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EP #67: What It REALLY Means To Love Yourself

Lately, it seems like everybody’s talking about the importance of self-love. It’s true. It really is the greatest healer and the most important thing in life, the source that all other good things come from. The greater your self-love, the better your life is. But it can also feel like the hardest thing to have or even define. What is self-love, really? Can you really go from hating yourself to loving yourself? What does it take to do that? We answer all these questions and more on this episode.

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What It REALLY Means To Love Yourself

We’re going to be diving into something that’s been very present for a lot of the clients I’ve been working with and, Dan, I know for some of the clients that you’ve been working with as well. This topic that is coming up is around self-love. What it means to embody that sense of self-love from more than just the superficial level of taking care of yourself but truly deeply loving who you are at a core level. We’re going to be exploring with you different ways for you to understand what that actually means, what it looks like, how to embody that, how to embrace that and so much more.

This is, in my opinion, a messed-up subject. I say messed up because society, our culture, what we’re learning in schools about self-love is messed up. It is commonly misinterpreted, misunderstood, and it’s confused with other things. That’s what made it hard for me especially when I was depressed and people said, “You’ve got to love yourself.” I didn’t know what that meant and I didn’t know how to do it. I didn’t even know where to start. It didn’t seem many people had anything practical or applicable that I could use. There’s this constant message of, “You’ve got to love yourself.” It’s almost like people say, “You’ve got to be you.” My response is, “What does that mean?” Me being me doesn’t seem to be working. It’s like, “Love yourself,” and whatever I was trying isn’t working. I have all these obstacles in the way of loving myself.

We’re going to clear all that stuff up for you in this episode. It doesn’t have to be that complicated. It doesn’t have to be that challenging. It doesn’t have to be so far away. I used to think, “I’m so far away from loving myself. I have to do so many things. I have to heal this, that and the other. I have to fix this, that and the other. I have to achieve this, that and the other. My relationships need to be this, that and the other, in order for me to feel like I’m ready to love myself,” and that’s not true. You can start it now when you have the right understanding of what it is. That’s why we’re excited to dig into this so that there’s no more waiting for you. You get to love yourself starting now.

What we’re starting reference and what we’re starting to tap into is coming from a place. Oftentimes what you see and what you’re taught is, “If I do this behavior, if I do this thing, then I get acknowledgment, love or admiration from parents or friends or whatever it is.” From an early age, we’re conditioned to believe that our lovability, our enoughness, and our worthiness comes from our actions versus recognizing the deeper truth that it’s a sense of who we are. It’s actually something that we’re innately born with. What we want to explore here is starting to move from the external validation of feeling like you need this, that or the other, similar with what Dan’s mentioning, to internalizing and recognizing your absolute worthiness, your lovability or enoughness as you are and starting to expand upon that.

I want to stress what you said, Sophie. It’s one of those things that people will say that they know. “I know I can achieve my way into happiness. I know that I don’t have to wait until a certain level of success before I can really love myself.” People’s behaviors contradict to that. I’ve seen this so many times, first of all in myself, I used to say this stuff too but with all of my clients. “I know I don’t need to achieve in order to do this. I can’t achieve my way into self-love but I’m not happy because I’m not earning this much. I’m not happy because I don’t have this relationship. I don’t have the number of clients that I want. I’m not living in the home that I want. I’m not happy.” It’s the same thing. If you find yourself thinking these thoughts, that is the same exact thing as saying, “I’m going to put my happiness and self-love on hold until I have an income that warrants it.” It’s okay if that’s how you feel, it’s perfectly fine. I’m not saying this to make you wrong. What I’m saying is to bring up a mirror to you and say that you don’t have to wait.

Sophie was saying it’s not about externals. I live in LA and there are plenty of multimillionaires who hate themselves. Clearly, it’s not about how much money you make or the size of your home or whatever you drive. I see a lot of people out there with gorgeous partners and they’ll put on a happy face. When you speak to them, they hate each other, they hate themselves and it’s not working out. It’s just because they are constantly seeking something else to validate them. They’re seeking validation from their partners. They’re seeking validation from their parents. They’re seeking validation from their friends, community, people in the same workspace or whatever.

You can reverse that and understand that you are worthy of love first of all because you’re alive. You are worthy of love, not because of what you do but because of who you are. You can make this something that you are allowed to have this self-love thing anywhere you are, no matter what you do, what you’re achieving, how many times you failed. No matter if you have $1 billion in the bank or you have one that you deserve self-love because you exist. That needs to really sink into your world so that you can love yourself through the challenges of being an entrepreneur.

I want to just emphasize this deep sense of you internalizing the fact that this is who you are. This is the piece of you that has always been there and that has always existed. Recognize that the more that you start to step into the internal aspects of loving who you are, the quicker that you’re actually able to manifest, create, cultivate, call in, or attract the external reality that you’re wanting to create. You’re moving with the current versus against it. I’m sure many of you have experienced this when you’re feeling out of alignment, you’re feeling like emotionally not matching up with what you’re experiencing or what you’re wanting to cultivate for instance. You’re feeling a lot of lack in your life, a lot of unworthiness, a lot of you’re not deserving. These are the emotions that are present for you. In your external reality, you see that there is “not enough” money in your bank account. You’re either alone or you don’t have the partner that you would like to call in. You’re finding that you don’t feel as happy with what you have going on.

Every single day you’re taking action from this place of feeling this lack, fear, scarcity, unworthiness and because of that, you’re having to push. You’re having to force, you’re having to work that much harder to try to create and try to call in something that is of a different frequency than what you’re currently living at. That is possible. It’s just going to require so much more work. What we want to teach you here is how to actually make this easy for yourself and knowing that it is easy, it can be easy, it can be effortless in the sense that you first doing the internal work. You’re learning to consistently raise and increase your vibrational frequency to these emotional states of love, joy, abundance, gratitude, and grace is what will allow you to match the vibrational frequency of the duality that you’re wanting to cultivate.

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What is this self-love thing? The way that I like to view it is that each one of us is tapped in and is made up of the infinite cosmic consciousness that is in everything, flows through everything and has created everything. This cosmic consciousness, call it the universe, call it God, call it whatever, we all have a part of that amazing energy in us. Because of that, there is no way that you can be undeserving of something. That part of you, that is that cosmic consciousness, that is that universal energy, that wisdom. If you want to call it a soul or you want to call it star stuff or whatever, that is everything. It is a part of everything, it is connected to everything and it’s impossible for you to not be deserving the best in life because you are life. You are connected to it. It is a part of you, you are a part of it. You can’t be separated.

There’s no way to say, “That person deserves abundance, love, wealth of all forms and all the stuff but I don’t.” That implies that you’re different and you’re not. None of us are different. We’re all the same. We’re all different features or aspects of the same great cosmic organism. That keeps on bumping into each other. That just keeps on bumping into itself. There’s no possible way for anybody to deserve more or less than anyone else and that includes you. That cosmic energy that surrounds everything is love.

You have to tap in and realize that that’s what it is. There is a big difference between the self-love we’re talking about and the self-love that is projected out or is understood by most people, which is self-love is looking at yourself and thinking that every single thing you see is the best ever. It is essentially saying that you think that you’re perfect. That’s not what self-love is at all. It’s closer to the idea of perfectly imperfect knowing that because you’re tapped into the universe, to this cosmic energy, that you can’t be a mistake. It’s not like the batch went wrong, the recipe screwed up when it got to you. These imperfections, the things that you might view as flaws are actually parts of you that are there to help you become even greater, to help you evolve even more. The first step is accepting that it’s okay to have them.

I had a buddy of mine who said that he can every once in a while, get paranoid and he used to hate that of himself. That’s not it, you don’t have to get rid of the paranoia in order to love yourself. He says he can love himself through it. He knows that when he gets paranoia, that it’s a part of him being expressed. It’s pointing him to somewhere in his life or environment, relationships, whatever. That could be healed, evolved, or expressed. He sees it as a part of them and that’s a beautiful part of them. It’s who he is and so he can say at the same time that he didn’t like the experience of being paranoid. He doesn’t enjoy it, it’s not something he looks forward to and at the same time he can accept it and realize that he is a beautiful creature, an amazing creation, and an expression of the universe. He can accept it and love himself with the paranoia. You could do the same thing with your flaws as well. You don’t have to be perfect for you to love yourself.

This is really what we’re wanting to expand upon that. It’s this process of surrendering to what is versus trying to create what you think it should be based off of whatever paradigm or beliefs that you’ve been exposed to over your lifetime. It’s surrendering to the fact that this is what it is, how can I fully accept and embrace all of that in this present moment and fully become present with what is here and enjoy it, even if it’s not necessarily the most exhilarating experience. There will be moments when you experienced moments or sadness, anxiety or whatever is there and being aware of that. Knowing that there’s a gift in that and that there is always a gift in the shadow. That’s what we want you to start to experience so that you can start to make space for what it is you want to cultivate. Knowing that already exists for you because it is you, it’s you choosing to see yourself in that light.

MMM 67 | Love Yourself
Love Yourself: The more that you start stepping into the internal aspects of loving who you are, the quicker that you’re actually able to manifest, cultivate, and attract the external reality that you’re wanting to create.

There are so many things in my world now that I used to hate, that I used to see as flaws. They’re still there. They haven’t changed. When I was a kid, I used to hate being called a weirdo. When people say I’m weird, it hurts so much because all I wanted to do is fit in. I saw the flaws or the things that made me different as bad. I didn’t appreciate them. I didn’t accept them. They were bad because that’s how I felt about them. That’s how they manifested in my life. I felt that all of these things that I was born in Israel raised in New Jersey, I felt like an outcast my entire life. I had suffered from depression nearly all of my life, that my interests and all of the ways that I express myself are totally different than everybody else’s. All these things are still there. In fact, if there’s anything that happened, they intensified. If there’s anything, I am weirder now than I’ve ever been in my entire life. I am so different from everybody. The only difference is I’ve learned self-love. I’ve learned to accept those parts of me. I’ve learned that these can actually be amazing parts.

Now, I have a business that’s formed around it. I make more money than I ever have because of this. I’ve simply learned to love myself through it. These flaws that I used to see are now my strengths. I want to stress it, nothing has changed except for my ability to accept my flaws that they exist and that I am perfectly imperfect. I’m a beautiful creature despite these things and then it evolved. I actually deeply appreciate these things and I’m teaching other people how to have these things. People are coming to me and be, “Teach me how to be a weirdo like you. Let’s do this.” You can have that same evolution. These flaws that you see in the mirror every day could be your greatest strengths. Sophie said, “There are gifts in the shadows.”

What if the things that you currently see as your biggest flaws could easily evolve into giving you your greatest strengths? Being the story that lights a fire in your audience, that helps you evolve into a truly powerful version of yourself that is so powerful, that you change the people you interact with because of the flaws that you see. Play with that for a moment in your mind and you might not be able to see it directly in terms of how do you get from one to the other. What if that future is possible? Feel into that, see yourself there, play with it as if it’s a dream and then get to know that feeling. I guarantee you, that future is possible for you when you move through self-love.

I want to adjust this because it’s something that comes very present when clients are starting to explore this. They’re starting to explore these different aspects of themselves that maybe they haven’t yet learned how to embrace or how to love. Oftentimes what comes up are these emotions of anger. We’re angry that this is the way things are, that we’re not where we want to be. There’s fear around moving into it or there’s fear around accepting it. What I want to touch on here is when you’re experiencing these emotions like anger and fear, it’s the fruit of what’s going on but it’s not the root. These other emotions are actually coming up because there is resistance to what is. When you’re feeling anger, what is it that you’re not in congruence with or that you’re not willing to receive, accept and surrender to?

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If you were to choose to soften into your anger, instead of projecting outwards to start to dive in. Oftentimes you’ll find is there a sense of sadness there, there’s a sense of some dis-congruency, where there’s a part of you that are wanting to be seen. That’s when you start to actually become a match because you’re no longer fighting. You’re no longer living in resistance but you’re living in flow. You’re living in a state where, “This is who I am. This is the way I am.” Instead of being angry or frustrated with who you are, why you are or how life has been, you surrender to it, you love it, you accept it, and you embrace it. From that, you’re no longer fighting with yourself but instead, you’re in flow with life and with this way that everything has been so perfectly and divinely designed for you.

Remember, having something perfectly designed for you doesn’t mean it’s always going to feel immediately amazing because we are myopic. We don’t see what’s going to happen. My buddy who is experiencing these bouts of paranoia, that paranoia could lead him to have thoughts, developing connections or exploring something in himself that creates another boom in any area of life, health, relationships, and business. If he just looks at, “Paranoia is bad, I’m going to resist this. I’m not going to accept that this is a part of me,” then he wouldn’t open himself up to those beautiful gifts that are heading his way. For you to realize that there is a beautiful plan in front of you, it’s not always going to be easy, no bumps on the road, no challenges, no struggles and that’s what a divine plan is.

It’s probably the opposite. It’s probably going to be a lot harder than you think. It’s going to be full of bumps on the road. It’s going to be full of hurdles, challenges, and struggles because that’s what life is. That’s where the joy of life is. That’s why a lot of times that’s where your “flaws” can mutate into your strengths. They can evolve and you can see how amazing those flaws can be. You’re probably going to see it after the fact in terms of, “This is how it helped me. This is actually where it worked out.” The beautiful thing is if you know that it’s going to happen after the fact, then you can assume that it will happen after the fact. You just assume that it’s going to be so you can exhume it now.

People are like, “In five years, none of this shit will matter.” If you know that in five years you’re going to look at today’s challenges and you’re going to laugh at them, start laughing now. You don’t even need to know what you’re laughing at. It’s not important. The important thing is that you’re taking things even lighter. You’re accepting them, you’re flowing with them, you’re loving yourself through them and you’re realizing that you can honor yourself at any time in this process. It doesn’t need to be easy. It doesn’t need to be given to you. It doesn’t need to feel like a miracle in order for you to honor yourself.

Honoring yourself, I use that in the sense of self-love in action. Self-love in my definition is what you feel, honoring is the action behind it and it’s how you show up. It’s what you do as a result of the self-love that you feel. This is also very different than selfishness. Let’s be very clear about this because a lot of people will think, “If I truly love myself, I truly honor myself, that means I’m going to have to pay a lot more attention to myself and that’s going to be selfish. I have a family, I have people to think about. I have a business,” all these excuses that can come up. That is totally bogus because everything that you do comes from the way that you honor yourself.

MMM 67 | Love Yourself
Love Yourself: Instead of being angry or frustrated with who you are, you surrender to it, love it, accept it and you embrace it.

The success that you experienced comes from the ways that you honor yourself. The way that you show up, that’s actually how you can devote even more energy to other people. When Sophie was saying, the surface level is self-care. If you don’t take care of yourself how are you going to take care of other people? You won’t have the energy to. If you don’t honor yourself, how will you have the energy? How will you have the space to honor someone else in the way that you want to in the way that they deserve? Self-love is the exact opposite of selfishness. It is giving you comfort, safety, space, and the strength to show up and give other people and serve other people, to honor other people. Giving some time, money, space and thought to how to honor yourself, show up and show yourself that you love yourself. Put it into practice is the exact opposite of selfishness.

I want to emphasize this because it’s such an important concept that is so easily misconstrued, especially for those coaches out there that have all the tools in their toolbox, to go ahead and get themselves to change their state or not feel what you’re feeling. The more that you can learn to embrace your lows as much as you love your highs, when you can start to see these experiences, the depth of them and recognize that they’re actually here to evolve you, to help you expand and step into this higher version of yourself, you can start to embrace them with more joy. Recognize that there is such a gift to this. There’s such profanity in the fact that you’re evolving through this process and these lows are going to propel you to a level that you’ve never yet been to before. The more that you can start to see that, knowing that these moments, even the moments that aren’t so fun, socialized interpretation of fantastic and start to see them, recognize them, and say, “There’s a gift in this.”

This is evolving you. This is helping me expand. This is helping you shift into that next level. How can I nourish, embrace this, love myself through it and honor what it is I need? What I’ll share with all of you in this piece, especially for myself personally over the last six months, it’s been this process of healing this adrenal fatigue. My body has been burning out from pushing too hard for too long and neglecting that self-care. There’s always more to get done. There’s always more to do. What’s been interesting is the more that I’ve slowed down, sat with my feelings, allowed myself to fully what I call emotionally detox, meaningfully expressing, releasing whatever is present. Starting to move through those emotions, starting to feel them, starting to actually take the time to nurture me, to do the journaling, to do the meditation, to be in my own essence. It’s incredible how quickly everything else in my external reality has shifted with that. Things are happening in such crazy synchronistic ways and I’m doing so much less.

The effort that I have to put in is amplified because I’m operating from an amplified emotional state. When I’m operating from this place of fully embodying and knowing what is intuitively right and what is instinctively needs to be done. I only have to do those specific things and anything else that’s not in congruence or not in alignment with that, it falls away. Instead of spending your time and energy trying to force things, trying to make things happen, trying to do all of these things that don’t support you in the direction you’re wanting to grow to, you can spend that time nurturing yourself, taking care of yourself, honoring and loving yourself. Get yourself in this high vibrational state and then take a line strategic action from that place that allows you to amplify and enhance what you’re actually able to create from that because it’s so much more potent.

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This is essentially how I built my entire business. I don’t know why I have not become a manifestation coach yet. I feel like that’s going to be down the road a little bit. I created an entire business off of loving the shit out of myself. I don’t really do anything. I only serve my clients, I don’t do much marketing. I don’t do advertising. I consistently work on self-love to the point that I’m aligned with my goals. I resonate with the energy that I want to bring in and clients come out of nowhere all the time. I’ve worked less than half of the month so far. I keep on taking days or two days at a time off, to go do other things that make me feel amazing. I’m going to earn more than I ever have, like a lot more. This is possible.

Let’s bring this down to a little bit more practical of a level. When I refer to self-love, how to improve your self-love, work on self-love or honor yourself, what I’m talking about is activities that allow you to either increase the amount that you accept yourself. See your true value or increase the value that you see within yourself. Increase your deservedness, so your worthiness to either fully embrace that you’re worth having everything that you want in your life or at least increase the amount you feel you deserve and that you’re worthy of, and how that shows up.

Any activity that allows you to even make a step forward in these areas will not only improve your self-love, your experience of yourself but also be immediately translatable to your business. When you’re hopping on an enrollment call, a sales call with someone else, if self-love isn’t there, if you don’t honor yourself, that means that you don’t see your true value or you don’t believe that you deserve what you want, you don’t think that you’re worth having it, then you’re either not going to close the sale. You won’t enroll your client, which is a shame for your client as well because they’re missing out on your amazing services. You may undercut yourself, maybe you won’t charge as much as you should be, which by the way is not just your issue, it is your client’s issue as well.

The more skin they put into the game, the better the results are that they’re going to get. When you undercut yourself because you don’t have the self-love to support, charging what you really are worth not only are you hurting your business but you’re hurting your client. It’s a lose-lose. When you love yourself enough to say, “These are my rates and I know that they’re expensive. I know they are what they are but they’re worth it because I’m worth it and you’re worth it. I would never do the crime of charging you less, reducing the value that you get from this.”

When you stand in that self-love and you honor yourself, then you’re going to have the strength probably to raise your rates and show up even more powerfully. Realize that you don’t have to be perfect in order to have a beautiful business. You don’t have to be perfect in order to be a coach. I’m a life coach. I have tons of problems. I’ve got challenges up the wazoo. I’m frustrated almost every single day by something but I love the shit out of it, I love the process and I love myself. I show up every single day and I show up for my clients every single day. When they asked me why I’m so expensive and working with me is expensive it’s because I’m worth it and so are they. My rates are going to go up really soon for the same reasons. When we get online, I have so much love for me that I can spill it on to you. We can form an amazing team and that’s where beautiful results come from. That’s also where income, testimonials, and referrals come from. You see how honoring yourself can actually be translated very quickly into a stunning career.

MMM 67 | Love Yourself
Love Yourself: If self-love isn’t there, if you don’t honor yourself, then you won’t see your true value and believe that you deserve what you want.

To touch on this as well, from a practical standpoint having worked with over a hundred different women, growing and scaling their businesses to multiple six figures. Some of them have even been on track to hit seven figures. The strategy, systems, framework, and structure are always the same. What’s interesting is the results that differ between the clients. The biggest determining factor that I’ve seen after working with so many different women, industries, audiences, and so many different niches is always the same. It’s their ability, their willingness to show up to honor, love themselves and to be with themselves through the process. The more that you feel in alignment, integrity and fully embodied in all that you are not being this perfect image but embracing yourself and wholeness and your divine wholeness. That is what allows you to amplify what these systems, strategies, and frameworks are there to give you. That is how you take who you are and turn it into something amazing, something incredibly profitable, something that allows you to increase not just your income.

That’s fantastic but the feedback that I always get when my clients start soaring past these multiple six-figure months and some are even on track to hit seven-figures is how they feel in their body, how they feel in their life. Constantly living in a state of flow and abundance even when things aren’t perfect and that is where real self-love kicks in. That is you embodying and embracing your self-love, which will then create and cultivate that in your external reality, especially in your business. If you have the systems, strategy and the structural ready, it’s time to start getting into deeper inner work. Learn how to love and embody your higher self, who you be. Accept all of it in your wholeness in your divinity.

I’ve got actually two tasks for you. This topic is so freaking big and important. I want you to start making progress on this and growing with it. I want to see your whole world pop off with this. It is a lifelong thing because you will always improve in self-love and you’re always going to find different ways to expand and grow it. Task number one, I want you to sit down and write a list of all of your flaws on one side of the paper. Divide it in half and one side is going to be flaws and you’re going to write them down. After you’re done writing all of them down, you’re going to label the other half. You can either write benefits, you can write evolution, you can write learnings lessons. What you’re going to do is stretch your mind. You’re going to look at all your flaws and you’re going to write down as many different ways that each flaw could eventually turn out to be a strength. You could ask yourself, “How could this flaw show up in my life to teach me something? What could this be pushing me to learn that’s beneficial for me? What could this be pushing me to accept, embrace or love that is beneficial for me?” You’re going to empty out and push yourself to get creative. When you’re thinking about, “How could this become a strength?” You don’t need to know how.

Forget about the middleman and how you’re going to get from point A to point B. Think of point A is the flaw, point B as the success in the flaw, the gift in the flaw. You’re going to write all of them down for every single one of those flaws and then what you’re going to do is look at that list. Beautify the list, make a poster or put it on your phone but I want you to look that list regularly until your mind starts associating the gift with the flaw and then simply assumes that they’re the same. Your flaws are your gifts that your flaws are your strengths. There is no process to move one to the other, they simply are the same.

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The other task, you’re going to start increasing the amount that you deserve. Start off with where you’re at. I’m going to explain this in terms of money but you could do this in terms of a relationship. You could do this in terms of health. You could turn this in terms of anything. You write down what you feel you deserve now. Let’s say you feel like you deserve six figures, let’s say $100,000 and that’s a comfortable thing for you. If I said, “Do you deserve $200,000?” Your mind goes, “No.” “What about $150,000?” Your mind goes, “No.” “$120,000?” “Okay,” so then get used to $120,000 and come up with all the reasons you deserve $120,000, all of them. All the reasons why you deserve $120,000 and get used to it.

Review that list regularly every day for a little bit so you get really comfortable with it and then notch it up. Maybe it’s $120,100 and write all the list of why you deserve that and then notch it up a little bit. $120,200, $120,300 and creep your way up bit by bit writing all the reasons why you deserve it and waiting. Reviewing the list over and over until you’re comfortable waiting until you’re comfortable with that amount and then notch it up a little bit. Keep on going until eventually you look at your list and you’re thinking, “Why do I deserve $10 billion, $100 million?” You’re like, “You’re all the reason why I deserve all of that.”

Why do you deserve the best in life? Because you do. I promise you do and you just need to see that. When we try big jumps, these big leaps, it can get a little challenging. If you’re going from, “I deserve $100,000 to I deserve $1 million.” It might be too much for the mind but if you baby step it, then you’ll eventually get there. The more you believe you deserve, the more you’ll have. When you start seeing that you can manifest these beautiful synchronicities, opportunities, and possibilities simply because you know that you deserve them, your life is going to be forever changed. You’ll never be able to go back.

Give yourself permission and create the space to explore this work, to love yourself. Doing this practice is you loving yourself, honor yourself in that way and share with us. Tag us on Instagram, Facebook, we love hearing your stories. We got to a message from somebody and I cried reading it. Know that you doing this work is where the juice is in life. It is where the magic happens. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to connect with us, to tune in and for honoring yourself. We appreciate we acknowledge you for doing the work. Thank you so much, sending you each so much love and we will see you all on the next episode.

If you enjoyed this episode, share this out and leave us a review on iTunes. Let us know that you loved it. Share with the people that you care about, spread the love, work on this with each other. Let us know. These messages, people have been hitting us up on Facebook, Instagram and telling us how they’ve changed their lives in the most amazing ways and not just small ways. There were a couple of people who hit us up because of this podcast, quit their day jobs to follow their dreams, to create their own businesses, to make the changes that they have always been wanting to do but never felt the strength or never felt that deservedness or worth to do it. They’re living their dreams. Let us know if you had shifts. We love these stories. It feeds us, it nourishes our souls and it lets us know that we’re doing the right thing for you. Please hit us up, we love it all. Until the next episode, get into that self-love, love yourself, and we’ll see you next time.

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