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EP #40: Creating Your Reality with Kyle Lipton

MMM 40 | Creating Your Reality

Explore the different components of what creates the reality that we all experience and how to experience a reality that is in alignment from a place of love rather than a place of fear. Understand the power of transparency and a deep vulnerability in your life in how that allows you to be fully seen so you can fully receive the abundance in all areas of your life. Kyle Lipton is an embodiment coach, a speaker, and a workshop facilitator who does amazing work as a guide for people’s soul. Kyle is devoted to supporting people with stepping into more of their own personal freedom and personal truth. Kyle says you are responsible for orchestrating and creating your reality. To embody who you truly are, you have to let go of what you believe you are so you can really accept all of who you are.

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Creating Your Reality with Kyle Lipton

We have a very special guest. His name is Kyle Lipton and he is an embodiment coach, a speaker, and a workshop facilitator who does amazing work. I actually met Kyle on Facebook. I’ve been following his feed and I love a lot of the content that he posts about being somebody who is authentic and living in that authentic space. Kyle, why don’t you tell everyone a little bit more about you?

It’s nice to be here. Thanks for having me. I’m an embodiment coach. I’m essentially a guide for people’s soul and what I’m devoted to is supporting people with stepping into more of their own personal freedom, personal truth and living an inside out life instead of an outside in life.

One of the posts that I saw more recently was talking a lot about the approach that a lot of coaches take when it comes to sales. This is pretty entertaining. You’ve done a few of these and they are more comedy-based, but there’s so much truth in it, which is what I love. What’s your general take and the shift that’s been happening especially more recently with how the typical sales approach with the manipulation and the scarcity tactics, it’s just really isn’t working anymore.

I think we’re moving into an age of just being in more integrity and the more out of integrity you are, the more painful it’s actually going to experience and the more painful it’s going to feel in our own nervous systems. I’ve actually had an awesome shift around sales and money myself. I would say one of the biggest things is it’s about intuition. It’s about connecting with the person. If you think about it from a higher consciousness perspective, maybe you had a soul contract with the person who’s actually going to become your client. There are some people you’re just literally not meant to serve. Maybe the test is, are you going to take the money from the person you’re not supposed to take the money from and get into that coaching relationship or are you going to honor your integrity.

What I know to be true for myself is I feel a power and inspiration in supporting people in navigating those sales conversations if I know I’m meant to work with that person. I’m happy to stand through and support them with limiting beliefs and to actually see what’s here and hold up a mirror. Essentially, as coaches what we’re doing is saying, “This is your vision. Let’s get there.” Then anything that’s out of integrity with that, is them either being scared or them being delusional. Being scared is awesome because you can be scared and be compassionate but being delusional makes everything more complex than it needs to be. Simplicity is rooted in love and complexity is definitely fear-based.

When it comes to what you do in your own evolution, what do you believe has been your biggest breakthrough or your biggest revelation?

I don’t know if I could just answer that with one thing. One thing that I’ll say is transparency and a deep sense of vulnerability. To be able to bare my heart and soul to the people in my life and to allow them to see me and to receive and to trust. A lot of times, I’ll speak from my own experience. There’s this fear with being fully seen. We don’t allow ourselves to be fully seen. We’re constantly protecting ourselves, but the plot twists are then we can’t actually receive what wants to come to us because we’re not fully baring our soul to another human. We’re only getting the abundance, we are only getting the love that we want. It’s a bit ironic, but super powerful to step into that space.

MMM 40 | Creating Your Reality
Creating Your Reality: There’s this fear with being fully seen. We don’t allow ourselves to be fully seen. We’re constantly protecting ourselves.

What would you say to somebody who is in that place right now where they’re trying to figure out how to step into more of that authentic self, but they’re struggling a little bit?

First and foremost, I would say don’t try. Be like Yoda, do or do not but don’t try. I would say to honor yourself and how that could look is maybe taking a baby step and having a conversation with someone that you’ve been putting it off. Maybe go on Facebook Live and share something you’ve never shared before. Maybe have that conversation with your partner in relationship about something that triggers you or even just expressing your love to someone. I’ve had these moments with my girlfriend where it’s like, “I’m expressing so much love and that’s scary to me,” or has been at times. Because it’s like this whole fear of like, “If I give too much, what if it goes away?” You’re like, “I’ve been there.”

I love diving into this and the more that we can get into it, awesome. Understanding your beliefs and your perception about success, especially in the entrepreneurial world. It’s something very different when you come from a more solo-oriented approach. What’s that like for you and what do you define as success?

I think it’s an interesting thing to think about beliefs because beliefs can be effective and ineffective. Then I also know that there’s a space beyond belief which would be like more of our soul or spirit. I think beliefs can be good to wear, but it has to be a choice that we wear the belief. A lot of us, if you picture a belief to be a helmet and you put the helmet on and maybe the belief it is, “I’m freaking amazing. I’m an incredible speaker,” which could be awesome. Sometimes what happens is we’ll wear the helmet and then we’ll think we are the helmet, “I am this helmet. I am the speaker.” Which you are and you’re a lot more than that. Beliefs can be really amazing and simultaneously, can also finite the infinite, which isn’t true.

I attended a smaller event but the concept was around masks and how a lot of time people will hide behind this mask. This person that they want the world to believe they are, but oftentimes they’re not fully expressing the depths of who they are because they are afraid of what people are going to think or believe about them. Would you say that those are similar to what you’re talking about in regards to those beliefs?

Not necessarily. In one context, beliefs can be awesome. They can propel the flavor of your soul’s essence. It’s almost like a nice boost, a nice lift, and then simultaneously when we cling to the beliefs and believe that we are the beliefs, that were holding onto control and fear and physical tension the body manifests because it’s holding on to something, it’s not rooted in truth because you don’t need to hold on to anything that’s true and real and eternal.

We’ve spent a little bit of time talking previously about quantum physics and quantum mechanics and how we do have this ability to completely transform who we believe we are and how we show up in the world. That sounds a little bit about what you’re bringing up here in the in the context of when we limit ourselves to saying we’re only this one thing, we no longer have access to all the other potentials of what we can truly step into. What, if any, is there a process that you’ve helped your clients go through to let go of holding onto that static identity or that static sense of self so that they can tap into that infinite potential?

The way I work with clients might be a little different. I am extremely intuitive, so it’s a lot of customized stuff which just comes from being present and letting God, the universe, whatever you call it, work through me to support that person. What it could look like is doing an inner child meditation. What it could look like is even just saying something from like, “Is that true?” To be present enough to where that actually activate something in there being to snapping out of the matrix like, “That’s not true.” Literally this identity isn’t true. Even just as an example, a quote that I love is, “What you see is what you be,” which is so indicative of what happens when we try on a belief system. We can only see from that belief system which may cut us off from people, places, opportunities and circumstances that are actually trying to come into our system and support us with our soul’s evolution. When we’re blind to it, we can’t receive those things.

One thing I think is important and if you’re listening is to take time to just disconnect and you can always reengage the belief systems but take time to disconnect and then just get a more broad-spectrum view. It’s like, “Have you ever been triggered,” you can only literally see from that trigger. You’re like, “No. This is true.” Then you get all of the logical evidence to support that. The interesting thing about logic is, you can’t actually get true understanding from logic because logic can always disprove itself. You’re always in this like, “Here’s the answer, but wait there’s a counter example.” The true understanding comes below logic, which is similar to beliefs that goes below beliefs. Then then you can use the mind is a servant rather than the creator of every single thing in your experience.

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That’s so powerful because I know for myself, and I’m sure for a lot of you, that getting triggered is something that we oftentimes especially when it’s time for us to evolve per se. What’s your take on the belief or the saying that when you’re triggered by something, it’s triggering something within you that needs to be healed?

Going back to the whole definition of, “What you see is what you be.” If we are all one and unity consciousness is a real thing, that me for example, let’s say if I got triggered by you, I’m just getting triggered by myself in another form and I’m experiencing another human being as me in another form. They’re all pointing us back to unconditional love and until we can love that and merge with it and be one with it, realizing it’s a part of ourselves, then we’ll continually play out that cycle of triggers and things and it just takes a moment of presence in love and being with it, integrate that energy that has been wanting to come and the joke of it is we get triggered but the irony is, it’s just love underneath all the stories and everything. It’s like we’re so scared of love.

So many people would say that they’re afraid of love because they don’t want to get hurt. What would you say to that?

The interesting thing about that is love isn’t what’s painful. The resistance to love is what’s painful. We’re so resistant to love and we associate our resistance to it with that’s the pain of love. It’s like, “No. You’re just resisting it.” Who here’s ever been madly in love with someone and when you’re in that zone, in that bubble with the other person, you’re like on cloud nine, you’re like in another world. When you fear that person leaving, which means losing love, then the physical body gets tense and our thinking gets all crazy sometimes, but it’s never love that gets us out of whack. It’s always the resistance to love.

I know for a lot of people right now they’re probably going inside and thinking about that. I know for myself, there has been times in the past where it’s been scary and it’s what I’ve come to recognize wherever your belief matches up, is it’s accepting that that’s a possibility and being okay with it and that’s how you can start to release some of that resistance. Let’s learn a little bit more about you. Tell us a little bit more about some of your biggest challenges and how you’ve overcome those to get to where you are now?

I grew up in a family with a lot of love, not a lot of money. I spent most of my childhood in a place called Westchester, California, which is right near Los Angeles Airport. One big challenge for me has been this feeling of not fitting in or not finding my people. I went to three different high schools and it wasn’t until maybe my junior year where I started to find my click. I remember in my sophomore year I hung out with these kids and they always hung out with each other, but I was always the one who never got invited to hang out afterwards outside of school. I remember that used to irritate me. I’ve been on this quest to discover and embody who I am. I’ve had many challenges. I lived in multiple homeless shelters with my family growing up and I had a very traumatic sexual experience when I was a kid.

I had a sexual with my friends who was a guy that shifted some things in my psyche and lots of guilt and shame and fear around that. It’s also been one of the greatest catalysts. I shared that on another podcast and someone reached out to me and this just for everyone, whatever is your greatest secret is actually your greatest liberator for yourself and for others. Someone messaged me after I was on that podcast and basically it was like, “I’ve never shared this with another soul on the planet.” She had a similar experience. It just goes to show that we’re all one and know what you’re going through is actually liberating for other people.

I get chills when people share their stories, especially even when it’s something in regards to that because it is true. As unfortunate as it is, what I’ve found is so many amazing people have had such traumatic experiences. How did you get from being the outcast and not fitting into school to being the beautiful and amazing soul you are?

Acceptance. I’ve had some incredible mentors. I was in community college for a little bit and had an opportunity to work for another amazing mentor. I won’t mention his name because I don’t resonate much now, but he was a great catalyst for me. Another great catalyst of mine was another one on my mentors, Preston Smiles. He’s like a big brother for me. He is an incredible mentor. My own experiences, my own revelations, my own being in life but really being in life and being devoted to truth, knowing that’s the only thing that’s real and realizing I can’t be hurt by being me. It’s actually the safest place to be and to show up powerfully speaking my truth and honoring who I am and what I’m experiencing has been one of the greatest teachers and it’s very simple. When we get in fear of that we make it so much more complex and complicated than it needs to be. It can be also the scariest rite of passage we ever encounter in our life. It can be scary to wake up and realize you’re in an illusion

For everyone that may not know or understand what you mean when you say waking up from an illusion, how would you explain that?

I’m been in this dance myself recently, but the best way I can explain it is if you’ve ever had a lucid dream and you wake up and you’re in the dream, that’s a similar experience to how it occurs for me. It’s like all of these characters and people are there. I’ll give an example. I was at the store and there was a guy that I know who I have had a trigger around and I saw him. I didn’t see him for a while that day. Then I bounced. I was with my buddy and I just had a feeling because we were going to go eat after I was like, “I’m going to see him again.” Then I go in there, sure enough, the same dude. It’s these little messages and little awareness to realize that everyone’s literally a character in your dream and your game and they’re all you and another form. That you’re literally co-creating reality with your frequency and that everyone that you see an experience is part of who you’re being and you’re receiving them based on how you’re being. You’re literally the orchestrator of your game in life. That’s what I mean by illusion and dream and there’s a sense of this isn’t actually real.

MMM 40 | Creating Your Reality
Creating Your Reality: Whatever is your greatest secret is actually your greatest liberator for yourself and for others.

We’ve spent some time talking about vibrational frequencies and emotions and how to actually change and step into and create a higher frequency and of yourself. I love what you’re bringing up here in the sense that we really do orchestrate and create our own reality and our experience through that vibrational frequency. For those people who may not understand this, I would highly recommend and encourage going back to the episode where Dan and I were talking about vibrational frequencies and what they are and how to understand the lower level frequencies and the higher level frequencies. For the purpose of this, what I would love to know is what for you has been the biggest ways to shift when you find yourself living in a lower frequency and stepping into one of a higher frequency?

So many answers to that question, but one is to feel the awareness under your thoughts and feelings. It’s like there are your thoughts and your feelings and feelings could literally just be a combination of conditioning and emotional patterns. It’s like some people, you throw them in a situation and every single time no matter what, they always find a way to feel guilty or feel sad or feel depressed, which isn’t their deepest truth. Even to just take a moment, two to five seconds and to tune in to what’s happening below your thoughts and below your emotions may sound a little esoteric and philosophical, but it’s an actual practice that you can do to really tune in. Even just ask yourself powerful questions, “What is wanting to emerge through me? How can I be a bigger conduit for love and gratitude?” Vulnerability, it’s huge. Sharing your heart and soul with someone and to have those authentic moments.

I think you released a lot of trapped energy, which inherently creates a higher frequency. A lot of times when our throats are blocked off, there’s an expression that wants to through us that we’re not allowing, but as soon as we say that thing that maybe felt uncomfortable, we free up space in our physical body. There are a lot more I could say on this. There’s a lot more I want to say on this, that’s a big step. Also expressing the emotions like, “I’ve felt a lot of anger now and I decided to just work-out and really be in that anger and rage.” I can feel underneath that there are a lot of power that wants to emerge through me. To honor yourself in a way that is hopefully not harmful to others. I want to encourage you not to at least maliciously. Sometimes stuff triggers people, which is cool but don’t do it. That’s some quick ways and be grateful and realize there is always another perspective. That’s true humility. Question your beliefs, question your thoughts.

It’s interesting that you brought this up because, this is one that I hear a lot from people, especially high achievers is that, “I can’t feel sad and I shouldn’t feel this way and I don’t want to feel like this.” Almost making those lower frequency or motions or those more negative emotional states wrong. What would you say to somebody who has that mentality where they feel like they can’t or they shouldn’t or that it’s wrong to feel those ways?

The paradox of it is when you actually accept them, you actually transmute them faster and by transmute, you’re actually able to shift. When you’re in resistance to the emotion, you’re fighting it saying, “I can’t feel it. I’m not supposed to feel it or I shouldn’t feel it,” you’re actually ramping up the energy by saying, “I don’t want to feel this. I can’t feel this.” There’s still this, which is the emotion and you’re pumping all that energy there, which is a resistance state. What is so powerful is even just feeling, what would it be like to not care? To just fully accept my emotions, just allow them to pass through me? The more that we can be in that state, the more actual truth can occur because you’re in acceptance and acceptance is love and love integrates all the other emotions.

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There are a lot of things that we’ve talked about that they almost go full circle in the sense that to step into and embody who you truly are, you have to let go of the holding onto what you believe you are so you can accept all of who you are. From what you’ve mentioned is that piece of acceptance, of being able to step into love and letting go of resistance by acknowledging and feeling and giving yourself permission to experience all of that. Is there anything that you would want to have our listeners hear or know?

That you’re amazing and everything is waiting for you on the other side of fear and just stepping into who you actually are. The best analogy I could use that’s so true for all of us is imagine you’re on a curtain behind a stage and on the other side of it, there are all these fans, all these people waiting for you. They had been crying and so grateful that you finally decided to step on stage and a lot of us are waiting backstage, which is the fear. Everything that we wanted and all the goodness, all the love, all the money, everything is literally on the other side of just walking through that curtain and realizing everyone has been waiting for you.

If any of you who would like to learn more about Kyle or follow him on social media, I believe Facebook and Instagram are going to be the best options?


We like to thank you so much for being here. Kyle, thank you so much for all of your wisdom and insights. We appreciate it so much.

It was a pleasure to be on.

Have a good one.

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About Kyle Lipton

Kyle Lipton is an embodiment coach, workshop facilitator, content creator and speaker, he is committed to supporting people with living their legacy- not their “limitations”.

But ultimately Kyle is an artist here expression love on this planet.

Kyle is passionate about living a life of growth and freedom while touching the hearts of all that follow him.

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