EP #72: How To Get To The Next Level Of Success In Your Biz (Part 1)

What got you to earning $5k per month isn’t going to get you to $10k per month, and certainly not to $20k. If you want to up-level in business, you’re going to need different business and mindset strategies. You’re going to have to grow in new ways, take different types of risks, and push yourself way out of your comfort zone. You probably know that, but figuring out exactly what you need to change, how, and when could take you years to figure out on your own. This episode is a massive shortcut. Join us to get a roadmap to the next level of your success.

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How To Get To The Next Level Of Success In Your Biz (Part 1)

We’re going to talk about getting to the next level of success. What does it take? What does it take from you? What does it take from a team, if you’ve got one, what does it take from your marketing, from all different perspectives? By the end of this episode, you should have a clear path to the next level in your business, whatever that means for you.

I’m so excited to be diving in with you on this. We’re going to start to integrate more of the strategy that comes along with growing and scaling. Operating inside of your business as an entrepreneur, while also making sure that we’re fully addressing and tackling the internal shifts that go along with that. As many of you are well-aware, you can’t grow a business if you’re not growing yourself. The term that I always love to use is that your business will only evolve to the capacity of which you first evolved yourself. You can have the best strategies in the world but if you’re not at the place where you need to be as an emotional human being, then those strategies will not work nearly as well as they could be once you’ve evolved yourself internally. We’re going to be taking on both angles of this. Addressing how you can have the right strategies systems in place but more importantly in having those, how you can evolve yourself so that you can do it from a place of ease, where it’s effortless, where it feels good for you. You’re not having massive resistance around that next step of growing and scaling while also having a clear step-by-step process on how to get there.

It is very easy for us to get trapped in trying to improve external things. Things that we can see, things that give us immediate feedback such as our marketing. We think that we want more clients, we want more money, we need to have better marketing and we need to have better business systems. It’s easy to think that because they’re in the world of the tangible. Frankly, it’s a lot easier to do that stuff. However, realize that everything you do, all of your communications, whether you’re willing to risk things, bet on yourself, make big moves, change things, whether you show up powerfully vulnerable, whether you allow people into your heart, you’re heart-led, whether you’re still feeling the resistance of fear, all of that comes from your emotional system.

It comes from your unconscious mind. The success you do in anything comes from the way that you think. You can use the same strategy over and over again but as you do the inner work, those strategies will become even more effective. That’s the difference between entrepreneurs who are making $1 million a year and entrepreneurs using the same strategies making $100,000 a year or less. We’re going to give you both sides of these and I know it might be easy to lean into, “I’m going to do the marketing stuff out of this episode. That’s easy. I can do that. I don’t have to look into myself; I don’t have to do the inner work. I don’t have to face fears or beliefs or anything like that,” but please honor yourself. Make sure you do both the inner work and the outer work. That’s the way to get to the next level as fast as possible and have it be easeful without freaking out every step along the way.

Let’s pull some scenarios for where some of you might be in your business or in your lives. I know for a lot of the clients that I worked with, you’ve reached a certain level of success. You’re working with clients, things are working as long as you’re working. You’re able to attract people but it takes a lot of effort and a lot of energy on your end to get these clients. You’re also noticing sometimes that they’re not always the yummiest clients to be working with. Inside of this process, you’re probably experiencing, “I have a certain level of success but I feel it should be feeling better at this point. I want to feel better about what I’m doing.”

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Part of that also is how can I possibly get to making it probably the scenarios you’re around, that six-figure mark. You probably hit your first $100,000 year and you’re thinking to yourself, “If it takes this much energy and this much time for me to maintain this level of success, how am I ever going to be able to manage that level of success at $1 million company or whatever else it is?” There are two things that are going on here. Number one, the way that you’re operating inside of the business. Number two, the internal conflicts that you’re mostly experiencing around growing, scaling and not seeing the possibility for you to actually have more spaciousness and more ease as you scale.

As you’re thinking about that, it’s important to know that as your business grows and as you grow, the way that you work will change. The way that you operate will change. The caliber of client you work with will change. For example, if you doubled your rates, the clients who you would be working with would be completely different. The people who would be able to afford that higher rate will be on a completely different level. Sophie was saying, you’re working with clients and it’s a lot of energy to get them results, a lot of energy to service them and it’s a drain. By the end of the day of seeing four or five clients, you’re a puddle on the floor. Know that when you up-level yourself and you start charging more, that one variable will completely change the clients who will work with you.

You’re going to find them being even more dedicated. They’ll put even more energy in it. They’ll be even more fun. They’ll be used to working on themselves, solving problems and they’ve probably worked with coaches before, which means that it will be even more fun and easier for you. You’ll have even more energy, not to mention the pressures of getting clients will reduce. You’ll need half the number of clients to achieve the same wealth. You can see how doing these even one shift, it’s a number. You haven’t done anything else different in your business. You’re charging more, yet it can completely change your entire world. When I said, “What happens if you doubled your rates?” and your butthole tightened up a little bit, that means there is some inner work that needs to be done.

You have to make some internal shifts. You must shift who you are, who you see yourself to be in order to make that shift. Remember that’s one variable. There are many and that could change your entire life. If you wanted to stay at the same income, that means you get to work half the time. There are ways that by making these internal shifts, you can make things easier. It’s not in order to make $1 million if you’re at $100,000 that you’re going to have to work ten times as hard, a hundred times as hard or a million times as hard. That’s not how it works. Let’s open our mind and realize that things can actually be easier as we make even more money. They don’t have to get harder.

Tune into how your body is reacting and responding because that’s going to give you insight into where there’s resistance inside of you. Even though logically you’re, “I want to do that.” Pay attention to where there’s any resistance, where there’s any fear or where there’s any disbelief of possibility. That’s going to give you insight on where that internal shift needs to happen. The external strategy will only be as well implemented as you are as well integrated internally. We always want to make sure that the internal piece is first there before you execute on the external strategy. Otherwise, it’s going to be a lot of cleaning up later.

With that being said, we’re also talking about growing and scaling. Raising your price is obviously one of the quickest ways to go ahead and start to increase the amount of profit you’re making. I know for a lot, you’re out of place where you’re at the capacity with clients. I know for a lot of coaches especially, you’ve been working with a lot of one-on-one clients and that’s been your model to this point. In your mind it’s, “I raise my prices but even then, I’m still at a cap as far as how many hours I can work. How many clients I can take on with the money that I’m making.” There’s that variable there.

Here’s a possibility that I’d love for you to explore and to tap into and to feel where the resistance lies. There are a few different pieces I’m going to take on. Number one, the possibility of you instead of having one-on-one services, being able to step into the possibility of having more of an intimate high touch group experience, where you can actually serve more people in less time and have more time on your agenda. This is one of the first strategies when we’re talking about scaling specifically for coaches or mentorship of any type, being able to move from that one-on-one model into more of that group experience. I can guarantee that there are probably some of you out there thinking, “That doesn’t work for my business model or that doesn’t work for what I do.”

My curiosity would be around, “What part of you is feeling resistance and feeling it’s not possible for you? What part of you is feeling you can’t actually create the same results in a group dynamic that you can in one-on-one? Where are the fears inside of that or the disconnect?” Having done this many times, having so many clients making this pivot as they’re growing and as they’re scaling. It’s more than possible with many different types of industries, niches and whatever services that you’re providing. It’s learning how to do it in a way that’s appropriate. More importantly, you’re learning how to step into a leadership role where you can hold space for multiple people at one time and learn how to appropriately facilitate that type of transformation or that type of evolution.

I used to have this same resistance myself. I used to think, “I’m a life coach. I help people with very intimate problems or challenges and these things are very personal. We’re very vulnerable with this work. How could I ever do this as a leveraged program, where I work with many people at the same time?” It was a big mental and emotional hurdle. I had to change the way that I saw myself and my services. The beautiful thing is now that I do these group coaching programs, my clients get amazing results because they work in a group environment. They have input from everybody else. They work with each other, they support each other. They hear each other’s questions and see how I work with them and how they work with each other. All of that increases the value that they get from this and speeds up their transformations. It is that perception switch that I’m fairly certain any career, any business can have an element of it that is a mastermind or some group program, where you can make the most out of your time and still help everyone.

A big part of this too is if you’re reading this blog, then I know that you’re somebody who genuinely gives a crap about the work that you do. You genuinely care about people, otherwise, you wouldn’t resonate with Dan and I. It’s also coming from the perspective of you can only impact so many people when you’re only doing one-on-one work. If you want to have a bigger impact in the world, you need to get into the mindset of growing and scaling, of being able to reach more people in less time and are having a team that supports you in reaching more people so that you’re not the only person delivering that message. This is also probably something that there’s a little fear inside of their around team and scaling and what that means. Before I even dive into this, Dan, I’d love for you to share what were some of the thoughts or the fears or the resistance that were coming up for you when you first encountered the idea of moving from one-on-one to group?

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Let me open this Pandora’s box back up. I was doing a lot at the same time when I first started doing group programs. I was in the process of truly finding my identity as a coach, sinking into myself and finding out where my real value was and is. Back then when I first started doing it, when coaches would see me, I’d still be businessy; I had black shoes, slacks, tucked-in business shirt and that wasn’t me at all. Finding who I was and the value that I could offer was a big step of that. I don’t even know if I was seeing anybody virtually back then. I had everybody coming to see me because I figured that that’s what they wanted, that’s what’s needed.

I had my wires crossed where it’s, “They want to contact with me but it didn’t necessarily have to be in person.” That’s not it. You didn’t come to see me because of my clothes. That wasn’t it either. I’m in jeans and a black t-shirt, no shoes, mostly barefoot. Sitting cross-legged on the couch, that’s how I do coaching. It’s in my apartment or it’s virtual. I had to break out of a lot of the rules that I had in my mind of what a life coach was and what people wanted from me. What did serving my clients mean? I had to figure all of that stuff out. As I did, I was also raising my rates significantly.

That was maybe the first time where I doubled my rates overnight. I had to clear out a lot of the resistance and the questions of value, enough-ness, do I bring enough to the table? What do I offer my clients that they would pay that much? When I started working on those, it became apparent to me that I offer an enormous amount of value to my clients, way more than I had been giving myself credit for. As I started learning about that within myself, the possibility of doing a group program emerged. I realized that I had so much to give in so many different ways. It would be an incredible experience for someone to be a part of a group program with me.

Working with other people is something that I could do well. I had to search for that inside of me realizing, “I can handle a big group of people. I can help them all even if they have different goals or coming from different backgrounds. I can help each and every one of them in a way that feels wholesome and good for me is supportive for them and applicable to whoever’s listening.” It’s almost a Tony Robbins workshop where he sits there and he processes people but people in the audience get breakthroughs because we’re all humans. We’re all part of the same thing and your problem is probably mine. Your challenge is mine and so your breakthroughs are also mine.

I never had that in me. I didn’t see myself as someone who could do that. I never saw myself as someone who could potentially be on a stage in front of hundreds of people, which by the way I did in my own three-day event. I had to have an identity up-level for me to be able to do that too. It’s all a progression. You say how it goes from one-on-ones, “This is my value, this is who I am and this is what I’m capable of.” I did some inner work on all of that, changed my identity to say, “Actually, I am a leader.” I can see myself in front of tons of people with every single person there totally captivated having their own beautiful evolutionary experience. That went to online working with groups of ten, twenty people and then evolved even further as I kept on expanding myself into doing an event with 200 people in the audience. You can do that too. It’s not I’m in any way special in that regard. It’s that evolution of who you see yourself to be, how you show up and what you think you can offer the world, how you see your value. That’s going to be the determining factor of whether you can pull this off correctly or not.

I want to emphasize this because it goes to show the strategy is the easy part. The hard part is doing the internal work because it’s very simple for me to sit here and say, “You’re at capacity with your one-on-one clients. The next thing for you to do is stepping into doing more of a group model.” Obviously there’s a little bit more that goes into the structure of it but more importantly, you’re going to come up to with all of these stories around it, all of this perception, all these limiting beliefs and it’s not going to be as effective or some other belief that you’ve got. That’s more so of, “Let’s hold up the mirror and see what’s present for you, where this resistance and those blocks are?”

This is the powerful work that Dan does in getting clear for you. What is that identity shift that you need to step into? Here’s the truth for any of you that are out of place. You’re happy, it’s decent but you know there’s so much more that you could be getting to, there’s so much more that you could be doing. There are so many more people you can be impacting and so much more profit you could make, not because you’re money hungry from that place but more so because you know that abundance is your birthright. You know that in having more financial abundance you have more of an ability to impact the world with what it is you’re here to do.

What worked to get you from where you were previously to where you are is not going to be what works to get you to whatever that next level is for you. Whether you’re going from $100,000 to $500,000 or whether you’re going from $50,000 to $100,000 or $100,000 to especially $1 million. These are completely different mindsets, completely different identities and has a completely different uplevel of who you are as a human being. There’s an evolutionary process that needs to happen inside of that. This is what I find over and over again with my clients, the strategy tends to often be the thing that is the mirror for the internal work that needs to happen.

Once we start looking at, “Here’s the strategy that we need to put in place,” then we start to see where the client is resistant, where they’re not implementing, where they’re procrastinating, where they’re self-sabotaging. If the strategy isn’t working for them, it’s not that the strategy doesn’t work because it does. What part of them is feeling incongruence or is not feeling at its level of wholeness or at its level of feeling it’s ready to step into that next phase? Yes, you need to have the right strategies in place. I’m not going to downplay that. You do. More importantly, you also need to have the right identity in place. That’s exactly what Dan’s talking about. It’s you up-leveling who you are as a human being and shifting what it is you believe about yourself but what you believe about what’s possible for you. More importantly, what are those unconscious beliefs around what it would actually mean for you to grow and to scale to that next level?

There are a lot of strategies that I could help with my client. A lot of the times I’ve had clients quadrupling their income without doing a thing differently. It’s by finding where they were getting inside of their own way and where they were protecting themselves from their own success and eliminating that unconsciously. That allows all the strategies to work even better. One of the ways that I like to think about it, I had a client who was learning all the strategies of how to network like a pro because networking can be very powerful. A lot of people who have made multiple six figures and all they did was network. That was it, they didn’t do anything else. This client wanted to do that. She was reading books about what to say and going to charisma workshops. Going to all of these websites, books and everything, what to say, how to ask, how to remember people’s names, all these strategies. Do you know what the problem was? She couldn’t get herself to network. She would go into a room full of tons of people and would want to hide under a table. She did not have the right identity to match with a level of success that she wanted. Think about where you are and where you are in life. Who do you see yourself to be and how much money you’re making?

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If you have a model, if you have someone in your life who’s earning ten times more than you, think about who they are and what they believe about themselves. How they see life, how they see money, how they see themselves, how they see their businesses? If you don’t have someone you know like that, imagine it. Imagine what Tony Robbins thinks about himself. Imagine what Warren Buffett thinks about himself. Think about these incredible entrepreneurs who are making billions and then see if you can find the differences between how they believe in themselves or how they see themselves and how you do. The most common areas that I see of people getting in their own way of success are within deservedness.

We all say that we deserve to get to the next level because that’s what we’re supposed to think. That’s what feels good to think about it. It’s a lot harder to admit you don’t believe you deserve it. That could be it. Worthiness, you don’t believe you’re worthy of getting to that next level. Another way of saying it is, “If I doubled my rates and people actually got into my business, they would be disappointed with what they’re getting out of it. They’d be disappointed in me of what they’re getting from me. I don’t bring enough value to the table. I haven’t done enough. I’m not experienced enough. I don’t know enough.” That’s a big one too.

It’s an extension of I’m not good enough or I am not enough, which is another one. A lot of people don’t want to think. They don’t want to feel that. They’ll lie to themselves, they will go and try to find external means of overcoming that by trying other marketing methods, offering different services, continuously, throwing spaghetti against the wall but finding that very rarely anything sticks. You can look into that, finding out why do you even want to do this in the first place. That’s a big thing. Why do you even want to succeed? If you are succeeding so that you can feel enough or so that you can feel better about yourself, if you feel good about yourself when you have a lot of money in the bank and worst about yourself when you don’t.

That means that you are at some level working in your business so that you can resolve something that you’re feeling internally. The problem is that when you do that, you realize that you will never be successful enough. It can happen there, it drains your energy. That’s a soul-sucking thing. You end up working as hard as you possibly can. Never getting anywhere until the point where you say, “F it,” and you stop working so hard and things start falling apart. It’s almost that learned helplessness that can kick in saying, “I’m going to hate myself forever. Why bother doing all this stuff?” What does it mean? You feel empty and it starts draining the battery. You can have areas there of fear of rejection that if you play even bigger, then a lot more people are going to see you and they’re going to invest a lot more in you. That means if you mess up, it’s going to be even bigger.

When you play small, the mistakes that you make are not that bad. When you play big, the mistakes that you make are potentially huge. That can be terrifying. You can actually be afraid of your own success. These models inside of you, these patterns inside of you will lead you to protect yourself from success. They will lead you. We can call it self-sabotage, procrastinating, losing focus, losing energy, not betting on yourself, not hiring a team, not hiring a coach, trying to DIY everything in your business. All of these things come from that place of feeling, “I’m going to delay my success. I’m going to slow things down because I don’t believe that if I put the money into this, that if I played even bigger or God forbid I become successful, then I’m going to be able to stay there.

It’s a real thing for so many entrepreneurs. I have many clients who come in and we start to lay out the entire strategy. We lay out the plan and what I do is very strategy oriented. It’s very systems oriented. What’s the difference between Jane and Jesse when Jane’s able to start crushing multiple six-figure years in her business? Jesse is still struggling to get to that $100,000 mark. They’re using the exact same strategy. Granted, some of you may allude to it like, “What if Jane has a larger social following?” Let’s look at what would actually attribute to Jane having a larger social following? That’s Jane showing up more in her wholeness, her authenticity and how she communicates with her audience. That correlates to you having the willingness to show up.

The willingness to be who you truly are, to share more vulnerably or more transparently from a place of authority, not from a place of, “Here I am with my pain,” but from a place of power. You being willing to connect with your audience and to put yourself on the line in that way. All of this, regardless of what the strategy is, it always comes down to who are you actually being. The analogy that I’ll oftentimes share with clients when we get into these conversations is you can imagine two people. They both get their gym membership at the same time. Person number one wakes up every single day, 5:00 AM and drinks his gallon of water, goes to the gym, works out hard. He’s over there, maxing out on reps. Maxing out on weights. He’s doing a full body exercise, gets his cardio done, feeling awesome goes and meditates because he’s also spiritual and believes in balance, does some yoga. He gets his green fruit smoothie and has a super wholesome meal.

Person number two, it’s the same routine, gets up at 5:00 AM but instead of having that excitement that person number one had, they are crawling out of bed, dreading it, thinking about how much they don’t want to do this, how miserable they are. They get their butt to the gym. They do the same workout but this time when they’re doing it, they pick the weight that’s fine. They can carry it but it’s not giving them any resistance. They’re not doing the work but they’re doing enough so that they actually said that they showed up. They go and they walk on the treadmill for fifteen, twenty minutes and then they go and they grab their green juice.

After they grab the green juice, they stopped by McDonald’s on the way back because they were craving some French fries and that felt good for them. They both do this, the same exact thing, the same exact strategy for three months. At the end of those three months, person number one is amazing. They are feeling so empowered and they are so excited about what they’re doing. They feel they’ve completely transformed their entire body from the inside out. Person number two is pissed off and frustrated saying, “The strategy didn’t work.” It did. You didn’t work it because there was something inside of you that needed to be shifted that you weren’t either cognizant of. You were having resistant towards and that’s where the shift needs to happen.

This is the piece where if you focus and you’re only always focusing on the external strategy and you’re always looking for, “I need this diet or I need this strategy, I need this marketing plan or I need this business coach.” If what you’re having isn’t working, it’s usually a sign that we need to go internally first to get what you are doing to work before you start to step into the next strategy. The biggest shift is always going to come from how you show up and who you’re being and how you’re operating as a human being inside of your business. Once your elevated emotional states are where they need to be and you’re operating at your full capacity, then we can look at taking your wholeness and implementing a new strategy.

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Whenever I work out, the walk from the gym to my car, I get flooded with deep thoughts and metaphors. It’s a beautiful time for my brain to do stuff. I was thinking about how similar it is working out and business. When you work out, if you want to be successful, there are two main things inside the gym. Never mind outside of the gym, nutrition and everything. Inside the gym, there are two main variables, things that will determine how successful you are with your fitness routine. One is progressive overload and two is flexibility. What progressive overload essentially means is that you’re never lifting weights that you can fully lift. You’re not swinging around five-pound weights. You’re looking to find that breaking point so that you can move past it with a mentality of I’m not actually looking to succeed, I’m trying to fail. I’m trying to figure out where my failure point is so that I can overcome it. That is a huge mindset shift.

We’re looking for the strategy that you’re going to fail out so we can figure out where the internal shift needs to happen.

That’s going to be your growth. Think about how different that is from most people’s perspective. They want things that they can be good at. They want softball pitches. They want business to be tee-ball. If you play tee-ball, that’s what you’re going to get. You’re not going to be able to slam that ball out of the park because you’re trying to stay within your comfort zone at that level. That’s what that is. The people who go there and you see them working, they’re killing themselves inside of the gym. When they’re done with their cardio, they look they ran a marathon. They ran from a bear. They aren’t, “I’m going to sit here and check my Facebook on this treadmill.” They’re working so hard that they can’t even hold their phones.

That’s not even a thing. They can’t even focus on it because they’re trying to find that place that they are right up, they’re redlining right there because they know that the more time they spend in there, the more comfortable they get in there. The easier it will be to pass that and then they’re going to do it again. They’re going to find the next level. The other thing that’s responsible for your success inside of the gym inside of the gym is flexibility. When you go in there, you have to stretch. If you run in and you try to deadlift 400 pounds clean, you woke up and went deadlifted 400 pounds, you’re probably going to hurt yourself and it’s going to feel you’re trying an impossible task. In business, it’s the same way. You have to be flexible in your mind. That means you need to get used to seeing issues, yourself, your clients, your problems, your struggles and your challenges from a hundred different ways. You must be flexible and becoming flexible by the way also sucks.

Go to a yoga class for an hour and a half and you’ll see, it’s not stretching. Most of the yoga classes that I go to, I’m dying by the end of it. Oddly enough I’m sore and I’m sweating my balls off because when you stretch, you are stretching a little bit beyond the comfort zone. Yoga teachers will tell you, “Do the pose, not to the point of pain but a little bit past the point of discomfort.” You are stretching beyond where you used to be and in business, you need to be able to do that as well. Notice also how most people won’t do that because of a network probably of limiting beliefs and identity hang-ups where they say, “I’m going to do what’s easy. I’m going to do what’s comfortable and I’m going to stay here. Expect that the results will show up in my life.” They won’t. You have to push yourself.

I’m going to address this too because this is the other end of the spectrum that I see. When people don’t have any freaking clue what they’re actually doing, they’re working hard and they’re putting in all the blood, sweat and tears but they don’t have a plan. They’re going to the gym every day. This used to be me, where I would go and hop on the treadmill for an hour every single day but I would still get frustrated why I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted to see. I would barely eat any food because I was, “I want to lose weight. I need to eat less.” The inner work and the outer work go hand in hand. You need balance. If you are an entrepreneur, you need both, end of the story, and they are both as important. I would say that the internal is probably even more so important because the strategy is only going to get you as far as the internal work that you’re doing.

This is the piece where it’s like, “I did not actually start seeing real freaking results until I hired a trainer.” Who then looked at what I was doing and told me, “These are the mistakes that you’re making. This is where you’re going wrong. The fact that you were only doing cardio is what’s keeping you from getting the tone type of physique that you want to have. The fact that you’re only eating so much food is what’s keeping your body in starvation mode and it’s why you’re not shedding the fat. You’re shedding muscle.” You can be the most magnetic human being in the world but at the same time, if you’re not utilizing the strategy for your business and it doesn’t need to be a complex strategy. It could be something as simple as you learning how to speak to the right people on Facebook in the right way to where they get your content. People will start flocking to you. It doesn’t need to be this whole, “Build out a crazy webinar funnel.” It’s super simple for me. It was, “These are the types of meals you need to be eating. This is the type of training regimen you need to do.”

When I got a specific strategy based on exactly where I was and exactly where I was wanting to get to within three months, you guys can probably scroll back in my feeds and see the transformation pictures. It was crazy. I went from 20%, 25% to 27% body fat and I dropped down to 17%. 10% body fat in 90 days shredded. It was very intense but at the same time, it would’ve taken me a lot longer to ever get there if I didn’t actually have somebody giving me a strategy. We can shortcut your path to success by months, if not years, if not decades, by having the right strategy in place, especially if you’ve mastered the internal work. Even if you’ve mastered at this level, there’s going to be a whole another level and start to grow in scale and that’s the thing that the internal work never ends, which is why you always need to be doing the internal work. If you’re going to be at my level, I don’t even think I’m working. I have a team behind me that I’m involved with when it comes to business and marketing that I mentor inside of their program. That’s the business and marketing mentorship that I received as far as training goes. Everything else that I’m doing, I’ve got my own Jenkins healer. I’ve got my own actual energy healer. I have somebody that does bodywork for me. Everything that I’m doing is about me optimizing my internal self so that I can show up more powerfully in my business.

I know the strategy and I’ve mastered the strategy. It’s about me being able to be more potent and how I show up inside of the business to be able to create the results I want to create. That’s coming from my own capacity and me increasing my capacity to show up. Having the strategy is absolutely imperative and again, it’s going to be a direct reflection of how you’ve elevated yourself. The last thing I want to add is about efficiency and effectiveness. I know for a lot of you, there’s this concept of, “I don’t even know if I have the time or the energy to work that much harder.” There’s a way for you to grow and to the scale, where you can actually work a lot less and make a lot more. Multiple strategies to this, the part of this is recognizing that getting rid of that, work harder mentality and stepping more into that work smarter mentality.

How can you become more efficient and more effective with the time that you are spending in your business and get out of this achievement addiction? This need to constantly be doing in your business to feel you’re succeeding but instead realizing, “What are the things that are creating ROI in my business? What are the actual money-generating activities that I needed to be putting my time and energy into? What can I delegate and/or get rid of and are no longer be doing so that I’m spending less time creating more profit and I get to go enjoy my life?” You can take more care of who you are and elevate yourself through your self-care practice, through working with your coach, your mentor, healer or whomever it is. You can continue to evolve who you are. You can show it more importantly inside of the business also having more spaciousness inside of all of that, which at the end of the day, is what you want.

[bctt tweet=”The strategy is the easy part. The hard part is doing the internal work.” via=”no”]

I know that’s what you want because that’s what I want. What’s the point of having $1 million business, if all you’re ever doing is working 24/7? You want to have a business that you can actually have a life with. That’s what we’re here to support you on, not waiting until you’ve got to that level of success. I know that that’s also a pattern that a lot of you run. You wait until you’re at this place to reward yourself. That’s another limiting belief that I’m sure Dan will talk for you. It’s also recognizing how you can honor, love and enjoy the entire process throughout all of it. Know that these lows, these waves that you’re going to be riding when you are evolving, there’s always going to be the next level. When you hit those lows, you recognize that that’s an internal shift that needs to happen. You reach out for that support so that you can go ahead and more fluidly move through that wave and get back up to those highest.

That’s also why it’s important to surround yourself with people who are already doing what you want to do. It’s one of the beautiful things about hiring a coach. You get to spend a lot of time with someone who is already there or even past where you want to be. The more time you spend around people, obviously physically being around them, that’s the most important. Reading autobiographies or biographies about these people, watching their videos, listening to their podcasts, mingling with them, learning from them, hiring them. Putting that into your sphere over and over again will give you not only the strategies because you can see what self-care they do, who do they hire, what do their teams look like, what do their businesses look like, what does everything there feel like? You start imbibing their energy.

You start absorbing it and it’s funny how you can hang out with a bunch of extremely wealthy, let’s say millionaires. Hanging out, go on and get drinks and get a business breakthrough that is going to change the rest of your life. You never talked about business but being around their energy and feeling what they feel. You get to step into their world and see how do they see themselves? How do they see their lives? What do they do? What are their strategies for life? Showing up and having a model of possibility. A lot of times we’ll hang out with people who are models of possibilities for the wrong things. We hang out with people who are, “Making $100,000 is hard.” Stop hanging out with those people. You don’t want to be around them. You can be in there with a class, let’s say a workshop, a group training but that’s because you have a guide who will break those limitations for you, who will say, “No, it can be easy to make $100,000 and it can feel very easeful to make $1 million.”

The difference by the way, easeful does not necessarily mean easy. It could be a lot of work but it won’t feel that way. It won’t feel stressful. It doesn’t have to feel you’re murdering yourself to get to that next level. Having these examples around you does magic. I can’t tell you how good it was for me to meet other life coaches who are making $100,000 a month. I never knew that was possible before. I didn’t care to think about what it would take to get me there. I didn’t think about self-care. I didn’t think about other strategies. All I thought was I’m making X per client and if I want to make 10x, I need to see 10x clients and so I murdered myself to do that. That’s all I knew. That was my model of reality because that’s who I saw. There are all the other coaches that I was networking with. That’s what they were all doing. That was my reality.

See if you can also find a mentor, a guide, hire someone who is going to be a great model for you. That’s another beautiful thing also with getting into group programs, while we were talking about switching up your mentality, if whether you can do a group program or not. Realize that when one student starts killing it in your program, the rest of your students will too. They’re going to see that one person and they’re going to think, “It is possible. If they can do it, maybe I can do it.” If they say, “They can do it but not me.” It’s inner work, help them out with their inner work. That’s all it is. It’s not the strategy. It’s how they see themselves. It’s their identity will help them see that they can do it too. All of a sudden you get this virus of success that goes around. People are contagious and passing it off. Coughing millions of dollars on each other and it’s a gorgeous thing. You can put yourself into that situation too and by osmosis become even more successful.

We obviously are feeling very passionate about this topic. We’ve given you a ton in regards to looking at how do you get to the next level of success. Number one, it’s making sure that your internal and your external are both aligned. Remember that your external strategy will only work to the capacity of what you’ve involved yourself internally first. The internal work is absolutely imperative for you to reach that level of success. Making sure that you have the right strategy in place to get you there. That helps by having role models, coaches, mentors who are where you want to be and who had the success that you want to have or whatever it is. Making sure that you’re honoring yourself and that you are taking care of you along the way.

If you got a lot out of this episode, if you enjoy this podcast and if you feel other people should hear it too, please share this out and leave us a review. Leave us some stars, leave us a five-star on iTunes. Help us get this message out so that even more people can up-level as well and get the breakthroughs that you’ve been getting. We can help other people. We have we can help complete strangers get their breakthroughs and in that way help each other raise vibrations. Help each other get into that mode of abundance. If you dug it, please do us a favor and help other people get to this as well. Your task for this episode, and I want you to do, is think about what that next level means for you. Is it a group program? Is it raising your rates? Is it hiring a team? Is it hiring a coach? Whatever it is for you. Write that down and then I want you to feel into it. You’re looking for all of the reasons that it’s not going to work, that it isn’t for you, that you shouldn’t do it, that it’s not going to happen, that whatever, any resistance at all. I want you to write that all down like a shopping list of internals that you’re going to change and then look at them.

The first step is identifying it. Putting it down on paper is a huge thing because then you know that you can make those shifts. What I’d love for you to do, connect with your higher self. That’s a part of you that’s free of fear, free of inhibition, that is wise, that is shining, that is powerful, that is self-honoring and self-loving and ask them what they feel. You can pick one item, one item on that list at first and see what your higher self feels about that. Ask them for advice, ask them for what you should do, hear that and then do it. I’m pretty sure if you are connecting with your higher self, you’re going to get the message that you’re ready, that you’ve been ready and that it is time to play even bigger and honor yourself in this process and then do it.

We’re here to support you, even if it’s where to go next, if it’s not us and that’s someone else. We brought so many incredible resources. If you guys are enjoying this shift and the content that we’re starting to produce and you’re finding that this is speaking to you and you want more of this, let us know. Reach out to us. Send us a DM on Instagram or Facebook, I love hearing from you. I know Dan does too. Shoot us an email and share. I love seeing you sharing about when you’re reading our blogs. That lights my heart on fire and I know it’s so cool to see what you guys are doing and where you are in the world. Thank you again so much for spending your day, night, whatever time in the world. We appreciate you from the bottom of our hearts and glad that you are tuning in all of this powerful stuff.

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Things I Love

Tired of paying for a million different subscriptions? I got you covered! Check the link sis.

Ready to get serious about becoming trauma informed in your business? Get started here!

It’s time to stop relying on sticky notes for project management- Join the ClickUP Gang!

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