EP #54: 4 Pillars Of Perfect Health

Getting healthy is SO about so much more than eating kale (yes, eat kale. But also….). There are 4 pillars of perfect health that you MUST master if you want to feel amazing in mind, body, and soul. Neglect even one of them and you start falling into dis-ease. This is health far beyond eating right and working out. In this episode, we cover what it REALLY takes to have a loooong, happy, and ease-ful life.

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4 Pillars Of Perfect Health

We are diving into a little series here all about health and wellness. On this episode, we’re going to be talking about what goes into wellness. What is it all about? What creates the ultimate health view as a whole human? Not just the physical component, but understanding how it relates to your emotional, mental, and ultimately your spiritual health and tying all that back to your day-to-day life. We’re going to be diving first into the physical aspect of what health actually looks like and what goes into that.

This is an important concept especially in America for some reason, we like to compartmentalize things to a silly degree. When we think about health, a lot of times we only think about this physical aspect, but remember that all of these components that we’re going to go over, they’re all tied into each other. They all need each other and they build on each other and you can’t have one without the other. It’s tough to get into physical health if you are not emotionally healthy and we’ll go over all of these things. It’s hard to have mental health when you don’t have physical health and spiritual health can’t be taken care of unless you have everything else.

We’re also going to be cementing hopefully in your mind that this whole deal about getting as healthy as you can and focusing in on your wellness encompasses all parts of you and all parts of your life. Maybe even especially the parts of your life that you think have nothing to do with your health. Especially if you have left your health to the back burner or maybe you’re starting to get into the health game. You’re realizing that your health isn’t exactly where you want it to be, please read this so that you can make the most out of your health journey. You can set yourself up to have the greatest possible results in the shortest amount of time all the while feeling the absolute best you can about this whole thing.

Physical health is the simplest one to understand in terms of what to do. You already know to workout. Do something. You’ve got to sweat at least three times a week for at least half an hour. That’s the minimum. Also, get up and move around throughout the day. Get a standing desk. When you slow down and you sit down like that, your body breaks down a third of the calories as this resting metabolism. It breaks down 40% of the fats it normally does instead of 90% of what it normally does. Your body just doesn’t do anything when you’re sitting down. That’s one of the reasons why if you sit down for long enough, you start getting tired, your body shuts down. Get up as often as you can. If you can get yourself a standing desk or just walk around every hour, just get the blood moving. You already know that stuff. You already know you should eat stuff that’s good for you. Eat kale, you know that. Stop eating McDonald’s so much. You know that.

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What you might not know is how physical health goes into everything else in your life. People will come to me and say, “My business is breaking down and I don’t know what to do,” and one of the things I’ll ask them is, “How’s your health?” They will say, “My health isn’t all that important to me. Help me with that business.” Here’s the thing. Your body doesn’t operate on air. Your thoughts don’t come from a magical place in the universe. They come from your brain that’s inside your body and just like any other machine, it needs juice. It needs energy. You wouldn’t go to a car and asked me, “Why isn’t your car driving as fast as possible when you haven’t given it gas or when you’ve given it shitty gas or when you don’t take care of the engine and you don’t do any maintenance on it?” That’s a ridiculous concept. Even if you don’t know how cars work, you know more than just to say that kind of silly crap. Yet still every once in a while I’ll get someone saying, “I’m not performing well in my business. My relationships are falling apart,” and yet they say that they eat fast food all the time. They don’t work out or they don’t sleep.

How do you expect yourself to show up as well as you can when you don’t treat your engine like you should? Physical health is like the basis for everything. Do you want to perform even better? Give your brain the nutrients it needs to think sharp, to have memory working as it should, to be creative, to think as fast as you can, to have the resilience that you need in order to go through tough times. You want to have the best relationship you can possibly be? Be healthy. This is an interesting statistic. A lot of studies have shown that when you eat the wrong kinds of fats or when your diet is out of whack, it can increase your chances of developing major depression by up to 44%. That’s crazy. You think, “How could eating affect my relationships?” It can totally affect your relationship.

MMM 54 | Perfect Health
Perfect Health: The way that you treat your body is the way that you’re going to treat everything else in your life.

When you eat good food that makes you feel amazing, that helps you feel amazing and stay energetic and motivated in your life, chances are you’re going to have even better relationships. This physical health component is I see it as the foundation for everything else. The way that you treat your body is the way that you’re going to treat everything else in your life. Treat your physical body with love and care and affection. Love yourself. Give yourself the right nutrients, give yourself the right juice, the right gas and you’re going to do the same thing for all other areas of your life. It’s so important.

The correlation and the interconnectedness between your mental, your emotional and your physical health, it’s quite the topic. Coming more from a background of training to compete in bikini competitions and working with a lot of clients in many different fields of health and nutrition, you start to realize that even when you’re at the peak of your physical health, if you haven’t taken care of the emotional baggage, your physical health won’t be as relevant. Your emotional baggage is weighing on your physical health. I’ve had plenty of clients who have been incredible. They’ve been basically WBFF pros and they’ve earned their pro card in bikini competitions or other types of fitness shows. They are the epitome of what health and fitness should look like, but they have this incredible emotional baggage because they’re so lacking this self-love and the worthiness and the enoughness factors that go with that.

It’s understanding that it’s not just about having one that’s going to lead to the other. It’s understanding that you need to take care of all of these parts and that they’re all interconnected. If you’ve optimized your physical fitness, fantastic. If you’ve optimized your physical health, amazing. If you’re still finding that you’re not able to perform and execute at the level that you would like to, then it’s time to look into maybe one of the other areas and see where perhaps there are some gaps. Whether it’s in your emotional and your mental health.

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Having your body feeling good helps you eliminate your emotional baggage. When I’m super tired, it’s hard for me to think and when I’m sleep deprived, I tend to get frustrated or I can be moody. I can be negative. It’s not because I am a negative person and it’s not because I’m interpreting things the wrong way. It’s my body having a panic attack letting me know that, “Slow down. Things are not right. We’re not happy.” When you’re trying to have your emotional system be totally healthy, then it is important to have your body on the same team. You’re eating the right foods so your body feels good, so you feel good. You feel good about yourself and you start seeing life in a very different way. When you’re super sick, how easy is it to be positive? It’s tough. When you’re feeling great, even easier to feel positive.

When you’re getting rid of that emotional baggage and trying to be emotionally healthy, it’s important to have that physical component in place but also when you’re trying to get your physical component in place, it’s important to be emotionally happy. How many times have you had it when you’re like, “I’m going to make this change. I’m going to stop eating sugar or stop drinking so much. I’m going to sleep more. I’m going to stick to this diet. I’m going to go on intuitive eating.” Then you have a day where you feel triggered. Someone said something hurtful or you broke up with someone or something scary happen at work or something happened to throw you off your game. How many times have you gone like, “I’m going to go drink. I’m going to eat this entire cheesecake?” It throws you off of your consistency. You’re like, “I’m not going to go to the gym now.” “Why?” “Because I feel like shit and I hate everybody.”

I’ve had those days. You’ve got to clear your emotional baggage there. That’s healing the emotional wounds that will trigger you and throw you off of your commitments to yourself. We have episodes about emotions and emotional clearing and the importance of what baggage is way back in the first maybe fifteen episodes. Take a look there. If these terms are new to you, go check them out, you’ll get some clarity on it. This emotional baggage prevents you from showing up as powerfully as you possibly can in life because your unconscious mind wants to keep you safe. Emotional baggage is your unconscious mind seeing threats in the world. Many more threats than there could be, and you respond to it emotionally.

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The less baggage you’ve got, the easier it is to be consistent, the easier it is to make intuitively positive decisions for yourself. The easier it is to go to the gym even when you’re tired or even when you’re not feeling that great. It links in because when you have the physical consistency to do what’s right for your body, then you have the emotional consistency that comes from dropping your emotional baggage. Can you see how good that has got to feel? How stable you feel, how positive you feel and you start building very serious momentum to feeling even better every single day. It’s incredible when those two things link up.

It is understanding too, especially if you’re a high-performer. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, you own your own business or you’re just incorporate and you’re somebody who needs to show up powerfully. Oftentimes, it can be very easy to undermine our physical health and survive it with caffeine and all the other things. The truth is and I’m sure you’ve probably experienced this, when you’re not taking care of your physical health and you’re pushing yourself probably a little bit more than you should be, you’re not thinking nearly as clearly. The quality of your work goes down. It plummets and that’s because you’re not taking care of the vehicle that is your body. If you don’t have the nutrients at a basic level, then obviously you’re not going to be able to process or to operate nearly as well as you could if you were to take care of that.

What Dan’s talking about here is number one, taking care of your physical health from the perspective of knowing that the more that you optimize your physical health, the higher capacity you’ll have to operate at a higher emotional and cognitive level. Meaning if you’re treating your body 50% of what you could be, you’re operating off of 50% of the energy because you’re only eating half the time or your diet’s off or whatever the case may be. That means you only have 50% of your ability mentally and emotionally to show up for the rest of your life. It starts to become apparent how slowing down and taking care of your physical health and saying, “I need to get the right nutrients. I need to drink enough water or sleep,” whatever those aspects are for you and again, it’s going to be different for everyone.

When I optimize my physical health, number one, you probably are going to feel a lot better emotionally because your body is not in this fight or flight mode. It’s not stressed out 24/7. Really understanding that now that my body is functioning appropriately, I actually feel better for the most part, unless there are some deeper inner child wounds. What happens there is basically when your nervous system realizes that it’s safe and that it’s okay and then there’s not as much stress, this is usually when the emotional baggage comes up. Your nervous system starts to feel like, “It’s safe for me to now go ahead and bring up these old wounds or these old things that haven’t been healed yet now that I’m not worrying about all these other things.”

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Oftentimes, what’s interesting is when people start to take better care of their health, they start to feel different emotions and they start to actually have the ability to think about those things. That’s your body trying to process and heal the emotional baggage that may have been left behind or may not have been dealt with previously. As you start to work through those components, you dive into your mental health where you are able to operate at such a higher level. You’re able to think quicker. The creativity completely expands and your ability to perform, whether it’s in business, life, relationships or any aspect is going to increase exponentially.

It is one of my favorite topics to take the time to look at how you’re showing up in each of these areas of your life. In your physical, your emotional and your mental health. Then finally, for those of you who got to believe in a God or Higher Power, the Universe or whatever you call it, starting to look at how that impacts your spiritual health. At the end of the day, the truth is you can only grow your spiritual health to the capacity of which you elevated your mental, emotional and your physical health. That’s what you have to operate from. Using these core components first allows you to expand at such a higher level everywhere else.

Let’s look at these interactions in yet another way. Let’s look at the darker side of what happens if you don’t have your emotional health on track. When you’re stressed out, when you’re in the middle of anxiety, is it easier or harder for you to think? It ruins your ability to think clearly and it screws up your memory and your focus. It can make you overlook things, notice things or read things wrong even. How many times have you had it when you were so worked up that you read a text message completely wrong? It was never even written there, but you read it and it just went into your mind a certain way and you just went off on it. I know I’ve done it many times. You need that emotional health so that you can think clearly. Not just that but when you have emotional health, it allows you to consider all options.

Remember that emotional baggage comes from your mind trying to protect you, trying to keep you out of trouble or out of harm’s way. What happens if you have baggage that’s preventing you from seeing opportunities because you’re misinterpreting them as threats? You aren’t seeing solutions because you think they might be too risky or too dangerous? Maybe if your emotional baggage is keeping you stuck inside of your comfort zone, even without you knowing it so you’re not even considering all of the possibles. You can’t possibly be thinking at your highest level because you’re cutting things out. You’re not looking at 100% of the data, 100% of the possibilities or opportunities. You need your emotional health in order to be able to fully take advantage of your mental health.

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Once you get through all of this, then you can tap into your spiritual health because spiritual health is one of those interesting things because you can’t necessarily always see it. That’s why a lot of people don’t believe in that because you can’t see it. You can’t touch a spirit. What does spirit tastes like or smell like or look like? You don’t know, but you certainly know what physical health looks like. You know what it feels like to be unhealthy and you hopefully know what it feels like to be healthy. We all know what it feels like to be emotionally frazzled or calm and in control and at peace. We all know what it’s like to sit there and stare at a laptop screen and think like, “I can’t think of the word. I don’t know what I’m doing,” and have an hour go by without you writing anything.

We all know what that’s like. We also know what it’s like to sit down and it just happens. It’s like seeing The Matrix. You just know everything. I could understand everything. I could solve all problems. Greatness just oozes through me and in my fingers through online and social media or whatever I’m writing. We all know what that feels like, but spiritual health that’s a little bit vaguer. You need the first three components to be handled because otherwise your mind will be distracted by them. It will go to the things that are the most immediately obvious and the most jarring, but I consider myself a fairly spiritual person. My spiritual health is very important to me. I do know what it feels like to be inflow or outflow but it’s tricky. I know what it feels like to be connected, not connected.

MMM 54 | Perfect Health
Perfect Health: If you’re treating your body 50% of what you could be, you’re operating off of 50% of the energy.

Sometimes I’m not exactly sure because that’s just how vague it is, but I do think that spiritual health is important for us because I include the search for identity as part of spiritual health. Knowing who you are, knowing why you were born, finding meaning in your life and finding connection within yourself, within other people and within you to life itself. These things are critical for our fulfillment, for happiness and for a progress. I use spirituality as a business growth tool. I attribute it to growing a multi-six figure business off of literally nothing with no marketing at all, not just no budget but no marketing.

I just wouldn’t have this life without my spirituality, but I know that I need to be physically healthy, emotionally healthy and mentally healthy in order to get the most out of my spiritual game. In order to sit down and meditate or get the most out of working with an energy healer. Have my mind to be open enough to think about grand topics as huge things as like, “Why am I here? What’s my purpose? Am I living it? Who am I really? How can I delve into my identity?” You need everything. I hope you’re starting to see when you do have everything, what can open up in your life, what you can accomplish, who can you be? Living at your highest potential incorporates all four of these parts of wellness.

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That is where we can start to see how every other area of your life can completely transform. Having that ability to tap into these parts of you that you may not even be aware if they exist and/or you may not even be aware of how well they can operate when you’re fully taking care of them. You can start to see, if you own a business, how it impacts the bottom line of your business. If you’re in a career, how it impacts your ability to perform at a higher level. In your relationship, how you show up more powerfully and becomes so much more meaningful. Even with your relationship with yourself, how you start to discover and explore and love yourself more fully and what that does for everything else. With all of that being said, it’s such a powerful episode for you. I hope that you are starting to see just how much you’re taking the time to take care of your physical health. Even more importantly, do the emotional work so that you can operate at a higher level mentally and tap into more of your spiritual self and the benefits of doing that in every area of your life.

Your task for this episode is I want you to take a hard look at your wellness in all four of these areas, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and note where you’re doing well. Where your wellness is high? Then also note where it might be improved. Where is the greatest room for improvement here? It might be in physical, it could be in emotional, mental, spiritual or anyone. Pick the one with the greatest room for improvement and then start intentionally improving it. Knowing also that all of them are related to each other. Perhaps maybe your spiritual health has the greatest room for improvement, but you’ve identified that you’ve just haven’t been able to focus on it because maybe your physical health isn’t where it needs to be. Maybe your emotional health isn’t where it needs to be.

Pick up the clues and then start working on it, whether it’s changing your habits, getting a little bit more knowledgeable about what you can do for yourself, buying a book or a program or hiring a coach. Whatever it might be for you to make that improvement, but start thinking about it and create action steps so that you can systematically improve all four areas of wellness by repeating the exercise over and over again. Start it now.

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With that being said, feel free to share with us your transformations. We love hearing about it. If you need support, we’re here for you. A big part of what we do is working with our clients to empower themselves both mentally and emotionally, but even more so how that impacts every other area of their life and business. We’re sending you all so much love and we will see you in the next episode.

One more thing, if you’re digging these episodes, please do us a big favor. Hop on and give us a review. Drop us a five-star review. Let us know what you think, let us know what you want to hear. If there’s some other stuff as well that you’d like us to delve into, if you’ve got any questions, let us know. We want to make sure that we’re sending you the highest quality of information and tools and techniques and strategies or addressing the things that you care about. Let us hear what you have to think. Until next time, ciao.

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Tired of paying for a million different subscriptions? I got you covered! Check the link sis.

Ready to get serious about becoming trauma informed in your business? Get started here!

It’s time to stop relying on sticky notes for project management- Join the ClickUP Gang!

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