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EP #18: Mastering Quantum Mechanics with Allyn Reid

MMM 18 | Quantum Mechanics

If you look at the human body like the dashboard of an airplane’s cockpit, you’d see different gauges for different things like our heart, mind, stomach, fears, emotions and thoughts. As an aspect of mastering quantum mechanics, Secret Knock Co-Founder, Allyn Reid, allows herself to sit on the soul chair of this cockpit and see all the gauges that move in her life so she can live it with unlimited vision. She explains that rather than talking about manifestations or laws of attraction which limit ourselves, we should step knowingness and trust that the mind and heart can work together to create the reality we want.

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Mastering Quantum Mechanics with Allyn Reid

I have a very special treat. I have brought someone who is going to woo your world. Her name is Allyn Reid. She was the first Filipina to summit Mount Kilimanjaro in 2010. She is also the Founder at Secret Knock Conference. It is a Forbes must-attend event for entrepreneurs. More fascinating and one of the big reasons why I wanted to bring Allyn on is the fact that she is passionate not just about books and beauty, but her insights and curiosity about the origin of ideas, motivations for people, and understanding the sensibilities of culture. Allyn, thank you so much for coming on.

Thank you so much for having me, Sophie.

Let me give our audience a little bit of an idea about how I found Allyn or how found each other. We were both attending an event here in San Diego. It was funny when you walked in the room. It was like, “I need to talk to that person.” I was like, “There’s something about her.” The speakers went up and they were presenting. When we got the opportunity to break out, I was like, “Where is she?” There’s something about this person that is magnetically attractive and there’s something inside of her that is pulling me to you. When sat down and we started having a conversation, my heart and my soul are singing.

That was the intro into it. We started off with a very interesting conversation. I guess we can use that to segue in. We’ve been talking a lot about vibrational frequencies, about emotions, about how you can change who it is you believe you are and tapping into your infinite potential. If you have not heard those, please go back because those will be a great pre-study for this episode. In that conversation, we started to talk a lot about this idea that we either wear these masks or that we believe we’re this one person, and how we have the ability to put on a lot of different personas, the ability to step into different ways to show up in the world and how that is a benefit.

I’m glad to hear it was the heart space that felt a need to congregate together at that event. I love what you’re bringing up here because we are at a place where there’s much information, especially about the brain and mindset and the heart. There’s not a lot of information when it comes to what I call our woo power. The source of it is us as a soul. As a soul, we are infinite beings. This is why we have the capacity to wear so many masks. For some reason we get stuck from this functioning of only in the brain or only in the heart space, that we leave one mask on for years and years. I would say to people, especially since you are a mindset podcast, the one thing I’ve learned being a neuroscience closet geek is that the brain and even the heart, think of it as a dashboard, the pilot’s cockpit in an airplane. They’re one of the gauges.

[Tweet “As a soul, we are infinite beings. This is why we have the capacity to wear so many masks.”]

If you get in the cockpit in American Airlines, there’s one for the temperature, there’s one for the direction, the height we’re on, and there’s needles. One of those is the brain gauge and one is the heart gauge, one is your stomach gauge, one is your body, and one’s your skin, one is your fear gauge, and all that stuff. Most of us spend our lives using one gauge. Most of us, I’d say the brain. I certainly did for most of my life. I shunned the heart gauge and I was like, “You don’t feel. You don’t need all that mess. Emotions are wrong, it’s not real.” Yet, once I dove into the brain, if you look at birth and conception, the brain cells came from the gut cells and the heart cells. You hear the heartbeat first before you hear a brain cell. It gave me a clue as to how inclusive we need to think of our lives, especially when it comes to mindset because it’s the whole set.

I love that you’re bringing this up because it’s definitely a big thing especially in the personal development world. I have a theory that a lot of our audience have probably spent a lot of time in that world. In your concept of woo, it’s about embodying the whole person. Not just this part or that part, or this is the good and this is the bad, but it’s all of it, the good, the bad and the ugly. From at least my understanding so far, what you encompass and being open to the possibility that there’s much more than what meets the eye.

Let’s take it a little bit further this visual of being in a pilot’s cockpit and using that gauge. Instead of realizing and looking up there’s all these gauges, not just a brain gauge, a heart gauge, and a stomach gauge which are our most prominent gauges as human beings. We pull back and we’re like, “There are all these gauges and there’s a windshield out there. There’s a chair for me to sit in,” as a soul. It’s like, “Who’s sitting in there?” Most people are not sitting in the soul chair of the airplane they’re flying. There’s the thing I wanted also to touch on to what you said about people who are in personal development. There’s a tendency to get into these cycles.

One of the main cycles is the positivity-negativity cycle, the high vibration-low vibration cycle. You’re constantly chasing yourself. Am I high vibing today? Am I low vibing today? Is this a positive thought? Is this a negative thought? You spend your whole day transmuting from negative to positive, from low to high. For me, that’s the bare minimum. It’s only being in survivor mode. We got to be beyond surviving to thriving. The world needs for us to thrive right now and not just be in survivor mode. That’s the thing about sitting in that soul chair and being the real pilot. Not letting your brain be the pilot, not letting your heart be the pilot, and not letting them fight over each other because it’s not one over the other, you use them together, getting to the place of looking at the root cause of everything, which is us as a soul, the woo.

I’m curious and I’m sure our audience are as well, how did you find yourself discovering? When did you start to trickle into what you embody today?

The life experiences that took that away from me. For most kids, all of us humans, we all function from a soul space until we didn’t because it wasn’t nurtured. There is no “How to be Human 101” in elementary school. The earth is the soul school, but never had a Human 101class for souls. As you go through life, you don’t have these classes about how to use your brain as a computer and use your heart as a processor. Your extra abilities like your clair abilities, your empathic abilities, and your intuitive abilities start getting numbed down or muted because of information, authority, and a combination of authority of information.

That’s when it gets taken away, but I had such a strong remembrance of being in a state of infiniteness as a soul. I fought for having some of this back. Not that I have it all back, I’m not clairvoyant. I’m more like a cognizant person. I’m an empath in a way that I don’t feel it to the bones like certain empaths do. My intuition’s insane but I don’t see the future. By the way, FYI, if you go to a psychic who sees the future, don’t give them your money. The future is based on every decision you make today, right now. The future changes in the next five minutes or the next minute, should you change your mind. It looks different. That’s how I got started on the path. It got amplified when I had a son, who is five, and I noticed how advanced he was as a baby. I was like, “Mommy cannot take her whole life to figure this out. I got to do this now.”

MMM 18 | Quantum Mechanics
Quantum Mechanics: The future is based on every decision you make today, right now.

It’s interesting because I follow you on Facebook and on some other social platforms. I’ve seen some of your posts talking about how advanced he is, but also sharing a little bit of some intimacy there and how he almost has a deep connection with a lot of what you’ve already tapped into.

Sometimes it takes me for left field. As many parents know, your kids will take you by surprise. I’ve learned to just receive and fly by the seat of my pants because there is no “how to parent a woo woo child.”Somebody said, “I think your child might be a medium.” I was like, “What do you mean? What’s a medium? What is that?”I had to go learn what differences were with channel, medium, or psychic, all that stuff. Then I was like, “How to parent a medium?” I remember typing that into Google and going, “What am I doing?” There isn’t one, just like there is no “How to be human” that you will find on Google. He is very much tapped in and I hope he continues to be. There have been certain life events that have occurred in my life, like a divorce, that for a while activated his survival mechanisms. The brain was very strong. It was about being tidy and precise. I was like, “This is over inflated. You never cared before.”

Now as he’s adjusting, these things are coming back again which is such a relief. The empathic abilities are coming back in. The BS meter of this kid at five years old is so on point. All I had to do is have him next to me in a room full of people and I know who will be the ones who will be a real true friend. He has picked out everybody in my life and sifted out. As a baby he would just cry. I used to have meetings and get-togethers, he would scream at the top of his lungs. I noticed one day, I was like, “It’s old people that I don’t know about them.” As time passed, they tried to screw me over or whatever. He just picked it out and it caught my attention. He doesn’t know these “people,” but he senses them. We all have this capacity as humans but we’re relearning it through mind mastery. Mine’s work and neuroscience, heart math, all that stuff.

Let’s take this about ten notches up and have some fun here. Just starting to explore because there’s so much in all of this and they think for a lot of people that their neuroscience tends to be the gateway drug to the world of woo. For me, there are all these sensations happening. It was this innate need to understand what is happening here, and so, science, something that can explain it. It was interesting because I started understanding the neuropsychology of life of how we worked. I started to get into the physics of it. Then I took this giant leap into the world of quantum and everything was done. I don’t know anything.

That’s where everything started to change and transform. I was like, “There’s all of these different types of possibilities and other realities. Everything is a potential. What am I tapping into and what am I currently stepping into?” Everything I thought I knew was such a limited version because of how I was limiting myself based on the capacities that I was putting upon myself based on social conditioning and standards. What’s fascinating and what I love about your work specifically is how easy it is to take off that glass and start to look at things from the perspective of what else is possible? What else could this mean? What are some other potential that we’re not yet seeing or experiencing for whatever the reason may be.

There’s so many. I love how you described, as I call it, the Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole into quantum. My acronym for quantum work. Quantum work gives words and mechanics to imagination and intuition, all those things that were voodoo or taboo to refer to and even rely on. What’s possible? All the things that were novelty skills, like being able to move stuff with your eyes, that’s absolutely possible. To be able to tap into the finest particles of creation, for example, which I call prima materia, like first material, and to gather it up, this is where I think where law of manifestation or attraction is a little bit off because they don’t instruct in a quantum level, which a lot of people need because our brains need it.

Our brains need to have quantifiable, evidence-based gateway that we have to get past. You can’t ignore it. We have to work with it. We can take something called prima materia, our raw material of creation, gather it up, gather all that quantum light and sound and frequency, and then imbue it with instruction for what you want to have it then come in to your life, essentially. That is what law of attraction is. Right now, we’re using words. We’re monitoring our way through it. We’re feeling our way through it. It’s possible to simply think it, be it, and have it. That’s instantaneous once we are able to collapse time.

I’ve had this a lot where I’ll do something or I’ll instruct myself to sleep, which you guys will learn with some of the other mindset authors you follow. Give yourself instructions of before you go to sleep or what it is you’re creating. You wake up and the first phone call for the day is the thing that you were working on. What’s possible? Anything’s possible. Bilocation, being in two places at one time, to be able to be in 100 places at one time, to be able to see what’s going on has always been possible. That’s why there are things like the pyramids that we can’t explain. There are structures around the world we cannot explain without using aliens. I firmly believe at one point, humans and humanoids were so tapped in that this stuff was possible to the point that we can’t explain it. We just happen to be in a point of cutoff right now. We’re relearning, researching, remembering, re-knowing again. The possibilities are endless.

[Tweet “It’s possible to simply think it, be it, and have it.”]

When we talk about the law of attraction and a lot of the positive mindset and affirmations, there’s a lot of incoherency that’s happening. Where it’s like, “Think about it and it’s going to magically appear,” People are like, “It’s not working.” I want to address this because this is probably one of the biggest things. You have to create coherency. I love the analogy that you’re using with the cockpit. If you’re only using one of your gauges, you’re not tapped into the other one, so they’re going in different directions. How are you going to possibly get to your destination? When we’re talking about these concepts, these theories, these ideas, there’s more than just think about it. You have to think, you have to feel, and you have to literally embody. Dan and I have talked about this quite a bit, how you literally are changing your neurological, your biological or chemical makeup when you change your emotional states.

That’s how you start to tap into. When you close your eyes again, your brain does not know the difference between what’s real and what you’re imagining. Just think about that for a second, how powerful your thoughts are when tapped into in a coherent emotional state, even more so when you bring in that intentful, meaningful, soulful level of intuition. The thing that most people get stuck on is they want to understand the how. It’s not about understanding the how. It’s about knowingness and the trust and letting go of that control so that it can manifest in a way in whatever it’s supposed to.

I have always been a firm skeptic of the law of attraction. I summited Kilimanjaro. Did I have an intention to summit Kilimanjaro ever in my whole life? I didn’t even have a bucket list. I literally got up on top of the mountain and was like, “What am I doing here? How did I get here?” I don’t remember manifesting or monitoring my way to, “I’m going to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro,” like nothing. There are many things like that in our lives that have happened that we certainly did not manifest, but they are there. We did not “work on it” in this way that this process teaches us how to work. Am I that being that is able to be open for opportunities like that to come around? Yes, that’s the core essence of it.

When you say you’re being, feeling, coherence, I’d like to think of it is as congruence. For people who are getting bored with their own goals because everybody gets bored with their own goals by the time February hits. The thing is if you could be congruent to the unknown, the excitingness of the unknown, then you’re not so bored. You’re not so trapped by what the goal that you don’t have yet waiting for it to happen, toiling your days away for this thing that you’re waiting to happen to prove to yourself that you can do it. Your eyes are always peeled and open for the stuff that you didn’t capture in your mantra, in your law of attraction work. There’s a lot of it that you don’t capture. Frankly, that was the magic of letting go of the law of attraction process for me. I was able to experience beyond the three things I was manifesting.

MMM 18 | Quantum Mechanics
Quantum Mechanics: If you could be congruent to the unknown, the excitingness of the unknown, then you’re not so bored.

I love where you’re going with this and it’s true. This is part of that aspect where we have this limited vision of ourselves. That’s the danger when we talk about things like manifestation, like law of attraction. We’re limiting ourselves to what we’re saying needs to happen. We’re putting it in a way, a sense of I want control this is what my options are. This is what I’m creating. Rather than, when you step into that knowingness and that trust, being able to just be open and congruent with. It’s amazing where life takes you. You start to tap into an experience, things that you would’ve never thought of. That’s what a lot of it comes down to. It’s funny because many people are like, “I want to have this, but is that what it is?” Oftentimes it’s much more.

It is so much more. When you take it beyond what you see yourself doing versus what impact can I make or get out there, what you needed, it takes it away from the division of yourself versus division of what’s around you. You just happen to be the tool of that thing. That’s one key of it. The second thing is, and this is where a lot of law of attraction people are going to be totally opposite because they’re like, “Be super specific.”I just don’t buy into it because when you say, “What’s the common goal?”“I want to make $1 million a year.” Everybody says that. What if the thing you want to do requires $5 million, $20 million and it can happen in four months but you want to take a whole year to do it? How painful is that? Mine have always been simple and that was to, one, travel when I wanted to, not because I had to or not because I couldn’t, but when I wanted to as much as I wanted to or as little as I wanted to. Two, I want to influence influencers.

How that showed up, I couldn’t tell you because of Secret Knock, I was able to influence influencers because that’s what caused that community to grow. From the “influencer standpoint,” my numbers are low but my reach is wide. I have people. Pictionary’s in how many households in the country and in the world? The inventor of it is in that network. I could go on and on with you. I could never have said, “I want to make an event. It’s going to change to people.” I didn’t even go there. I am a mom now and there’s only one mom. There are a lot of people who can help me change the world. The most efficient way that I could do it right now is if I could influence influencer and not be the influencer that has to go have hundreds and millions of followers.

It is about understanding because right now, what’s happening a lot of times with the entrepreneurial world, especially here in the Western world, is it’s so much about competition, survival, and being the best. It’s more focused on the cells, on the individual, but that’s where we’re limiting ourselves. What you’re stepping into is when you can step out of yourself, when you can become nobody, no one, nothing, nowhere, no place, and no time. You start to tap into the possibility that you are here for something so much greater than this moment. You start to realize that your consciousness, your purpose in this life, what you’re here to do, has nothing to do with you. It has more to do with the greater whole of living for what is going to help raise the entire consciousness of the entire planet and eventually allows you to expand into something so much greater than yourself.

There’s only one duty I have to myself to be able to pull the work that’s not about me. That is radical honesty about what I am, what I’m good at, what I suck at, what I don’t like doing, and living my life according to those things. What is it that I’m willing to change so that I can fill in the gaps to what’s needed to contribute? Other than that, when you talk about competition, to meet people in competition means they’re not creative. There is no creativity in competition. You’re not in the zone of genius. If you’re in a zone of genius, there is no competition because it’s all about raw talent and authenticity. There is no competition for who’s the most real you except with you. There is no who’s the real them. There is no such thing.

It can only be expressed through work, whatever that work is, or art, or however your art is. I’ve gone to the point where I’ve simplified even more beyond the language of science, beyond the language of psychology, of feelings, and to reconstruct things a different way. There’s isolation happening with all these disciplines and that’s why they all plateau. It doesn’t matter what it is, math, nutrition, cosmology, astrology, philosophy. They all get to a point where we don’t know the answer because there’s isolation happening there. The zone of genius is when these things collaborate, which is what’s amazing about quantum work, quantum physics, and quantum mechanics. It takes resonance and science over here and says, “Where do they meet?”There’s no competition about that. It’s simply a zone of genius, creativity, expansion.

[Tweet “You got to know all the rules and break them and play with them and make new rules.”]

For our audience, you’ve probably caught on a few times now, especially with what Dan and I have been a hard wiring in there for you, that it’s about collaboration. It’s about co-creation. It’s about being able to step into a place where you can give. It’s not about survival, but about tapping into a place where you can thrive and you can live from a place of abundance and the meaning of you are infinite. Your potential is infinite. Your possibilities are infinite. It comes down to what are you allowing yourself to tap into, not what are you limiting yourself to.

I’m not saying do not learn this stuff. We should be all over this stuff. I certainly was. You’ve described your journey. We have a very similar journey. I’m a closet artist. One of the things I’ve learned is that you got to know all the rules and break them and play with them and make new rules. I got to know science very well. I majored in cognitive psychology and worked in college because I needed to know what brain cell is doing what and the synapses and dendrites and what all those things do when, why, what. Then to walk out of it and be like, “How can I break these rules?” Where is it in life? How does life say, “That’s what you learned,” but where is this happening? It never got explained. How can you have that? How can you use it? How can you change the world with it?

For the sake of our audience to digest what we’ve covered already, what’s next for you in the sense of your heart space? Where is your intuition guiding you? What do you feel that you want to leave as a last message for our audience?

It’s all about the soul. There are ways to invite the soul in, and that is to relax the brain and relax the heart. When one or the other is driving, the soul takes a step back and is like, “You want to take a visit over here. I’ll be over here and when you’re ready for me.” There’s something called Arm-length Test. It allows you to tap into your subconscious using your body. My friend, Dr. Uwe Albrecht, shows you how to do it. In Europe, the Arm-length Testis one of the certified medical devices there. You can explore everything that’s in your subconscious versus letting it hit you by surprise.

Your brain has a different voice than your body and a different voice than your soul. Using an Arm-length Test, using muscle testing, yes or no, light or heavy, with your body, you will learn which one sounds as which. For example, when you’re going, “I want chocolate,” the dieters, the cravers, your body doesn’t crave. You know who makes that demand? It’s the brain. The body’s language is, “That would be nice.” It’s like a whisper, a desire, a longing, but it’s never demanding and forceful like, “Give me that now. I will die if you don’t give me that chocolate or I will beat you up over it.”This is very much the brain needing things. What do you do? Your brain and your body are two totally different things. Well, invite the soul in. It’s like, “You still want your goal? How about happy medium somewhere?” Create a different solution based on the two options you have. The pickup tools, Arm-length test, light and heavy, yes or no. Light and heavy, yes and no by the body are by access consciousness. There’s also a ton of content out there for it. Play with it. It takes two minutes of your day in the morning to do it.

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day and of your life to tune in and share some of your incredible insight. Your intuition and your guidance is valuable and appreciated, I hope you do know that. More importantly, for those who want to find out more about you, maybe they’re curious or their intuition is guiding them and they’re saying, “I need to know this person.”

I’m on a mission to put woo back into humanity. I’m over at I’m also on Instagram as @WooManity, Facebook. I’m easy to find. You just Google me, Allyn Reid, and it will pull one of those websites.

If you ever want to find her, like she said, she is easy to find. Just follow the great minds. Again, thank you all.

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