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EP #02: Transformation Stories To Inspire And Motivate You To Live Out Your Dreams

MMM 002 | Transformation Stories

Have you ever felt like your life is going nowhere? Have you ever questioned your purpose in life and what’s the point to all of this? Dan and Sophie share transformation stories to help you examine yourself, get you out of the rut, and inspire you to take the first step towards achieving your dreams. These are real account stories of some of their clients that deal with varied issues like dealing with stigmas, experiencing a state of stagnation, transitioning from a military to a civilian life, stepping out of a parent’s persona, not having confidence and dealing with low self-esteem. Learn more about their transformation stories and their journey to success.

This episode, we’re going to share some transformation stories. Not about us, but about clients who we’ve worked with because we want to not just inspire you and motivate you to continue your journey of your personal evolution towards that extraordinary relationship, business, or life that you’ve always wanted, but also so that you can know that it doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to be a long, grueling process, years of therapy. You don’t have to be rich. You don’t have to be born into the right family. You don’t have to have anything. You have to want it and have the right tools, which we’re going to give you in this podcast.

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Transformation Stories To Inspire And Motivate You To Live Out Your Dreams

I hope that these stories light you up, and I hope you have a bunch of ‘me too’ moments in here. See how many times you experience that, “I’ve felt that. I’ve thought that. I want that.” Each time you do, and you accept that, and you love it, and you appreciate that moment is another little push towards you getting it for yourself. These are some of our favorite examples to give people. They light me up as a coach. This is why I do this. This is what I live for. I’m excited to share this with you guys.

I cannot wait to hear some of the feedback that we got from you whether or not it’s an “Aha” moment or “That’s amazing” or something that you couldn’t even laugh at. There’s going to be a lot of amazing stuff. I can only imagine what Dan has prepared for you. Just hearing from the back end of what he’s got to share, but also some of the amazing stories that I’m excited to share with you as well.

Why don’t you kick us off?

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Speaking a little bit more lately, I’ve been working a lot more with business-oriented clients. There’s a big thing that pops up whenever it comes to business. That is everything in your business tends to be a reflection of you. For a lot of the clients that I work with, there was one in particular that stood out to me. This client’s name is Clay. When he came in to working with me, one of the biggest things for him is that he wanted to start building this incredible business. He had such a beautiful heart and he knew what he wanted to be doing, but he didn’t have the confidence or the clarity, or wasn’t sure whether or not he could do it. A big piece of this for Clay was number one, working past a lot of these stigmas, a lot of these dogmas of, “Can I leave the corporate world? Is that possible? What am I going to do to support myself? How am I going to be able to handle that? Are people even going to want to work with me?” A lot of the work that Clay and I were doing was around this idea of who he could be, what was possible for him, and understanding where these stigmas, where these beliefs, where this idea of how life was supposed to be and how he was supposed to be came from. As we dove deep into uncovering a lot of these different ideas, a lot of these different ways of how life is supposed to be, how he was supposed to be, we were able to uncover who it is he wanted to become, and what it is he wanted to step into.

It was interesting and scary journey at first because there was a lot of learning. By no means am I, or anyone else is saying that you quit your job and do something else, but it’s understanding the reasons for why you are where you are. For Clay in this scenario, it was something that he wanted to do. In developing the confidence, in understanding his gifts, his strengths, and being able to work with people, and he’s a nutrition specialist, he started to build out and create an incredible online course. Not only did he have multiple people sign up, but they’re getting amazing results. On top of that, Clay was finally able to put in his four weeks’ notice at this job that he was terrified of leaving. The most exciting piece, for me at least, is we found out about two weeks after Clay put in his two-week notice that his wife, whom they had been planning to get pregnant, found out that they were pregnant. They found out two weeks after he put in his two weeks’ notice. This was something where you do have to wonder what the universe, God, whatever it is you believe in, has in store for you. Clay made this very clear in the sense that he said, “If we would have found out before I put that notice, I don’t know if I would’ve done it.” He’s like, “After I put it in, it’s whatever that is telling me that I’m doing the right thing and I’m on the right path.” It speaks volumes to how the world, how the universe opens up when you’re stepping into what it is you’re meant to do. I know that he is on fire working, kicking ass in this business now, loving what he’s doing, and waking up and feeling excited about it. Not like he has to go and do this thing that he’s learned how to do very well but doesn’t fill him up. He gets to wake up every morning and he has passion. He has love, he has joy because he’s so excited about the clients that he gets to work with, that he gets to help. He knows that he’s really making a difference.

You’re going to hear this a lot from me, too. I’m not going to tell you that you need to quit your job, but I love being a business owner. I wish for everybody to feel the rush of it. It’s such an amazing way to come face-to-face with all of your demons all at once, and you realize you don’t have a safety net anymore. It’s all of a sudden just you, I love hearing that and congratulations Sophie, that’s an amazing story. It sounds like Clay’s killing it in life now. That reminds me of a client of mine. His name was Nick and he’s one of these brilliant guys that came to me and was in a state of stagnation. He said that he had fallen into this state of depression in which you pretty much stopped working. He was a real estate agent and couldn’t get himself to enjoy anything. It’s like his whole life went suddenly bland and all the color was leeched out. There wasn’t a point to doing anything. I found that one of his deals, the IRS misinterpreted, or they miscalculated something, and they took over a million dollars from him. That was another thing that he was using against himself. “A million dollars. If I make any money, they’re going take it. They had already taken an enormous amount. What’s the point?”

He let everything sort of fall apart. His marriage was suffering because of it and everything was going that way. We did some work and we cleared up a lot of his baggage. All the things that he was holding on and kind of beating himself up with and looked at how he viewed himself and work in what he thought he was capable of and discovered these little parts of him that were putting him down as if he was his own bully. When we cleared that up, not only did he finally get all of his money back and cleared it for the IRS after saying that it was impossible, and that he had tried everything, and it wouldn’t work. After not even twelve sessions or fourteen sessions, not even through two full days of work, he cleared everything up with the IRS. Then he came back and told me one day that not only was he back in and hustling, having fun, and enjoying his life again, but that he was going to open up his own realty. He has one of his very own and he is crushing it. His brokerage is in Beverly Hills. It’s not like he opened it up in this small town or it’s easy to sell homes. This guy’s hustling like a true pro, and all the pictures, he’s beaming. You can feel his smile and feel his love for his life. He’s successful in every possible way.

It is amazing to see the transformation that people have when they do the work. This leads me into wanting to share another story about another client of mine. For his privacy, we’re going to call him John. John was another marine that I worked with. With John, what was interesting is there’s this transitional period for a lot of any military member when you’re getting out of service. You’re transitioning, and you’re trying to adjust back into civilian life. In the military, you have pretty much everything there for you in the sense of your housing is taken care of, you have a very routine schedule, you’re told what to do, and how to do it. Everything is set up very routinely. When you leave the military, what end up happening is you don’t have a job because the military, for however long you’re in, was your job. Your housing is now your own, so now you have to figure out where you’re going to live. You ought to figure out how you’re going to pay those bills unless you’ve gotten some disability. You have medical insurance and everything else.

On top of that, you also have all the years of experience of somebody in the back of your head telling you what to do, how to do, when to do it. There’s almost this new-found freedom of getting out of, “I don’t have anyone to report to. I don’t have anything to do anymore.” Figuring out like, “Who am I? What am I going to do?” The biggest component of this is understanding that a lot of these people spend years building relationships with the men and women in their platoon. These become lifelong friends who understand what it is they’ve gone through. When they come back out and they go to their hometown, back to their families or back to wherever they grew up, they no longer have these buddies that they’ve spent the last X amount of years serving with. It’s very isolating. For John, understanding him coming out, it was this sense of, “What am I going to do?” He was only in for about five years. He joined right after he got out of high school. Typical thing to do from where he was from. Coming out, he had no plan, no job, nothing lined up for himself, and was massively depressed. During his time in service, he had gone through one or two deployments and he had picked up a lot of PTSD along the way because there’s a lot of trauma that happened that he experienced.

It got to a point that what John was doing is he was coping through alcohol. Every single day, he was drinking and it became a regular thing for him where it was all he knew how to do. It wasn’t that people would say that he’s like massively depressed. They would say, “That’s just his personality.” This was interesting because what happened with John is he wanted something different. He wanted to feel good. He wanted to feel happy, but he didn’t know how to do it. He didn’t even know if it was possible. He was tired of struggling. He had been out for about a few months and he was running out of his savings. He was running out of people to lean on, and the depression was getting worse. John was getting to a point where he was starting to become suicidal. He was starting to contemplate, “Is this even worth it?” This is the point where I got to work with John. Bless his soul for having the courage. A lot of you that have ever been in that place, it takes a lot to reach out to somebody and say, “I need help.” For him, I give him so much love for being able to have that courage to be able to do that.

In that moment, that’s where we stepped in and we had a conversation. We sat down, and we talked about what’s going on and getting clear on what it is he wants. What was interesting is he had no idea what that compelling future was for him. This is something we’ll talk a lot more about in future episodes. He didn’t know what he wanted. All he knew is who he had been, and the life that he had lived up to that point. That’s everything that was defining him. It was this process of taking these old habits, these old identities, these old routines, and starting to in a way unwire that, and starting to develop and build this beautiful creative, exciting future that he had something to look forward to. When he woke up in the morning, it wasn’t about how can I numb myself, so I don’t have to continue to feel this anger, this frustration, and this depression. It was like, “How can I get excited and inspired?” As work together, he started to create for himself this beautiful vision. We started to figure out what the steps and strategies would need to be in order to get there. He started to find new ways to get excited about life that didn’t involve alcohol. He was able to go do things and have fun without having to have a drink. He was able to go out without having to get blacked out drunk, which for him was a big step.

MMM 002 | Transformation Stories
Transformation Stories: Even if you’re holding on by that slightest little bit, let this be the sign that there is something more for you to have, for you to do, for you to be, for you to give.

In this process over the last year, not only has he been able to create this beautiful life, he is in an amazing relationship with a wonderful girl. He’s also working his way to being able to do something that he’s so passionate about it. He is so grateful for it. He’s also been able to take those events, those experiences from the military, and turn those into ways to give back. What John is trying to do is not working on his business but being able to work and give back to other men that he knows are scrolling through and struggling through the same thing. This is something that is near and dear to my heart. It’s incredible to see that once you can start to create that compelling future, that vision for what it is you want, like John did, and start to develop the strategies and be held accountable the entire way where you’re not going to be given up on, even if you’re that close to giving up on yourself, being able to hold on. What starts to happen is amazing. For any of you that can relate to any of this, know that even if you’re holding on by that slightest little bit, let this be the sign that there is something more for you to have, for you to do, for you to be, for you to give. Continue to hold on, to reach out. There’s so much more for you to live for.

Me too, in so many different ways on that one. I know what it’s like to feel like my life has absolutely no purpose whatsoever. I tried to kill myself with alcohol. I’m sure I would’ve done it had I not found this path. I can relate on so many ways, and it’s amazing to know that these things are not one-way streets. No matter how bad things look, no matter how purposeless things look, no matter how bleak things are, you can create an amazing life for yourself. I want to let you know that you don’t have to be in a super dark place in order to get a huge benefit out of each and every one of these podcasts episodes. I tend to work with a lot of business owners, so that’s where a lot of my stories come from. Know that it’s not just about business or making money, but this one happens to be. I had one client, Joseph, came to me and he was already a successful insurance agent and was doing well for himself. He didn’t want to be just a good agent. He wanted to be the best. He felt like he was kind of stuck and tried everything, tried all the business coaching and all that other stuff that his office provided for him, and it wasn’t making the kind of difference that he was looking for.

He was a pretty happy guy. It’s not like anything was going wrong. He wasn’t suicidal, he wasn’t depressed, he was stuck. It was starting to get frustrating. It was starting to bug him thinking why couldn’t he get himself any further? It seemed like all these other people were trying a lot less than him and getting a lot more. What was wrong with him? We found out going through this is that first of all, his dad was a legend in the field. Everybody kept on referring to Joseph by his dad, “He was his dad’s son,” or whenever they see Joseph, “Where’s your dad?” He found that he was so entangled with his dad’s persona. They also had some family issues there that he didn’t want to be his dad. He disagreed with a lot of the things that his dad had done. His dad had walked out on his family, and so anytime he was likened to his dad, it was kind of a hit to him. He wanted it to be his own man. That was the thing that was holding him back. After a month of working together, he doubled his best income, and that became his average. He became even more successful over time.

One day, he came into a session with a big grin on his face telling me, “It’s so easy now.” We had to work so hard before and he couldn’t understand why. Now, it seems effortless, fun, and awesome. He was crushing it in ways that brought so much joy to him because he finally felt like he was his own man, and he could live his own life for himself doing things for him and every piece of success he got was his and his alone. That was fun, to know that it doesn’t matter how good you are, and it doesn’t matter where you are or how much you have, it’s okay to want even more. We should all be spoiled as hell. We’re here to love our lives and love every piece of it, and I want every single thing in life for you, too. You don’t need to be upset. You don’t need to have things going wrong for you to want even better and get it.

A lot of people wait for tragedy to happen to create any kind of transformation because that’s what tends to get people enough energy to do something different. We’ll talk more about this process of taking ownership, of saying, “I want something different. I want more. I want to be more. I want to have more. I want to do more, I want something different,” and being okay with wanting that. This is playing on some of my beliefs, but a lot of people have been conditioned to believe that wanting more is bad, wrong, selfish, or greedy, and it’s not. It’s giving yourself permission to step into your greatest gifts, your greatest potential, your greatest possibilities so that you can empower others to do the same. It is this process of allowing your light to shine, so that others can start to shine themselves.

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I’ll share one more in regard to a similar client where she was doing very well. She had already gone through a few business coaches. Dan and I talked a lot about different business clients because we’ve worked a lot with many business clients. It’s understanding that business is a reflection of you. With this specific client, Louisa, she came in and she was doing about $2,000 was her biggest month in revenue with her program. She was working full time as an RN. She came in, she didn’t have much confidence around what she was doing. She was selling these low-end things trying to generate revenue. She wanted something so much more. For her, it was this process of getting clear on this compelling future of what’s the bigger mission, the bigger vision, what’s the bigger thing she wants to do with her life, with her business, with her brand. What’s the meaning that she wants to have with the legacy that she wants to leave behind in her life? Once we got clear on that, we developed this incredible program where not only was she able to work with clients one-on-one and in group settings, but to provide them amazing transformation. This is the big thing that we all hold dear to is empowering others to empower others. It’s the difference that makes a difference.

Once we developed this program, she was able to develop the confidence around selling it, letting go of this idea that it’s greedy, that it’s wrong, that it’s bad, or that it’s selfish, and stepping into this is this beautiful gift that she has, a gift to share with the world, that she’s here to help others, that she’s here to empower others, and that what she’s doing is wonderful, it’s amazing. That first month after launching, it was about for four weeks and about four calls that we had, she did $35,000 in revenue that first month. It was absolutely incredible. She’s able to work with so many more people, really being able to provide amazing transformations for them. It doesn’t end there. Coming up with other barriers and other things that are showing up for her, it’s like, “Am I ever going to be able to outdo this?”

Working through those processes, she’s able to have the confidence in working with each of these clients in referring them out and getting clearer and specific around who she wants to be working with. Having the confidence to say no to certain clients, having the competence to know that, “If somebody else comes along and they’re not the right fit for me, that’s okay.” Being able to have the people that she loves working with, being with people that she is working with, not taking people because she wants the money. This is huge because there’s so many times where we say ‘yes’ to situations we don’t want to say ‘yes’ to you because we feel like we have to do it. We’re coming from a place of scarcity, and we feel like we need the money and then we’re miserable for the X amount of time that we’re doing it. For her, this was one of the most liberating things. To be able to say no to things that she didn’t want to do with the people that she didn’t want to work with and say yes to possibility and opportunity. She’s able to work with clients that she enjoys working with, that light her up and that are aligned with her bigger mission, with her bigger vision, with her bigger purpose. It all starts with getting clear on what that is.

There is a thing in life called obligation, and it sucks. We all know what it’s like to live for other people and for other things, and to feel like we’re almost out of control, like we don’t even live for ourselves anymore. We have to say no to what we want because we feel like what we want isn’t good and we should be doing other things. We feel like we should be acting in a certain way. We’re doing things for other people or what we want is wrong, or that even our success sometimes could be seen as wrong. We get into this place where we say no to life, no to our dreams, no to our businesses, and no to our people, and no to ourselves. It’s inspiring to hear these stories of people who turned that around and started saying yes to what they truly wanted. To know that the moment that you do that, the moment that you clear the blocks between you and your ‘yes’, we don’t fall away and you start doing what you want, what lights you up, what makes you passionate, and what gets you overwhelmingly excited about your life. That’s the moment when things come together for you.

It’s important to know that no matter where you are, no matter how many influences you feel like you may have on your life, that doesn’t have to be your life. Whether it’s you telling yourself that you can’t have what you want, or that it won’t happen, or other people telling you that you can’t have it, or other people telling that you got to do something else or be something else. You need to know that you can be whatever you want. You can do whatever you want. The moment that you do it, you’re going to enter into a world of success that you’ve never experienced before. That’s such a fun place to be. That sense of freedom is addicting. It’s such a drug. I can’t imagine a single day of going back into a life where I just lived out of my fears, limitations, or according to someone else’s plan. Forget that. That’s what I want for you as well, to see your plan, and to go after it with everything you’ve got. We’re going to help you every step along the way to get it.

That’s it for this episode. We were so glad and we hope that these stories have inspired you, at least little, a little bit of a spark or a little bit of curiosity inside of you to tune in for the next episode where we will be diving into the fundamentals of transformation, the fundamentals of the Mind Mastery and Manifestation, starting with the unconscious mind. We will see you all on the next episode.

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