EP #50: The Mindset You Need To Grow And Scale Your Business Correctly

There’s some truth to the old saying “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.” If you want your business to provide for you and your family for the rest of your life, you’re going to have to grow and scale it. But that can be hard, especially if you’re doing it for the very first time. This episode will give you the mindset you need to make sure your business continues to move in the right direction no matter how hard it gets or scary it is. This episode is a MUST for all entrepreneurs!

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The Mindset You Need To Grow And Scale Your Business Correctly

We have been talking loads about sales, business and collaboration, about really how you’re showing up in your business and how to find the mentors that can support you in your growth. In this episode we are going to be talking all about the next steps of growing and scaling your business. For a lot of entrepreneurs, this tends to be the dream but it’s also the thing that a lot of people are scared shitless of. It’s that part where you realize that, “I can’t do this all on my own anymore. I can’t keep trying to grow a million-dollar company just by myself.” It’s recognizing that you need a team and you need to have people that support you and believe in your mission. That can be scary especially if you’ve been a solopreneur your entire career. What we want to dive into when this episode is having the conversation around what it looks like to grow and to scale and to really develop the mindset that allows you to do it without fear and to do it in an easeful and peaceful way that feels good.

The idea of collaboration and the thing is, “This is too much stuff.” As a business owner, you have an infinite to-do list. You’ll never complete everything on your own anyway. Think about adding tasks to it. Expanding not just the number of tasks, but the quality of it as well. I love checking out other successful coaches on social media and I get to see them doing these minute-long videos, but it’s got music and it’s got graphics on it and all sorts of beautiful things. Thinking that they can do that by themselves is ridiculous because they’ve got other things that they’re doing. You’ve got to be able to get out of your own way. Until you allow other people to help you, you are the bottleneck.

I did a three-day event with 180 people in March and it was insane. To think that, “It’s no big deal. It’s just renting a room, getting a couple other speakers and then doing it.” No, there’s marketing there. There are sales conversations. There are the banners there. There are the booklets. There is a coordination with the hotel. There is a coordination with the speakers. There are the contracts. If you think that I did that or Abby and I did that all on our own while still also managing and marketing, doing all the sales and delivering for our coaching businesses, then you’re out of your mind. Also, thank you for the compliment because there’s no way that we could have done even a fraction of that just by ourselves. When you’re looking at creating a business that continues to grow, that’s the way it’s going to go to. You’re going to consistently keep adding to-dos onto that list. You’re going to need help or at one point, you’re going to have a nervous breakdown.

This is what you see where a lot of entrepreneurs will get to a place where they are profiting probably between $50,000 to $200,000 a year in their business depending on price points. There comes a point where you can’t break that ceiling and you’re trying to figure it out and you’re literally at capacity. Meaning, you cannot take on one more client. You cannot do one more call. You just can’t. You’re at the place where it’s like, “How do I create more profit for myself while running the model that I am?” Especially if you’ve optimized your model to its fullest capacity. At that point, the answer is you have to build a team. Where you start on building your team is going to depend on a few different factors, but the biggest thing is getting around the hurdle of, it’s not actually about you.

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This is hard for some entrepreneurs to hear, especially for a lot of coaches that it’s not actually about you. It’s not necessarily you that makes all the difference. It’s your methodology. It’s what you know. It’s what you teach and included in that is how you go about it. More importantly, it’s the way and what you actually do with your clients. Here’s a harsh reality. If you’re not replicable, if your process, your methodology is not replicable, then you are never going to be able to own your business. Your business is always going to own you because it can’t exist without you. That is not a sustainable and/or scalable business model to have.

You want to create a business model where you can take your methodology and train somebody in it so that they can teach and coach for you if you are a coach and/or so that you can teach others how to do the same process, so that you can start to move up at a higher level and work with more people. It’s coming back to that concept of, “It’s not just about me.” Let’s be very honest. As entrepreneurs, especially coaches, we initially start off doing what we do because we love the way it makes us feel. We love feeling significant and like we matter and we’re making a difference and like we’re helping people. Significance is a huge driving force for so many of us. It feels great for somebody to look you in the eye and say, “You changed my life.” If you really are here for the bigger mission, for the bigger vision, for the bigger purpose of what you’ve been gifted, then you’ll recognize the deeper truth that it’s not just about you. It’s about what you’ve learned how to do. Teaching other people to do it with you, underneath you, by your side so that you can actually serve the world in a much greater capacity.

If at any point in this you thought, “Didn’t you two tell us in previous episodes that what you do is not special? It’s who you are, but now you’re saying that it’s actually what you do.” First of all, if you picked that up, that means that you’re actually listening to what we say and awesome on you. Also, remember that who you are and how you show up can also be taught. That is what we’re saying. That there are mindsets that you can teach other people like we’re teaching you our mindsets. There are ways to speak. There are ways to show up. There are ways to think. All of these things can be taught. They can be learned. They can be modeled. When you find a badass team around you, they will take how you show up and they will take the glorious pieces of your personality and they’ll mesh it with theirs. They’ll create something that might even be even better than just you.

There is a coach that I used to work with who was talking to me about him building his own coaching business. He was saying that it was the hardest thing in the world for him. He was the celebrity in his business, but he realized that if he wanted to scale into multiple seven figures, he would have to replace himself. He thought, “No, I’m too special. I can’t get be replaced. My personality, my wit, my wisdom and my energy can’t be replaced.” Then his coach taught him how to do it. The moment he did that, he found this woman who actually his clients liked better than him. It’s not that they don’t like him. She’s just incredible in different ways. She’s adding this new kind of energy to the company, to the business. Revitalizing it in ways that he wasn’t able to because that wasn’t who he was. He gave part of who he was to someone else. She turned it into her own thing and now the business is taking off in different ways that he could simply not have done by himself. When we’re talking about replicating, what we’re talking about is sharing that fire of yours. Sharing that unique energy that you’ve got with someone else so that they can also have a unique energy. The two of you working together as a team can make something that neither of you would have been able to imagine on your own.

MMM 50 | Grow And Scale Your Business
Grow And Scale Your Business: There are ways to speak. There are ways to show up. There are ways to think. All of these things can be taught.

What comes with this too is I’m sure you’re probably thinking in the back of your head, “What if they take it and run their own business or they start their own company or they do it without me?” That is a totally real possibility. On the other end of that is how you treat your team will make all the difference in the world. Meaning, if you’re bringing people on board and you’re not treating them with the highest intent, you’re not building real connection and it doesn’t really feel like a family, then you can expect that that person is probably going to do what is best for them. If you’re bringing on a team in a way that is beautiful, in a way where it’s careful, where it’s intentional, where you feel aligned and they feel aligned. You’re behind the same mission and you support them as much as they support you, it’s how you build an impeccable team that feels more like family.

When somebody feels cared for, when somebody feels, seen, feels heard and continues to see the growth opportunity in the company with you, that is how you build a team that will stick around forever. This is a part where it’s getting clear on, “You get to step into this new level of leadership. This new level of existence where you get to support somebody else in their dream and together you get a completely transformed the world through your guests.” It’s being able to step down from that place of like, “What if they take everything I know when they run their own business or they steal all ideas?” If for whatever reason they did, if for whatever reason that happened, you still have you. You still have your personality, your brand, who you are and who you be in the world and your reputation will always precede you. That fear isn’t real. Somebody can go out and try but at the end of the day, collaboration is so powerful and people will know you through your reputation and your relationships. The bigger thing is to focus on where you’re growing in the possibility of hiring this incredible team and this that feels super rejuvenating and allows you to step more into your genius.

With that, it’s important that you attract the right people while you have the right mindset. Just like with anything else, whether it’s sales or marketing or just working on yourself or an attractive partner, you must come at this from an abundance mindset. You have this expansive vision like Sophie was saying of the future. You don’t need your team like the specific person because then, “You can come and go. I don’t need you. I’ll find someone else who could work and who aligns.” You want your team to align with your core values. Why are you doing the work that you’re doing? Why are you doing it in the way that you’re doing? Do they buy into your mission and your vision? Do they show up the same way that you do? Do they care about people in the same way that you do? Do they think about money? Do they think about life? Do they think about relationships? Do they have a scarcity mentality or an abundance mentality?

When you combine all of these together and you know exactly who you’re looking for, then you can find a team who will stick by you and who will appreciate you. Who will value you and we will see the true power of aligning with you so that they won’t run away. That might take a little bit of work to find those people, but it’s totally worth it. You’ll know that the time that you put into them, to training them, to getting them on board is the right investment. Like Sophie said, it might happen. In fact, it probably will. Someone is probably going to take your stuff. Someone’s probably going to mess things up. Someone’s probably going to cost you some business. That’s okay. It’s a learning experience. Just like if you’ve done it to yourself. You tried something that didn’t work out and you lost the client. You tried something, it didn’t work out and you had a bad month. That’s fine. That’s a learning process.

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When you know that you’ll be able to bounce back, you know that, “Having one month, two months or whatever bad months is no big deal.” That it’s all in the service of growth and that when you get back up, you’ll be even stronger. You’ll know how to grow a team that really will help you scale and it will all be worth it. You know the abundance mentality, that the more people who have that right vision and mission, who have those right values with you on your team, the more money that will be for everyone. The happier your clients will be. It will be a great big win for absolutely everyone that will carry you forward for years to come, so what’s a month or two? What’s one person running away and stealing your stuff? It’s nothing at all. Come from that perspective of knowing that you’re even bigger than those minor little obstacles. That you’re bigger than your problems and there is an abundance of amazing people who want to help you and clients out there who want to pay you and you’ll be able to handle any of these fears with ease.

I’m going to address this piece, this understanding that not every entrepreneur wants to grow and scale. Some people are comfortable running their business, having ten clients and doing their thing and making the $100,000 or whatever it is a year. If that’s you, that’s totally fine. You don’t have to grow and scale. If you do want to, one of the things that you may experience is this money mindset that shows up in a completely different capacity. This mentality of, “What’s going to happen when I hire the team?” What’s interesting about this is you can think of it like a balloon. When you go through a period where you’ve been the only person and you’ve been growing, it’s like you’ve been inflating the balloon and it’s gotten bigger and bigger and that’s your income right now. Your income is huge because you’re the only person that’s being paid, but you also have no time. You’re literally doing everything in your business.

When you hire the team member, what’s going to happen is your income as far as your profit for you is actually going to shrink a little bit because you have to pay for that other person to come in. At first, it’s going to shrink because you have to pay them. You have to train them, you have to teach them, and then knowing that once they get everything on board, then you’re going to start to grow again. That’s the process. It’s like this balloon that inflates and deflates, inflates and then it deflates a little bit and then it inflates again. It gets even bigger the next time. Just recognizing that you’re going to experience these dips and dives and that’s totally normal. It’s a necessary part in order for you to expand the growth and the capacity of your company and of your business so that you can start making more money in the longer run.

At first, you do have to work through that scary little process where it’s, “We’re paying somebody else.” Also understanding that fear of like, “What if I hire somebody and I can’t support them?” This is one of those components where it’s getting clear on who exactly are you bringing on board? What specifically is it that they’re doing inside of your company? How is that going to support you in actually growing and creating more revenue and more impact in your company because of the position that they’re taking? You have to get clear and specific on exactly what you’re doing when you’re growing and scaling and making sure that you’re bringing on the right people at the right time for the right positions. You don’t want to just hire a VA and think that that’s going to solve all your problems. You want to make sure that you’re bringing on the person that’s going to allow you to step into more of your zone of genius so that you can create more profit and more impact that way.

MMM 50 | Grow And Scale Your Business
Grow And Scale Your Business: You’re going to experience these dips and dives. It’s a necessary part in order for you to expand the growth and the capacity of your company and business.

There’s an easy solution to a lot of the problems that we’ve been talking about now and an easy answer to a lot of them. It’s an answer that Sophie and I have been giving to so many things. It’s because we believe in it. Let me just throw this out there before I get into it. I don’t know about you, Sophie, but I know that I calculated it. I spend more than the average American salary on coaching every year. That’s how much I believe in it. I spend more than someone earns in a year on coaching because it is the absolute best move you can make. If you were thinking about, “I’m stuck in my business and I think I might need a team, but I don’t know how to do it.” You’re thinking, “I’m stuck in my business and I don’t know if I need a team. I have no idea what to do. What do I do about it?” Get yourself a coach. That’s it. There’s the solution. Find yourself a badass mentor. If you don’t know how to do that, we have a whole episode on how to do that. Go check that out and you’ll get your answers.

Why reinvent the wheel? A lot of these fears that we have been talking about in this episode have been worked out by other people. Instead of you having to go through this arduous, maybe even painful process of figuring it out for yourself, you can just pay someone and they’ll tell you what to do. They’ll save you years. They’ll save you grief. They’ll save you those sleepless nights of being stressed out. It is so worth the investment. I cannot stress it enough. There are plenty of coaches. Never think for a second that there is no coach out there who will teach you what to do. You might have to look outside of your area, outside of your state. A lot of these coaches will happily do sessions from different countries. There is someone out there who has your answers. They will happily take your money to share their strategies and to help you grow your team in amazing and warm and fuzzy way that feels beautiful the whole way through. Do yourself the biggest favor of all and go find them.

On that note, if you enjoyed this episode or if you know someone that needs to hear it, feel free to share, to give us five stars and to also leave a comment with any questions and any thoughts that you have so far. We love hearing from you. Dan’s got an awesome task.

This task is going to help you even if you’re not really ready for a team. You might not be in that place and that’s totally cool. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t start preparing and it’s a very fun mindset. Normally, when we get into business, we think of, “What can I do to expand my business, to grow my business?” Start asking yourself a different question, “What can I get someone else to do that will help me grow my business and expand my business now? What tasks do I really need to do or can I offload it to someone?” If you’re not ready to offload it, that’s fine. Just identify it. Have a running list of things so that when it’s time to hit that go button, you know and start thinking about systems as well. What are you doing that can be written down as a system? A step-by-step process that you can hand off to someone where when they read that step-by-step process, they can do what you’re doing as well, if not better than you.

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One, this will help you figure out your own systems and where there are weak points that you can strengthen so that you can get even better at doing what you’re doing. Two, when you have these systems, when you have all this stuff written down, you’re ready so that when you do hit go, when you do like, “I’ve got the space. I can get an intern. I can get some easy help.” You can hand it over and you are ready to rock and your onboarding process gets really easy. Maybe even through this process, you’ll realize that you are actually ready to get one person on your team. Maybe not full-time, maybe a virtual assistant for a couple of hours a week, but maybe that will free you up. In order to do even more of what you really need to do. Spend even more time in your zone of genius and allow you to grow your business. Until you start thinking about it, it will never happen.

It’s been a joy as always. We will see you on the next episode.

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Tired of paying for a million different subscriptions? I got you covered! Check the link sis.

Ready to get serious about becoming trauma informed in your business? Get started here!

It’s time to stop relying on sticky notes for project management- Join the ClickUP Gang!

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