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EP #85: Alchemizing From Your Highest Excitement with Brandon Bozarth

Passion and excitement aren’t only the doorways to the path of least resistance and the highest expression of yourself, but it’s also the doorway of your connection with that source. Brandon Bozarth, the Founder of IIST, shares his unique insights on how passion and excitement can lead to goal fulfilment and success in life and business. He discusses about the process of relearning how to live the way we were designed. He talks about the importance of dissolving the boundaries between business and personal life, the seven basic needs that create fulfillment, and the meaning of living in a state of abundance.

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Alchemizing From Your Highest Excitement with Brandon Bozarth

I am excited to be sharing somebody special with all of you. We have an amazing soul. His name is Brandon Bozarth. He is half man, half alien in a lot of ways. He’s the Founder of IIST. He is a global retreat facilitator. How we met was originally through one of the retreats that he hosted with one of the last podcast experts we brought on, Nathaniel Solace. He and Nathaniel together have an epic presence. If you ever have the opportunity to connect with these epic humans in real life, you’ll feel the energy that they bring, what they cultivated. It’s magical. I am happy to welcome you and welcome Brandon to the show.

Thank you, Sophie. That was the most awesome introduction I’ve ever had. The whole half alien thing that was the first time anyone has said that. I’m honored.

I’m excited to dive into this. The biggest piece I see you and Nathaniel, the movement that you carry come so much more from a place of leading from your heart, leading from intuition, leading from intention and coming from such a grounded presence. It’s highly reflected in everything that you do. One of the pieces that stood out for me when we connected at the retreat was coming from the term of doing what’s in your highest excitement. I’d love for you to share where this came to be. How this has shown up in your own life and how this has cultivated everything that you’ve created?

I’ve been choosing to live this way for the last several years now. When I was exposed and when I started understanding the information around excitement, passion and how even our ancient sages have said things like, “Follow you’re blessed.” Jesus was symbolized by a heart on fire. That’s passion. Passion and excitement aren’t only the doorways to the path of least resistance and the highest expression of yourself, but it’s also the doorway of your connection with source. From that connection, there’s so much information, insight and intuition available that will support you in allowing the self-organization of that energy to figure out the how and to do all the heavy lifting. When I started implementing this natural way of living, it’s not normal in this society.

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We are in the process of relearning how to live in the most natural way possible, which many people feel as foreign. It’s the most natural thing. We’ve been born into a society where we have to unlearn the most unnatural way to live. For some reason to most people that seems strange, different, weird, esoteric or spiritual. Even our biology tells us this, it’s how we are designed to live. It’s what it means to be human. To be fully human is to honor the physical and nonphysical aspects of ourselves and let them work in concert so we can function in the way we were designed, which is to act in our excitement, in every moment. Even that idea, I could say to some people, “Do you act on your excitement in every moment and your passion in every moment?” Mentally, you may think that would look like I’m running around all the time like, “I’m excited about going to the bathroom.” It doesn’t look like that. Sometimes it’s a very calm centered, “I’m excited to go take a nap.” That’s all my options available will be one that I’m magnetized to most.

There are so many layers and perspectives to it. That’s what I’ve been learning over the years. The laws and what I’ve been sharing haven’t changed. My perspective, understanding and how I’ve extrapolated it to understand it more and more in my life from my own experience has changed. It’s such a big conversation. The basics are and how it showed up in my life initially is when I ended up leaving a sales position as the number one earner, which sounds way cooler than it was making $4,000 or $5,000 a month residually in this small company.

We’re taking it off the ground. I was working right with the CEO. There was a future there. I realized when I got to a certain point that it’s not who I was, my excitement changed. It moved. It said, “You’re done here. You’ve learned everything you need to learn here. There’s something greater for you.” I allowed myself for a couple of months to resist that, “I’m going to stay. It makes more sense. There’s safety. There’s security here.” Over time, that’s going to eat you alive. It will drain your energy. It takes way more energy to be someone you’re not than to be yourself. My energy started to be drained and I said, “I’m going to act on my excitement. I fully surrender.”

How I did that was I cut off that income. I said, “What’s my highest excitement?” Through my imagination, all I could come up with was doing Facebook Lives, starting a newsletter and going to the gym. Obviously, there’s no money making in that equation. Logically it’s like, “What are you doing? How can you be supported? I knew and what I’ve learned was I wanted to put what I’ve learned to the test. I’m going to go from belief to knowing. I said, “I’m going to face anything that comes up. I’m going to commit.” I have no idea how I’m going to be supported. I was living on the East Coast at the time. A month into it, a check showed up at my door for $1,800 from a court case that settled a few years prior that paid all my bills.

MMM 87 | Passion And Excitement
Passion And Excitement: To be fully human is to honor the physical and nonphysical aspects of ourselves.

The random court case, I go, “It’s like that movie, The Secret, think positive and the money shows up.” That was my first, “I get it. I’m being supported in unexpected ways.” The next month as I continued to act on my excitement, I put a newsletter out. The newsletter ended up landing in the inbox of a woman moments before she was going to take her life. She was going to take some sleeping pills, go into the ocean and go to sleep. She’s very intuitive as well. She got this hit from source, “Turn on the radio.” Luckily, she acted on her excitement at that moment, “I’ll turn on the radio.” She turned on the radio and a song played. The song said word for word, “You should stay a little bit longer.”

In that next moment, she received my email, which I have titled, “I am excited to die.” It was a funny way of me saying, “When we die, we leave behind all the worry, doubt, fear, guilt and shame but we don’t have to die to experience what the other side can be like now. Here are some things you can do to feel better.” Long story short, we got on a call and she became my first client, which I totally made up of a number on the call. “How much do you charge? I’ve done this so much, typically like this much money.” She said, “I’m all in.” She became my first client. At the time, I had no idea what coaching was but I started witnessing this self-organization. I did very little.

Things kept showing up. Eventually, I decided to allow that synchronicity to inform me of where I need to go versus me believing it’s this way or that way. I said, “It’s this coaching thing. Let me go into that more.” I decided to open that up. That led me to go into LA, hiring my own coach, sleeping on his couch. I’m launching my first group program at first retreat and now we’re here. That entire journey was so inconceivable. When I was on the East Coast, the last thing I was thinking of is, “Maybe the way that I’ll be able to be supported in my excitement is through an email that some women across the world get. I’ll find this coach and sleep on his couch. I didn’t need to know any of that.” I talk about following your excitement with no insistence, expectation or idea of what has to come because I’ve proven to myself that is the path of least resistance. There are so much abundance and support in that energy.

I feel for a lot of the people reading this blog specifically what comes up. I know for a lot of the clients that I work with too, it’s like this fear of trusting and surrendering. That’s what has to happen in this process because sometimes what’s in your highest excitement is completely illogical and completely irrational. It’s like going against everything that you would normally think is what you need to do. Now you’re like, “Let me tune down and tune into what feels good versus what I’m supposed to be doing based off of somebody else’s rule book of what needs to be.”

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This is a huge piece of what shows up for a lot of us who are creatives, who are intuitive, who do tend to step into the entrepreneurial space that is looking for that model of certainty. Whose model can I follow that’s going to give me the most certainty that I’m going to achieve this level of comfortability of what I need to be able to give it the highest level? One of the things that have been interesting to tune into lately self-included is even though this model may “work” from the perspective of yes, it’s generating a high amount of clients and high amount of sales. You can easily scale. We’ve done this with multiple businesses to easy multiple six-figures and some seven-figure companies.

At the end of the day, when you look inside and we start to change the measurements of success because if we’re only measuring by the stick of how many sales are you making, how much money is coming in and how many people are you “servicing?” When we go inside and we look at how you’re living on a day-to-day, you see the level of stress, the level of angst and how much frustration intention is in the body. You don’t have the spaciousness, time or energy to give to you, it’s hard. It becomes almost this hamster where you constantly have to chase the next level of success. You constantly have to chase the next achievement. It becomes an addiction because you almost feel like you have to in order to sustain what is. The harder it gets, it’s the universe trying to tell you that, “Maybe this isn’t for you. Maybe there’s a better way to do this.” A lot of us are in a season and we’re tuning into like, “What do I want? What do I want to lean into?” It feels most exciting. It also feels good for me.

There are so many things that I want to expand in on that. True success in my definition is the ability to be myself. When I look at being myself, am I being myself? One way to look at self is source expressing life freely. That means that I am in every moment allowing myself to act on my highest passion and excitement. That’s who I am. Passion and excitement is a communication from your higher mind. It’s saying, “This thing is most you.” It’s not saying this is the best option while it is by side effect. The main thing that it’s saying is you have a true core signature frequency, a stamp of God that you can even call it. It’s the white light that we all share. All of ours is a slightly different frequency representing a different aspect of the source.

Unconditional love is always going to be in there and one might be representing grace a little more. One might be expressing service a little more, gratitude. We all have these different frequencies, our core frequency. That’s white. That’s the one thing about us that never changes. What changes is how much of it we express. It’s what auras are. You can have an aura of all white light. You probably wouldn’t be physical because it’s such a high frequency, you’re gone. When you see something or feel something that’s exciting and what that means is that thing is a holographic representation or a symbol of something that is very similar to who I am. That’s why dissolving the boundaries between business and personal life is important.

MMM 87 | Passion And Excitement
Passion And Excitement: True success is the ability to be oneself.

It’s something that’s automatic unless you believe they’re separate. When there’s no separation between what I do, the service I provided, who I am, you simply are who you are in every moment. There’s no definition of, “Now I’m a coach, now I’m this.” You can express different aspects of yourself. It doesn’t feel like it’s separate. It feels like you are yourself in all areas of your life. It may change how it shows up. That’s my definition of success. Am I expressing and giving myself the ability to be myself? If I am, that will always create fulfillment. There are seven basic needs that create fulfillment. I’m in the process now of IIST Volume Two taking these seven needs to the thrival needs. It’s going to be like survival and thrival needs.

Survival needs to create fulfillment. Five of them are based on physicality. It’s air, water, sleep, food and shelter. What are these two? This is our spiritual fulfillment, creativity and connection. If I have these five taken care of, which most people do, the only thing I want, even if I want money, the only thing I want is these two things. Creativity is this idea of acting on your excitement and allowing yourself to express your passion and creativity. The connection is your ability to connect with yourself, source and other people but mainly something, “Outside of yourself.” It could even be a rock. It doesn’t have to be a person. Any reflection that is outside of ourselves gives us a contrast, gives us a perspective and through that thing, we can know ourselves deeper. That’s the main function.

In that connection of knowing ourselves through and others, there’s love that’s created. There’s a connection. There are appreciation and all these ideas. These will create the spiritual fulfillment and combined with these five. When you have these seven checked off, you’ll never feel like you need more than you already have. That is the trick to feel so complete in this moment that you don’t have any wants. You might be aware of what you need. It’s these seven things. As you move through life, there’s going to be other things that you need to continue to be yourself. That might be if I want to call you, Sophie, I might need this phone for a minute. Need gets such a bad rap. Need is not a word of scarcity.

It can be. If I want to book this flight, I either need money or I need a gift, someone to give me a ticket. If I want to get there, I need to get on a flight. If that’s the actual synchronicity that you need to act on your excitement, you’ll always get what you need. A lot of times we confuse our needs with our wants. A lot of times our wants are coming from negative ego and scarcity. I want more money to have in my bank to hang out there. Why? Everyone needs savings just in case something bad happens. Who told you that? What’s bad? What if bad wasn’t in your dictionary? What if you’d had no definition of bad and you had no fear of charge around bad? The paradox is you probably won’t ever need to experience something that would require savings. The paradox is you’ll probably have savings.

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To tie that all together, when we want what we need, we’ll always get what we need. If we’re going to want anything, let’s want what we need to continue to be ourselves, express our excitement and passion, which this can for some people take a higher level of discernment, being able to discern. Is this thing exciting or am I telling myself this thing is exciting because if I don’t do it, I’m going to be anxious? I’m going to have to face something else. Having me avoid my fear, I’m hiding because I don’t want to face it. There is discernment. It is self-honesty and the excitement will also always lead you into the unknown. That will always bring up negative unconscious beliefs. That is a good thing. That means you’re now ready to look at them. Let them go. All that energy that may have been siphoned enough can now be redirected into your passion in a more powerful way.

I feel like one of the pieces that stand out with everything that you’re sharing is for me it’s almost been like this process of realizing the more that I “have” as far as the perceived financial abundance or financial freedom or all of these perceived things and value. It’s been interesting to look at that and see how that almost creates more and more separation because it’s disconnecting. It’s distracting me from being able to connect with myself fully. What’s been interesting is arriving in a place where it’s been more about, “I want to slow down, simplify and tune back in.” I’m realizing the faster that I’m going and the further that I’m getting, the more disconnected I’m feeling to what matters. It’s almost been this paradoxical process of the more “perceived” successful I become in business or in all these other things, the more that I realize that I want to have a simple life.

That’s a highly evolved state of being that you’re accessing. The nature of the universe is simple. There are five observable laws. That’s it. It’s a combination of them. It’s simple. Everything is here now. What you put out is what you get back. All is one and one is all. There are some simple principles. It’s so complex in how it can be expressed. There are infinite ways it can be expressed, infinite perspectives and ideas. I do feel it’s almost like a stage of consciousness that you enter where you go, “I don’t need what I used to need any more and because of that I can live more simply, more in harmony with nature, only needing, using or consuming what I need to live in my passion and be fulfilled.”

When we look at what we need, it’s very simple. Don’t confuse being humble with self-depreciation because if you have an exciting idea of how you want to live, it’s genuine and it’s coming from sheer passion and excitement. Even if it is extravagant, that’s where you’re supposed to go. Even if it doesn’t end up going that way, that’s still there for a reason to be explored. I love nice things. I love pristine, clean and white. I love that vibe. It’s what I’m attracted to. If I do want to simplify, that won’t take away from my preference because we still get to honor our preferences. This is what I prefer.

MMM 87 | Passion And Excitement
Passion And Excitement: You can receive all you need through your own higher mind.

Preference is very different than a need meaning if I don’t get what I prefer, that’s fine. A preference is like having two different cups of coffee. They go, “Which one do you like better? I like this one.” That doesn’t mean you hate the other. That doesn’t mean you’re triggered that the other one was there. That doesn’t mean that you have a limiting belief about the other one. It’s just, “This is my preference.” It’s a simple choice usually. If that was taken away and there was that one cup left, I couldn’t get the one I prefer, “This one is second best. That’s great.” There’s not too much of an emotional process there. It’s still about owning our preferences and allowing what we truly need to show up.

Excitement is holistic. It’s not about saying or how I want to express my gifts. It’s about where, with who and in what way. Taking all those questions into consideration that will build the energy of whatever it is you’re giving to the world in such a potent way that it’s what you’ll think about right in the morning. It’s what will be on your heart all the time. That will create automatic consistency, automatic creativity and automatic flow versus trying to go learn how to be consistent and how to create all these practices to get into the flow. That is also a self-built in the mechanism of excitement and passion. You’ll attract what you need even if it is rituals, even if it is books or whatever. You will attract those things but acting on the passion alone puts you into the gamma frequency.

It puts you into that state where you’re already the end result of processes and rituals. You become an electromagnetic conductor at a high rate and process information quickly. When you act on that, your brain, if you’re open and there’s no limitation on this possibility can download information that you were unaware of. People call it channeling or intuition or downloads, whatever it may be. You can if you’re open to that, receive all you need through your own higher mind. It so happens that because we live in physical reality, sometimes it’s easier to get it from the guy next to you that it comes out of his mouth at the coffee shop or the girl next to you. You overhear it because that was easier than finding your belief system that you can download all the information you need. The universe will always take the path of least resistance and go, “Based on this person’s belief system, they need a podcast to understand this principle to move forward. They need a book. They need a ritual. It’s all equal.” It’s the way that the universe says, “How can I give you what you need?” There are infinite ways that can happen. It’s all accessed through passion and excitement.

A lot of the clients that I’ve worked with and even what I’ve had to process many times feels like it’s this need of, “I need to do these things in order to activate this part of me, to be this type of person or to feel this type of way.” I feel like that’s where a lot of our motivation comes from. There’s this belief that what we want is on the other side of a certain behavior, certain action or doing something. Inside of that, there’s the separation because we do not believe that’s already in us. It’s interesting because for a lot of you following me, I teach a lot of things around business and marketing. There’s a lot that goes into that.

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At the end of the day, the process and the systems for this are fairly similar to any type of business and marketing program that you go to. The difference that I’ve seen after working with many different entrepreneurs over the years, and Brandon for you as well, is it all comes down to the energetic frequency of how this person shows up in what they do. I can have a client who’s doing everything verbatim to the tee as far as all of the marketing, all of the business strategies and is frustrated from the perspective of why is none of it working, “I want it to all to work.” They’re coming from a place of frustration, of not honoring themselves, of not honoring their needs. Trying to come from a place of doing to where another person, who shows up must consistently in the sense of maybe they’re not doing all of the things, they’re only doing the things that excite them.

In doing those things that excite them in a way that feels good, honoring themselves, feeling good in their body and loving who they are, they create such higher results inside of their business. That interesting piece or effect on here is that at the end of all of this, it comes back to this energetic state of being and the vibrational frequency that you’re carrying. One of the pieces that I love tuning into most is how are you choosing to build whatever it is you’re building around your state of being. Meaning that your embodiment of whom you want to be in the energetic frequency you want to carry in that part of you that you want to activate needs to come first before you step into doing anything else.

For all my clients, that’s our very first conversation at the end of a few months because time is a whole other subject. I don’t factor time into any goal setting. When I talk about what’s our three or six-month goal? It’s, “This can manifest tomorrow or not at all.” If it doesn’t manifest, that means something greater will manifest. Can we get on that same wavelength of not anchoring this into time? We’re limiting it to something that we create. If we say this is a three-month goal, we’re locking it into a three-month goal and not a two-month. If we also say this is the goal and this is the way that it needs to go in order for this relationship to be successful, we’re also saying something greater than this wouldn’t make us successful.

We’re saying this is the pinnacle of success, which means we’re also saying we believe we know what the best future possible outcome is. That is ignorance because our brain is not designed to know. It’s all well and good to have a goal, assemble and hold that as long as built within that plan and structure is the option for something greater to occur. It’s flexibility. It’s in the balance point of it. What you said, this idea of getting the energetics locked in. This is important. One of my clients, when we met, she said, “I finished this coaching course. There are some spiritual aspects and some other components that weren’t in there. I want to connect with you.” We teamed up and I said, “Where do you want to start? What’s the most exciting thing you can imagine happening at the end of the few months that we worked together?” She said, “I want to speak on stages in front of hundreds of people.” I go, “We’ll start there.” She goes, “Don’t I need to at least coach someone first?” I go, “Was that the Eleventh Commandment that we forgot to read? Is that some in-stone law that you have to start?” She said, “No.” I said, “We have to start at your highest level of excitement.” This goes for everyone. This is why back in the ’90s people wrote books like Power of Thinking Big. What that means is the power of acting on your excitement because there is no such thing as big or small. There’s just excitement or not in different variations.

MMM 87 | Passion And Excitement
Passion And Excitement: How we define trust and surrender creates our experience of them.

What’s the most exciting symbol that you can muster up? It’s important here to have a belief that your imagination can give you all the answers. You might need to stretch your imagination and sit. This is a feminine practice to sit, imagine, download and bring through because your imagination is like the phone call, telephone line to your higher mind. Your higher mind can see outside of the forest while you’re inside of the trees. You can say, “Go over there, something good is coming up, turn left.” You’re calling up your higher mind and saying, “What symbol can you give me to guide me so I can take action in a certain direction? Where I step on stage?”

We downloaded all that information and built it to its absolute peak. This is where good questions come in. What’s the highest version of the expression that you call coaching or that you call consulting, whatever it may be? Number two, what experience would you like to give to your people? That puts you in their shoes. You can start bringing more through and get creative with what questions can evoke more excitement and passion when it feels like it has at its absolute peak. This could take an hour to sit and ask more questions, “Is there any other thing I’m not considering that maybe is ridiculous, limited or unrealistic that I’m not considering? Can I bring those in?”

Now, I have this full complete picture that I’m vibrating about. I’m ready to go. As soon as that symbol is there, that’s like the future symbol, you go, “What right in the now is the action step that feels the closest to this symbol? Am I not feeling exactly the same because maybe there’s not an available next step?” Maybe you can’t book the venue yet. Maybe there’s not a direct next step towards this and if there’s not, that’s okay. There are some steps that still contain the energy of this. It could be going on a walk. It can be going to a movie. It doesn’t matter what it is. It’s more about learning to live from your heart. You go, “Out of all the options available to me now, is there one available in that direction? What would be my next first step?” That’s all you ever need to do because that step will lead to the next one and the next one. Even if they look unrelated and as long as you’re flexible and you’re holding that intention, you’re allowing for the path to reveal itself. It’s usually different than the path that you believe. It was great. It’s fine to have a plan as long as the plan contains within it a plan for the plan to not go to plan.

I love the paradox that we’re diving into. This is such a beautiful thing because the way that I perceive it is it’s the practice of surrender, to trust and to lean into what is guiding you and to allow that to be fully expressed through you. It’s almost a process of getting out of your own way. Inside of that, the piece that we can start to wrap up here with is how doing this creates you consistently living in a state of abundance and what that means? What is abundance? What does that feel like? I’d love to get your perspective on all of that.

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You said the word trust and surrender. How we define these words creates our experience of them. Our definitions where I’m feeling not in the next several years we’re going to have a very different dictionary. We’re going to have new words invented because thinking about our relationship to time. We say things like the future and past, but we know they don’t exist. These things as science come through and the mainstream starts understanding some of these principles, we’ll need new words or we’ll at least need to learn how to redefine them. Try, Sophie, to trust more. It’s like, “Did I do it?” How do you say to someone you need to learn to trust more? What is the actual doing? They go, “How do I do that?” Do it, believe it.

The real way to create the trust that you need to have is not to believe that you lack trust, but to see what you’re trusting in that may represent lack. All surrendering is not giving up control. It’s giving up to the control we already have because we’re not designed to know what’s coming. We’re not designed to control the outcomes. We’re only designed to be here and now. When we actually surrender to that, the paradox is we feel even more in control because now we’re not trying to do a job, we’re not designed to do, which always results in us feeling out of control.

When we let go of that, we let synchronicity, the self-organizing principles start to work and we allow ourselves to get in that flow of momentum, we feel more in control because we know we don’t need to know what’s happening and we can let that go and come right back into the now into this energy of passion and excitement. You’ll show yourself evidence of the support as you do that. That will be something that you will learn to know is there for you, that unconditional support. First of all, it’s about if you feel like, “I can’t fully trust that,” ask yourself, “What are you trusting in that will happen that is negative?” It’s not that you lack trust that you’re stressing that something negative is more likely to happen than something positive. What is that?

A great question to ask is if you did fully surrender, what’s the scariest thing you can imagine happening? That will usually trigger the fearful belief or idea that you can route back and say, “Am I afraid of being homeless? Am I afraid that I want to be supported? All my friends will hate me. Am I afraid of being humiliated? These ideas. What about that must I believe about myself in order to be defining that as a negative experience? What is humiliation?” If people leave you because they don’t like who you are, why would you want to be friends with someone that doesn’t like who you are? If you’re homeless on the street, how are you going to respond? What can you do about it? Why would that be even more likely than making money or being supported?

MMM 87 | Passion And Excitement
Passion And Excitement: Use moments of contrast to redefine who you are.

Why in your consciousness would that seem like a more likely outcome than the positive outcome? I’m going to die of starvation and loneliness. You take it all back or what is your perspective on death? The uncertainty and the ability to learn how to trust that you will be supported will bring up all beliefs that you may have been spoon fed, been brought up with, taken from other people. Look at it, let go and realize they don’t make any sense. That’s called integration. That’s your process of integrating those aspects of yourself. Now you trust that you’ll be supported versus trusting that you won’t. It’s about looking at what you believe about. What if I did surrender and acted on my excitement? You look at those beliefs, as soon as you let those go, you have automatic trust. All you need to do to let them go is to discover what they are and neutralize them.

Bring your awareness to them. Instantly they won’t make sense to you and you’ll let them go. That’s your work. That’s your process. That’s okay. Right on the other side of that is an automatic trust in the new positive belief. How this relates to abundance is simply if I’m allowing myself to fully act on my excitements the best that I can, any time that I come up against contrast, anytime I come up against a situation that may be the opposite of abundance, maybe it’s a bill that I can’t pay. “I’m in this abundant state. I’m acting all my excitement. I feel fulfilled. I’m supported. I can’t pay this bill.” At that moment, many people will say, “This is proof that I’m not abundant. It’s not working.”

It is at that moment that how you respond to that situation determines the effect that you get from that situation. If you look at that bill and you go, “I intend to pay this,” versus, “I hope I can pay this, maybe this will get paid.” All this language doesn’t serve. I see this here. “I don’t have the income to pay this right now, but I intend to.” This is where you can take this, “Future self, higher self or level ten self,” and take that identity into this situation and go, “How would my most abundant self respond to this moment at this moment?” You sit with that and you go, “My most abundant self,” I like to use symbols like, “If I knew $100 million was coming in this month, how I would feel?”

If I knew that everything was going to be taken care of, no matter what, all my needs, how would I feel? You can use some symbol to bring that into your body, that emotion of, “If I know I’m supported and I’m starting to feel that way by saying, “What version of me do I decide to be?” It is just a decision. It’s defining you at that moment. Use this moment of contrast to redefine who you are, decide that’s who you are and respond to that way. I’ve had moments like this over and over where a bill comes up or something comes up and I go, “I see that there. I intend to pay for that. I’m going to continue to act on my excitement.” $10,000 manifestation, $2,000 manifestation, a gift, an invitation, a relationship, synchronicity, some imagination, all of those are forms of abundance. If you’re open to all forms and no matter what situation pops up, you respond as if you know for 100% fact that you’re going to be supported, which typically looks like witnessing the situation, not making it mean that you’re failing.

Making it mean that this is an opportunity for you to define yourself even more strongly, to redefine yourself and reinforce your identity even more strongly so you go, “This is a reminder of how abundant I am choosing to be even in the face of this. How do I want to respond?” At that moment, you look around and say, “What’s the most exciting next step in the now?” If that’s where you act in that direction, you’ve literally performed alchemy. You’ve experienced a certain energy state, responded differently and that final action is what anchors it into physical reality.

You respond by acting on your passion anyway, knowing that you’re going to be supported, not changing how you live and how you express passion because of the circumstance. You’re doing it anyway, which is the true agent of change. I’m changing my response regardless of what the circumstance looks like. You move through it, the reality has no choice because it’s holographic because it’s a reflection. It has no choice but to reflect back to you the state of being in which you’re putting out. The universe, the reflection doesn’t have a mind of its own. It is simply a mirror. When you change first and smile first, the reflection has to smile back. There is no other way. It’s physics. Understanding that and putting that into action means you now know that. Action is the language of physical reality that is the conviction the universe looks for to say, “He’s changed. Here’s a reflection that will represent that.”

Abundance knows that you are so supported. Even in those moments, if you don’t feel supported, you’re creating that. You’re being supported in creating that. It’s no harder or it’s 100% equal to choose a lack of support than to choose full support. If you know that, it’s not any harder to be deserving and worthy of receiving abundance in all forms, trading gifts, synchronicity, imagination, money and more. You can receive it in all forms. You’re deserving and worthy of that simply because you exist. There’s no other reason. You don’t need to do anything for it. You don’t need to earn it. All of these are old ideas. If you know you deserve it because you do and you’re open to receiving in all forms. As you continue to act, even in the face of situations that are contrasting in this abundant way, you will always get a positive effect that comes in the form of synchronicity and abundance back.

I know that obviously in this realm, time is a little bit of a thing. There’s much value inside of everything that you’ve shared. To our audience, read this again because there was quite a lot of content that we dove into and many gold nuggets that you can choose from. I want to honor you and you’re as high, I would love to ask, how can anyone that’s resonating and that’s curious find out about you and tune into your worlds and learn more about what you do and what you have to share.

I’m super active on Instagram. That’s my main platform. If you’re reading this, you can shoot me a DM, I’m super available. I get back to everyone. It might take a little time but I’m highly responsive there. I have my website as well. We have our retreat coming up, which Sophie will most likely be attending, which is exciting. The intention of the retreat is to anchor in the divine feminine. The way that’s being expressed is through the idea of transformational living and leading. The retreat is called Ignite. It’s igniting and transforming the way we live and lead. It’s about bringing people into their heart, teaching them a wholehearted leadership framework to show up to their families or their organizations in a way that can not only scale and help everyone and everything grow, but do so in a heart-centered, balanced, passionate and compassionate way.

It’s also deep work into integration, understanding some of these laws that govern nature and human nature, integration and transformation. It’s a powerful inner work and a whole skillset from Dusty Staub, also goes by Shine. He’s had many years of experience in the corporate markets working with AT&T, NASA and Coca-Cola. He’s an amazing man. He’s sold over 100,000 books. He’s bringing his frameworks that he has taught to CEOs and executives over many years to bring to everyday people for their life, their passion projects, their business, their family, whatever it may be and also to executives, CEOs. If that sounds exciting, there’s a website on my Instagram or you can go to That’s about it.

If any of this is resonating for you, lean in and check it out. If you have questions or thoughts, reach out to me or Brandon, we’re both very much loving to hear from you. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to tune in and drop so many knowledge bombs for our audience. It’s appreciated and loving on you big time.

Thank you so much for having me, Sophie. I appreciate you. This is awesome.

You are welcome. Until next time.

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MMM 87 | Passion And Excitement

As you can see, I grew up a very happy kid! That’s me and my twin brother Josh. My older brother and parents are not in the picture obviously… sorry mom! Anyways, I had a beautiful upbringing and for the most part “avoided” certain drama’s I would see other families go through. Divorce, abuse, neglect etc… You could say we were protected from these things. As a result I didn’t have to experience them, but I also never learned how to respond to drama, trauma or really any negativity. It was this challenge that lead little innocent ol’ me through an epic series of challenges that birthed a search for the answers to many of life’s most intimidating questions… Why do people do what they do? What is the truth? How can I make this world better?

I use the word “dense” to describe those heavy, negative feelings we have all felt before. This portion of my life was my “Dark night of the soul” as some may describe it. In other words, I was on an emotional roller coaster and search for identity spiraling somewhere far from who I truly wanted to be. But you would never know that… As I thought I answered a few of those big questions I mentioned earlier, I found myself as an entrepreneur in a top sales position doing events and holding sales training seminars around the world. Meanwhile, I found a mentor, explored spirituality, and invested heavily in personal development. Everything SEEMED great… little did most people know I was also doing steroids, drinking every weekend, lost, and couldn’t save a buck to save my life! I didn’t understand how my life was turning out this way, all I knew was that I had to make a change.

I hit a breaking point. Everything was out of whack and I knew I had to do something different. I knew there was something bigger and deeper I was meant to become. Making a declaration to enforce this decision I chose to only follow what is 100% representative of my excitement, and nothing less. This lead me to quit my sales position, start sharing my voice through social media, and start a newsletter. One day I sent a newsletter out, as I did every week, that CHANGED EVERYTHING for me. The subject line of the email said “I’m excited to die,” which was a catchy way for me to explain how we can bring the feelings that “afterlife” promises us here to earth WITHOUT having to die! Little did I know this email was received by someone who was contemplating ending their life. Soon after this person became my first client. Six months later my clients life was completely turned around, and through a whirlwind of personal growth, fears, tears, and victories my purpose became clear.

This newfound insight of deeper meaning for my life brought great clarity. I could see how everything I ever did prepared me for everything I will ever do and become. How everything is connected and how I am a small part of a galactic orchestra that balances and harmonizes all things. That the learning process was only necessary to unlearn the truth of what I always thought I was. That destiny sometimes has to emerge from density. I then decided to dedicate my life to a path of unlearning all that limited me so I could pass it on to others. This process is called integration, and it is an art form that leads to a fuller expression of love and your true self. As I continue to study neuroscience, quantum physics, ancient teachings, conciseness, metaphysics, psychology, behavior design and so on… I progressively remember I am here to be a leader and catalyst to the new world that is being birthed, a world based in love, collaboration, community, and growth.

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