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Learning SEO and climbing Google Search rankings doesn’t need to be complicated. 

With an effective SEO strategy, you can easily drive traffic and increase sales, as seamlessly as savoring your favorite morning espresso.

If SEO (search engine optimization) sounds daunting, don't worry, you're in the right place.

So what exactly Is SEO, and how can it help your business?

Search Engine Optimization is a fancy way of saying your page or content has the right keywords, quality, and other important metrics to rank high on Google search engine results pages (SERP)

Bringing you hundreds, if not thousands, of qualified, free leads every month.

Take a look at one of our featured snippets on how ONE single blog post has continued to GROW its on page SEO, ranking #1 on Search engines like Google and COMPOUNDING its MONTHLY viewers by over 1,000% over the course of four years.

screenshot demonstrating the increased views of one blog post over the course of four years

How many social posts still drives MORE traffic and leads to your business every month?

When bloggers, digital marketers, and small business owners get fed up with the social media circus...

and consider switching to search engine optimization (SEO), they find themselves feeling:

No surprise folks think social media marketing is the easy, breezy way out compared to SEO. 

Spoiler alert: They couldn't be more wrong.

Believe it or not, SEO Marketing is a lot less complicated than it sounds

In fact, I’d argue to say it’s the best digital marketing approach for any small business owner who wants to see real and sustainable growth.

Based on Hootsuites 2021 study of social media marketing trends

the average social media post has a life span of 24 hours.

SEO optimization allows your content to continue to rank and drive traffic organically over a longer period of time, making it a sustainable source of leads for your business.

Not only that, but having high rankings on Google can also establish your brand’s credibility and authority in your industry, leading to increased trust from potential customers.

Plus, with more and more people relying on search engines to find information or products they need, having a strong SEO strategy is crucial for being the go-to expert in your industry.

Overview of the average life span of social media posts and the power of blog posts

More Recent Studies Show

Fact is, You don't need to become an SEO specialist or enroll in every SEO certification course on the internet to start ranking on search results.


Coffee & Keywords

Our DIY SEO Course that turns the arcane art of technical SEO skills into something as simple as swiping left on Tinder — but with far fewer regrets.

It’s a full stacked SEO Training that helps you GET FOUND by more qualified clients, boost online sales, and increase affiliate commissions without relying on social media.

We Help You Learn SEO So You Can Stop

Spending all your time on Social Media

Creating lengthy captions, editing reels, and commenting on every potential leads posts trying to get a morsel of engagement on social media platforms

Throwing Spaghetti against the wall

Following every new marketing trend hoping something will work but never actually getting the consistent results you want, or worse, being burnt out not knowing what's working

Hustling in The DM's

Trying to manually build relationships withe strangers on the internet just to be met with minimal sales and a whole lot of frustration

And Start

Leveraging SEO Strategies

with long form keyword rich website content that boost your website's ranking bringing you more traffic month after month and year after year with a single piece of content

Knowing exactly how to do Keyword Research

by using the right SEO tools to create what search engines are looking for so you can rank on search engine algorithms and get FOUND by your ideal clients

Use local SEO to grow organic traffic on your site

with simple yet effective link building strategies that boost your authority and have new leads regularly reaching out directly to you

Soph in leather jacket looking away

We believe we're one of the best SEO courses on the market

While other SEO courses cater towards large corporations with big budgets, our course is specifically tailored for Small Businesses, bloggers, and solopreneurs.

We understand first hand the unique challenges and needs of running a small business

Which is why we’ve continued to optimized and refine our course since it’s initial launch in the fall of 2021.

What sets us apart from other SEO Courses, you ask?

Relevant Result-Focused SEO Training

We understand that you don’t have the luxury of spending hours studying complex algorithms or seo experts theories.

We cut straight to the meat and only focus on teaching you the SEO skills you need with link building, SEO digital marketing and on page/off page seo that will start improving online visibility and ranking immediately.

Practical and Hands-On SEO Skills

Our course is not just about theory and concepts. 

We believe in a hands-on approach where you can apply what you learn in real time. 

We teach you how to conduct keyword research, optimize your website for SEO, and track your progress using industry-standard tools like Yoast SEO, WordPress SEO and google analytics

Run by SEO Agency Owners & Web Developers

Our course is developed and taught by experienced SEO professionals with years of experience in web development, online courses, and search engine optimization (SEO).

We help simplify more advanced techniques to kickstart your SEO journey with a comprehensive understanding of all the SEO basics.

Our DIY SEO Course Curriculum Includes 4 Core Modules

Module 1 | SEO Simplified

Fundamental Concepts for SEO Beginners

Whether you consider yourself a beginner or a seasoned SEO pro, this module is crucial in understanding our unique approach to SEO based Digital marketing.

We teach you the importance of Search Intent for profitable content, knowing how to build a sitemap, and most importantly, how to understand the Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page) so you can better optimize content for ranking.

Google SEO Fundamentals

There’s plenty of free and paid courses on leveraging Google’s best free tools for local SEO, which is why we include an entire lesson walking you through how to set up your Google My Business profile, integrate Google analytics on your site or sales pages, and implementing the power of AI to help you get more Google reviews that increase your search engine rankings.

Module 2 | Keyword Research

Understanding Profitable Keywords

Before you start creating content, it’s crucial you understand what metrics matter and how to choose the right keywords that not only drive traffic, but sales.

We walk you through each of the key metrics you need to know and how to pick the most profitable keywords for your business.

How to Do Keyword Research

Finally, we dive deep into our step by step process for doing both competitive analysis AND keyword research so you never have to guess about what content to create again.

By the end of this module, you’ll have an entire years worth of blog topics and profitable keywords to boost your authority and ranking.

Module 3 | Website optimization

Technical SEO That Drives Sales

It’s time to roll up your sleeves and and get down and dirty with all things on page and off page SEO. This section is all about implementation where you’ll go beyond basic understanding and start developing a framework for how to optimize your website to boost search results ranking and overall website traffic.

Unlike most SEO courses, we’re not just teaching you the basics of on page SEO, we’re taking it a step further helping you understand how to structure your site to drive traffic not just from Google SEO, but all the way through to your checkout page.

Module 4 | Blogging Machine

Create Content That Ranks On Google

Let us show you how to get your blog to the top of Google’s first page. Packed with juicy, actionable insights, we spill the secrets on the SEO strategies the big-time bloggers won’t tell you about. You’ll master the art of keyword strategy, blog post optimization, and how to outsmart your competition by pumping out top-notch content faster than you can say “AI magic.”

We’re not just teaching you to create content that ranks; we’re showing you how to dominate your blog creation with AI wizardry, batching months of content in mere days.

Our goal isn't just organic traffic, it's building recurring revenue.

Simply having a high ranking on Google or Bing isn’t enough – you also need that traffic to convert into sales.

Which is why we don’t just teach you the fundamentals of search engine optimization, but also, provide a complete SEO strategy so you’re not only driving traffic to your site, but sales.  

That’s where our bonus stack comes in, helping you not only master the foundations of SEO Marketing, but becoming the next GOAT on your preferred Search Engine.

Mel and soph working

When You Enroll, You also get These 4 Bonus SEO Modules


Build Recurring Revenue With Affiliate Marketing

We’ll show you how to maximize your earning potential with your blog through Affiliate Marketing, including a step-by-step process for establishing your affiliate opportunities and a simple way to integrate affiliate links into all your content.


  • A clear sheet of all Affiliate links with an easy system to track affiliate sales generated each month
  • Plugging Affiliate links into blog content every month, driving new affiliate commissions
  • Increased Monthly Recurring Revenue generated through your affiliate links


Amplifying Growth With Pinterest SEO

We’ll walk you through the simple process of setting up your Pinterest account and creating quality pins for your blog post in less than an hour a week to boost traffic and speed up the ranking.

PLUS, we’ll provide the Pinterest Canva templates to shortcut the design process and get pinning!


  • SEO optimized Business Pinterest account setup with your target keywords
  • Producing 3-5 pins per blog post in less than an hour a week
  • Increased traffic coming directly from Pinterest to your blog post every month


Optimizing Your Podcast With SEO

Already have a thriving podcast you love or sitting on the fenceline trying to decide if you want to launch your own show on the internet?

Either way, this bonus module will help you optimize your entire podcast from start to finish so you can stop waiting on shares and saves and start getting the traffic your podcast deserves through Google Search.


Launching Your YouTube Channel

Master the art of launching and growing your YouTube channel with our bonus module that will walk you through the simple process of setting up your channel complete with thumbnail templates, headers and more.

We’ll guide you through how to combine your YouTube videos with your keyword rich blogs so you can double the traffic with minimal effort and know how to use SEO tools on YouTube for increased keyword research possibilities.

Enrollment Opens July 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m glad you asked. My technical title is a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner® through the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute 3-year professional training program that I completed between 2020-2023 with over 500 hours of study, personal sessions, live demonstrations, and supervised consultation.

In addition to my training in SE (Somatic Experiencing), I have completed multiple trauma informed coaching certifications in 2019-2020 including the 35-hour Trauma and Somatics Practitioner Training and the 200-hour Phoenix Path Trauma Training.

Finally, I am trained in early developmental trauma repair and touch work through the Institute for Neuro-Affective Touch Training as a Neuro-Affective Touch Practitioner and am actively studying to advance my education and training in the areas of family dynamics and early childhood trauma.

Additionally, I attend ongoing individual and group consultation hours averaging between 1-3 hours per month of accredited supervision by approved Somatic Experiencing and NATP faculty members for different client cases.

I also invest in my own ongoing development with trusted SEPs whom I meet with on an ongoing basis to receive my own personal sessions.

My current educational pursuit is deepening into Complex Trauma and Family Constellations to better support my clients and their needs.

I offer clients the option to pay within a sliding scale for all coaching sessions offered. There is no application required to qualify for different pricing tiers. Clients may choose which category they feel is most appropriate for them and pay at that level.

Currently, I offer 3 different pricing tiers:

Tier 1 Full Price $200 USD per session:

This tier is for folks with secure and/or disposable income and will not be negatively impacted by paying for these services at this rate.

Folks can invest in tier 1 pricing to help offset costs for those with fewer financial resources.

If this sounds like you, please book and purchase your sessions here. Payment is due upon booking.

Tier 2 Sliding Scale $150 USD per session:

This tier is designed for those experiencing financial hardship or lacking financial resources and cannot invest at the full price without experiencing potential financial harm.

This tier is ideal for folks who have some financial stability but also need 

If this pricing feels most accessible for you right now, please schedule and purchase your session below:

Tier 3 Sliding Scale $100 USD per session:

This tier is designed for individuals facing severe financial hardship and/or those with a history of marginalization who have suffered the most from systems of oppression.

This includes folks who are single parents, caregivers, medically disabled, or others who would not be able to afford these services otherwise.

If this sounds like you, please book and purchase your sessions below. Payment is due upon booking.

I ask that clients who are fortunate enough to afford full pricing without taking on financial risk do so to better support a more equitable working container and offset costs for those who are unable to invest at the traditional rates.

By choosing to pay for a higher tier of support, you are creating an opportunity for those historically targeted for marginalization to also receive support.

Please note, you can always choose a different price point based on your economic needs and changes, I understand that life is not always stable nor consistent and do my best to meet folks where they are on their journey.

If you feel inclined, you are more than welcome to provide tips or sponsor additional clients needing support.

After booking your session, an invoice is sent to you with a link to submit payment via direct bank ACH or credit card. Please note that credit card payments will accrue a small 3.95% credit card processing fee. To avoid additional fees, we encourage clients to pay via bank ACH whenever possible.

Though there is an abundance of trauma informed coaching programs and courses that may offer valuable information on topics such as polyvagal theory, the nervous system, and trauma responses, often times these programs are not meant to be an intimate space fo supporting clients in navigating their own experience.

Traditional trauma informed coaching focuses on the premise of understanding that trauma exists and limits trauma informed coaches on how they can work with clients in navigating their experiences.

Often times a trauma informed life coach is only able to support a client in regulation and coming out of a trauma response but has not been properly trained to know how to work intimately with the response itself.

Trauma recovery coaches and other Somatic Experiencing Practitioners such as myself, are able to take our clients through a much deeper and intimate process within our coaching containers where we’ve been highly trained to track and notice the subtle ways that different symptoms show up in the body and within clients.

Additionally, trauma recovery coaches, similar to a therapist, have a thorough understanding of the leading causes that contribute to different types of trauma and know how to navigate the nuanced landscape with clients through more than simple audio files or art therapy.

Though understanding principles like polyvagal theory and practicing in coaching triads may be helpful for practical and theoretical insight, experiential knowledge is missing.

As a potential client seeking a life coach or therapist to support you on your trauma, it’s important to understanding how a trauma informed coaching certification or a trauma informed coach may or may not be appropriate for your current needs and when it is time to seek support from more specialized and trained trauma recovery coaches or other therapists.

Due to licensing requirements for insurance, I cannot accept insurance at this time. The best that I can do to support those who cannot afford to pay out of pocket is to offer sliding scale options at a pay-what-you-can rate.

Currently I only work with adults age 21+ and am not able to support young adults are children under the age of 18. Because of the complexity that often comes with family dynamics and early childhood development, I encourage parents seeking support for their children to work with family specialists who are extensively trained in the nuances of the developmental stages for each age range including the complexity of family dynamics in early development.

I work with clients internationally via Zoom. If you can find a timeframe that works within my allotted availability for your schedule, I am more than happy to support you. At this time, I am only able to work with folks who speak fluent English.

Yes, clients who are local to North County Sand Diego OR folks who would like to travel to San Diego may book in-person sessions with me at my local Oceanside Office space.

In-person sessions do require at least 3-5 business days’ notice prior to the session booking date.

In-person sessions also require a 75-minute slot with a slightly higher rate ranging from $125-$225 per session and allow for Soph to work more hands-on with the client on the table. Please note, waivers and release of liability must be signed prior to implementing any touch work.

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