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EP #28: Expert-Approved Tools and Techniques to Manifest Abundance

MMM 28 | Manifest Abundance

The law of attraction pays attention to what you have going on inside of your unconscious. Your unconscious is the domain of your beliefs and the roots of your thoughts and emotions. Emotions are what give everything we do life and energy. If you want to manifest abundance, you have to keep thinking positively and believe that deep-down belief is what’s going to be communicated. It’s going to come out through all of your body language, your eye contact, and the energy you give off. When you create congruency between your body and your mind, that congruency allows you to start creating an electromagnetic field around yourself where then you start to literally attract equivalent electromagnetic fields. You can then attract and manifest opportunities and possibilities that is equal to that state.

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Expert-Approved Tools and Techniques to Manifest Abundance

If you’ve been with this podcast, you already know that Sophie and I love to get into the woo-woo, but also really love explaining the neurology behind the things that you’ve experienced, the results that you get, the life and reality that you created for yourself. We get to do all of it in a topic that we adore. We’re going to talk all about manifesting. This already, as soon as I said it, depending on what kind of listener you are, you might have had a couple of different responses. You could have the science response, which is manifestation is bullshit. It cannot happen. It’s all purely woo-woo. It has not been proven.

We’re going to go through a bunch of different ways that the brain works to show you that maybe it’s not so impossible as you think. You might have the response of, “Manifestation. That’s my home. I live with crystals and angels and energies and all this stuff and Law of Attraction. I’ve been in it forever and so this is my jam.” You’re going to love this, but you’re also going to learn the opposite side. You’re going to learn about how the brain actually creates this effect, that whether you look at it through Science or you look at it through the Law of Attraction, it just happens. No matter where you’re coming from, you’re going to get a really well-rounded perspective that might help you see the other side and then become even better at manifesting.

This is going to be epic. I am so excited to just dive in with you guys on this because it’s interesting when we talk about certain topics, especially ones like this. You do get a very polarized point of view for certain people. Regardless of what end of the spectrum you are on here or even if you’re somewhere in the middle, we really do want to help bridge that gap where we bring in the actual science, the biology, the neuropsychology of what’s actually happening, which gets me really excited because it’s not just theory so much as it’s actually looking at real factual data.

Let’s go through what I think is a really great entry point, which is how the brain works. Then we can go from there into the woo-woo stuff because that’s super fun. The whole thing is you got to understand that you have different cognitive biases. A cognitive bias is almost like a rule that just from being human, you have applying inside of your own mind. One of them is called the confirmation bias. That is one that you’ll hear me talking about the most because I think that it quite possibly is the most powerful one.

What it means is that you need to be right. The brain hates being wrong. You will seek evidence for whatever you believe to be reality inside of your mind, to the point where if you don’t see immediate evidence of it, you’ll create it. If you want to look at previous episodes when we were talking about how you create reality or how you process information the way that your unconscious mind works, go back into the first ten episodes and listen to this stuff if you missed it because it’s really important and we discussed that.

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If you believe that all men are pigs, and I don’t know when you’re listening to this, but right now it just seems like the media is chockfull of men in power behaving despicably. You could look at that and if you have that belief that all men are pigs and you look at this and you see evidence of it all over the place and then you go out and all men are pigs. Even if some guy is nice to you, you’re going to probably interpret it as, “He wants something. He has an ulterior motive. What’s this guy actually saying? Is he really making fun of me?” Your responses may set off a negative relationship with this complete stranger.

Then you might actually turn that person into a pig or you might be so convinced by how they respond that you have firmly created this inside of your mind. Here is yet another pig. According to the mind, you have just created, manifested an experience in which men are pigs. You can see that whatever you have going on inside of your beliefs, whatever you believe about yourself, the world, other people, that confirmation bias is going to keep on bringing you to evidence that your beliefs are correct or creating evidence that your beliefs are correct and creating evidence that’s manifesting. Right then and there, you can see the first psychological tool that your brain uses in order to manifest your reality based on what you believe.

As we start to talk about manifesting. If we think about the actual word in and of itself, to manifest is to bring about, to create, to make something appear in essence. If we’re thinking about it from that context, when we’re talking about manifesting, it’s bringing something from thought into fruition. It’s being able to really experience something in your mind and then being able to then experience it outside of your mind, in the world around you. What’s interesting is you’ll hear this often times when people will think about a new car that they want.

They go ahead and they get this new car, whether it’s a blue Mercedes and never before did you ever notice all of the other blue Mercedes on the road, but now that you’re driving in this blue Mercedes, you notice that every other person seems to have one. It’s not that all these people just suddenly got blue Mercedes. It’s because you actually started to become aware of all the other blue Mercedes because it’s become part of your identity. It’s become part of what you’re living in and what you’re paying attention to and where your focus is going. It’s very similar when we’re talking about manifestation, whether you’re doing it consciously or unconsciously, how you’re creating your reality and the experiences around you based on your internal representation of yourself and of the world.

What Sophie is referring to here is called the reticular activating system. It’s a well-studied part of your brain and it channels your focus. I’m going back again into the toolkit. Remember that your brain filters out almost all of reality, almost everything. What gets through is all completely determined by your mind, by what’s mostly inside of your reticular activating system. You start paying attention. I have a white Mini and I thought, “I have a white turbo Mini. It’s awesome. I’m the only one who has it.” I drove away and I saw like five more. I’m like, “Where did all these come from?” My brain has suddenly let in a piece of information starting to filter in instead of filter out this one thing, but in my perspective it’s like those cars magically appeared.

Here’s the question when we’re thinking as scientists. When we’re talking about manifesting things, “What’s the difference between creating something in your reality and then suddenly noticing something that was there that you had never seen before?” I’m going to say there absolutely nothing that’s different between those two. In your experience of reality and remember your reality is the only reality that matters because nobody else has the same reality. In that reality, that object had magically appeared for one reason or another. There you can see it again, scientifically, manifestation happens. It happens all the freaking time.

Tony Robbins loves talking about going into the kitchen and having someone tell you where the salt is and they’ll say, “Can you go get the salt? It’s on the shelf.” You look at the shelves and you don’t see the salt. You say, “Where’s the salt?” They’ll say, “It’s on the shelf,” and you look at the shelves and you don’t see the salt. They’ll say, “It on the shelf right in front of you.” You stare at it and you say, “I cannot freaking see it. It isn’t here.” Then they come over and right literally in front of your eyes, they pick it up and say, “What is this?” Then you have one of those Twix moments where you’re like, “Dah.” You’re looking at something and you’re still not even seeing it. It’s right in front of your face. Then when someone else points it, “poof” like a magic trick, rabbit out of the hat, the salt appears. According to your brain, the way that it actually processes information, it wasn’t there. Now it is, boom, manifestation.

This is so interesting especially as we start to really think about the science behind it. More than creating, it’s really becoming aware of all of the different ways or perspectives of looking at things. Again, when you’re looking at optical illusions, your brain really does believe that that optical illusion is real until you start to see the trick. Even when you know the trick, your brain, when it looks at it, still sees that illusion as being real. As you’re looking at these optical illusions, you have to understand that your brain is going to fill in those missing pieces and it’s going to make it real. Which is what’s happening a lot of the time in your life, based off of your IR, your internal representation and are your reticular activating system. What filter your using, your brain is going to plug in those missing pieces to match your IR. Who you believe you are, what you believe is possible, so you’re only going to see from the level of who you believe you are and what you believe in life to be true. You’re going to either except or block different things depending on what your filters are.

That gives us the next logical step if we’re talking about manifesting. If you see things or don’t see things, if you’re aware of or not aware of things inside the world, based on your beliefs and your focus, that must mean that by changing your beliefs and changing your focus, you will become aware of different things in life. Making them feel like maybe they’re suddenly appearing. Oftentimes when we talk about manifesting, really what we’re talking about is changing your internal representations, these IRs. Changing your beliefs, changing your focus so that you can suddenly become aware of a part of life you had never seen before or maybe that you have not seen in a long time.

In that way you can create your reality. That’s another reason why we focus so much on changing whatever is going on inside of your mind that may be limiting you, that might be leading you into results that you don’t like. By consistently working on those, you consistently see different parts of life that allow you to see other opportunities or allow you to see the same situations in different ways that’ll allow you to create different situations and therefore results. If you want to trace that, really you could just say that by changing your beliefs, you are creating a different reality, giving you different results and that’s manifestation again.

MMM 28 | Manifest Abundance

I want to bring this up. Dan talked on it briefly around the self-fulfilling prophecy. This is huge. The strongest force in the human personality is to be congruent with who you believe you are. Your unconscious mind will do whatever it needs to do to make sure that you are living in congruence with who you believe you are. If you believe you are the unluckiest person on earth and that nobody’s going to love you and that everything is going to be going wrong, you’re going to be filtering the world through those frames. As that happens, guess what? You’re going to find ways to make sure that you believe that and we’ve talked about these in previous episodes. When you become chemically addicted to certain emotional states and to certain identities because your body has become conditioned to that personality, you start to go into this wonderful cycle of thinking and feeling and thinking and feeling and spiraling down to where you’re only able to create from that emotional state.

You’re literally creating outside of you what you’re experiencing inside. What would happen if you started to believe, or even just pretended and ponder the possibility that maybe I am a little lucky, maybe life isn’t so bad. Maybe people are great, maybe I am lovable. Maybe it’s possible that magic does happen. As you start to take off some of these filters, then you start to put on different ones. You start to see the world from that perspective of possibility. As the self-fulfilling prophecy would have, you will start to attract and/or become aware of a different perspective on life and of your reality.

It’s like if you’ve ever had a friend or known anybody or maybe you’ve even been this person yourself who has said that, “They always get into relationships with jerks.” Always get into relationships with people who treat them poorly. The question there is, is it really possible that this person consistently, randomly, accidentally finds and gets into relationships with the same kind of person? Or is there something within them, focus, beliefs, all sorts of different perceptual filters that is leading that person to becoming attracted to or attracting a certain kind of person. Then getting into the same kind of a relationship based on seeing the same world in the same ways that leads the person to feeling in the same way and having the same results.

You could say that this person is manifesting these crappy relationships based on who they are. Then by shifting the belief, instead of thinking, I only date people who have used me and just by thinking like, “I only date people who take care of me, who treat me well and respects me,” and then create that. Reinforce it. Use other strategies and techniques that are in this podcast that helped create that firmly inside of the unconscious mind. Once that belief is, “I only date people who truly respect me.” Do you think that that could lead to different manifestations?

That person then would get, maybe they’re me. The similar kind of old jerk they used to be attracted to or get into a relationship with, but now the belief is, “I only date people who fully respect me.” That person would get shot down or maybe that person would be totally ignored or not even seen in the first place. They just get totally filtered out. Now, this person with this new belief because of that would start manifesting different relationships. What can you do? Also go back to the previous episode where we’re talking about emotional vibration and frequency.

Maybe going from one belief to, “Everybody loves me,” might be a little bit of a big jump for you, but there we give you a couple of different emotional ladders that you can baby step your way up. Like Sophie said, “What happens if instead of saying, “I’m totally unlucky,” maybe you can just believe that you’re lucky from time-to-time and steadily shift these beliefs, these filters so that you can start manifesting. Start becoming aware of creating these different situations that will then reinforce your new belief and allow you to steadily walk your way up to just being, “I’m freaking blessed. My life was full of miracles and that’s just the way it is.”

Let’s dive into this a little bit here because it ties so perfectly in when we think about who we believe we are. When we talk about the personality or what I like to refer to as our identity and your identity is created from what you think, what you feel and what you do. Really think about that. Your personality, your identity, who you believe you are, is created from what you consistently think, how you consistently feel and what you consistently do. If you’re running the same thoughts, the same emotional feelings and you’re running the same behavior patterns, time after time after time, and that’s who you believe you are, you’re going to based off of these self-fulfilling prophecy and a few other things that we’ve talked about, create only from that space of who you believe you are. Let’s talk about going back to Dan’s analogy about the woman constantly dating guys who are not the best. Yet for whatever reason, she thinks that all men are just terrible and she’s always feeling bad about herself. She’s always going to these bars and these sleazy clubs and finding the men who are going to those places. She has the elusive idea of this is the whole world.

What were to happen if she were to change the way she thinks. If she says, “Maybe it’s possible that there are other men out there in different places,” and she started to feel like, “Maybe I am worth something more. Maybe I am more valuable.” Then she started to do something different. Instead of going to those clubs, she started to go to personal development seminars or she started going to meditation retreats or she started going to book clubs. In doing that, feeling that and thinking differently, she would start to put herself in a different reality quite literally where different opportunities equal to her level of awareness and her vibrational frequency are equal to. That is the simplest way that we can start to explain how much your identity, your IR, who you believe you are, will quite literally influence and impact what you create outside of you.

Let’s get into some of the woo-woo stuff. We’ve gone into a little bit of the psychology. Let’s give our energy lovers something to think about here. There is a thing called the Law of Attraction. I feel like people assume on a basic level that you attract negative, if you think of negative; positive, if you think of positive. I would say that’s not correct because the Law of Attraction does not work on what you want. It does not work on what you think consciously. The Law of Attraction pays attention to what you have going on inside of your unconscious. Your unconscious is the domain of your beliefs and the roots of your thoughts and your emotions.

You can go back again to the toolkit when we’re talking about emotions, that emotions are what give everything we do life. It gives it energy. You can go to a friend and say, “You’re stupid,” but depending on the emotion that you have behind it, it’ll have a completely different meaning and a completely different result. You say it when you’re really pissed off, you might start a fight. You say it when you’re really happy or lovey-dovey, it could be the cutest thing in the world. The same thing happens with your thoughts. I know a lot of people will say, “I had this negative thought. Is that going to bring bad to me?” How do you feel at the time? That’s the thing that really matters.

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When we’re talking about the Law of Attraction, remember, it all goes back to your unconscious. It at all goes back to what you believe. If you go into a meeting and you say to yourself, “I’m going to use the Law of Attraction. I’m going to sign this deal. I’m going to sign this deal. I’m going to sign this deal.” You say, “I’m thinking positive,” but deep-down you believe that you’re going to fail. That deep-down belief is what is going to be communicated. It’s what’s going to come out through your communications unconsciously. It’s going to come out.

Your voice tonality, your choice of words. It’s going to come out through all of your body language, your eye contact, the energy you give off, and then you will either fail as you believed you would or you’re going to make it so freaking hard that even if you succeed, you might feel like you failed anyway. There’s our doorway into looking at how the Law of Attraction really works. Then we can talk about all the other juicy stuff about vibrational frequency and what to do with that.

I love this topic so much. Let’s think about this because when you’re talking about your conscious and your unconscious mind, where we’re talking about our logical brain and then we’re talking about our emotional body. You have to understand that they have different languages. Your conscious mind has the language of thoughts. Your body or your unconscious mind has the language of feelings. If your thoughts and your feelings are not in alignment, what you’re thinking and what you’re feeling are on opposite ends, there is no congruency there. You’re not going to be creating a frequency that is coherent. If you’re thinking, “I am positive and life is great,” but you’re feeling like shit, that message isn’t going anywhere. It’s actually going to cancel itself out. When we’re talking about a little bit of the woo-woo but also the Science behind it, you have to understand that you have to create congruency between your body and your mind, between your conscious and your unconscious self.

In doing that, it’s creating congruency between your thoughts and your feelings because when you start thinking a certain way and you attach a powerful emotional state behind that thought that is congruent with the emotion and the thoughts congruent with the feeling, that is when you create what we call a coherent wave. That coherency is what allows you to start actually creating an electromagnetic field around yourself where then you start to literally attract equal to your electromagnetic field. You can’t just think, think, think it’s going to happen and then feel a different way. You have to create the emotional vibrational frequency inside of yourself and raise your vibrational frequency so that you can raise the frequency of your electromagnetic field so then you can attract opportunity and possibility that is equal to that state.

Somebody might be thinking that we’ve really fall on off the deep end here. We’re talking about electromagnetic states and your emotions and all that stuff. Back in the day, there are a lot of scientists who said that you couldn’t measure the electricity inside of the brain, that there was no electricity inside of the brain. Then we developed EEGs. We still use them to see the electricity inside of the brain. Then we thought, “The electricity inside of the brain, all thought stays inside the mind, inside the head, inside the skull.”

Now, we have these things called MEGs. It does the same thing as an EEG, but instead of measuring electricity, it measures magnetic waves. An MEG placed across all our room from a person can measure the different thought vibrational frequencies inside that person’s mind. What that lets us know is that our thoughts, our emotions do have electromagnetic frequencies signatures that extend well beyond the human body and can be picked up easily by very simple machines. This is very real. This is not just we’re talking about people seeing auras and stuff like that. No. We can measure this. Then we can also measure the changes in your electromagnetic signature as it were.

If you’re walking around, you have a code, a vibration that is the sum, product of all of the different things that you’re feeling on an unconscious level. All of your different emotions and all of the different beliefs that are being active inside of your mind. We can measure them. Then just like a tuning fork, ever taken a tuning fork or two tuning forks and you get one vibrating, you tap one and then you put the other one close to the vibrating tuning fork, and then all of a sudden the second tuning fork starts vibrating as well. It might not vibrate at the same exact frequency. Only part of the tuning fork will actually start vibrating, so you’ll get a little bit of a different tone.

What you’re getting there is that the part of the tuning fork that is going to vibrate, that’s going to resonate, the same frequency as the first tuning fork vibrating will start responding. In that same way, when you’re walking around, imagine yourself as a tuning fork. You’re giving off a very special kind of vibrations, sum total of all of your emotions and unconscious beliefs that you’re experiencing at the time. Then people around you will start responding. If they have something that will resonate, if they have a part of them that will resonate with it, that part will start responding to you. In that way, you start drawing in, you start activating the world around you that’s resonating with your particular vibrational frequency, your electromagnetic signature.

Let’s bring in just a little bit more Science here because it’s always fun. If you want to bring in the chemistry of this and you think about different emotions, you’ll think about emotions. What are those? They are different chemicals going off in your brain. It would be fair to say then that each emotion that you have has a different chemical signature. If we’re looking at the chemistry behind it, we can see that different emotions have different chemistry. They’re made up of different molecules, different particles inside of your brain, inside of your body. If we’re looking at this from the world of physics and quantum physics and we’re thinking about the basic concept of water for instance, when you slow down the molecules and how quickly they’re moving, the water turns into ice.

As you speed up the way those molecules are moving, they start to vibrate faster and faster and faster. That is where that water becomes more fluid and then as you speed it up even more, it becomes what we call steam. If you start to think about this in the sense that your emotions are moving from being more solid, when they’re in a slower vibrational frequency, they’re vibrating slower, they are more like matter. When you raise that vibrational frequency, you start to increase the frequency. You are actually becoming less matter and it’s becoming more energy. There’s more energy behind it. As we’re looking at the difference in your emotional chemical state, I get so geek-out about this because there’s data. It’s understanding that literally your different emotional states have different energies behind it based on the frequency.

MMM 28 | Manifest Abundance

As you go into lower emotional states like loss or competition, or guilt or shame or fear, the vibrational frequency is much slower and that’s where you feel much more like matter. Your electromagnetic field gets smaller because you’re not vibrating at a higher frequency. Your field isn’t able to go out or expand. As you raise your emotional state, you’re releasing different chemicals. You’re increasing your frequency because states like love, passion, joy, bliss are vibrating so quickly. Those chemicals are vibrating at such a higher frequency that they are more energy. Therefore you’re starting to see your electromagnetic field expand. For those of you who are more on the Science perspective of this, I would highly encourage checking it out, really thinking about it. There are so many different studies around these different pieces as we go into the world of quantum. We go into a lot more of the theories behind quantum law, quantum mechanics, quantum physics, you’ll start to see how much we don’t actually know.

You can feel this. When people walk into a room, have you ever been in a room and have someone walk in and they’re in one of those slower vibrational states? They walk in because they’re sad or whatever. It’s hard to notice them. Or maybe you’ve walked in and you haven’t been all that high vibe at the time. It’s really easy to feel overlooked. Or maybe people will notice you and then immediately dismiss. They’ll go back to what they were doing. Now, on the other side, think about what happens when you or someone else walked in into a room and they’re in love with themselves and in love with life and is super high. Their fields are massive.

They’re sending out their vibrations powerfully all over the place because they’re moving that fast. Their chemistry, their particles are moving even faster. They’re dispersed and they’re sending this message out to the world and people notice. Have you ever walked into a party for example, and you’re just feeling amazing. People notice. They pay attention. They may even just immediately walk up to you. You are attracting, you are attractive, and it doesn’t just happen with people. That’s one way that we notice it easily, but think that everything has an electromagnetic signature in it. All of life does. It’s not just people that you’re attracting to yourself when you’re in this high vibrational frequency of emotions.

You’re upping your vibes so that things that will resonate with the same feeling that you’re in will be attracted to you. You’re broadcasting your signal on an even larger way so that you give even more things a chance to resonate with you. You’ll see, just like walking into a party and having a lot of other people rush up to you. Also notice, when you’re super happy, you walk into a party, it’s not the sad and depressed people who will brush up to. It will be other happy and amazingly fun people who are feeling the same way who will brush up to you.

Take that as a metaphor for life. That’s why it’s so important to consistently buoy your emotions, to consistently work on yourself, to do what it takes, to meditate, to use the processes that we’ve been teaching you inside this podcast, and we’ll continue to teach you including one now. To continuously work on your emotions and the beliefs that you have inside of your unconscious mind so all of your life can be you simply walking into the party and having all of the most fun people greet you at the door.

This is where we can really tie in the science when we say becoming magnetic. As you raise your vibrational frequency, as you raise your electromagnetic field, you literally become more magnetic to different opportunities equal to your vibrational frequency. It’s a very, very real thing. In regards to everything that we’re talking about here, it’s important for you to recognize that are you living at effect of the emotions that you’ve been maintaining for the last X amount of years, decades, whatever it’s been or are you choosing to take back your power? Instead of letting your body be the mind, you are choosing to say, “Let me create from within me, rather than waiting for something outside of me and recognized my power to actually change my chemical emotional state so that I can start feeling differently.

As I start feeling differently, I can start thinking differently and I can change and reverse the cycle and instead of spiraling down, I can start to spiral up and raise my vibrational frequency.” That starts with you recognizing that you have absolute and total control over your own emotional state. When you choose to take ownership, take responsibility, and we’ve talked about this in previous episodes of knowing that you do create the emotions that you want to feel with how you’re thinking and what you’re feeling and what you’re choosing to respond to. It doesn’t mean that you have to be positive 24/7, but it does mean that you get to create the emotions you want to feel and how you respond to what happens outside of you.

You’ve done it many times before and even knowing this, I sometimes do it. I’ll come out and just admit it. Every once in awhile, when I go into a situation that I really don’t want to be in, go for a difficult conversation, my mind goes to, “What’s the worst that can happen?” Then, I run away with it. Then I’ll go to, ” I’m going to say this, “This person’s going to say that,” and then I’m going to say this and that person’s going to get upset, then this, then that.” I noticed myself like, “I’m feeling angry.”

Remember that the brain cannot tell the difference between that which has actually experienced and actively imagined. You know that because if you imagine something and you’re getting an emotion from it, it’s because your body thinks it’s actually happening and it’s responding to it. Normally, we use this for negative. We say, “This makes you go horribly,” and you go through all the ways it can happen. Or, “This person is going to find out that I said this,” and boom, fight.” Or your next marketing campaign is going to flop and you go through how it’s going to feel. There is a way to flip it around.

Remember, when you create these negatives in your mind, through all the things that we were talking about, through your confirmation bias, through your reticular activating system, through the chemistry inside of your mind, electromagnetic field, and people resonating with it, you’re going to create that negative situation. You’re going to push toward creating that negative situation. You might be able to avoid it, but it’s going to take everything you’ve got and we want to make things even easier. If you can create a negative for yourself, as Sophie said, take responsibility. This doesn’t just happen.

It’s not something that’s happening to you. You are doing it, but if you can do it negatively, that means you can do it positively. That brings us to the task of this episode. I’m going to teach you a process that I reserve for my private clients. That means that you are now all my clients. You are now all working on evolved empowerment methods to change your mind. That means you have the responsibility to do it. I demanded this of all my clients, not just to listen, but actually use these processes so that you can get amazing results. Then tell Sophie and tell me about all of the gorgeous things that are happening as a result of them. You’ve been recruited.

Here is the process. It’s called the grand vision. Now, the grand vision is simply using that same exact power that you have to create something negative, to do the exact opposite and to create something amazing. The goal here is to experience powerfully positive emotions. If you want to go through which ones are the most powerful to feel, if you’d like setting yourself some goals, go back to the episode about Vibrational Frequencies and Emotions. We have an entire ladder there for you so you can check things out. Just go for powerful, positive emotions. Things like gratitude, joy, bliss, courage, just feeling powerful, feeling capable, happiness, excitement. These are wonderful things to feel in this. This is going to be a process of active imagination. You’re going to create this inside of your mind.

When you get into it, I want you get a set at least ten to fifteen minutes aside for this. Give yourself some time and you’re going to sit in a quiet place with your spine straight. If you lie down, there’s a good chance that you’re going to knock out and you’re going to defeat the purpose. If you want to do this, spine straight, sit up. Remember, you want to give your body the feeling of being attuned, being in-tune, being excited, awake, alive, active. You got to close your eyes and the very first thing you’re going to do is you’re going to take all the energy from your head to your heart. I like seeing a ball of light moving from my head down to my heart and staying in the heart. The head is the home of logic and strategy, feasibility and also a lot of other things that could get in your way such as time. You’re moving your energy all the way from there down to your heart, which is the domain of dreams, of magic, of emotion, of possibility, of wonder, of blessings. That’s where you want to be for this experience.

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You’re going to be creating a vision, but it’s not just going to be a visual. It’s going to include all of your senses. You want to make this as real as possible and consistently adding to this vision and I’ll tell you how in a second, consistently adding to this vision details that will further excite you or awaken those powerfully positive emotions, get you even more into the feelings of joy, gratitude, bliss, excitement, feeling powerful, all of that good stuff. I like to start this, after moving the energy to the heart by answering the question, “What will I be famous for?” Fame can happen in a number of different ways. It can happen on a global scale for any reason. In one field, as an influencer, as part of pop culture or whatever. It could be within a certain field of study or work.

It could be within a country for one reason or another. It could just be within a specific group of people such as your family or your friends. You could be famous to your friends. You could be even just famous to yourself. You could be your own personal rock star, but you want your heart to run away with this and start with that. What will I be famous for? It doesn’t matter when and it doesn’t matter how. Remember, those are all parts of the mind if you put all the energy down into the heart. Put yourself there in a peak experience of doing or having just done what you’re famous for, what you’re known for, what you’re best at. Put yourself there, inside this scene.

Look around you and create all the visual details of being wherever you are inside, outside. The day, morning, is it night? Is it the middle of the night? Who’s around you? If anybody’s around you, add details. What are the walls look like? What are your clothes look like? Add details of the people’s faces and the things that you see around you. If you’re on a beach, I want you to see every single grain of sand, every drop load of water, the birds in the sky, if there are birds. The clouds and sun, all of it. Then add other feelings such as physical feelings. What does it feel like to be there? What are your clothes feel like if you’re even wearing clothes? Is it hot? Is it cold? Do you feel a breeze? Air conditioning? Is it still? What does your body feel? Do you feel sun? What do you feel? Do you feel someone else?

Then add sound. What do you hear? Do you hear your own voice? Do you hear the sound of applause? Do you hear birds chirping, waves crashing? Do you hear nothing? Is it silent? Do you hear music? Do you hear one person’s voice, many people’s voices? Then see if you can push yourself. Can you add smells? Do you smell cologne, perfume? Do you smell a room? Do you smell nature? Do you smell the beach? Do you smell food? Can you add tastes? Do you taste wine? Do you taste a drink? Do you taste food? Did you just eat something? Do you taste gum? Do you taste anything? Do taste someone else? Maybe you just kissed someone. Add all of these things to your experience, adding even more detail, even more detail, even more detail.

If at any point, you add a detail that makes you feel uncomfortable or anxious, that means you’ve added a detail that has forced your conscious mind inside. Forced your brain inside of this vision. Delete that detail or that set of details that made you feel that way. Delete until you feel good again, and then add different details and start adding even more details around this event. What does your daily life look like? Where do you live? Do you have a partner? Do you have kids? Where did you go on vacation? How did you get to the place that you’re at? How are you going to leave that place? What are you going to do at night? What did you do in the morning? Add details, even more details, even more details, and you know that you’ve really done this right because you’re going to fall in love with this vision.

It’s going to be so good. It’s going to feel so amazing that you’re going to want to stay in there. When it’s time, when your alarm goes off and makes sure that it’s something gentle, that alarm. It doesn’t just like rip you out of this thing rudely. What you’re going to do, and this is really important. The first thing you’re going to do is you’re going to step out of the picture. This whole thing, you should have seen through your own eyes. That’s how you make it real. First thing you’re going to do to step out of the picture. See your body in the picture. This is really important because if you leave this vision, through your own eyes, it might be so real that your brain may think that you already have achieved everything and you may actually lose motivation to get it, to create it.

If you step out of the picture, you will come back with all of the beautiful feelings and emotions that will help you manifest this future and your brain will realize, “I do not have this yet, but that feels good. Let’s make it real.” Let’s manifest this. You step out of the picture. You see your body in the picture and then gently come back to now. Come back into your body, in the room, wherever you are, and then you can open your eyes and then take a few seconds. Take a few seconds to enjoy what you had just done for yourself, and then go about your day. You may get information, by the way. You may get messages, “Do this. Pay attention to this.”

Write those down and then do them. Like Sophie said, you have the responsibility to take action in your life to manifest things. Nothing will manifest by itself for you. You can use this grand vision in order to give yourself those high fives, in order to feel it, in order to know where you’re headed, in order to create all of these amazing things inside of your heart and mind that will manifest in one way or another. Whether you think it’s woo-woo or science will bring these things to you even faster. I would highly encourage you to do this exercise once a day. That’s how you manifest your life.

If you guys need to, go ahead and let’s have some fun. Let’s see if we can actually get that piece as a downloadable for you so that you can have it to use whenever you would like every single morning. For your discussions, so that way you can actually start creating and start making a habit for yourself, a routine. Start changing who you believe you are. With that, start to see how amazing and how incredible life really is as you tap into your infinite potential. Thank you guys so much for tuning in. I hope that you had a lot of value, if not a lot of interesting insights from this episode. We will see you all on the next one.

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