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EP #22: Good Vibrations That Lead To A Successful Life

MMM 022 | Good Vibrations

Have you ever wondered what people mean when they say you’ve got good vibes in you? In all of us are vibrational frequencies that can go low or high because as much as they are energy, these vibrations are also emotions. With good vibrations, we show up in life differently. We behave positively, act kinder, make better choices, and just feel an overall lightness of being. Work becomes relative to the energy we put in the day as we begin to communicate clear, crisp, powerful and accurate vibrations.

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Good Vibrations That Lead To A Successful Life

We’ve got a more woo-woo episode for you but it’s got a lot of practical applications. This is fun stuff because we get to talk about energy and emotions and vibrational frequencies. If anybody’s ever told you that you have high vibes or someone else has low vibes, by the end of this podcast, you’ll know what they mean. You’ll know what to do about it if you feel yourself getting into a lower vibrational frequency. You’ll know why it’s important. You’ll know all the goodies about it. It all starts with energy. You’ve heard us talk about energy maybe in every single episode. There are so many different dimensions of it, but there’s one thing that we can all agree about even if we don’t really know what energy is. We know it’s important.

You know what it feels like to have low energy and you know what it feels like to have high energy. I’m not just talking about energy you get from coffee. I’m talking about the energy you get from your life, from the people around you, from what you do. I’m willing to bet you’ve met someone who has so low energy, they have thrown you into low energy. All of a sudden, it just feels like you’re moving through mud and it just feels like everything is harder and it feels like everything’s gray. You become Eeyore with a cloud of rain over you and it just sucks. On the other side, you know exactly what it’s like to meet someone who has such high energy that all of a sudden, your problem seem like nothing. It feels good and it’s like the clouds part and the sun is there. All of a sudden you feel lighter and you can’t help but smiling and things get even easier. Let’s talk a little bit about what that energy is, where it comes from, and what you can do to make sure you’re constantly at that high energy state.

This is fun because I love that you brought up how different people have different frequencies or different energetic states. To give you guys a little bit of background here, Dan and I met at an event. I was so magnetically attracted to Dan, not in a sexual way, but like his energy was just so appealing to me. I was like, “Here’s somebody who’s just glowing and beaming with living in a much more energetic state.” When we first met, a big reason of that was because him and a few of the other people that he was spending time with, I was like, “I like you. These are my kind of people.” I want to go and hang out with them and by with them. Little would you have it, now we’re doing a podcast together. This is one of real life examples of when we’re talking about energy and when we’re talking about people, it does make a big difference how you’re showing up in your life and the emotional frequency that you’re putting out. We’ve spent a lot of time talking about energy. I hope at this point you understand that it might just be a little important, just a smidge. What we want to talk about next is understanding those different emotional states and how each emotion has its own vibrational frequency. What do we mean when we say that?

MMM 022 | Good Vibrations
Good Vibrations: If you want to be successful in your life then these high vibe emotions are important.

What we mean is that if you were to look at the actual brain waves of different emotional states, different chemicals in your body, you would see a huge shift in the frequency of each brainwave. This is where we can bring in a little bit of science behind just the woo-woo talk to where it’s not just theory, but this is actually stuff that you can see and record. What’s interesting is as you move into much more of these brainwaves, your brainwaves tend to become more incoherent, they’re moving much faster and they’re very much all over the place, that’s when you’re living in these emotional states that tend to be a much lower emotional state, a much lower frequency. What’s happening here is your brain literally isn’t communicating very well. All these different pieces are trying to have a conversation all over each other, but nothing’s really communicating. It’s just trying to deal with that emotional state because it’s not able to have coherency then. When you step into emotions of frustration, anger, sadness, fear, hurt or guilt, you’re living in some of these much lower frequencies. As you start to move out of these emotions and you step into emotions of love, joy, bliss, gratitude, freedom, abundance, what happens in your brain is beautiful. Your brainwaves start to slow down. Instead of being all of these crazy patterns all over the place and all these crazy lines, what you’ll see on the brain scans is your brainwaves will start to become coherent. They’ll start to move together. When that happens, you can see that the person is starting to experience that emotional state. As much as it is that chemical feeling, it’s also that electrical feeling, that electrical charge behind it.

When we talk about frequency, we’re also talking about the amount of energy that is being produced by this state. When Sophie says coherent or incoherent, what I like to think about it is static. The more incoherent, the more staticky. It’s like energy is just going all over the place. The communications are just getting all over the place and so your energy is being lost, and you’re actually slowing your energy down. If you think about hanging out with someone who’s in one of those low frequency, low vibration states, they move slower, don’t they? Have you ever seen a depressed person talk quickly and move fast, and their lives are moving fast and everything is moving fast? No. It slows down. It’s hard to get out of bed. It’s hard to get moving. Why? I know I’ve lived in that for 28 years. It’s like I didn’t do anything in that time. You look at someone who is on a higher frequency, a higher vibe, they have just a lot more energy to do things so they get a lot more done. That’s one of the reasons this is so important.

If you want to be successful in your life, then these high vibe emotions are important. They take you into not just different levels of success but in different levels of actually physically being. You produce different hormones and different chemicals inside of your blood. Your brain works very differently when you’re in higher vibe emotions. Your body hears a coherent word again. When you are more coherent, when your brain operates more coherently, it’s like there’s no static. The communication is clear. It’s crisp. It’s powerful. It’s accurate. If you think about working with a team of people, if you’re trying to talk over a really staticky microphone and people can barely hear what you’re talking about, your team is going to be running all over the place, knocking into each other. Some people are just going to sit down because they don’t know what is going on. You’re not going to be operating at a high level. When it’s clear, crisp, precise, and coherent, that is the higher vibe emotions. It’s like speaking in the same room with a team of well-trained, clear-thinking people and you just get things done. It feels good. It’s smooth. It feels great to do it.

We can look at it from a multitude of different perspectives. Again, touching back on previous topics, we’re talking about your parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system. When you’re living in that state of fight or flight, it’s neurologically impossible for you to be able to step into those higher vibrational emotional frequencies because your brain is stuck in the mode of survival. It’s only going to be able to elicit emotions based on that survival mechanism, emotions of fear, emotions of lack, those lower emotional frequencies because that’s what needs to happen in order to get your body to survive.

It’s paramount that when you want to move from these lower vibrational frequencies into these higher vibrational frequencies that you understand you have to work with your body and brain, that you have to be able to shut off that fight or flight system and get to a place of calmness where you can be at peace with those other emotional frequencies and start to create internally the higher emotional frequencies that you want to experience. We’ll start to use some words here as starting to want to step into that place of love, of gratitude, of joy. As you start to move into those states, the only way that you can move in to them is if you let go of the emotional state of fear, of lack, of stress, of anger, because you can’t have both at the same time. It just doesn’t work. You have to have one or the other. The question then comes around, what do we need to do to let go of those lower emotional states so we can start to move into these higher emotional states where we can start to live from and create this as part of who we are?

If you listen to a lot of the other episodes that we’ve got, we’ve given you a lot of tools to start shifting from one to the other. We’re going to keep on giving you even more. I’d like to give you a little bit of a ladder of emotions here. When we’re talking about high-vibe emotions or low-vibe emotions, you actually know what we’re talking about. I’m going to present two different models to you and tell you why. The first one is just from the lowest vibe and moving upwards to higher vibes so that you know what we’re saying and you get the idea of there is a hierarchy of emotions. Remember, the lower you are, the harder things are going to be, the lower your energy is going to be, the more you’re going to have to work to get anything done, and the less fun you’re going to have.

Here’s another important thing. When we’re talking about pulling things into you, attracting people, opportunities, or business partners and clients to you, remember that these vibrations get sent out into the world and people who resonate with them will be drawn into them. If you’re operating out of these lower vibes more frequently than the others, you’re going to be attracting opportunities and people who match it. It behooves you not just because it feels good, but because it’s also a tool for success, to steadily increase the amount of time you spend in even higher vibe emotions. Let’s go over this. The first scale I’m going to give you is from Dr. Joe Dispenza. He has this beautiful diagram in one of his books where he goes over and he shows you visually what it looks like and the amount of energy that gets produced by each one of these states. It says that lust is the lowest frequency.

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This may be why I absolutely cannot stand going to strip clubs. I’ve been taken to them and I cannot stand it because that lust energy makes me creep out. I hate it. I can’t stand it. I can’t deal with it. It feels like it’s almost physically painful for me. I guess is because it’s so low vibe that it’s just feels uncomfortable. Think about the last time you were hanging out with someone who’s lustful. We move from lust going up to pain, to victimization, suffering, shame, this is getting higher vibe now, guilt, fear, anger. Now we start moving into the higher vibes of control, power, will. Now we get into the really strong high energy-producing, gratitude, appreciation, joy, love, freedom, and bliss. If you can shift yourself out of feeling guilt, shame, fear, or anger into even just a little bit stronger, like power, will, gratitude and appreciation, you will dramatically change the results that you get in your life. We’re going to give you another way to look at this so that you can shift easily and gracefully from one of these lower vibes into one of the higher vibes.

To touch on a few things that you mentioned, Dan, because they’re such powerful points, you attract what you are, not what you want. This is so true energetically. You attract people, opportunities, possibilities that are equal to your current emotional state. Which is why, as we’ve talked about many times in previous episodes, it’s so important to do the internal work first so you can create the external results or the experience that you want to have. The other really big thing that I want to touch on is understanding that these lower vibrational frequencies, these lower emotional states, what’s actually happening here is you are contracting energy. You are pulling energy from outside of you and you’re pulling it in so you have less and less. It’s almost like you become less and less magnetic in a sense. You’re depolarizing yourself in a way.

As you start to move out of these people lower emotional states and you move up into these higher emotional frequencies, these higher vibrational states, you start to expand your energy. You start to send out more energy. It’s almost like you become brighter. You literally become more energetic, and that’s what it comes from. Whereas, instead of living in these lower emotional states where you’re just pulling energy from everything and everything is just exhausting and draining, these higher emotional states allow you to expand, expand your level of awareness, your level of thinking. If you want to get into it, your level of consciousness, to where you can truly experience life in a whole different way and you will attract opportunities equal to that emotional state, just imagine how incredible your life will be when you’re living from a state of love, of joy, of peace, and you are attracting opportunities equal to your emotional state and how different your relationships, your career, your finances would all be when you’re living from these states.

I hear a lot and I see a lot as well of people talking about, “I just need more energy. What kind of coffee should I be drinking? What kind of energy drink do I need to have? What can I add? What kind of supplements can I add so I can have more energy in the day?” Just get into a higher vibe. You can do that by yourself. You don’t need a supplement. You will have even more energy right there. It’s amazing. Once you start doing this for yourself, you’ll feel it. You’ll get it. The beautiful thing is because of that state of attraction, you’ll start pulling in other people who also have even more energy and they’ll give you even more energy. You start creating this environment filled with energetic people who share and give energy to each other. That is stronger than any cup of coffee you can ever have. If you’re a business owner, finding or attracting amazing clients who are fun to work with and who will pay you whatever you charge, that seems to heal a lot, doesn’t it? A lot of you is like, “You got some problems?” Get some more business, attract even more clients, and that’ll give you even more energy and have even more fun in your life. It does wonders. You start building this momentum of even more energy and even more fun, and it’ll spill over into all the rest of your life.

That’s why we’re saying, it’s not just about feeling good. Being happy is not just about feeling good. Finding your joy is not just about feeling good, even though it’s awesome. This is a real powerful tool to get what you want in life and attract it to you instead of having to go out there and find it or brute force it. Have it come to you. Have it be magnetically attracted to you. There is an important thing here that when you’re talking about shifting from lower vibration into a higher vibration, it is very challenging to make sudden leaps. A lot of people will say, “I spent a lot of my time in anger. You said bliss is the highest one, so I’m going to go from anger to bliss.” Then they get frustrated when it doesn’t happen. They say, “This is a bunch of BS. It doesn’t work for me. I’m just going to be even angrier.” That’s because it’s going from sitting on your couch all the time to running a marathon. It’s not the greatest idea. It’s freaking hard. I don’t know anybody who can do that. I certainly can’t. I’ve got to learn how to run one mile first. I can do that, or maybe even a half mile depending on how I’m feeling. After I can do that, now I can run another half mile. After I learned how to run one, then I can run two, and on and on. You could baby step your way up. If you think about that with your emotions, it’s going to be a lot easier.

I’m going to give you a ladder here that you can use. Instead of making these enormous leaps and then getting upset when it doesn’t work, I’m going to give you something that can. Just inch it forward and keep inching it up until you get to where you want to go. This is a little bit of a list so you can write this down. You can help yourself moving from lower to higher. Here’s the scale moving from lowest to highest. I got this from Abraham Hicks. I love the work done by Esther Hicks, also known as Abraham Hicks, a huge name in the law of attraction. A lot of their stuff is emotional work. They talk a lot about lower vibe, higher vibe shifting from one to another, and the importance of it. They give a ladder so you can inch your way up instead of making these big leaps.

MMM 022 | Good Vibrations
Good Vibrations: Just inch it forward and keep inching it up until you get to where you want to go.

At the bottom they have fear, grief, depression, despair and powerlessness. If you go from that to passion, good luck, but it’s probably a lot easier to go from that to insecurity, guilt, and unworthiness. You could probably go from fear to insecurity. Just shift it out. You can almost tell. It’s almost like on command. From there, you can probably move from insecurity and guilt and unworthiness to jealousy, and maybe from that to hatred and rage. That’s easy. From jealousy to hatred? A piece of cake. It’s almost just focusing on something that’s an inch to the side of what you’re focusing on. It’s like, “I’m so jealous of that person. That person has my life. I freaking hate them.” You could do that. That’s easy. Then go from that to feeling revenge. I want to get revenge on this person. That’s simple. Go from hatred to revenge, it’s like in the same breath. Maybe from that to anger, easy. Notice by the way, if you do this step-by-step-by-step, you’ve gone from fear, grief and depression, now to anger. Maybe from anger to discouragement, then to blame. Feeling discouraged, I got to blame somebody, perfect, it’s easy, to worry. From worry to doubt to disappointment then to overwhelm, frustration, irritation and impatience. It’s like moving in shades like from bright white to a little less. Then pessimism and pessimism to boredom.

Look at what you’ve done here. In just a little bit of time, you can move from fear and grief and depression to boredom. How about from boredom to contentment? “I’m bored.” Actually, I can look at this or that, “I’m not so bored. I’m okay. I’m content.” Then from contentment, maybe you can go to hopeful. “I’m all right with what I got, but maybe I can make it better.” From hopefulness and maybe go to optimism and from optimism move to positive expectation. The difference between optimism and positive expectation is optimism is saying like, “It could be good,” to, “It’s going to be good. I expect it to be good.” From there, you can move to enthusiasm and eagerness and happiness. That’s just adding even more energy. “I expect it to be good. It’s going to be awesome. I can get enthusiastic. I’m eager. I can’t wait for this thing to happen now.” From there, you can move to passion. From passion, you can move to joy, appreciation, empowerment, freedom, and love. You can move all the way up the ladder bit by bit.

I just want to give you guys this extra little tool. It’s what I use with a lot of my clients when we’re working on the inner world. The outer world is more simple because it’s strategy systems and whatever else needs to develop in processes in your external environment. You’re in a world is focusing on your internal environment. We break that down into four stages. The first stage is your physical self. Once we get your physical self to where your physical body is operating well, like if this person is sick, it doesn’t matter what we do emotionally there, if you’re physically sick, it’s going to be hard for you to be able to access any of that. We have to take care of your physical body before we can move into the next phase, which is your emotional self, your emotional world. What I’m talking about when I say and this is going to align perfectly with what Dan’s talking about, when we operate your physical world and we optimize that to where you’re operating at your full capacity physically, you then have more emotional capacity to experience a higher range of emotions because you literally, biologically, neurochemically have that space. We work on your physical self then we move into your emotional self.

Here’s what’s interesting. The level after your emotional self is your mental self. Meaning you can only think to the capacity of your emotional state, which is why it’s so hard to go from such a low emotional state of anger and jump all the way up to this emotional state of love. You have to slowly change that frequency. As you’re changing that emotional frequency, you’re opening up more and more of your mental clarity so you can start to see things differently. That’s that whole process of, “Let me move from one state to the other end.” It’s almost like an evolutionary process but it’s mandatory because as you go from jealousy to anger, it’s like, “I have more energy because I’m angry. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, now I’m going to go ahead and get revenge, and I’m going to start to see more opportunity.” Your mental clarity starts to open more and more and your soul starts to evolve. The last piece of this as you move up, you begin to step into these higher emotions of expansion, we call the soul level, your soul self where we work on your spiritual self. That is where we get into this whole world of consciousness, of expansion, of being able to create from within you and recognizing all of these emotional states.

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One of the most important things that I want to make sure that you understand is that none of these emotions are wrong. You need all of them. It’s important you understand that. It’s important that you understand that you do have to go through and experience each of the seat some point or another, but not making yourself wrong for experiencing any of those and knowing that it’s there to help serve you in your evolutionary growth so that you can continue to develop that mental clarity and step into a more spiritual self.

That’s a great place. I could go on forever on this. We’ve given you a ton and this is another one. It’s a little bit more a dense episode. You might want to review it because of how important it is. You can take immediate action on it. How? By looking at that emotional ladder and by baby-stepping yourself up and just keeping it with you. If and when you do feel you’re a little bit lower vibration, you want a little bit more energy, you want to ramp things up for yourself and you want to attract even more opportunities and amazing people to you, you’re going to have a tool. You just look at that ladder and ask yourself, “What can I do to get from this state to that state?” This little baby step. “Okay, cool. Now I’m here. What can I do to get to the next one?” Practice that and you’re going to be able to systematically and strategically up your vibes until it becomes a habit of excellence. That’s it for this episode. Thank you so much for spending your time again with us. We’ll see you in the next one.

See you then.

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