people that are futurists. All people that are futurist or visionaries see the invisible rhythms that people are inside of. Most people aren’t able to see it because they’re so inside of it. The people that are able to capitalize on it, not in a bad way. You’re able to provide the thing at the right time for where people are at. Not because you manipulated them based on solving a problem that you went through, but because the world is in a moment where that is a gift contribution.

MMM 122 | Taking Action
Taking Action: Ease, grace, being, and happiness make up your foundation; money is just the cherry on top of everything.

That is where I go beyond this notion of masculine and feminine boundaries, and harmony. You can look and go, “Does a tree have masculine and feminine rhythms? Are they in a feminine or masculine period?” Nature just is and it has rhythms of production and receptivity that are happening simultaneously. We are moving beyond a binary system. I’ll always bring back the military-industrial complex. This was engineered this way. You’re inside of a system that the way that we learned in school, you had a right hemisphere and a left hemisphere.

As you go out of that system, you’re watching the parts of that and realizing, “That’s compartmentalization.” You’ll eventually get into uni. You’re going to get cold. If you’re reading this in the next few years, you’re going to realize that there’s a magnetic pull collectively towards that. Your individual will, will not be able to overcome, just like there was an invisible pull towards the military-industrial complex because that was the self-organizing way of it happening. I hark on this because if people can get the meta-picture that’s much bigger than what’s going on in my business, you can get a lot more freedom. There’s a lot more space.

You can give yourself a lot more grace and be like, “I was perfectly organized to produce this. At this point in time, my brain is in the process of reorganizing to get to a new system, which I’m inevitably going to get to because I’m being drawn there anyways. Every time I try to go backward, I walk against a wall.” You know that you’re always getting redirected. You may have a whole internal process of trusting that, understanding that, and see the meta-view of it while you’re in it. That’s why I would say, “If what I’m saying feels true to you, it’s a map of the transition of consciousness from a binary to a non-contained system.” This is where in some regards my galactic nature gets to. I’ll go a little galactic. It’s not a different thing, but when I go galactic, understand that I’m coming from a different perspective. I’m not talking from the human level.

Planetary reorganization and ascension is like, “I could do it better than figuring out how to open up a tab in a spreadsheet.” That’s just it. My intention of sharing this with you is to be able to explain to you the meta-map of what’s happening so that you can have order in a space that seems like chaos because you don’t have a bigger reference point. That is the deepest of levels you’re going to go through. Your individual reorganization will provide you with a sense of safety, security, and the trust that all is well. That’s the only thing we always want. We want all is well. We’re in a moment in time where this planet is going back into a highly organic rhythm in which everything that somebody shares is going to be a benefit to themselves or others on a global level. We’ve been in this competition of industries.

If you look at it on a country level basis, it’s like, “Who can go to the moon first or who can have this?” That is the same thing that happens in each industry and you can see it in the online world. It’s the same consciousness that’s coming and moving through and we’re moving beyond that. We’re detoxing all of the patterns of that so that we have more space for this new place to come in. That’s the cool part about being on this planet at this time, to watch that happen. The thing I come back to is always trust in the process of all of this nature is. In some regards we think we’re hacking some matrix system. I’m like, “No, we’re just realigning to how plants grow and bees pollinate.”

It’s not highly sophisticated, but there is such an intricate and innate intelligence in that. We try to study but it just is and the self-organization of that is what we’re having in terms of humans. That’s the space in which everybody eventually will become provided for. It’s not going to happen like that but through people beginning to create the momentum of the current and modeling it, and giving opportunities for people to participate in it. It’s genius, simple, and intricately sophisticated at the same time. If you don’t have to understand it, you can just be it. You can enjoy it and be like, “God, this is magic.”

The analogy that comes through is it’s this concept of observing nature and then trying to understand it so that you can control it, manipulate it, and make it happen even faster so that you can try to reap the benefits of doing that. Invite to that process of trying to control and manipulate it, which is similar to essentially what’s been happening collectively for so long where we’ve been hungry to try to control much. We are getting in our own way of stopping yourself from natural rhythm of what gets to come through. It’s in that process in what I’m hearing you say of being able to allow and surrender to the process and move in cadence to that natural rhythm that so much more naturally flows through. 

This is one of those things where I got into eating fruit. It taught me so much about life and I know it sounds random. If you open up any fruit and even some vegetables, but definitely fruits, there are many seeds inside. If we went back to growing our own food, in one cucumber, you have enough seeds to provide you with cucumbers for the rest of your life. That is the exponential way that nature works in its completed integrous creation. There is an abundance of seeds that you could replant. You have to spend time and tend it to make it grow, but it doesn’t require any more investment. The inherent exponential attributes of it are inherently within it and designed. It is designed for flourishing.

There are many seeds that are operating because if one doesn’t work then there’s a backup plan. Nature has its own backup plan. Why are we trying to control that versus understanding that the divine intelligence has already thought that? It’s crazy to think about that in one fruit you have enough fruit for the rest of your life of that fruit. One of the funniest things is when I was in one relationship, there was a plant that we had. This plant was 200 years old. I also remember going to a bonsai for something like, “This bonsai has been around for 500 years.” That’s the level beyond our lifetime. If you want to think about legacy and how legacy operates, look at nature.

I say this because the natural world, and this is a little bit more galactic, is in resonant harmony with the baseline frequency of the planet, which you are connected to electromagnetically. People who want to sit and try to control and figure things out with their mind that’s where I’m like, “Get your ass and sit on the grass. Get bored and get yourself recalibrated to some more organic rhythms.” That doesn’t mean that all you have to do is sit around and be under a tree and become like Buddha. When you forget that’s there and that you are a human being on a planet that’s organized to be sustained by life force energy that’s in nature, when you get disconnected from that, shit gets crazy.

That’s good. It’s showing you that you’ve gotten disconnected. It’s the feedback loop. It’s not even bad. It’s the call to return to the natural rhythms. Your body always wants to be in electromagnetic integrity. If your brain isn’t being able to figure it out, get your whole body, hug a tree. I know some of it is boring to talk about because it doesn’t get you high on the dopamine hit like the next text that got in or the next invoice that came in. This gives you the baseline frequency to be unshakable in the relative rhythms of life.

It feels like it’s this coming home back to our sovereignty when we stopped seeking all of these external pieces to either propel us forward or amplify the process or make it happen faster. Instead, as we return to this natural rhythm and as we return to the truth of ourselves, it’s like, “That’s where the answers are.” That’s where it feels like there’s much power inside of it. We recognize that everything that we’re doing is much more about the essence and who we’re being in that process. 

In nature, it will be like nothing’s happening and then overnight, everything blossoms all of a sudden. That shit happens in sales. I have done nothing and then overnight all these spots and this offer that I had got filled. It all occurs as people being like, “What did you make happen?” You’re like, “You allowed for the moment that natural overflow is going to happen. It all landed into place.” This invisible thing that I also think the people have to realize that just because nature isn’t doing anything on the outside all the time, it’s totally doing something on the inside and then things flower when they’re meant to flower. It will look like a quantum leap externally but it isn’t. It’s the expression of how it’s meant to happen at that moment.

When we get aligned with that, we also don’t get attached to how it happened. There’s a much easier thing than prepping people, seeking new ideas, and marketing into that idea until they get it. All of that stuff is like, “You have to understand that they’re in the natural ecosystem with you.” I’m saying this for people who are entrepreneurs and about social media. When you’re connected to the current of all that is and you’re doing your part in your communication of what’s happening from your perspective, you’ll write a post and people will be like, “I resonate with that. That happened to me in meditation.” Yes, because you’re the bearer of the message of the collective rhythm and its natural rhythm at that time.

That’s where the whole genius comes in. You’ve got to give yourself enough space to be connected to that and not trying to be the savior of it and being the embodied vocalization of what is. We’re all going to get to this time. It’s going to happen way sooner than we think where we’re going to realize that 99% of the problems that we’ve been marketing and focusing on don’t exist apart from the fact that our bodies are aligning to a new harmonious system being. Some people have gotten farther along the process to being able to show you what the next step is. That’s not even solving a problem. That is an evolutionary support system. All of this, I promise you and I’ll be like, “Look, bitch, I know my word to world. I promise you this is good.” We’re going to look at the way that we market now and the way that people used to market cigarettes.

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We jammed on this a little bit when we connected and it was a similar conversation. There’s such a massive shift happening collectively in the industry where a lot of people are waking up and they’re starting to recognize this paradigm of what I like to coin as bro-marketing. This intense, contrived, manipulated, controlled, and calculated process is heavy on many people’s nervous systems. It’s confusing for many people in the sense that it creates some results, but it creates the results at the detriment of the person doing it. As this person is building the success, their body is breaking down because the process isn’t sustainable. Yet they’re forcing themselves to do it and then naturally they arrive at this process where it’s this burnout or this breakdown or I had a spiritual awakening or whatever it was and letting it all go and then that beautiful process of returning back to great. They’re returning back to the truth of who we are. From there, it feels like that’s beautiful opportunity where many people are starting to arrive of, “There’s a different way. There are other possibilities. If I can give myself the space to allow, stop seeking much, and tap back into my truth, then I’m able to operate in my divinity versus operating from this place of need, lack or scarcity.” 

I always say if you’re working against the natural order of things, you’re going to have Universe 1U0. You do not have statistical odds. You showing up and then they’re being a group of 100,000 people you’re going against. That’s energetically invisibly what’s happening and you’re using your mere force and will to do it. That’s even more evidence of what I’m saying about this pattern. Your body wants to be in harmony with the world, universe, cosmos and Earth. If you operate in a way of force, you have a breakdown in integrity of your system with the bigger system you’re a part of. The irony is that women understand. I would say the women gender or the women at an anatomical system. We’re designed to birth babies. We know that life doesn’t get created in one cosmic chunk.

We know it takes nine months for our natural system to birth the child. I know you deeply get it. For some reason, what men are now having to go through is in their own process. It’s like how women are needing to get a little bit more declarative in their embodied beingness into action in a way that’s harmonious. Men have to slow down and listen a lot more. They’re trying to be what would be cool to create versus what’s necessarily sustainable and life-giving to the planet. What a cool opportunity to be in that gendered endocrine system? There’s a nervous system shift in that.

You’re going to see, and my intuition says 2 to 3 years because right now we’re in a not bad way, a shock and awe of like, “Everything that’s been working isn’t working anymore.” Everybody’s like, “We’re all pivoting.” It’s hilarious. I’m like, “You’re not pivoting. You’re being redirected to natural law. You occurred to that as pivoting because the universe is still magnetically drawing you always to what’s your next step.” There’s that surrendered action that understanding that we are part of the ocean and we’re not just a wave in it. We’re all in that process. Nobody is immune to it.

Even the people that are doing amazing and seem like they’re twelve decades in front of you, they’re still listening. It’s become a little bit more innate to their operating system. They don’t have to think about it as much. They’re able to breathe and walk, but there’s nobody that’s not in process. When we can get that, we can have a lot of grace with each other and get that there’s some messiness. Some people are doing it in an interesting way and we can get that we’re all on the same team. Like in nature, in order for that entire ecosystem to work, each of the plants has to work with each other.

That’s how it works for everybody and that’s a non-hierarchical system. Everybody spirals and regenerates with each other. We’re learning to operate of what that feels like on a collective level. I’m going to tell you, there are going to be a lot of ways where people are going to learn how to do that in false matrices because that’s going to be their training ground, but then that’s going to also expand into the infinite. Until you get into the infinite, you’re still in the training wheels of your nervous system trusting the eternity of the cosmos and natural law. That I know to be true deeply.

We are about to drop in on part two here. We spent a lot of time and a lot of energy diving deep into many different fields when it comes to the nervous system, how we operate, planetary consciousness, understanding the natural cadences and the natural rhythms. What we want to step into next is getting a little bit more contextual for those of you that are in the space of creation, whether that’s in business or in other forms. Especially to those of you that are in the entrepreneurial realm. When you start to get into this natural rhythm, when you start to realign yourself with your divinity, your wholeness or tapping back into that natural essence, that natural energy. The process of being able to create from that space will also be able to allow in the wealth, the prosperity, and what you’re desiring to come through in this process of surrendered action.  

I feel like we’re going to go into orgasmic conversation. It feels very much like it because as I drop into this space and I think about being from a space of creation. Once you finally landed there, you are a self-generating eternal infinite system of creativity. In a feedback loop, it’s not a closed loop. There’s a difference in a feedback loop with the infinity that is creation. I always think of that as you have to think of yourself as an eternal starburst. You are sending out things and you are receiving things. You are a universe in creation. The interesting thing is once your nervous system gets open and primed, this is one of the things that it’s going to collapse a lot of industries. There’s no difference in the energy between money and anything else. Everything is everything. It has maybe different meanings, but everything becomes neutral first and then you choose how you view it, but it becomes neutral. There becomes this emptiness first and then you get to be the source of your lens through which you view things. It’s naturally going to always be coming. How you experienced that is almost the overlay of storytelling. This happened and how you tell it is your unique way of experiencing it. You have to get that you’re the one telling the story.

This is fun and powerful because when you take it from the component of having an experience but then also get into the power that we hold to create what it is we want to cultivate in this 3D reality. I can sit here and narrate an experience that already happened, but I can also sit here and declare what is coming and speak that into existence and call that in and I feel like that’s what you’re leading into. 

All this is necessary as the declaration. From that space, it’s a surrendered knowing and self-organization but you wouldn’t even talk about it. It almost like the declaration itself is enough to do everything. Everything else is talking about it. You talk from its completed attribute of your embodiment and that can happen instantaneously because it is congruent and it’s congruent from the space of eternity. That’s the only way I could explain it. You’re not sending out a declaration of a goal, you’re communicating a completed level of beingness that then invisibly self organizes and reorganizes time, space, reality to configure to the expression of that declaration.

It feels like the texture that comes to mind is this integration as we speak into it of this is what it is. As I do that, I feel like the integration between the humanness of me in the physical realm and the divinity of what it is I’m cultivating. Through that process, everything else is manifested or created externally.  

This is a little bit of galactic terminology but you become the source of your own reality, which means you become your own magnetic zero points such. You put out a statement of what that expression is and the universe must match it. That’s where we’re going to. I used to call that on a galactic sense at another point of time being like a stargate. That’s why some people call it being a portal or being a stargate. I don’t utilize those terms as much anymore because all you have to do is this most simplistic human expression of that is a declaration. It’s a declaration from the field of eternity, not declaration from the field of relativity.

You’re not declaring something to move things around to come to your life. You are in total harmony, knowing, and living embodiment. You could say you feel like you’re in the quantum field but you’re not in the quantum field, you are the quantum field. You are the universe. I’m going to use a tangible explanation of it. If you’ve ever seen those things where they use sand and then they say a song note and the sand reorganizes in a specific pattern to replicate what that sound occurs and form as, and different notes have different shapes that they make. You become that in the eternal realm. Because it’s a command, the physical form realigns to the command that’s been declared.

You have allowed the infinite intelligence of being to inform you as to how that wants to occur rather than you saying, “This is going to happen by this and this.” Rather than saying, “This is going to happen,” and how that is going to happen is irrelevant because I will be shown what needs to be shown at the moment I need to be shown. You then get some premonition. This is the thing I feel with prosperity and wealth. This is where I talk about the plane in the field of eternity and infinity was prosperity because my word is the law. I don’t value one expression of how it manifests higher than the other, which means somebody could give me a check for no reason. It could come in through another business deal that I haven’t even thought of. All of these things are because you’ve taken off the compartmentalization of the place where the worst comes through you is your business and you get that it’s all coming through everything. There’s no space that it can’t come through. There’s nothing that can’t get organized for it to come through it.

There’s commanding of presence, but there’s leaning back because you’re playing with the universe and I mean playing with the universe, not the thing like, “I like to play with the universe.” You’re watching the self-organization of the highest. I’m using the highest because I mean the most aligned, the highest and greatest good of all to fulfill upon your desire rather than the way that you think it needs to happen. This is not a new conversation. I’m trying to give it to you from an embodied field. I think the word is reassemblage because what I’m attempting to get you to is not a calibration to me, but a reassemblage point to your own eternity. My thing of how I operate, and this is much unique to my command field is I don’t want people calibrating to my vibrational portal. I want people to become an infinite field of unified consciousness and be able to do exactly what I do for their field in the way that it works for them. Not everybody is designed to do that. That’s how I operate. I am a universe that bursts the universes around me.

MMM 122 | Taking Action
Taking Action: Individual reorganization will provide you with a sense of safety, security, as well as the trust that all is well.

It feels like the words that want to come through are reclamation and remembrance. It’s more of holding the space and holding the fields but essentially what’s happening is through the process of noticing or having the awareness of it, we remember that’s what we innately are. Through that remembrance, we realign ourselves with our truth in whatever way. It’s less of calibration and I feel like we see it and then we remember is what comes through. It’s a reorganization of our own systems. I feel like through that process it gets to be a more sovereign experience versus taking responsibility for other people’s calibration and recognizing that this gets to be an experience where through my embodiment, I get to be a symbol that other people get to reflect on, see and tap into the remembrance of their own divinity. Through that process, they get to reorganize their own system.  

Here’s the reason why, and the other way isn’t wrong. I’m telling you what’s an integrity for my being and my essence of how I operate. To me energetically, the other way feels a little bit unconsciously codependent to my field. I’m like, “There is an endless universe. You want to create your own thing, don’t come into my field. Three galaxies are around my space to be playing in my own essence.” It occurs to me, and this is not the right way or the wrong way. This is integrity. My integrity being like, “You’re in your own goddamn universe.” I’m reminding you that you’re your universe and how you want to operate and the rules that you want to operate.

I’m saying, “I’ve remembered my godhood. You’re also God, but you don’t need to calibrate to my godhood. You are God already. Reclaim it and from that, you do whatever you want.” There’s a difference because there’s a way that I enjoy playing and it’s related to prosperity. I know the way that I’m organizing my life in the sense of clients, contributors or partnerships. I want everybody to live on their island and we play from our own islands. We don’t need to all crowd on one island and calibrate to this one person. I want everybody to have their own island and then the amount of things that we can create is such a space of spaciousness. You get to be in your own sovereign space. I get to be in my own sovereign space.

From that space, do you understand how much the infinite space that we can pull and play from? That is relaxing to my nervous system. That’s why I know for me that’s an integrity. Other people may be designed to be a calibration portal. That’s an integrity with their desire. I’m not making anyone wrong. I have a stand for sovereignty, but it doesn’t even feel like I have a stand because there’s nothing to stand on. My infinite nature is about creation occurring as creation is. There’s more than enough for us to build our own worlds truly. The fact that then still, there’s this innate value of each person’s world. You have a genius that you offer. People are like, “I want to be able to live on Mars or whatever.” I’m like, “I think you become your own sovereign being.”

You have your own planet and solar system and you visit other people’s planets and solar systems and you don’t need to go anywhere. I mean that deeply. If you get into the energetics of this, you have your own internal ecosystem and you are self-sustaining. It’s also designed so that there’s participation and you don’t get into a narcissistic loop where you don’t need anything else. When you do need something, it’s from such a space of, “This is fun. Thank you so much for having this data. That’s amazing.” Why we do it is because it’s evolution expanding itself into greater joy. That’s what I would say. I’m trying to hold the field so people can get it. This is where collaboration becomes intergalactic space travel.

It feels like the word that comes through is we get to cocreate with each other. Through that, cocreation is a constant expansion versus what feels like an older paradigm is taking a model and then replicating. It’s replication after replication and much similar to how our genes work in the body. When a gene is consistently being replicated and it’s not evolving, then it starts to get worse and worse. I feel like that’s a similar old system of what’s been happening. Now we’re tuning into this place of true sovereignty is what it feels like, where each individual is recognizing their divine truth and is finding wholeness in that rather than constantly being in comparison of, “This person has this or this person has that or I want that gift or I need this gift.” We can stand in our power and cocreate more with everyone else. It’s infinite because we’re not feeding off of anybody. There’s no depletion, but it’s constantly this regenerative process of expansion.  

That’s why linking it back to where we were before about this masculine system of doing it force versus grace. When you do this from this, everything, there is no part of you that gets broken down. There may be parts that get released to make more space. People think that there always is more and more and there is, but there’s also an opening, a shedding, a layer that comes off to create more. It’s used for raw material to go back into the universe to get utilized and created. It’s like you’re composting. You end just like this moment, where everybody stayed home and we had a moment of recalibration.

There’s sometimes a still point that happens before the new system reboots for everything to settle in. From going from one software to the other, for it to have a complete ending and a complete beginning. We talked about this personally and I’m sure you’ll reflect upon this. There’s a moment before you had a child and then there’s a moment after you had a child. There are two different moments in time. The beauty and the still point is the witnessing. The word I use is called the regenesis, but whenever I write in regenesis is I write it with Isis like the god. I don’t know. I feel like it has something to do with the goddess Isis like regen-isis. I always write it that way.

I feel like there are that grace and recalibration to our eternal selves that in some regards I feel like my role as either a teacher or a leader is to not let you feed off of me. It’s an interesting role. I demand people to reclaim all of their power. I demand people to know that they’re amazing and whole. I demand it. There’s a play that happens afterward, but in the beginning and initial phases, people will come to me for that. I’m like, “No. You are going to birth yourself and reorganize yourself to have that.” There’s something in that and then you’re going to know that you can never not do that. That’s a cellular level of empowerment that there are no words to describe. I’m sure you had during your pregnancy where you’re like, “Holy fucking shit. I can create life.”

Also die at the same time. It’s a beautiful process.

Being around somebody that’s pregnant didn’t give you that experience. You being pregnant gave you that experience.

It’s one of those things too where it’s the tuning to the recognition that it’s not necessarily that we have to be pregnant to be able to know that is what we are capable of experiencing, but it’s coming back and tapping into that possibility and truth. It’s fully feeling and embracing God that shifts it. That’s the piece for many women because I don’t believe you have babies. No babies? 

No. I told you the story that I went to Hawaii for nine months and I feel like I rebirthed myself cellularly as a completely different being and I consciously chose that path. The energetics of the reunion of ourselves can happen through an external partnership that creates that third or we can do it internally. I don’t think one is better or worse. People have natural preferences about what configuration works for their body and mine has been a deeply internal system. Largely, I feel like I did make a choice where for my beingness, the amount of reconciliation that’s going to be required for this to happen. I was like, “I’ll do it all myself.” That’s not like not needing help.

It was like, “I’ll fucking do it internally.” I can’t do it in relational dynamics. I need it all to go internal because I had done the relational aspect of it. I had done the external to cue it and I was like, “I’m going all the way.” When I went, I wanted to go from my humanity to my divinity. I did not have at that point the desire to try to find somebody that can match that to show me that feedback loop. It’s amazing because now that I’ve gotten that integrity within myself, how I reach out to people is different. It’s okay for people to only give me little parts because I’m the whole. That becomes the co-creative astro beat. You’re never looking for somebody to fulfill all these things for you. We all at the end of the day, deeply have a longing for wholeness.

We longed to be whole, to be eternal, to be free, and to return to our natural state. In the existing system, some of that thinking was that, “When I have all of the money and that I can do everything I want, I will be that way.” There are subtle nuances for people even in the later stages and in the conscious entrepreneurship. I always wonder in some regards, if some of these people who made ten figures a month or whatever, if all of that was taken away, what would their identity be, if all of that stopped? Those that are in the self-generated creation of it, it can’t be taken away because you’re the source of it. If any of that ended up being reorganized and we’re doing it a different way, you’re like, “Okay, awesome. It’s same creation attributes. I’m going to create it like that. I’m going to be fine.”

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There are some attributes that understanding the process of death in life as one infinite loop is powerful because you get a level of badassery. There are no words for it. You’d be like, “I’m going to be good no matter what.” Some people do go through that moment in the process of getting to their eternal nature because the identity of the individuated self has to die for the expression of the eternal self to come through. That’s where like in law full-on, “You are here for the whole thing, your whole godhood.” I don’t know in this lifetime if everybody is designed to have that definitively embodied conscious experience and I don’t think that’s wrong.

It doesn’t occur to me that every single person in the next twenty years is going to be like, “We’re talking.” I don’t think that. I think that different people’s journeys and intentions of being alive here are different. Going back to the first time we talked, the system and how we’re going as a planet is uniquely aligned for each person to choose the level of this journey that they want to do because all of it becomes available. There’s nothing wrong with not understanding how the whole system works and making money, and people calibrating to you or being in the existing system and being completely self-sovereign and working for somebody else. The person that wants to be here to understand that they are the universe and form. All of them are the universe in form. I can only explain to you from my perspective, from my journey, and the energetic principle I feel like I am the expression of in some regards.

The piece that’s coming through for those tuning in is the sovereignty and all of it is recognizing that whatever the 3D realm looks like for you is it’s what you’re choosing. If it’s what you want and you desired and you’re happy with it, then beautiful. You don’t have to want more. There’s a lot of beauty in that piece. Also, to recognize that if you’re not excited or happy about where you are, what you’ve cultivated in your craving or desiring to move somewhere else, then beautiful, you get to cultivate that. It starts with this beautiful reclamation of, “I am a divine-human being having human experiences. Yes, but through my divinity, I create whatever it is that I’m having as my human experience.” 

Having that choice, taking responsibility for it, reclaiming a lot of your power in this process, and then deciding whatever you want to cultivate without making any of it wrong. That’s a big piece that I feel a lot of people in the entrepreneurial space find themselves navigating is this beautiful dance. It almost feels like when somebody owns their truth and they start speaking it, there’s a contamination process for many people where they start to hear other people’s truths who are deeply in their power and they start to feel like, “Does that need to be my truth because that’s theirs?”  

It is an unconscious not trusting of self and being like, “Is that the next level of my evolution?” It’s also a great opportunity and feedback loop of being like, “Is this something? Now, it’s coming into my awareness. Is this something I’m interested in? This is a new data point of somebody showing me. Is that something I’d like to explore? What a great opportunity.” I always bring in the unifying string of all of those versions is enjoying your own self-expression. You will naturally always go to what self-expression you enjoy truly. The self always is going to go to that in my perspective. I’m talking eternal. I’m sure when you read this, can you feel the nothingness that’s in this space? There’s a deep sense of equanimity and stillness.

I’m showing you that because while the universe is constantly expanding, it’s also eternally still. It’s still and expanding at the same time. When you get to this space of stillness and everything is fine and it’s eternally fine, then you can feel a thing of like, “From this space, what do I choose?” Most of us want to get to having this stillness and then you choose. You’ll always get this bubbling impetus of if something’s not feeling good to you, if you want more, and if that’s not coming up, that’s because you’re satisfied with that moment in your life and that’s awesome. You become something more. If you never want more and that satisfies you for the rest of your life, you’re deepening into your experience of that thing more and more.

There are more layers and richness. That’s why when most people begin meditation, we can use that as an example, you’re like, “I’m sitting here doing nothing.” The more you do, the more subtle, the more nuances, the more richness. That’s also how you’re experiencing deeper of the eternal. You’re having more presence in the experience over and over again. In the repetition, you get much more refinement. That’s why I’ve been obsessed with watching cooking shows, but I always wonder when those people must eat, they must taste many things that I don’t taste because their palette is refined. It’s still the same thing. They’re eating the same thing I’m eating, but they taste something different. That’s where you’re talking about the 3D realm. Even in the 3D realm, not wanting more and more, they’re getting more and more depth to what it is you’re doing.

Let’s discern for those reading because I feel like there might be room for clarity in regards to the realms that we’re talking about when we’re talking about the infinite, the physical, and the eternal. It’s giving a little bit of context to the experience of each of those and differentiating, knowing when you’re experiencing each.  

From the most empowered point of view and in my invitation for a person to remember their own universe, all of this is self-defined. Sometimes we can use words and I don’t know if the words always communicate because you’re narrating your experience. We’re attempting to use similar words to communicate a desire for shared exchange of enjoyment of perspectives to make it the most expansive. I’m not wanting you to be in my universe. I’m sharing as much of my space and how I dance in my world. That’s how I’ve organized my world to try to explain the nuances of it.

The bigger invitation is like, how is your world organized? What’s the language you use to describe your world? We’re speaking about if I were to do it from quantum physics, I would say everything is infinite and all different things are vibrating at different vibratory rates, which one thing occurs more solid and one thing is whatever and it’s the same field. From that space, there are different ways that once you get into the eternal and if you think about it, let’s use an ice skating rink, that’s the eternal way. You can also be in the eternal and choose your vantage points of perception from being at different places on the ice so that you see different things.

Can we take a moment of like, “How amazing is that?” I don’t know if plants can experience that. I don’t know if a plant can psychically imagine itself across the field and see itself as a plant. I don’t know but it feels like a beautiful and unique gift of the eternal mind. It’s not the mind that’s fixing and trying to take in immediate data of our physical safety, but you can imagine different perspectives. We then become this beautiful orchestration of like, “How do you want to use sounds and words to narrate your experience?” When we get deep in connection and communion with ourselves and others, the words are important because they can be in a deep way a declaration. In the description, you’re more giving people a tour of how your world operates. Even if people don’t get exactly what the world is, they get the feeling that it gives for them in their world.

That’s an important thing because the metaphor of that is, don’t copy my content, don’t copy my messaging. Think about how your world wants to speak and mess it up. I’m sure you’ll start utilizing. There’s a languaging that I use because they became collective conversations that I became a part of when I was leaving whatever community and started a lot of the galactic community. There’s a lot of galactic languaging that creates a lot of galactic worlds, which is different than what the people in the bro-marketing used. Different worlds have different languages. If we can get more curious about what space that opens up, how does that resonate for us, and where do we get taken when somebody speaks around that versus trying to fit ourselves into the world, my invitation is for you to stay in your own body. It’s your own sovereignty rather than getting pulled into my world.

It paints the picture beautifully. I love bringing the context back a little bit more of the business perspective of looking at the vantage point in which we’re all experiencing this life here. It’s deciding what is my expression and my experience at this moment from my vantage point. It’s allowing that to be my truth without deflating or negating anyone else’s or trying to mimic or mirror. It’s such a beautiful way. It’s bringing it all back to this whole point of being in your power and sovereignty, especially in business. When we create from that space, the purity of that, the essence, the energy of it. It’s sovereign in the sense that it’s not you doing to try to manipulate or control a result, but it gets to be this beautiful expression and it’s your natural essence.  

When people think about people’s brands, because I’m wanting to give a thing for the context of business. The metaphor I would use about this for those who have their own business is like you have your business and you live in a house. You design and decorate your house the way you would want it to be. When people walk into your house, they’re walking into something that is an expression of you and how you enjoy things, but that’s your brand. There are a whole communication and language about it. It’s not a cookie-cutter. Everything is intentionally chosen and there’s a feeling you get.

This is similar to the type of cuisine of restaurants. If you want to, you can. If you want to have a franchise and your expression is to be a part of a franchise because you got so much joy about being in an existing conversation, which in some regards employees do because they want to be in an existing conversation that somebody generated. In some regards. If people work for you, you’re enjoying part of the way they look at the world. If they’re an employee or if they’re a contractor, there’s something shared vision that you get from them and they get from you.

MMM 122 | Taking Action
Taking Action: Allow the infinite intelligence of being to inform you how it wants things to occur rather than you saying, “This is going to happen by my way.”

When this comes back for business, I believe in my commitment and stand and how I’m organized in my own integrity and sovereignty that you want to be in an environment that cultivates that. That includes your inner environment and your outer environment. Both have to be attended to and both have to be harmonized. When that happens as an ongoing evolution, who am I tomorrow? I’m not static. I’m going to be a different person tomorrow. Our transmission becomes a living transmission. A huge chunk that we’re going to have in the collective is a self-sustain living intelligence that a person and a brand represents, where they could adjust their perspective, shift and change. There’s an eternal continuity of self-truth that runs through it, where you know that person that’s expressing whatever their expression is their most purist expression. I believe those brands truly are not there to meet the needs of people, but in their purest expression meet the needs and desires of all. They’re upgrading from a level of consciousness where everything is taken into account.

There are many different angles that we can play with and go into. For those of you that are reading, I feel like the core message that’s coming through in all of this is allowing yourself to attune to your natural rhythm and cadence. Shifting the focus and the process of creating prosperity to allow it to be this joyful experience that’s much more about your divine expression, whatever that natural essence and cadence is, and allowing that to come through.  

Distinction of that is about going from this alpha bro male thing to what we’re talking about. It’s going from world domination to world creation where you get that there’s nobody that you have to dominate. There’s no other that have to overcome. There’s only the expression of the infinite self over and over again. The invisible, there is so much subtle transmissions and gifts that come from that aren’t even spoken. In the beingness of somebody, you’re speaking essence to essence, which is you’re talking to from pre-matter to pre-matter. If that can get awakened in somebody than the way that they’re uniquely designed to express will get ignited because it’s coming from this field of the eternal with what you could say is the DNA getting activated or there are blocks getting removed.

When you’ve gotten to the integrated being of it, you don’t have to. In my opinion and this is also my commitment because I make everything much more simple because the eternal is simple. When you get it all on same side of it and it doesn’t have to be uniquely spoken about and broken down, that is a gift that I’m committed to offering. Don’t get me wrong, it’s sometimes annoys the living shit out of me because I could take all of the things I’ve learned and break it down into seventeen courses and sell it. That’s not an integrity for me because mine is about the integration of that seamlessly, such that something can spontaneously click.

That is the bigger of the some of the parts. That’s what I’m here to offer. Some reason you could say, “It’s part of the way my galactic world is set up and I’m a number thirteen and that’s the self-transcendence and that’s how I’m organized.” I invite a new perspective about doing the parts and the whole, and some people teaching parts is their part and some people teach the whole is how they contribute to the whole and neither is better or worse. I also know based on who I’m drawn to have conversations with and who they attract and how they’re organized this field of permission, reigniting the remembrance that it can happen this way is important to self-liberate that attribute of you. It’s not the dominant way that things are marketed out there at this moment in the “mainstream” conscious business and media. It takes a certain thing to get to the mastery of the invisible parts becoming integrated and that doesn’t happen overnight.

We’re in this evolutionary art of bringing it down from the human to divine, of reactivation of self-remembrance for another person. I say even before we’re talking about that, prosperity feels like it flows different from that space. That’s what I’m about. It feels gentle. It feels like I’m looking at a waterfall. The magnetics are they don’t have to get created. We get to have the embodied experience of ourselves as a receptive, magnetic, and electric being. This is me talking not from the space of the eternal, but I’m breaking down parts and you can hear me speaking from different parts of it. That may be confusing, but I’m giving you the symphony of what the music and the silence is.

There’s much more depth and there are many layers. It gets to be simplified. Also, for those of you that are curious in all of this, I’m going to invite you to go and explore Joanna’s worlds because it would be fun and exciting for many of you. Start to notice the response in your nervous system as you tune in, as you connect, and as you bring awareness to a lot of what’s in her field and what arrives through that process. I love the way that you deeply embody everything that you speak into and everything that you teach. Your essence is so raw. That’s the magic of it and it’s such a beautiful way for others to start to experience, not just through us trying to put it into words, but the actual experience of you as the embodiment of that. 

My always thing is to make the invisible visible or make the invisible auditory. The fact that not all of that has to be narrative, but that gives you such freedom. The biggest thing it gives you is that you’re doing comes from a different level because you understand that your being is doing all the time. Not on the level of you can’t experience it, but you can directly experience it. That’s when you know what you’re magnetizing into your field as a business owner, whether that’s clients, whether that’s the next thing to offer. It starts emerging, approaching your field or delivering itself through you and you become this narrative bridge of what already is happening.

Taking back into the business and alignment with the cosmos. I’m narrating the cadence of the music. I’m giving words to the sounds that people cannot always hear and that makes my job easy. When I say easy, people are like, “I want a business that’s easy.” This is real ease. This is ease at the level of yourselves ease. This is the real understanding on a 3D level that you are provided for and your body is intricately connected to all that is. It is an expression of all that is. Your business is an expression of all that is and then it becomes the invitation of like, “Do you want to play in that level of embodiment? Does that turn you on? Does that excite you? Does that make you curious?” Everybody is participating in it.

There becomes a difference of, “Do you enjoy being the observer of it or do you want to be it?” Neither is better or worse. It’s the level to which you are able to experience all that is running through you at this yourself. In my experience, the deepest desire that I had was for such simplicity and calm in my nervous system and when there’s nothing to overcome and everything is from overflow. There are a lot of conversations that are out there in the world that become irrelevant because you’re getting the meta-view of the invisible order of which they arrived from. There are people that can narrate the occurrence of it in the physical. There are people that can know potentially or have a sense of the operating world that that comes into form. You can be all of it.

The mystery is taken out but the wonder and the magic is still there. It’s still like, “This is what it feels like to be alive.” I’m curious to see over time in the next iteration of my business and finally being this person in the way that I am now. I’m interested to see the cadence and the type of people’s embodiment and nervous systems that I attract. I’m curious about what the self-organization of the physicality is going to look like. I have such a standard for beauty. There’s nothing in my life that isn’t beautiful according to how beauty feels like for me. I know that’s going to rise. I know that I have invisible commands of what occurs in my world and what doesn’t occur as well.

Some people say, “These are my expectations or these are non-negotiables.” I know the type of instruments, textures and sounds that happen in my world. I’m curious to see the beings, the people, what that and how that materializes through relationships and marketing campaigns. There’s a wonder about it all because there’s a knowing already. It’s like the universe making love to you. Sometimes there’s a thing even now, I want to say this to wrap it all up about how time is different. I did a photoshoot that two years later I’m now being able to write the copy for and it happened when it happened. Things start weaving in such a beautiful way and you get delighted to how the self-organization happens.

That’s almost like the energy would be living in a fairy tale. For the right person, that is a complete reprieve for their nervous system from the way that the world happened because it’s enchanting. There’s an enchantment that you have or a romance that you have with life and the universe. That can come into any organization of your essence including and your business. People may find this completely annoying, two invisible, boring, and need the stimulus-response of BDSM way that people coach. That’s all good. I find that the stability and eternal possibility of self happen in a stable way in which you can choose anything and then rechoose anything over time comes from getting this direct experience of the eternal first.

You understand that anything is you playing inside of your expression of the eternal. When that doesn’t leave, your nervous system knows that you’re safe. You can open up and then you have this on growth. On the physical 3D level to other people, it looks like ongoing growth. You can hold it all because your nervous system has become one with it all. I’m leaving with tangible things and then boundaries become obvious. You don’t need to have boundaries. You just have a command expectation of your field that nobody would fight you against because there’s nothing to fight. It’s the way it is. It’s yours and it comes from honoring yourself and others.

If somebody doesn’t adhere to that, I know in my field, I’ll leave on this one last thing because I always have to return to sex because it makes it all easy. It’s the type of thing where you’re like, “I like this guy. I like him at a distance. I like his vibe, his brand, his body. I like how he approached his life or whatever.” You hang out with them more and they’re in your space. You can see more nuances. For me, my expectations of what something has to be at before I have sex with somebody, before somebody becomes a client, before there’s a real exchange is such a high caliber that I hold to myself or others and that’s integrity. A deep level of nuance to share this is understanding about audience versus who watches you versus sales. That is being driven by your own fields of integrity, coherency, and your own expectations.

[bctt tweet=”In our lives, every word, every experience, is self-defined.” username=”iamsophiekessner”]

They are responding to your signal that you’re bringing out that your ecosystem created. I have a fucking high standard for somebody to be in one-on-one clients or in my field like they have to have gone through. Their healing journey has to be over because I will not go through that process with people. I’ve seen people who I knew were meant to be my client because I knew. It takes two years to work with people before they showed up in my sphere, not because they didn’t know it. I was not available to go through that process because I’m like, “Once you’re in my field, we’re in total orgasmic celebration.” I don’t deal with all the other things. I’m like, “You get that shit handled, and then when you want to play at this level, then we play.” It’s an unsaid in my space. I don’t need to say it. I don’t need to proclaim it. If it wasn’t, that wouldn’t be an integrity with myself. That’s a level of standard that comes from an embodiment of being.

It’s such a beautiful note to wrap up on and we might have to even do a part two at some point. We’ve covered this. We’ve covered branding. We’ve covered the embodiment piece. We’ve covered the marketing and now we’re talking about sales. We’ll tune into it and we’ll keep you posted.

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