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EP #113 Women Entrepreneurs And Their Zone Of Genius With Cait Scudder

Dan Mendilow and Sophie Kessner’s interview with Cait Scudder today will bring you tons of knowledge about bringing entrepreneurs to the top of the business pyramid. Cait is a business coach and success catalyst for driven women entrepreneurs who are ready to turn their zone of genius into profitable and purpose-driven businesses. Owning your definition of safety for success helps you nurture that mindset of accomplishing anything you want. With this, Cait shows how to develop your launch strategy and dives deeper on what the zone of genius is all about.

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Women Entrepreneurs And Their Zone Of Genius With Cait Scudder

We have a special interview for you. We’ve got Cait Scudder here and she is a Business Coach and a Success Catalyst for driven women entrepreneurs who are ready to turn their zone of genius into a profitable purpose-driven business. She started in the scaled her own six-figure business and more than 20,000 Boss Babes in under a year all from her laptop. She’s this incredible business wizard. I love the word catalyst here. She helps bold hearted women by teaching how to unblock their mindsets, up-level their game and unleashes our ability to make money and change the world all from behind the laptop, which is super cool. We’ve been having this incredible wave of people dipping into the business ownership world. There is this beautiful flood of women entrepreneurs and women helping women.

I love what’s going on here. The thing is though, that as we see more people get into business ownership, all issues come up. It used to be you could show up and do your thing. You didn’t have to separate yourself from the crowd. You didn’t have to do a lot of the business strategy that people have to do because there are so many people in that world. It’s beautiful to have a mentor and a coach like Cait by your side to show you how to do it. Instead of getting lost in that world with much information, you could have a guide to show you how to build your business, sell it, and do your thing so that you can live your life instead of working all the time. I’m sure you’re going to have a ton of knowledge bombs coming your way here. Without further ado, welcome, Kate. Happy to have you.

Thanks so much, Dan. It’s great to be here.

Cait, let’s dip really quickly into your story. That’s always fun. How did you get into this world?

I started my business in 2017. I was living in Bali, but before that, I always joke everyone here is like, “You moved to Bali and started a business and scaled it to six figures.” That’s not exactly how it went. I started my career as an educator. My first real role was in the nonprofit space. I was directing an international literacy initiative, graduated from college, went to grad school straight away, graduated with my Masters in Education at 23 and then I taught for two years. I was teaching high school Spanish among a few other things at a small private school. I wore a zillion different hats. I’ve always had this passion for being in front of the room and inspiring others and designing curriculum and crafting experiences that help people learn.

I realized quickly after a couple of years of super low salary and getting spread massively thin and driving an hour each way to work every day that I wanted to do it. I needed to find a way to impact the world and to lead in a different way. That catalyzed my more personal development journey. I got my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification in 2014 and 2015. Let’s back up for a second. In August of 2014, I quit my teaching job after two years. Everybody thought I was crazy. I was at a great school. I was on an upward trajectory there, but I felt much like a big fish in a small pond. I had that deeper knowing that I was meant to use my gifts in a bigger way, but I didn’t know what that was yet.

I was cobbling a bunch of different jobs together for the next couple of months after I left the job. I saw that there was an all women’s yoga teacher training, a 500-hour training with an emphasis on women’s leadership. I thought that is interesting to me. I want to do that. The thing is it was in Bali. I read Eat, Pray, Love, but I never thought I would travel to Bali ever. It was far away and it wasn’t on my radar, but something about this training held my attention and had me know this. “I’m supposed to go there. I’m supposed to do this.” That’s what I did. I saved up. I had barely any savings. I was working on a tiny teacher salary before and I invested $6,000 to get myself across the world and into that room to develop myself.

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I always say, Dan, people ask the question a lot, like, “What’s your secret to success or how have you been able to do it?” I can trace back from this first early decision to invest in myself before investing in my business, which was the absolute precedent to grow my business. The willingness to lean into the uncomfortable and to invest in me has always been a characteristic, a risk-taking capacity that I’ve had, but it has always yielded back much. I went to Bali, this is in February, March 2015 and had an incredible experience. Truly strengthening my sense of self and what I wanted to do and my gifts. A couple of days after the training finished, I met my now husband on the beach in Bali. It was a joke. I went for the yoga, stayed for love, but it’s true. I canceled some of my onward travel plans. Mind you, I’m an independent, driven woman.

I was not the person to derail my whole travel arrangement for some guy that I met. I knew this was special and sure enough, we’ve been happily married. It’s been a wild, amazing journey. Toby, my husband, was living in Bali at the time. I moved there with him at the end of 2015, the beginning of 2016 and that’s when I gave myself the opportunity to be surrounded by digital nomads and entrepreneurs who are doing the whole laptop lifestyle thing, who had crazy, awesome businesses that they were running from anywhere. I thought, “I want to learn how to do this.” It did not happen overnight. I spent a lot of time researching, scribbling in endless notebooks, not taking action. Meanwhile, my savings was dwindling quickly. I got a remote job as a technical writer and I was writing user documentation, boring stuff while living in Bali, which was helpful to save up money. In some ways, it could have been a real safety cocoon.

I was making a great salary for living abroad, something that many expats in Bali would probably be envious of. I knew for me it was the means to an end. It was the opportunity to establish myself, get my feet firmly in the ground and save up enough money to heavily invest in my business. As I started to do that, as I started to save, as I started to plan, I became inundated with the thoughts of, “Who am I to do this? Am I ready?” A lot of imposter syndrome. It wasn’t until I got myself truly accountable, I joined an in-person mastermind in March of 2017. That lit a fire under my butt to put myself out there. In May of 2017, I launched my business and I haven’t looked back since. It’s been a wild journey, but that’s the broad breaststroke of how it all came to be.

I view this entrepreneurial journey as an adventure. You took it literally around the world, but for a lot of people, even if you’re staying on your laptop. It’s going to take you to some interesting places, whether it’s psychologically or emotionally, sometimes physically. Sometimes it’ll move you. I love that you were ready to listen to yourself and listen to the messages that were given to you and trusted that investing in yourself and taking these risks would work out. That’s a huge thing for a lot of entrepreneurs out there is that tolerance for risk. Tony Robbins said that, “Your success is determined by your ability to withstand uncertainty.”

That goes way beyond business. I think about every meaningful thing that I’ve been able to experience, accomplish, have in my life has been a result of being willing to stretch myself to an uncomfortable place. This is relevant from a micro-level down to how do you push yourself at the end of a workout? When you’re feeling uncomfortable? When you’re not sure if you’re going to be able to keep going? How do you make decisions as your company is scaling and growing? Big revenues coming in, but you’re wondering, “Am I going to be able to keep doing this?” It’s truly this muscle that I believe all leaders and all entrepreneurs need to become comfortable with, is getting comfortable being uncomfortable. This is interesting, Dan. I don’t know if you experienced this, but I see this so much. I talk about this with my clients and my students all the time is we feel good posting a meme on Instagram of like “Growth begins at the edge of your comfort zone or outside your comfort zone.” It’s comfortable to know the concept of that. The actual sensation of making a decision and moving forward and executing on that decision is the least comfortable thing in the world. I always think it’s important to be vigilant and mindful of “Am I walking the talk I preach? Am I living by the memes I post on Instagram?” That’s not to shame anybody if that’s something that you’re posting and that’s something you’re working on.

It’s a reminder that those words exist for a reason and the felt sense reality of living them is often different. I was sharing this on an interview that I did. For me, I spent so long second-guessing myself, so long sitting on the sidelines, wondering if I was ready that when I put myself in that catalyst in that container to grow and I had accountability. When I finally put myself out there, I still had fear. I was no longer looking for a way to not feel fear as permission to start. I had learned that this is going to be here and my results are going to be determined by my willingness to learn to live and still move forward with a fear present. That’s been one of the most empowering, liberating experiences and lessons that I have learned as an entrepreneur. It’s served me in every single stage of business. From starting as a fledgling entrepreneur in Bali to running a team of seven and a $500,000 company. It’s been a progression.

That’s one of those things that I do talk with my clients a lot as well is I don’t care about your comfort at all. It’s not even a consideration for me. I view safety as the enemy of growth. For anybody reading this who is a business owner or think about being a business owner, you got to ask yourself, what do you want to have more of? What do you value more, being safe and certain? Also, that means, without a doubt, playing small. Safe, certain, and then have a mediocre life and a mediocre business and have mediocre for the rest of your life or give up that certainty. Give up that safety. Get into the world of risk and then have anything you want as long as you’re ready to step into that discomfort, a lot of people back out there.

MMM 113 | Zone Of Genius
Zone Of Genius: The actual sensation of making a decision, moving forward, and executing on that decision is the least comfortable thing in the world.

The reason for that is there’s a big gap between taking the risk and having that luxurious life by the pool, sipping coconuts, snapping your fingers and having everything come on you and money pours out from the sky. That’s the least real entrepreneur engaging in the world. It drives me crazy when I see that advertising because it’s misrepresentative. It requires a tolerance for uncertainty. That’s accurate, but it requires a tolerance for real persistence and resilience and no longer plugging your sense of safety into something outside of yourself. Let’s be real, either you’re an entrepreneur or you’re working for one. There are no guarantees. I don’t care if you’re working for Google, I don’t care if you’re working for Apple.

I don’t care if you’re working for Facebook, whatever corporation you’re in. Whether you’re in a 9:00 to 5:00 or you’re in service and you’re working at a restaurant or whatever it is that you’re doing. The sense of safety, where is that coming from in your brain? It’s coming from if I show up 40 hours a week or I show up however many hours a week, I’m going to yield this amount of money and that is going to enable me to do X, Y, Z in my life. What the skillset as entrepreneurs that we learn to cultivate is I trust myself. I know that if I show up and have support in the process to develop an unshakable mindset and disposition and energy and habits that set me up for success.

If I work on a strategy that is maybe not bulletproof to start. A lot of the times, it’s important to set a high picture strategy, but there’s going to be tons of times that you have to pivot. There’s going to be tons of times that you make mistakes. When you can back yourself enough of, I’ve got the energy foundation, I’ve got the strategy foundation, I’m ready and I’m willing to make sales in whatever that industry is, you’re changing your definition of safety too. I rely on others for the results I want to. I can rely on myself for the results I want. Ultimately, that is the most liberating and the most truly empowering thing that we can do.

That’s also why I focus on the mindset with my clients so much, especially the ones that come in for business growth or scaling their businesses. We never talk about that because before you have that switch that you said beautifully there before you can switch your definition of safety so that it comes from within, no matter what is happening around you. You could have the terrible months, you could have the breakup, you could have whatever happening in your life and you still find that source of safety in you. That source of, “I can do this, I’m going to pull this off.” Being your own cheerleader. Before that happens, I don’t think anything can happen. After that, everything is essentially a mistake. You’re falling down the stairs upward before you have that mindset ingrained.

The mindset piece is important and I always say that mindset isn’t about mindset. Mindset is about the way that you think and the way you perceive and the immediate conclusions that your brain jumps to. Changing the way that you perceive, changing the way that you believe, changing the way that you think does not impact your mental sphere. It impacts everything and everyone around you in your business. It’s quite the foundation. I hear this a lot like, “I don’t need mindset help. I need strategy help or I need this.” What I find much of the time, I shared a video on this.

I see probably 95% of the entrepreneurs that are struggling, grasping after strategy, grasping after another five-point bulletproof formula, grasping after the launch plan in the lead generation strategy that’s going to master things for them. They are not missing a strategy. If that strategy is organic community building and content creation and developing an irresistible offer and developing a launch strategy to sell that. They might have that all written down. They might know exactly where they’re going, but why are they not seeing results? Because of the foundational belief, “Can I do this? Who am I to do this? What if this isn’t good enough? Crap, I don’t know what I’m saying.”

That thought process produces actions that determine results. Those actions might look like not showing up to execute on the strategy that we’ve set forth. Because we haven’t executed, we look at the strategy and say, “The strategy was flawed.” It’s not about the strategy. It’s about the energy that is fueling that strategy forward. It’s important in business that we’re able to look at these two components as equally important. It’s like if the strategy is the car, energy is the fuel, you can’t get to where we want to go without having both.

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How can you describe it to someone? How could they self-diagnose? They’ve got some issues. Things aren’t working. How can someone read this know whether what they need is mindset or strategy?

The first thing that I would say is, are you clear on who your audience is, what you’re selling? Do we understand the problems that you solve for your people? First of all, do we even have a business? If we’re frustrated that we’re plopping some stuff up on Instagram and not making heaps of cash, the question is, do you have a business? Do you have a target audience that you’re marketing to? Do you have a specific problem that you help your people solve? Do you have a solution that you delivered to them by way of products and services? Do you have a product suite at least sketched out? Do you have at least one offer that you can tell me in detail about the framework and features of that offer? If not, it’s time to start by looking at the structural elements of the strategy. I always say strategies are like the riverbanks and energy is the river moving through it. If you have all of those things and you are posting content or you’re trying to get your business off the ground, then it may be a messaging issue. It may be an energy and execution issue.

Again, until we know if you can clearly define the niche that you serve, the offers that you have and the targets that you have, then we’ve got this system in place to say, “Great. How I am executing this strategy? Where am I not connecting with my people? Is the energy of my brand clear? Is the energy of my offer clear? Am I showing up to the workday massively stressed out, disorganized, overwhelmed and not seeing the results that I want there?” Similarly, if you’re like, “No, I know exactly what my niche is. I’m smashing it. I’m showing up. I’m booking discovery calls, I’m booking sales calls, or I have people in my sales pipeline that I nurture through a different sales process, but we’re not closing,” then we have a sales issue. That’s the metric that I would use to diagnose where the actual problem is in business. It’s important for entrepreneurs to be radically honest with ourselves of like, “If I’m feeling stuck? If I’m feeling overwhelmed, if I’m feeling like I don’t know what I’m doing, let’s go back and get clear the absolute basics.” You’re going to be able to flush out what needs to happen next.

I want to stress again what clarity means in what you said, Cait. It was not exactly clear to me when I started my business because I thought clear as clear. If it feels clear to me, then it must be clear. Going into it, it turns out that I was still digging around with vagaries. Here’s a metric that I use for it. If you can clearly describe your target market, your offering, your solutions, your everything in such a way that a director could put it on a screen and then project what you saw in your mind on the screen exactly, then it’s clear. Anything short of that, not clear yet. That’s why it’s challenging. There are some people that like, “I want to help women.” Nope, sorry, it’s not clear enough. I want to help women business owners. Still not clear enough. We’ve got to get down into it. That’s something that you help a lot of your clients with as well. What does the word niche mean for people and how do people know when they’ve hit it?

It’s a great question and I like the ingredients to what does clarity means. That’s brilliant. That reminds me of something that we have in place in my company and my team is defining what done means. It’s a different conversation about tasks and teams and all of that. Getting clear on what our definitions are important. The niche piece, you’re right. I say, “I help women.” “Help women to what?” “I help women entrepreneurs.” “I help women entrepreneurs to what?” “I help women entrepreneurs who are Aries rising, Aquarius moon.” Okay, fine but what do you help them do? The first place that I start with all of my clients who teach a program on this called Nail Your Niche.

It’s one of my bestselling programs, but the place that we start, Dan, in that curriculum is defining the problems that we help people solve. A big thing that I see happen in the entrepreneurial space is inventing these mythological avatars like, “My ideal client is Jenny and she’s a graphic designer and lives in New York. We do these ideal customer avatar worksheets.” They don’t give us any information. The question that is much more useful is, what is the problem that you help people solve? For me, the problem that I help women solve is starting and scaling a business. Struggle with starting and scaling a business. In the range of application of that is where the product suite gets developed to solve specific micro components of that overarching problem.

If you’re not clear on the problem, we can’t build a business because we don’t have an issue. That your whole business and the story of your business, the story of your brand, the story of how you do it differently, it’s defined from that problem. This is more moving into marketing and messaging and positioning, but one helpful exercise that I give to all of my students is now that we’ve defined the problem, what is the ripple pain? Think of it in these terms, the core problem that you help people solve. Let’s say you’re a health coach, you help people lose weight or you help people balance hormones or you help people increase their energy so that what is the pain that your people are in as a result of not solving that problem?

MMM 113 | Zone Of Genius
Zone Of Genius: Mindset is about the way you think and perceive things and situations.

Where I see a lot of misconnection with an audience happen is that when we stay almost in this reading from a notebook. Here are the problems I solve kind of a way without getting into the lives and getting into the result. The ripple effect, the application of how not solving that problem is playing out in our people’s lives. If we’re using our expert lens to describe problems that we see, we’re not connecting with our readership, with our audience and our viewers in their language and in the way that they perceive with emotion. That’s what builds a truly magnetic business is a business that evokes a feeling of, “She knows exactly what I’m going through. Is she in my head?” That’s the goal. The way that we do that is by getting clear on the problems and the ripple pain that those problems are causing in the lives of our people.

By the way, this is important throughout any phase of your journey. If you’re reading this and saying, “I’m not starting.” For me, I went through another round of niche clarification and my business is already at multiple six figures. This can help you everywhere and it can be a blocker. The funny thing is you could make a lot of money and then find yourself stuck and then realize that the thing that’s getting you stuck is not your complicated funnels or your complex offers or anything like that. It could be in the fundamentals. Maybe you skipped a step in what Cait was saying in terms of clarifying your niche. It got you far, but it won’t let you get further. That can also happen.

These foundations, it’s more like a spiral. We don’t ever outgrow them. Same thing with sales. If you are not comfortable selling, whether it’s the first package that you sell, it’s a six-figure contract, it’s the same work that has to be refined. This part of the conversation, Dan, is about moving from this almost insatiable quick win culture that has taken over in the last couple of years in the online space. We think we’re supposed to be millionaires in two seconds. We think we’re supposed to have a zillion followers in four minutes. If we’re not, then we’re doing something wrong.

What happens with trying to grow at any rate that quickly, we’re inevitably going to miss steps? We’re inevitably not going to be set up on strong foundations. It’s inevitably going to be a shit show on the back end. What I think is much more important is almost the slow business movement of coming back to this truly not throwing out the foundation, not throwing out the fundamentals, but bringing them with you in every elevated stage of business that you go. The growth that you experience is not going to be fast and fleeting. It’s going to be sustainable. It’s going to be repeatable. That is ultimately the business that is going to stand the test of time.

I know, felt and went through it because when I started my business, I did not know any of that stuff. The person who was supposed to show me the ropes was a disaster. I did exactly what you said not to do. I skipped all of this stuff. I didn’t know what it was. It took me a little while before I hired a coach. My first business coach was not that great. There was me fumbling around. I’m going back and mastering those fundamentals after I have a growing business already. It is a challenge. I wish that I had done things in the right order. Make sure the order of operations is working for you. If you’re reading to this and wondering what you should do, and those fundamentals can’t be skipped, especially not in the name of the cash because it sets up a weird emotional thing.

It creates all these mindset issues of like, “I should be further ahead,” or “I did all these things.” Did we throw money at something and think that was going to solve the problem? It’s important. The other thing is important to mention about your story, Dan, is like your start was a little bit left-footed. It felt like, whoops, didn’t get the right support to start. Did some of these things the wrong way in the beginning. You have multiple six-figure businesses, you figured it out and you’re still growing. It’s important to remember for anybody who feels like, “I’m in that space,” or “No, I’ve made the wrong choice.” There’s no point of the past return. As an entrepreneur, you’re going to fail way more times than you succeed. That is okay. That is part of the process.

You’re going to have some epic wins and then something’s going to happen that knocks the wind out of your sails or it scares you or challenges you or flexes a muscle that you haven’t had to utilize before. All of that is normal. A much more important overarching necessity for success is not like, “Yes, we’re sharing all this goodness so that you can make them learn from our mistakes and not have to make them for yourself.” Also, know that if you’ve made mistakes, you are in the middle of making mistakes, when you experience mistakes again, that there’s always a way through when you keep going. I can’t emphasize this enough. This is important.

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There have been many times in my journey that I’ve thought, “I’m at my upper limit or I can’t recover from this or I don’t know what to do.” The most important thing is not getting it right. The most important thing is staying consistent, staying committed, and staying humble, staying connected to why you started this thing in the first place. I know for me, that has charged me up and carried me through in the hard moments. We don’t like to talk about those a lot as an entrepreneur. They happen. Those moments come up and they’re testing and they’re trying. If you are connected to the heartbeat of your movement and the mission that you’re here to do and what your company is here to do, that’s always going to fuel you forward.

Many people get into entrepreneurship because they think it’s going to make their lives easier, which is a cute misconception. It can and it eventually will, but in the beginning, there are no promises. All bets are off. That’s also why it’s important. To have this vision, to have this big, bright, beautiful mission that when you even think of it gets you going. It gives you that energy. Things are going to be hard. I’m not saying this to scare you. I’m saying this to let you know, like, “If you want to be coddled, go somewhere else. If you want to know the truth, you got to look at it and you’ve got to know.” Shit’s going to be coming at you hard and fast and it’ll surprise you. It’ll be devastating at times. It’ll be beautiful. It’ll be incredible. It’s got the whole range of emotions in it. It is a roller coaster.

Things can change in the scope of a day. I’ve gone from thinking, “Fuck, the world is falling apart,” to the next day like, “Everything is lined up for me and life is beautiful.” We need some things to help support us through these and that big beautiful mission, that incredible vision of how you’re going to influence this world of the impact you’re going to leave on it. How you’re going to help people? What are you doing here that gets you going? We’ll help you elevate pass through the day-to-day ups and downs. It allows you to see that this is not getting through the day or getting through the month or getting through the year. You’re creating something big, something important, something that is going to leave a mark on this planet.

It’s going to be your legacy. When you can have that clear in your mind, then shit can happen and it won’t be as bad. It might hurt at the moment, but you’ll know like, “It’s okay.” You know what to do. It’s easier for you to make choices. It’s easier for you to bounce back. It’ll give you that inspiration when you’re feeling low or you’re feeling exhausted or feeling like you want to drop everything and run away. We need that. The other thing also that I saw that you do help your clients with, which is important, is finding your zone of genius. For me, every time I’ve had extreme difficulty, whether it’s within my business or my health.

I’ve had these bouts of adrenal exhaustion and fatigue and organs shutting down out of nowhere. Things have been extremely difficult. The one thing that has helped me get through other than that big, bright, beautiful mission is the fact that I know what my zone of genius is and I lay into it. I spend a lot of time in it because that’s the one place that gives you energy. When you’re in your zone of genius, that is the one activity or the one activity type that you can do. That instead of taking energy, it gives it to you. Knowing that can help. I’d love to get your input. How do you view the zone of genius and how do you teach your clients about it?

As business owners, especially when you are the face of your brand, leading a team, leading clients, it’s important to cultivate that self-awareness and that curiosity about, how do you help people? What are the strengths that you have? What are the ways that you are naturally gifted? What are the ways that you are skilled at? Maybe that wasn’t natural. Maybe that was cultivated, but what are those pieces? Understanding and finding your zone of genius, it starts with that self-inquiry. Frankly, it also requires you to stop playing like you don’t know. Stop playing like, “I’m not good at this.” This is where the mindset piece and the self-belief work come in much with the zone of genius.

I’ve had clients come in with decades of experience. Extraordinarily talented, gifted genius women in certain areas. They’re bringing that to a new application and feeling like, “I’m such a fraud, I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m not good at this.” It’s like, “Hang the phone up a minute. You’re amazing at all of this. You’ve got all of this experience.” The exercise that I give my clients is simple. It’s written about yourself as if you were an outsider writing about you. Writing like a Forbes feature on you, writing a press feature on you. What are you amazing at? What are you better at than anybody else in the world? What’s your special sauce that nobody else has? I have a quiz on my website. For anybody reading, feel free to go and take that.

MMM 113 | Zone Of Genius
Zone Of Genius: Understanding and finding your zone of genius starts with self-inquiry.

That’s a great way to help you to discover what your zone of genius is. I believe as entrepreneurs are different archetypes. Some people are lighthouses. That’s how it’s described on my quiz. Those are the ones onstage, centerstage, inspiring, leading the way, excellent at communication, excellent with people skills. Excellent with high picture vision and strategy and mobilizing and energizing. Some people are strategists. They’re backend people. They’re specialists in one particular thing, whether that’s coders, funnel hackers, builders, and specialists in one particular area of marketing. The thing is, we need every single type of genius to be able to grow a business. We don’t need to have every single one of those qualities in ourselves.

As we grow in scale, those pieces become important. It’s critical as an entrepreneur to develop that self-awareness and that curiosity of what is my role in this bigger space? I see how this has helped me, this helps my clients much. It’s helped inform the hires that I make in my business, how I hire out, how I delegate, how I operate day-to-day. I’ve reached the place in my business that I’m only doing things in my zone of genius. I’m coaching, I’m ideating, I’m creating programs, and I’m delivering those programs. I’m working with my clients and that’s it. Creating content, everything else can be delegated. All of the backend things, all of the things that are not my zone of genius that I did in the beginning because I had to. There are stages of a business where you have to do things outside of your zone of genius. As you grow and scale, the smartest way for you to scale is to delegate as much as possible, that’s outside of your zone of genius as soon as possible.

Cait, what’s the website that people can go and take that quiz?

It’s my website. It’ll pop up at the top of my website. It’s You’ll see a prompt to say, “Take the quiz.” That’s where you can take the quiz, find out your zone of genius, pop your email. You’ll get a bunch of emails describing what that genius looks like and how to leverage it to grow your business.

Cait, what other things are you doing that people can join you for?

I’ve got a couple of exciting things coming up, Dan. I’m hosting a retreat in April in Bali. That’s a three-day business retreat for women. I’m also hosting a longer retreat from June 2nd to 7th in Palm Springs, California. That’s also a female business owner’s retreat. If you are a woman and you are wanting to get in the room with other incredible female entrepreneurs, building empires and want support to do that, these are amazing opportunities. Those two are coming up. I share things all the time inside of my free Facebook groups. If you’re looking to connect with an amazing tribe of women, we’ve got 2,300 and counting women entrepreneurs, an active group. I share free training into that weekly and also keep you updated and posted on new programs coming out. We’ve got some exciting programming coming. You can stay connected there and as always on Instagram or also on my podcast, the Born to Rise Podcast.

Cait, thank you so much for spending some time with us. It was awesome. I had many knowledge bombs in here. If you’re still reading, go back and read it again. There were a lot of things in there that you might not have caught. Cait has a subtle way of dropping huge knowledge bombs. You might’ve missed a few and go back and read it again and reach out to her. She is a rock star and will help you wherever you are in your business. Do reach out. Cait, again, thank you so much. Thank you for reading and for spending this time with us. If you got a lot out of this or if you’re digging this, do Sophie and me a huge favor. Head over to iTunes, leave us those five stars and a review. Take a screenshot on your phone and post it to Instagram. Tag Cait, me, Sophie, and let us know that you enjoyed it. It does mean a lot to us. 

Thanks so much, Dan.

Thank you.

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