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We Help Female Identifying Health & Wellness Coaches and Course Creators Build The Systems & Automations Needed To Sustainably Launch And Scale Their Digital Brands Without The Overwhelm

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Who We Are:

Business Consultants

Brand Experts

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Operation Wizards

Marketing Strategists

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We're the tech unicorns you didn't know you needed

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What’s The Process?

Month 1: Onboarding & Exploration

Ever heard the phrase, fail to plan, plan to fail? Well that couldn’t be more true when we’re talking about strategic launching! Which is why we dedicate the entire first month of our work together to exploration and better understanding YOU, your brand, you voice, your niche and your offers so we can have a full understanding of what your vision to scale actually is.

During this phase, we’ll often deconstruct your offers, pricing, deliverables, timeframes and even refine your buying persona, messaging and positioning to provide a far more robust, clear and concise message that converts!


  • Complete company analysis of profit, net, loss and business expense report
  • Buying Persona Document
  • Outline of Offers, Pricing and Scalability analysis
  • Draft 1 of Annual Launch Plan

Month 2: Building The List

It’s time for you to start building assets! During this phase we’ll aim to tackle TWO big projects in preparation for your launch:

  1. Your email list building strategy
  2. Your Sales System


  • 1 list building funnel which includes: 
    • 1 opt in page (500 words max)
    • 1 confirm subscription page (250 words max)
    • 1 Thank you page (250 words max)
    • We will consult on your actual opt in but the client will be required to provide the assets or copy for the opt in
    • 1 Email nurture sequence conducive of 7 emails

  • 1 Sales funnel which includes:
    • 1 Application page with a custom application form (client provides questions)
    • 1 Sales call booking page with an embedded calendar
    • 1 sales call confirmation page
    • 1 Enrollment guide designed in Canva(client to provide copy, team will consult)
    • 1 Email reminder sequence consisting of 4 emails to the user and contact

Month 3: Preparing the Launch Assets

During this phase we’ll be shifting gears from list building, to nurturing through the preparation of a conversion event (webinar, masterclass, workshop etc.) and begin building the clients sales page copy for their core offer.


  • 1 conversion event funnel which includes:
    • 1 medium form opt in page (500 words max)
    • 1 confirmation page (250 words max)
    • 1 replay page (250 words max)
    • 1 course template with the replay video hosted and upsell details inside
    • 1 event reminder sequence (5 emails total)
    • 1 promotional email sequence (3 emails)

  • Single Sales page Copy (1500 word limit) delivered via google drive
  • Sales follow up email sequence (10 emails) delivered via google drive
  • 1 Client Onboarding Funnel which includes:
    • 1 checkout page (500 words max)
    • 1 order confirmation page with next steps (500 words max)
    • 1 next steps page (500 words max)
    • 1 confirmation email

Month 4: Ready, Set, Launch!

Launch, Review, assess. At this stage, you’ll officially be going into your launch and all testing will have been finalized. We’ll run an analytics report on the performance of all your assets and properly transfer over all components to you as an evergreen machine you can run on autopilot!


  • Fully designed and mobile optimized sales page
  • abandoned cart follow up sequence (4 emails & 2 SMS)
  • Client Testimonial System including:
    • 1 opt in page for uploading video testimonials linked to client’s google drive folder
    • 1 thank you page (250 words max)
    • 2 automated reminder emails written requesting client testimonials
  • Full Launch Report including:
    • Step by step funnel conversion breakdown and analytics
    • Total conversion rates
    • Email growth statistics
    • Workshop conversion analytics
    • Email open and conversion rates
    • Total sales

The Finished Product?

An Evergreen Sales & Onboarding Machine you can scale on repeat, all that’s left is sharing it with the world!

Here's A Full Breakdown Of What's Included:

Your Investment:

$6k Deposit To Secure Your Spot and Begin The Onboarding Process then 3 Monthly Payments of $4k

Hey I'm Soph!

I’m no stranger to how stressful launching and scaling your business can be, especially when technology isn’t your natural skill set. 😉

Which is why we’ve crafted our boutique digital launch agency specifically for supporting women identifying health and wellness experts in streamlining and automating their business so they can get back in the role of CEO!

You’ve already got plenty on your plate, between showing up on social and marketing on IG to running sales calls, then showing up for client delivery, it’s now wonder you’ve been stressin’!

Let us make your launch (and your life) a whole lot easier!

Prefer an Evergreen Approach?

We've got you covered!

Don’t let the language fool ya, evergreen sustainable scaling is our speciality. 

But every evergreen offer starts somewhere, right? 😉

Which is why the first time we do anything, it’s a launch. After we’ve successfully built out and “launched” all your assets, our team will tie a beautiful evergreen bow on your systems and ensure they’re optimized for you to use 24/7.

You’re only job? Market!

Tired of The Content Creation Hamster Wheel?

Time to start thinking seriously about SEO!

If you haven’t already begun building your SEO based marketing strategy, we’re happy to consult on what the next best steps may be to help you shift off of relying on short term life span platforms like FB & Instagram and START building longe term assets like your website and blog.

Don’t have an SEO optimized blog or website yet? No worries, we have an option for a seamless add on, just mention it on your application.

Who is the launch agency best for?

We work specifically with health and wellness coaches and course creators that have already established themselves in the online space.

Here’s a few key indicators of whether or not we’d be a great fit:

You've Got Plenty Of Experience Working With Clients

This isn’t your first rodeo, you’ve got a stellar track record and have worked with countless clients who’ve gotten amazing results but perhaps now, you’re feeling overwhelmed by the workload and amount of time spent on client delivery, that’s where we come in!

We’ll help you streamline and automate your core offer(s) to make them both more Scalable AND more sustainable.

You're Looking For A More Passive Way To Scale Online

You’ve done plenty of 1:1, group programs and all the launches but at the end of the day, you’re ready to find a way to generate revenue on autopilot without always having to be on zoom calls with clients.

Perhaps that means opening up more digital products, streamlining your group programs into DIY courses or heck, even turning them into digital products- let’s make it happen!

You Only Want To Create Content!

Does the word “systems” make your stomach turn? I hear ya! But at this point you know the only way you can really profit of your content creation game (sustainably) is by putting the systems in place to automate that cash flow!

Let us do the heavy lifting for you so you can be in your creativity 24/7. We’ll do the strategic brainstorming with you on how to intentionally craft your business and offers in a way that supports your lifestyle.

You're ready for some serious automations!

Chances are, right now 99% of the business revolves around you, which isn’t a problem if you love working 24/7 but what if you want to scale? Create more impact? Support more amazing clients?

Stop running your business in the manual stone age of spreadsheets and paperback notebooks. it’s time to automate your backend and get back your time, freedom and sanity as the CEO of your business.

Not Sure About The Full Package? Start With A VIP Day!

Our VIP Days are perfect for entrepreneurs who want the full roadmap without the implementation.

If you decide after our VIP day that you’d prefer to have us do it all for you, you can apply your VIP day investment as the deposit for our agency.

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We will never spam you or share your email with anyone. In addition to the meditation you’ll also receive semi-regular email updates with tips, tools, encouragement, offers and exclusive resources. All emails include an unsubscribe link, you may opt-out at any time. Read our Privacy Policy to see how your data is handled.