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EP #81: Unplugging From The Matrix with Nathaniel Solace

A lot of people get stuck with the idea that they have to work harder, do more, and constantly try to achieve something. This leads to them becoming so detached from what it is that they truly want. In this episode, personal performance expert, strategic consultant, and motivational speaker Nathaniel Solace dives deep into understanding the matrix that so many entrepreneurs are living in. Considered as the wizard and alchemist master by many, Nathaniel uncovers all of the hypnotic spells people often times don’t realize they are under. He tackles the concept of recognizing whose rules we are playing – ours or someone else’s – and teaches how we can break free from our own limiting beliefs and tap into a more conscious way of existing in this 3D reality.

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Unplugging From The Matrix with Nathaniel Solace

A Deep Dive Into The Meta Programs We Run And How To Break Our Unconscious Beliefs

I have a special guest and friend with me. Before I introduce him, I’m going to give you a little bit of a background why decided to bring him on especially in this episode and what’s been circulating for a lot of people in the collective. I took a few days off, completely disconnected from social media, from technology in general and went about a few hours inland into mountains in this little place called Ojai. It was a few teeth pulling to get me there but because of this person I ended up going because of needing to de-stress. I know for a lot of us that run businesses, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of doing, going and feeling like we don’t have time to take a break. We don’t have time to rest but luckily one of my amazing friends that you are going to meet had the incredible intuition and persistence to keep reaching out and encouraged me to come to their retreat and their events. I’m grateful that I did because at this event it was transformative to experience the Zen side of being a human again which is easily lost.

The person that you guys are going to get to meet, connect with and hear much beautiful wisdom from is this person who is more like a wizard than a human being. He’s got a neat talent and you’re going to read it through his energy and his presence, how he is grounded and calm in the way that he speaks and presents himself. I hope that over the time of this episode that you can start to feel the groundedness come through in reading him speak about who he is, his beliefs, his perspectives and all the juicy content we’re going to be diving into. Without further ado, I’d love to introduce you all to Nathaniel Solace. I’m so elated and grateful to have you here. I’m excited to dive in especially after the deep dive that you and I had with everything that was surfacing for me and the space that you were able to hold but also the mirror that you were able to be. I know that many other entrepreneurs can relate to.

That was powerful. I’ve had this hunch for many years now through my own journey as an entrepreneur and working with tons of clients. Having my entire community, my best friends being epic entrepreneurs as well and start seeing this pattern of like, “Everyone’s stressed. Everyone’s busy. Everyone’s overwhelmed. Everyone is worried about the money and worried about all these things.” It’s such a real thing. I’ve had my own version of that too but I kept getting this hit for my own journey. Realizing all of my self-sabotaging patterns was coming as a result of constantly having these energy leaks or different sources of stress and unresolved things. Some of it means simple stuff like how do I get a good night’s sleep? How do I keep eating good food while also managing my time well and doing all these things? Trying to explore my own consciousness and grow as a human being and build new relationships. Even talking about it can sound super overwhelming.

It’s been several years now. I’m hardcore beyond this journey. I was trying to create it into a solvable equation ultimately because you look at every other thing on this planet naturally is in its own perfect little system. If you look at a forest which does what a forest does. It’s all good. It doesn’t have to take courses to do that or go to a retreat or anything like that. Humans are nature. You can get a little quantum physics about it, whatever you want but we’re totally a part of this. The fact that we’re all running around struggling and confused has always stood out to me in a powerful way. That ultimately has ended up in watching tons of courses, working with tons of clients and then doing these different retreats.

I and my business partner, Brandon Bozarth made this Embodied Entrepreneur Retreat for the last couple of years which has also helped us to realize. I was focused on helping people grow their business but through the body and through doing this “deeper work” and not talking about marketing, strategy and all these things which are super important. It helped us realize too, “What if we went even deeper into that and have no business talk.” What a concept. They come and not talk about your business and not talk about your game plan and your goals and see what happens when you’re not getting pulled away from your phone. You don’t have excuses to get caught up in the emails and all these different things. It was amazing having you here. It wasn’t so many tooth pulling.

I loved how you showed up, which I knew you were going to do was to utilize the experience. We have moments all throughout the day but if we wanted to we could soak it up. We would like, “You have fifteen minutes between calls.” That could be a valuable, rejuvenating fifteen minute or you can just be on Instagram for fifteen minutes. How about a few days of giving yourself that opportunity,” and you rocked it. You are soaking up on the sun, eating all the good food and get your body worked on. You were also giving yourself tons of space to be with your own thoughts and your feelings and journaling it out. It was epic.

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It was a great experience being human and it’s funny too because I feel for a lot of those reading this episode, it’s a similar concept of like, “I get it. We’re growing the business. We’re taking all the programs. We’re doing all the things. Nathaniel is like, ‘Eat good food. Eat clean.’” What we were referring to here is the old paradigm is the way that we look at it where a lot of people are stuck in the idea that they have to be working harder and doing more and pushing themselves faster. Those of you that have been following my journey for a while, a lot of what attributed to the anxiety and the adrenal fatigue when I was pushing myself hard. It was attributing to me having to force myself to slow down because it wasn’t sustainable. A lot of us get stuck in this addiction to achieving, to doing and constantly feeling that we have to have more.

One of the things I loved that you eliminated at this retreat was diving into the concept of whose rules are you playing by and what beliefs and what desires are yours versus what are someone else’s. This is such a potent concept especially in the entrepreneurial space when we’re bombarded by messages of hitting six figures, scaling to seven figures, ABC and 10X this and 10X that. I don’t even know where a lot of these ideas of success have come from but it’s like, “I need to hit this number, grow this business in this way, have this many clients or do these things in order to be, ‘successful,’ or to have fulfillment or happiness or whatever it is.” We mindlessly work towards that only to burn ourselves out.

I have this experience and I see it happen with a lot of clients where they want to start their own business and become an entrepreneur to escape the rules of the 9 to 5. I don’t want to have my own boss. I want to be my own boss, that’s awesome. It’s a cool idea. You end up realizing that entrepreneurs work 9 to 5 and usually work even more hours than that. You’re always working because it’s your thing. It’s what you do. It’s who you are. We’re playing back into the same exact rules which I have to put in all these hours and do all this stuff to do it, but the part where it gets tricky is that you’re your own boss and you can’t fire yourself. We probably all do find ways to do that where we’re unconsciously punishing ourselves for what we’re doing and all these different things.

We also learn these rules of success from every movie you’ve ever watched, every TV show you’ve ever seen, every book you’ve ever read and every history lesson you’ve ever learned. It is embedded in society. Some might argue that’s intentional to build this concept. That it needs to be competition and battling other people and you have to struggle, force, push, bleed and sweat your way to all these things. Ultimately, you go back a few 100 years and on average you’re waking up with the sun, growing some food, feeding your family, taking some food into towns, selling it, coming back home, petting the cows, going to bed and do it again tomorrow. It’s a simple setup and all of a sudden now we’re like, “This is how life is supposed to be. We have the internet. I can make money. I can do all these things.” We jump into this other thing and you also have to look at the fact too that we’ve only been doing this internet thing and in particular with our mobile phones, with social media and the way that we’ve been doing it for several years. It’s only been several years that we’ve been doing it this way. That’s the several years ever that humans have been doing it this way. Everyone’s running around with their heads cut off. Everyone’s a bunch of heads running around to be more accurate. Your body is cut off but it’s important. We’re not building into the system especially in the entrepreneurial industry. We’re not building into the system ,that opportunity to stop and slow down for a minute and catch up with what’s happening.

We’re getting pulled into another version of some rat race but this time it’s a conscious digital coaching mantrapreneur and all these cool things. It’s the same thing in the principle of us fighting against each other, judging ourselves the whole time, putting our health on the back burner so we can do all these things when there’s a lot of other ways to do it. It’s important especially for people reading. If there is an element of that in your life or business right now, I would suggest by not even separating the two as you look at this inquiry. Look at your life which includes what you do for work. It includes the people you spend time with. It includes your hobbies and habits and things that you want to do. If there’s even 10% of that thing of like, “I don’t feel good about XYZ or this thing drains me or this thing is consistent and it’s frustrating and annoying.” It’s important to make it okay to look at that stuff and also make it okay to realize like, “I created something that’s not working for me,” and then make it okay to change it.

There’s one of those three phases where we are taught again, we unconsciously are trained to ignore one of those three things, if not all three of them and then we don’t do anything about it. There’s also a lot of ways to make up for it. You could be having the worst day ever but if you got some good filters on your phone, nobody has to know. It’s such a simple little thing. I’ve done things like that in the past. Now, I go out of my way to let my followers on Instagram know if I have a zit that day because that’s part of me retraining myself. Part of this too is once we are able to slow down and look at all these things that are going on, we have also to ask how did I get to this place? Usually, it’s not our fault. We learn it from our parents. Almost all of us, especially in this generation, have examples of parents who did. They worked hard and they didn’t have the option of drop shipping or eCommerce. You can upload tee shirt designs and they ship them for you and do the whole thing. It’s easy and amazing to do whatever the heck you want. We only have examples of people who didn’t have that.

MMM 82 | The Matrix
The Matrix: You could be having the worst day ever but if you got some good filters on your phone, nobody has to know.

You have to look at where all these influences come from plus all the media and then plus the people who started doing stuff on my first were the people who came out of offline space. They brought a lot of those same principles and that’s why there’s still a lot of distinction around people online and selling stuff and there’s still a lot of scams. There’s still a lot of bullshit. There are still a lot of people doing it because it was birthed out of something that was already messy. It’s powerful, not only when we slow down and look at this stuff. Not only are we going to take care of our own health and make our life fulfilling but we’re healing a global issue of what’s been plaguing humans since we all started capitalism and started agriculture. Growing food, creating hierarchies, kingdoms and all these things and there’s been something off about that system too.

It’s important for entrepreneurs specifically to put themselves in a context, one, that’s empowering. It sounds like an epic movie to be a part of. It’s like, “We’re the first humans ever to have the opportunity to do all this cool stuff. Some of us unconsciously, unintentionally have brought in a lot of old systems that are going to make this new thing also self-sabotage unless we do something about it.” Many people reading in some way, shape or form are a coach, a healer, a teacher, a service provider or a product creator of some sort which hopefully with the intention of adding value to the world to make it a better place. It’s important for us not to be playing into these destructive systems and patterns in that sense. I’ve gotten obsessed with this stuff because it feels like a big deal. Not even the fact that it has anything to do with me but the fact that I’m noticing this. It’s a little scary. What makes a good movie is a plot and we got some exciting stuff going on.

Leaning into that you also see the shift of this belief or this mentality or this program however we want to frame it. When I get to this number in my business or when I’m making this much then I’ll be able to be happy or slow down or experience XYZ or ABC. What’s interesting is we often attach a lot of our happiness to getting to a certain threshold or a certain benchmark in our business and we put off. I’m guilty on this too where we put off relationships or we put off friendships or we put off hobbies or things that used to make us happy because we have to build the funnel or create the content or market the program. We’re unhappy doing it but we continue to tell ourselves, “I need to get through this phase or this time. When I do that, then I can go back and enjoy it.” By the time we’re done, we’re burned out and exhausted.

It’s like asking what the definition of insanity is or I like doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. I have a strategy where I stress myself out to create what I want to create in my life. It moves me forward, but it also sucks. It seems to keep getting me a little bit forward. Things seem to move and grow but it’s that willingness. That’s why a lot of people avoid things such as meditation because once you do that and sit there for several minutes and sit down, shut up and breathe well for several minutes, all that stuff is going to come up. Where it’s like, “I’m not okay with my life going in these ways. I’m not happy with this,” but all that is ultimately a blessing. As entrepreneurs, especially as coaches, service providers, guides, teachers or healers of any sort, it’s important for us to be in alignment in our own lives and to be able to bring that forward to people. It’s our job to go first and get uncomfortable and look at the stuff. I still have all many things I’m cleaning up and improving and building in my life. I also feel stoked on the fact that I’ve gone hardcore in a lot of things too and looked at my own shadow, bad habits, defense mechanisms and protection mechanisms all of which I never put in there which is important for people to realize.

No one’s ever stopped for a moment and said, “I’d like to hold on to this limiting belief.” No one’s ever stopped and said, “I’m going to over exaggerate my experience of this thing so it turns into some trauma that lives in my body and we’re going to leave that in there. I’m going to keep that.” No one’s ever said that. No one’s ever decided to program themselves and to sabotage themselves. That’s not how it works. It’s also good too if you’re reading and feel that you’ve been running into that stuff, take a deep breath and relax. The more I’ve started to study you and I dove deep into Dr. Joe Dispenza‘s work, which is a huge influence in my life. He’s a great example of someone who’s invested the time and the resources to understand the mechanics of human behavior on ultimately every level.

The truth is that’s one of the most important skills for entrepreneurs and game changers to understand. If we don’t understand ourselves and we don’t know ourselves and then we’re trying to create a bunch of stuff, you’re going to have a hard time. It does come back to you. People who are like, “I need to know myself. I need to know what the best thing I should go live about is. What’s the best way to market my thing?” It’s like, “You need to know how to get a good night’s sleep every night.” You need to know exactly what to eat when you’re feeling certain ways. You need to know what it takes for you to sweat through your own body weight workout.” There’s all this stuff that’s built-in and I truly believe human beings are high performers naturally. When you sleep well, when you got your circadian rhythm in check, you get good sunlight, you get touched, you get love, you feel cared for, you feel safe and all these different things and that’s there, we’re on fire.

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I know everyone reading this has had versions of that in their life where it’s certain, simple, natural, fundamental things line up and you’re like, “I feel good. I’m on fire. I’m coming up with good ideas. It all feels great.” Often what we’ll do is we’ll use that condition, get excited and then go channel it into a bunch of stuff, but not continue to channel it back into that system of our lifestyle and making that a habit. it’s important for people to realize, “You’ll never let yourself stay in something that doesn’t ultimately serve you. You have to make it okay to go find out what that system is. Maybe of it being a system doesn’t feel too sexy or exciting for some people.

Think of it as whatever your flow is going to be, whatever your lifestyle, who you’re choosing to be, how you want to have that ripple out to the world is something you have to go experiment with. A lot of people are not giving themselves permission to do that. Especially because they might look up to somebody, they want to learn from somebody and then they take on that person’s model even though that person got that model because they experimented. You should experiment with that thing too, but we don’t give our self a lot of room to mess up or make mistakes. I’ve been an “influencer” or making stuff online, selling stuff online for several years and I’ve made many mistakes from that time. It’s all served me.

There are people who’ve been following me that entire time and it’s cool to hear from them sometimes and get that reminder too. It’s like, “It’s been okay for me to screw up big time.” I want to give people reading, if you’re going to give yourself information, make it okay for you to go find out what serves you and what works for you first. If it’s your job to show up for people, that means it’s your job first to make sure you’re able even to do that. In the last few months, I’ve had a few dozen people in some way, shape or form come to me and be like, “I was working with this coach. He’s awesome. I made $50,000 in a couple of weeks. I’m freaking out. I have no idea what to do. This is intense. I can’t get any sleep.”

There’s this whole idea of or even the process of making it like, “I’m exhausted. I have my first call with three new clients tomorrow and I’m not ready for it. I can’t handle it.” In my opinion, I feel there needs to be this integrated approach where we’re teaching people these skills of resilience and soft mastery and understanding your own energetic bandwidth. It’s radial thing and it doesn’t come from sleep and food, even though those are the most fundamental factors. It also comes from the story you’re telling and there’s this distinction that I love taking my clients into in my programs and it’s valuable for entrepreneurs to look at the difference between what’s happening in your biology and what’s happening in your biography.

It’s the story you’re telling yourself about yourself on your journey is going to contribute significantly to that. What your body is experiencing contributes to that as well. A lot of times we get one or the other where people might talk about and do mindset work, change your belief systems and start thinking some new ways to do some affirmations and it’s important. They require making this stuff work for yourself, but you also have to treat your body well. Where are all those affirmations happening? In your body. That’s the vehicle for all this stuff. Give yourself permission to experiment. I’d be curious to hear what’s something you’ve given yourself permission to experiment with that’s served you not just on business but the whole Sophie level.

I feel that the biggest experimentation for me a lot has been around recalibrating the entire way I look at my fitness, my health and my nutrition. It’s always been a big piece of my life. For so long it was programming that was coming from restrictive, regimented and intense training especially when I was doing the bikini comp training. For those of you that have been following me, you know about the journey with that. It’s been a process. I recorded a solo episode where it was a lot of, “Holy shit.” I recognized when I was doing the bikini comp after I had finished it, I had developed these major binge eating patterns that I never had issues with before. Having to learn how to release a lot of that and trust my intuition when it comes to how I train and how I eat. Even now I have back problems because I was trying to push myself too hard and falling back into that. It’s been leaning into, “I’m giving myself permission to trust this process, to listen to my body and to be much more intuitive with all of it. While knowing the guidelines for what needs to happen and also leaning into what feels good.” The other piece across the board is it can become confusing. This is where a lot of people get stuck, myself-included, when something we’re doing is working on the tangible physical aspect of like, “It’s bringing in money or I’m losing the weight or whatever it is, XYZ.”

MMM 82 | The Matrix
The Matrix: The story you’re telling yourself about yourself on your journey is going to contribute so significantly to that.

It’s all that cocaine. The weight falls right off.

If I train this intensely and if I diet this way, I get the physique. If I market this way, build this funnel and run these ads even though it doesn’t feel great, I will grow the business. It’s this piece of like, “That doesn’t feel good to my heart, to my soul, to my body,” and this is a lot of what I’ve been turning into. I’m like, “Why am I not excited about these pieces of my life? Why am I not excited when I wake up and I think having to market or write content or do these specific things?” A lot of that has been coming back to, “This no longer feels in congruency with who I’m becoming and what I’m stepping into, but it works.” That’s the confusing part of like, “How do I let go of something that I know is working and trusting them the possibility?”

The first thing to realize is it’s not working. We will tell ourselves it works from this little limited view of what we think needs to work. Anyone who’s defaulting to that, it’s my job to go into people’s brains and see the patterns and all these different things. If someone came to me in that position, I would know that they do not spend enough time getting to know themselves. Once you create that space and you have this relationship with all these different aspects, it’s easy to realize, if the way that I’m doing this makes me unhappy then that means no matter what other details are happening, it’s not working. Not from that sense of you’re supposed to be happy all the time, but I would definitely suggest you be smart most of the time.

What you do on a regular basis causes you consistent stress, chronic anxiety and all these different things, it means 100% it’s not working. It doesn’t matter what the details are. A lot of people too maybe not even realize what chronic anxiety or some of these things look like. Understand too you’re not supposed to wake up and immediately freak out about all the things you have to do that day that’s not a good sign. That’s what’s happening. It’s also important to note that because some of these things are coming up, it doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong, you missed out on something, you’re dumb or you haven’t figured it out.

Get excited about getting the data of being, “You’re telling me I’m not supposed to wake up, freak out and immediately to check on my emails, catch up and make sure I’m making everybody happy?” No, you don’t have to do it that. There are more evidence and more people doing that. Keep your phone by your side all day and at any possible ping or any little thing, it’s in charge of what you’re paying attention to, that’s not normal. Humans have only been doing those several years out of the million years we’ve existed on this planet. It’s a tiny little thing and we’re completely controlled by this thing. It’s not normal. It doesn’t make sense. It’s probably one of the leading causes of anxiety and depression because of the dopamine stimulus, that feedback loop constantly getting that stimulus from the phone. It’s not normal.

If you are catching yourself naturally and habitually closing yourself off from basic human needs such as connection with other people or time outside in nature or quality sleep or eating good food, that’s not normal either. It’s not saying that you’re weird or there is something wrong with you, but it’s important to let that be looked at and then get excited about the fact. Nobody can argue with me. That’s the best part of my job. I’m not going anywhere too crazy with it. Nobody can say that getting a good night sleep is going to be soft for them.

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Everyone reading knows. It’s like, “You’re right,” but sometimes it becomes this almost overwhelming thing. I don’t know how do I fix all of this stuff at once? “I need a better relationship with people, water, food, sunlight, movement, sleep, relaxation, stress management and time management.” It’s this whole thing. I want everyone reading to know that there is a way to do it. People like Sophie are pioneering and open to that experiment of how does this look like a holistic system? I know that moving forward in your work as you’re training entrepreneurs and helping women build these epic businesses, you’re letting them get that level of training too where it’s not going to freak them out. It’s not going to burn them out. Thank you for doing that. Thank you for listening to your own journey enough to realize and not make it like, “I’m doing something wrong.” It’s going like, “No, I’m doing stuff well that things are building and growing. It’s growing fast and that’s awesome.”

People who have good hearts and want to serve and have the skills can expect those results, but it will make a lopsided machine if you’re not then going on the other side and taking care of the me part and that self-mastery part. For everyone reading, there are ways to approach it and there are some simple and fundamental principles that allow that to take place. The main one is slowing down in whatever possible way that could look for you. I’d say that maybe the most enlightening or potent way to bring that into your life. If you’re reading this you’re like, “How am I supposed to slow down?” Try a five-minute meditation in the middle of the day and notice what happens to your brain.

I’d say between two and five, that’s maybe not the middle for some people because that’s usually when most people crash and decide to then quit for the rest of the day. It’s when some people keep, “Crushing it,” crushing their adrenals and crushing a bunch of cortisone in their system and freaking out. It gives you this opportunity to gauge where my baseline is and am I running off of a bunch of momentum and excitement and trying to push myself through the day. I bet half the people were like, “I can take that on. I’m going to try it tomorrow or even right after this. They’re going to sit there for 30 seconds and go, “This is silly. Get out of here and then go onto the next thing.

I want to give people that invitation because with three minutes of proper slowing down, you can create 30 minutes. You’re can add 30 minutes to your day because every single person here guaranteed is “wasting” at least an hour a day on their phone, digging around on Facebook, on their laptop or whatever it might be. I did the math. You’re wasting an hour a day over an entire year adds up to two full weeks of wasted time. Everyone reading, I know for a fact has done some badass stuff in two weeks like filled up a program, creating a new product or went on an awesome vacation. Two weeks is a valuable amount of time so to know that.

How many of you at the end of 2018 were like, “If I would’ve had two extra weeks that I could have placed anywhere and given that much more attention, energy and intention to what I’m doing,” you’d have a completely different year. Know that’s what this is coming down to. Every single day we have this opportunity to master this single day. Everyone does the same thing over and over again. You have some version of waking up, eating food, using the restroom, engaging with people, maybe going on the internet.

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

There are only a handful of things we repeat over and over again. We slow down enough and inquire and you can start to realize how simply those things can start to be adjusted in simple ways. That all compounds into literally send an entirely new operating system. That’s my work in the world and that’s what I’m most passionate and excited about. I’m glad I can be here and chat with you. You’re such a great example of someone who’s taking on the fact of building a business right, well, scalable and getting people results and doing stuff is no joke. It takes effort. It’s not easy. I would say from a mathematical/tactical thing, it’s simple as far as what needs to get done but not necessarily easy. That’s what everyone is looking for is how do we make this stuff easier? Some people are running around still trying to get it simple, but I love being able to speak to you. I know your audience is game for trying to do this stuff in a way that works. Having that definition of work means the whole freaking thing, not just the bank account.

This brings up one point that I’d love for us to touch on. It’s looking at why we’re hardwired and why we have these programs of wanting to achieve these specific things. The belief we have around what that’s going to mean about us and who we are. A lot of things that come up are feeling worthy or feeling we’re enough or feeling that we’re loved or lovable. That usually tends to be the driving force for a lot of people in achieving and doing. I know one of the things that we’re jamming on was talking about spell breaking, the wizard. Let’s dive into that.

When I was in high school, I read The Power of Now and The Untethered Soul, a bunch of cool books that started to open me up at a young age. Not to say that I’m more awake than other people or any of this stuff but I’m definitely onto some trippy stuff and it served my life in all these powerful ways. I also started to realize that even that process of “waking up” or becoming conscious or becoming an entrepreneur or being spiritual or being healthy, all these different labels come with essentially their own version of the hypnosis or being put under a spell. A witch casts a spell on you and you fall in love with the first person you see. It’s uncontrollable. You have this hypnotic haze. We all still have our own versions of that. It’s powerful to realize how often and I know everyone has evidence in their life where they’ve felt that they’ve unplugged from the Matrix. They’re unplugging from the 9 to 5 Matrix. “I woke up. I realized I have this boss and I’m making them money. What about me? I don’t have all these hours.” They unplugged from that not realizing they immediately plug into another Matrix, which is the hustle and grind entrepreneur Matrix, which a different version of ultimately the same thing.

You start to realize there are certain concepts or ultimately invitations that serve us for the sake of waking us up but maybe don’t serve us for a long-term thing. A simple example of that is the idea of living in alignment. A lot of people use that term. It’s a great term. It’s super valuable. One of my first programs was called Align Your Life. It’s a powerful concept. I’m sure everyone reading has had their own version of like, “My relationships are in alignment for me? Is what I’m doing with my business is in alignment?” It’s a powerful conversation but taken too far and taken out of context becomes waking up each day and making sure everything is in alignment. It’s like, “I stubbed my toe. My chakras out of alignment. Am I in the bad karma alignment? Am I in the wrong timeline? Am I doing this and that?”

It becomes this whole thing of creating a story of a need to judge yourself in every possible thing. If anything is “out of alignment,” it’s probably you in the state of being of self-judgment. For you, that’s not going to take any action, it’s not going to be creative, it’s not going to relax, etc. It’s the process of committing to alignment, “Puts people out of alignment by their own definition.” My definition of alignment, there’s no such thing as being out of alignment because let’s say, “I’m out of alignment. I was doing some unconscious habits and self-sabotage.” It’s like, “That’s part of your journey. You’re realizing that, is that opportunity to integrate that AKA the most aligned thing you could possibly do?”

It’s important to realize when the operating system we used to run our life constantly puts us back in a disempowered place, then you know it’s a faulty operating system. Another simple example is the concept of a full body yes. I’ve been a big fan of this one in the past too and a lot of people use it. I’m not bagging any of this stuff. It’s fascinating to look at it and see how it influences us. You haven’t heard the idea of a full body yes is when you want to make a decision for your life, with a partner or working with a coach or all these things, you want it to be a full body yes. If it’s a full body yes, that means that’s your intuition, that means you’re tapped into something deeper. You’re not listening to your fear and all those stuff. You make the decision from that full body yes.

I personally don’t think ever felt a full body yes because I don’t even know what that means. I don’t even know if I’m feeling my full body ever. Nobody does. It’s words. We’re playing with the thing. What it’s pointing at is valuable which is make powerful decisions and feel good about your decisions. It’s telling you about this discernment. It’s telling you about not reacting to opportunities and all of that is super valuable. When we break apart, there’s so much good stuff in there. There’s a lot of people who will literally wait for weeks, if not months, if not years to make decisions about something because you’re literally waiting to feel a full body yes and that will never happen.

Some of the most important decisions we could ever make in our life should include a bunch of no in there, a bunch of fear, a bunch of like, “I’m not sure.” If I was on full body yes, any decision that’s a full body yes, you could almost guarantee is a decision completely in your comfort zone. Which means there’s no growth happening. Which means there’s probably a way more badass decision you could make. Something as simple as these little memes that get shared around can become a spell and throw people off guard. For funsies too, we were talking about that meme alignment over hustle. Alignment is the new hustle and I agree. That’s awesome and there’s a lot out there who need to hustle. The best thing that will serve you would be to try to work hard now and see what happens. I didn’t say you need to run yourself to the ground. I said, “What does that even mean to go for it?” That’s what a lot of people need. It’s hard to share all of that in one post and that’s why it’s great.

[bctt tweet=”With three minutes of proper slowing down, you can create 30 minutes to add to your day.” via=”no”]

We’ve got to realize like, “If you’re getting the message to slow down, take that in and check in because maybe that’s not the message you need.” Maybe you’ve been sleeping in bed all day and you don’t need to slow down. Maybe you go on a walk. That’s still may be a slow walk. It doesn’t mean you have to get up and make $1 million. Get up and do the dishes or whatever. There’s a lot of powerful spells. I’m writing a little coffee table book for entrepreneurs. It’s powerful to keep ourselves in check. There’s such a huge difference between what a lot of people constantly assume. The last spell that I’ll share is the spell of mindset. A lot of people are like, “I need to change my mindset and then things will get different.” When do people say that I say, “What is that? What is the mindset? Where is it? How do you change it?” They’re like, “Your belief systems and your neuroplasticity. I read a book at that.” It’s a concept when ultimately in my experience, what mindset means is your behaviors.

You know your mindset has changed when your behaviors have changed and most specifically, your automatic behaviors. Anyone can think a few thoughts and maybe psyche themselves into doing something uncomfortable, but to become the person who naturally is inclined to do what’s uncomfortable, that’s the actual “work” or the shift or the thing you’re looking for. A lot of people will stay stuck and be like, “I can’t launch my program yet because I have all these money blocks and all these mindset things. Maybe or launching the program is literally what the unblocked version of you would do. By doing it, you’re unblocked.” I had a mentor tell me one time there’s no such thing as, “Blocks,” there are things you could be doing that you’re not doing. Trauma is another conversation. Trauma is a real block. It’s in the body. It will get in the way and a lot of times, it’s almost impossible to see that it’s happening. That’s a whole different conversation.

Even with trauma, there’s a lot of moves you could make. That’s one of my go-to reminders for people to realize, there’s always a move I can make, even if it’s to take a deep breath. That’s always a good move. Even if it’s to drink lots of water, go outside, call a friend that you love, get your thoughts out on paper. Anyone of those six things would completely shift someone’s day especially if you did all of them right after one another and how simple is that? There are many things that can serve us and I would encourage the book and the spell thing. When you hear a concept online from a coach or a guru or whatever it might be and it gets exciting and it’s like, “This is the thing.” It’s like, “No, it’s definitely not the thing and it’s something to add to this giant list of a lot of great things that could influence you and that could support you as principles.”

The part where we, “I have to make six figures.” That’s a powerful spell. “What’s my $50,000 a month business model?” That’s a powerful spell. When the truth is if you make $50,000 now, it might ruin your life. I got $100,000 investment in my business and a ten-minute conversation and it ruined my life because I wasn’t ready for it. I didn’t have the identity to match. I didn’t have all the things in place. My nervous system didn’t know how to handle it. Know that if we’re getting excited and jumping to this next concept or idea or whatever, that’s great. Let yourself be excited about it, but remind yourself of what’s happened every other time you’ve done that. Ultimately, you wake up out of that, come back to your senses and it gets added to the mix instead of it being like, “This is going to save me. This is the thing.”

We’ve given them a lot of juice and a lot to dive into. If anyone wants to come and find you and tune into your world because you’re always sharing such epic content and value especially on the ground, how can they find you?

Go to my website, my name or Instagram, that’s where I’m hanging out the most. Anyone is welcome. Send me a DM. I’m a human being. I like meeting people. This isn’t part of my secret enrollment strategy. If you thought something was cool in the show or if you have a question or you’re curious what the hell I’m even talking about, I love to meet people. That’s probably the best way.

Thank you so much for making the space and taking the time to tune in and share your ancient wizardly wisdom with the rest of the world. We’re loving and appreciating you deeply for the human that you are. We’re grateful for you.

Thank you so much for having me.

Thank you so much. We’re sending you so much love. Go check out Nathaniel on Instagram and on his site. He’s got some epic stories to follow. If you enjoyed this episode, you’re going to enjoy his content. With that being said, have an absolutely amazing day and we will see you all next time.

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