Anti Racism

Anti-Racism in The Coaching Industry

Anti Racism

Pricing is subjective. It’s your values that become the directive.

The lifelong dilemma of “what do I charge” can be addressed in the most ethical and efficacious way possible when we get down to the root of who you be, what you do & who you serve

But first, a little belief busting 😉

You do NOT have to charge high ticket to have a $100k or multi 6 figure business if that does not align with your values.

High ticket is subjective depending on who we’re speaking to—

This can range from $1000-$1M

The questions we’ve got to ask are much deeper than “how much do you want to make”

And instead…

Dive deeper into

Then asking, how would my values show up in my pricing?

2020 I was indoctrinated into a culture that ran the core belief of just charging more, increasing inflation on pricing for no rhyme or reason other than “it’s what I’m an energetic match too”

This isn’t inherently harmful until it’s taken out of context and there’s not questioning around the integrity of what this means.

There was no self reflective assessment

It was very hype oriented around a stigma and dogma that the community leaders held and passionately shared

It quickly became conditioned and programmed in from one person to the next all the way down the line

Not to think, not to question, just LEAP & have a blind faith that if you do and be like me, you can have what It all too.

values were never considered or contemplated in the process, it’s all about power defined by the ability to accelerate speed, believe, and do the scary thing

It’s alluring


Almost inspiring

It was for me too

Until I began to realize the impact that this way of running and operating my business was creating greater dissonance within myself

Was it fear?

Lack of embodiment?


Needing to clear money beliefs?


It just wasn’t aligned with what I valued most at my core

With who I REALLY was

And I started to wake up…

Started to reconcile with the possibility that I’d blindly followed a belief system, leaders and a culture that was counter to my own

Not that I don’t value wealth, money, abundance or freedom

That’s far from the case

But the WAY it was being made

The WAY it was being taught

It rocked me and I struggled for months to try to put my finger on it

There were so many conflicting thoughts and beliefs I was navigating

That perhaps when I got to THAT level, the always moving proverbial target of increasingly higher monthly and annual revenue goals,

THEN things would change

With the constant buy in of “invest more so you can be in integrity to charge more”

Constantly increasing my expenses for the self validation to somehow pretend like now it’s okay to ask the same of others

Because “I went first”

Boasting at the idea that I’m paying x person x amount of dollars no matter how obscure or ridiculous it may seem

In fact, the more ridiculous and outlandish the better as if it somehow validated my worth and positioning that I could somehow afford to pay that pricing

As if now I somehow was granted the right to charge the same without any rhyme or reason beyond it being an energetic match magically encoded into my DNA 🧬 

And all the same never really feeling peace because I was constantly CHASING the next big high

Riding the momentous waves of energy from one big month to another without any pause or room for contemplation of the impact this game was having…

…On my health, body, nervous system or overall well being outside of the business 

Then George Floyd happened.

And the real work began

The great unlearning

An introspectively powerful transformation

Where I found myself questioning everything

Wondering if I was the only one who felt bamboozled by what had just happened

The shame in thinking perhaps it was just me that something was wrong with

it had to be, look at how large, how popular, how awe inspiring and energetically charged this movement and community is

But the deeper I went into contemplation, unpacking my own values, beliefs and world view

Deconstructing where whyte culture and patriarchal paradigms lived within me

I woke up more and more to recognize

THAT was not who I was NOR who I wanted to be

The overwhelming amount of inner conflict i felt by no longer agreeing or aligning with a community or culture I previously was so eager to be a part of was terrifying

Feeling all of my own trauma bonding, wounding and unresolved healing coming up to be addressed and looked at

Asking the tougher questions, getting really honest with myself of where white supremacy lived in me

Where I was upholding and contributing to oppression and racism just by my own naive perpetuation of blindly and comfortable being a part of the problem

By NOT looking.

NOT acknowledging 

NOT standing up, speaking up or doing my own unpacking

Completely unaware of how my ability to previously ignore and feel annoyed with the uproar was a product of my own privilege as a white passing, biracial, hetero cis woman in america

To acknowledge IS NOT ENOUGH

To be aware IS NOT ENOUGH

I needed to go much further, much deeper into my own internalized beliefs, practices and entire model

I began seeking out sound council and community that reminded me I wasn’t alone

Those that held similar values and beliefs aligned with sustainability, efficacy, integrity and impact

I began to find home

Solace in a culture I felt deep resonance with from the core of who I be

One that deeply valued integrity, equity, diversity, inclusion and sustainability.

For the first time feeling safe to express my confusion, anger, rage, guilt and shame for where I previously had been in the system

Shout out to Trudi Lebron, Char and the whole AIM team. I love ya’ll.

I started to HEAL

Truly. Slowly. And patiently over time reconnecting with MY roots, MY values MY beliefs that made sense TO ME

Not something aspirational where I felt the need to constantly be reaching outside myself, grabbing at something higher and higher

But rather

A folding in, a deepening, sinking, further and wider into myself


This was what I’d been craving and seeking for so long but just couldn’t find elsewhere

Until I went and sought within

Doing the deep uncomfortable work that I spent years previously avoiding

Compensating by covering up the misalignment in values with deeper mindset work trying to reprogram my psyche to believe something that did not feel integral to my heart and soul

It was hard work

To unlearn that deep conditioning and come back to the truth of who I be, what I value and what I need

It required a complete deconstruction and reconstruction of my entire business and product suite

Heck, my entire identity was in question.

But I was in it, I was all in and completely unwilling to back down.

I took nearly 8 months off marketing or selling ANYTHING letting go of clients, programs and offers that just didn’t quite feel right anymore.

and began redefining EVERYTHING

But this time, through a client centered value driven lens that was TRULY my own.

I began contemplating where the need, desire and validation came from for charging and delivering what I had been, the way I had been

How much of it was actually my own versus what had just been passed down and programmed into me by those who came before me

The model, the structure, the price, the deliverables, the marketing, the onboarding, the sales

Letting go of what no longer felt right for me

Instead focusing on what made the most sense for those I truly wanted to serve and support, the legacy I want to leave and the impact I wanted to see.

Asking the questions about who i wanted to be, what I wanted my story to say

In a way that was both SUSTAINABLE AND EQUITABLE for both the client and the company

What I’ve found is that this….

This is truly courageous work

To be willing to pioneer a business model that is centered around the success of the client FIRST and not just the benefit of the company or owner

To go against the grain of what’s popular, hip, hype, or where everyone else seems to be to instead, go deep within yourself and clarify what matters most to you so you can create in a way that honors all of who you be.

It’s such a science and an art to integrate a way of ensuring a model cultivates impeccable client results that’s scalable and profitable without sacrificing values


It’s possible to be wildly successful, profitable and impactful in a way that truly aligns with what you value at your core

A model that’s truly all your own

One built on principle

Personalized to each individual

And it is…


Ive made a promise to myself,

To no longer focus on the counter culture but rather to channel all my sacred rage, creativity, and energy into building what I believe in

Redefining and constantly realigning to my own damn lane

To let go of the need to compare or compete and instead, just recognize what’s not aligned with my values and leave it be

Instead of fighting against what I don’t want to see

Standing up and fighting for more of what I DO want in the world

Letting my values and my actions speak louder than words ever could

There’s a stillness, peace and ferocity that’s dancing within me

I’ve been swimming in the deep, deep, deep, for MONTHS….


I am anchored

And I am so grateful to be doing this work.

There’s nothing like a soul shattering ego death to remind you of what matters most in life and bring you back to a place of doing what you were meant to in the world.

So I ask you

What do you value most and how is that being reflected in the way you run and build your business?

I see you.

Your heart, your courage

Your strength, your vulnerability, your desire, your tenderness

I see in you the same magic, awe and wonder i see in me

And I want you to know,

Just like I’ve had to be reminded and told again and again on this journey….

is that…

You are NOT alone.

There are people who see the way you see, value what you value, need what you need and they are there…

Right now

Waiting for you, for me, for each of us to speak up, come back home to the truth of our souls

To remember the magic of who we innately are

To let go of following crowds

and get back to doing the real true healing work.

Welcome home.

Let’s make some magic happen in the world.

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