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EP #87: Scaling $500k Businesses Through Kundalini Energy with Brianna Rose

The process of building a business has greatly evolved through the years. A method such as business mentorship through the Kundalini energy is a noteworthy way of offering success to leaders. Brianna Rose, the creator of the Light Leader Movement, talks about being a Kundalini business mentor and how we can succeed in business by making the most out of our own energetic blueprint. She then encourages us to go deeper within ourselves, feel our body, feel our energy, and figure out what we need to do in life to be successful. She emphasized the need for more light leaders in the world, people who are more embodied and authentic.

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Scaling $500k Businesses Through Kundalini Energy with Brianna Rose

I have someone really special and near and dear to my heart who I’m going to be sharing with all of you. She has been such a light in the entrepreneurial world. I found out about her through one of my previous mentors and also the person who I had the incredible honor of supporting over the last year in her business, Libby Crow. She mentored under Libby and she supported her in taking the business off the ground. In a few years, she is completely taken over by the spiritual business world, especially when it comes to Kundalini and being a Kundalini business mentor. If anything about this space, you probably know who I’m talking about, but if you don’t, I’m so excited to introduce you to this loving light. Her name is Brianna Rose.

I’m so excited to be here. Thank you.

It’s good to give anyone a little bit of an intro about you and your story briefly so they can have some context for anyone that doesn’t yet know you, would you want to share about who you are and what’s gotten you here?

The short version is I’m Brianna Rose. I am originally from New York. Right now, I’m bicoastal between New York and California. Growing up, my dream was ingrained in me to be a New York City hustler. I’m like, “I will be working my ass off.” That was me at the beginning of my early twenties. I graduated from FIT with a degree in advertising and marketing communications. I was like, “I’m going to take over the business.” I always loved building businesses, marketing and changing people’s lives. In my head, I was like, “I’m going to work 80 hours a week and I’m going to do all those things.” I did it and I was successful at it.

It got to this point where I was in my early twenties and I had all the things that you were supposed to have. My student loans are paid off, I have my dream car, I have a big savings account and I have the salary. All the things were supposedly in alignment but deep down, I was miserable. I was anxious and depressed. Through that, I had a spiritual awakening during that time. I started to learn a lot about energy. I’ve been clairvoyant since I’ve been born. I’ve always seen energy and spirit. As I was going through my spiritual awakening, it was a shock to my system. I was like, “Here it is. I can’t ignore these gifts anymore because I’m seeing them everywhere.”

That happened around the time when I was 24 and I still stayed at my current position at my 9 to 5. I was a PR marketing director and I kept having this nudge like, “You have to leave, you have to leave, you have to leave.” I didn’t know what to do. I was like, “You have to leave. There are more people to help, more than this one company you’re working for.” I finally got to the point where I was listening to my intuition or anything that the position that I was into got crazy and I had to leave. It was like, “Thanks universe. You did that for me. You kicked me out.”

I left and I started my own business and I didn’t have any clients. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I had a dream and a desire. Also, I had to make money because I had to pay my bills. I was like, “I’m going to start this online business. I’m going to do graphic design and branding,” because in my head that felt safe. I was like, “I’m going to do web design. I’m going to do logo design because people need that. Not everyone knows how to do that so I’m going to do it.” I did that and I was somewhat successful and made a couple of thousand dollars. The beginning was tough. My first year in business as a branding specialist, I made $4,000 or $6,000 and living in New York, that’s nothing. I was like, “This is hard.”

I kept thinking, “Why do I know how to build businesses but it’s not working?” I was doing all the things that you’re supposed to do but it’s not working. While I was doing this, under the covers, I was doing all this deep energy work. I was spending so much time exploring quantum physics, Kundalini, traditional Chinese medicines and all these yummy things. I started to realize that I cannot be promoting branding and web design and then doing magic and spells under the covers and behind the scenes. I was like, “I need to be sharing this more.”

I kept hearing the message, “Stop doing branding.” Every time I saw Gabby Bernstein, I was like, “I want to be you. I love this.” My intuition was, “You’re supposed to be doing stuff like that. Stop hiding with the branding.” Even though I wasn’t making a lot of money, I was still able to pay my bills and stuff. I was caught between this thing of, “Do I follow my intuition and shut down this branding business or do I stay safe and I can pay my bills and that could be my life?” It was right around the time that I met Libby Crow, and I took her on. She’s my first coach and this was a few years ago. We started working together and I decided to close my branding business.

I’m very abrupt. I’m either the yin or yang. I’m never in between. I’m like, “I’m shutting down my design business and I have no coaching clients.” I’m going to go all into Kundalini business coaching because over and over again, I kept hearing this, “You can do Kundalini business coaching. You know it works. Keep doing it.” I was like, “All right, I’m going to do it.” I shut down the branding business. I opened up Kundalini business coaching and it took off like wildfire. It’s a testament to what happens when you do the deeper inner work, when you have that deeper sense of alignment, when you take action on your intuition and then you take action. Sometimes people get caught up in like, “I’m manifesting and meditating but it’s not working.” You have to have that and that internal alignment, but you also have to show up. You still have to make it happen for yourself. That first year in my business, I scaled to $500,000 organically. We’re in year two and we’re set to surpass over seven figures. It’s been this wild and beautiful ride of expansion. It’s been pretty remarkable and incredible. I can’t imagine my life any other way. That’s me in a nutshell and here I am.

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I love the story and I love the resonance inside of it because many women can relate to running this program and running this pattern where we’re socially conditioned to hustle, go, push, force, do all the things, especially in the entrepreneurial space. A lot of us are like, “What are you good at? Let’s take that skill and let’s grow a business with it.” While a lot of us are like, “I am good at this but there’s something else. It’s not quite working.” I love what you brought up because this is a big thing for a lot of the women that I work with on the receiving end. A lot of the women that I bring on board are at the place to right before they start working with you. They were like, “I’ve mastered the skills and I’m good at this thing but how do I grow it? How do I scale it? What are the actual strategies behind this?”

A lot of times they’re coming in and they’re looking for the masculine structure like, “Teach me the systems, the strategy and the structure. Let’s do this thing.” We get about halfway through the program and they start to realize there’s this internal shift happening. They’re like, “I have so much resistance in doing this.” It’s like, “Let’s leave it with that.” What we find is they don’t enjoy what they’re doing and they’re doing it because they want to get to a place of financial wealth. They think that this is the way to get there. They’re forcing themselves to do this thing that they don’t enjoy. They’re miserable throughout the entire process, but they’re convincing themselves that it has to be this thing because this is what they “know” or what feels safe. They get stuck in this pattern where they’re not happy. It’s similar to having a 9 to 5, except the 9 to 5 is now an entrepreneurial endeavor but it’s the same program.

They realize, “I don’t want to do this thing.” You and I both tend to attract a lot more spiritually conscious women who are either more woke or waking up. They’re starting to realize, “What would I want to be doing with my time? How would I enjoy spending my time?” I love what you touched. It’s realizing that I could totally stay safe because this thing is “working,” but evidently it’s not. If you’re not enjoying the process of building, growing and scaling the business, and then being in it, then it’s not working even if it’s bringing in revenue when you have clients. Otherwise, you’re running a job except you’re your own boss. That’s maybe what you want but at the same time, what we all want is real fulfillment, real joy and real pleasure in our day-to-day lives.

I say to people, “If you’re miserable doing what you are supposedly wanting to do and why you started the business, you might as well go back and get a 9 to 5.” Being an entrepreneur and hating what you do is horrible because there’s no longer 9 to 5, now it’s 9 to 9 every single day. You’re killing yourself. You might as well go out and try to do something that you love or at least figure out what is fulfilling for you. When you’re fulfilled, people feel that. When you’re in alignment with what you’re doing, you’re excited by your work and it feels good and people feel that. It’s like you’re a sparkly light and people are like, “Whatever it is that she has, I want that and I want to work with her.” That will be your best advertisement and your best sales tool than you doing it because it’s “safe,” you can have money and whatever it might be. Those levels of success that are explosive and skyrocket, come from that deep place of alignment, fulfillment and excitement because people feel that. People feel that you’re in your truth. You’re in integrity with who you are and they want to be a part of that.

It’s a juicy conversation. I was on a client call before we were jamming out. One of the women has been in business for three years. She has been doing this thing and it’s been working from the sense that she had clients. She had clients come in. She’s been able to fill spots here and there and she’s marketing it. She’s been in this weird season where she hasn’t been excited about marketing this next round and it hasn’t been flowing. I love this word because it’s potent to understand the context behind it. She got this intuitive hit like, “There is something so much bigger than I’m here to be doing.” It’s this weird place of surrender and trust in yourself with the source or with the universe, where it’s like, “Clearly this isn’t the thing. I don’t know what’s coming or how it’s going to work. I know all of the tools and the skill set.”

MMM 87 | Kundalini Energy
Kundalini Energy: When people feel that you’re in your truth and you’re in integrity with who you are, they want to be a part of that.

It’s this space where you’re creating so much more spaciousness in your life and simplifying the process that you can make room for what’s trying to divinely come through, which is what you’re meant here to be doing. For a lot of us, it’s an uncomfortable place to be because there’s so much self-uncovering that comes up in this. There’s a lot of shadow work and us being fully expressed and honoring our deepest desires and truths, which for a lot of us have a lot of fuel. You have stories of rejection, abandonment, not feeling worthy or lovable or whatever the enoughness is behind of these components where we don’t feel safe being fully expressed in our authentic truth. What’s interesting is as we start to create that space and when things aren’t flowing, the universe kicked you out of it. At the same time, if it’s not flowing for you and you’re not excited about this, then this isn’t the thing for you. If it was the thing and you were truly excited about it and you have the strategy, then it would be falling. That’s the part of being able to understand this beautiful balance between Shakti and Shiva, between masculine and feminine chi or energy, between the go and flow of knowing what to do and having the energy behind it but also being embodied through it.

The universe wants to support us and it’s our birthright to be abundant and to be happy. We’re the ones that don’t allow it to happen. We got in our own way. That’s why I was saying you’re fucking up your own success by staying in this place of comfortability and feeling you’re comfortable even though you’re not comfortable at all because you’re not feeling fulfilled. The thing is you are meant to be happy and successful. We have to get out of our own way and stop thinking that it has to be this certain way and getting out of your own way can be tough. You have to be in total surrender.

There’s a tarot card and it’s the tower and people are jumping out of the tower. The tower is burning and crumbling to the ground. You have to be willing to go there. It doesn’t have to be dramatic like that, but you have to be willing to crumble, build back up and realign. You’re always going to be supported. In that process of the crumble and the surrender, there are all these emotions that we have to deal with, discover and heal. The way I think of it is that’s how we evolve consciousness. If we stay here and we don’t deal with our shit, the planet is going to stay the same.

We’re going to have 100 years from now and it’s still going to be like this. If you can’t thinking about it yourself, it’s up to us to change the generations behind us or the generations that are coming out. When we heal our own shit, then we’re making a deeper impact. We’re impacting our clients and we’re impacting more people. I like to call it the domino effect of light. When you show up and you do that deeper inner work, you’re helping yourself, your clients, your family and your friends. It creates this ripple effect out on some planet. If you can’t show up and do it to yourself and go into that deep surrendering place, do it for the people that you love. Do it for your clients and for your family. Do it for the generations that have even been born yet so that way they can live in a better place.

It’s a big piece. For a lot of the women that I’ve worked with, there comes a time when they almost reach these generational patterns where it’s been programmed into their family lineage. They’re becoming aware of the program and it’s almost like, “I know that this program has been running in my lineage for the last X amount of centuries, decades, years or whatever it is. What do I do? Who am I when I’m not running this program?” There’s almost a fear around detaching from that type of wound or that type of story and stepping into their deeper truth and what it is they’re called here to do. In saying that, I’d be curious to hear your perspective when you’re working with women who are starting to face some of these deeper wounds, how they move through this process with you and what that looks like.

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I love speaking about energy and karma and all of the lineage and what gets passed down to you. It’s important for us to heal that ends. One of my favorite parts of building a business is being able to look at that generational thing that’s happening for you. It’s like looking at your mother, your grandmother, your great grandmother, and how that’s impacting you. The women that come into my programs. I don’t sugar coat them. We’re going deep. It’s going to be a shit show for a little bit. We have to dive into all the things. We’re going to have this deep purge, especially in my program, The Ascension Academy. The first two modules, be prepared to purge, let go, reprogram and rewire. We have this nice solid foundation and then we build your business and you can scale with ease.

One of the modalities that I use is we’re healing the emotional patterns that have been passed down to you because we have a choice. Back hundreds of years ago, we might have known about these things. Now, it’s great to be living in a time where we can talk about chakras and we can talk about quantum jumping and not be burned at the stake for it. Like, “This is what we’ve actually built businesses on it.” This is pretty cool that we can talk about this, learn about this and discover it. One of the things that we do is we were looking at the emotional patterns that have been passed down to you because we have a choice. We can heal it or we can dish about it and do nothing. Let’s heal it for ourselves.

Once we’re able to reprogram the subconscious and reprogram the aura, the aura and the subconscious can run on new patterns of success. It’s one of those things that you have to be willing to do the work. We have the opportunity to change our destiny. We have the opportunity to reprogram our entire energy system. Why not do it? Yogi Bhajan, he’s one of my Kundalini teachers. Even though he has passed, he’s still such a great teacher to me. He said that we live in a time where we don’t have to have bad days. We live in a time where we don’t have to be failures. We have these tools to change our life. It’s a choice to go in and heal, fix and do what you need to do. It’s a choice to stay exactly where you are, have a bad day and get stuck in victim mode. I’m not saying you can’t be human because we all need to have those moments where we have our tantrums. It’s a choice between happiness and success or failure and depression.

Let’s lean into this because this is a big question that I get. There’s a key discernment that has to happen here because a lot of times it’s like, “Okay self, I want to be in this constant place of living in my life and being happy and joyous. I don’t want to have bad days and I don’t want to get stuck in this.” It’s almost like we make long these negative emotions and these moments. What it feels like is unwinding a lot of the old programs. That’s the way I’d love to explain it to my clients. Your body is emotionally releasing and the only way to release that is to feel it. I’d be curious to hear your perspective with this too because I know a lot of people are like, “I want to be positive, happy and in my light. How do I know when I’m not being a victim versus when I’m healing something versus being stuck in something?” It’s a program that a lot of people get caught up on.

Part of it is not spiritual bypassing. We can all easily be like, “We’re good. There are no bad days. I’m fine. I’m great. I’m not dealing with my shit. I’m loving life.” No, we have to deal with what’s happening and coming up to the surface and move through it. The thing is we have tools to move through them and mine is Kundalini. I love Kundalini. That’s how we move through energy. The thing is to know if you’re in victim mode, to know if you’re working through something, to know if you’re bypassing something, you have to be so deeply connected to yourself and your own patterns. You have to sit with yourself and know yourself so well. For me, I know within a millisecond if I’m out of alignment. I know how my body reacts. I know how I feel. I know what happens to my mind. I know everything. I’m like, “I’m out of alignment. What’s going on here?”

MMM 87 | Kundalini Energy
Kundalini Energy: We all run on patterns. Knowing what your pattern is and understanding that enables you to reconstruct that pattern and change your life.

When you know yourself and you give yourself that opportunity to be still and sit there and witness. Give yourself a week or 24 hours. Notice your patterns, notice what’s happening, notice how you’re thinking and notice how you’re being triggered. You have to be ready, willing and able to sit there and look at your shit and then you can start to notice, “I’m being triggered. I went into victim mode right there. I was healing something right there,” then you start to notice those patterns. I know for me, there are very specific ways that I handle being a victim. There are very specific ways that I handle being triggered. There are very specific ways that I handle emotional stress, anxiety and all those things that come up with being a human, especially being an entrepreneur. You have to know how you tick. You have to know how your body runs. We all run on patterns. We’re like machines. Know what your pattern is, understand that pattern, and then have a tool to reconstruct that pattern. My tool is Kundalini. Maybe it’s not for you, but have something that’s going to reprogram that pattern so that way you can change your life.

I feel like, especially in the more conscious community, there’s almost resistance in leaning into the shadow work. Are you listening to be high vibe and positive? This is the other piece because you and I both focused on a lot of entrepreneurs, a lot of business and marketing. The theme that I oftentimes see is there’s a fear around vulnerability. There are two ends of the spectrum. There’s the overly vulnerable, leading from this place of always being in deep emotion and not having any authority or any real positioning inside of that. There’s the other end of the spectrum where it’s this picture perfect I don’t have any emotional stuff. I live in this extravagant life and I’m completely healed. It’s finding that middle ground for this audience of like, “How is it that I show up in my power? I’m vulnerable in my humanism. I allow myself to be human and I also know that that’s the way that I connect and empower my audience.”

Part of it is having the awareness that can very easily go from being vulnerable to being a victim in your content quickly of being like, “Woe is me. I feel bad for me.” We could do that. It’s being aware of what is the energy and what is the intention behind your posting? Are you doing it to get likes? Are you doing it to get people to feel bad for you? Are you doing it because of those types of reasons or are you doing it to inspire someone? Are you doing it because your audience is probably going through that same exact thing and your call to action is some opportunity for them to up-level their life? That way you’re not leaving them hanging and you wrote a live journal. If you remember LiveJournal from early 2000s, it was the online diary. What it comes down to is your energy behind it. You and I can say the same exact thing, but if you’re in a crappy mood and I’m in a happy mood, people are going to take it two completely different ways, depending on the energy behind them which you wrote it.

In relation to all of that, the other piece is allowing yourself to tune into the meaning behind the message. I’m having the energetics behind it, more so like the way I play it to my clients is if you could have gratitude for the actual event and see like, “This is part of me.” Where a lot of us start to disassociate from our shadows is when we have a dissonance with who we are or what our experience in our lives. It’s almost this process of what I found to be complete self-acceptance and surrendering to what is. Allowing yourself to have those human experiences and utilizing that as part of your power versus seeing it as part of your weakness.

The thing is when we hide that because we can go two ways of the spectrum. You can be like, “Everything’s perfect. I live this perfect life and nothing bad ever happens to me,” and then you could also be in the complete opposite of the spectrum regardless. If you’re not in integrity with what you’re saying, if you’re not in alignment with what you’re saying, if you’re not in alignment with yourself, people will feel that. This is where energy is the backbone for everything that you do inside of your business because if that’s off, you’re going to attract in the “wrong type of person.”

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If you don’t have the energy behind it and you’re not having integrity with yourself like what you’re saying, having this dissonance of who you are, if you’re not fully embodying that, you’re going to attract in the whole gamut of people like, “Why am I doing this work?” I bring this up because I was on a client call with one of my girls inside of TAA and she was like, “I don’t get it. I get them on the sales call, I do the work and then I never hear from them again.” I was like, “What’s that? Back it up, what’s going on here?” She was like, “I have my messaging and I have my posts. I get on the sales call and I start asking the questions. I’m in myself and in my zone and I never hear from them again.” I was like, “What’s out of alignment here?”

What it ended up being was that she was acting like this nice girl. She’s messaging her positioning like, “I’m loving light and stuff,” and whatever. If that was her, that would be fine, but it wasn’t. She was a shadow worker, which was the complete opposite of the spectrum. She attracted these women with the love and light stuff and they’ve gone on a sales call and she’s like, “Get it with them.” They were like, “I’ve got to get out of here.” If you aren’t in integrity with your messaging, you’re going to attract the wrong types of people and not your soulmate clients. Use your voice and embody it because there are billions of people out there. There are 20 people or 50 people to fill your program that needs your work and that will connect with you, your story and your authenticity.

It brings up for me as you’re sharing this, this other piece of showing up in your wholeness and allowing yourself to be a multidimensional human being in your marketing. A lot of us get stuck in a program or pattern where we’re like, “Let me show up as this version of myself,” though we’re not fully expressed because we’re conditioned that this is what “works.” It’s the same pattern where it’s like then you should be attracting people who resonate with that aspect of yourself but don’t feel fully connected to all that you’d be. When you start presenting these darker parts of you or these deeper aspects of yourself, it’s like, “Is it safe? Is it okay?” It’s having the ability to be a multidimensional human being in your marketing, allowing yourself to be seen in all of your dimensions and allowing your audience to have different ways of connecting with you.

Just be real, be yourself and show who you are. Yogi Bhajan spoke about the different energetic ages that we tap into. He was saying how back in the Piscean Age, which was up until 2011 to 2012, was very masculine driven as we know. It was super masculine like a dictatorship and there wasn’t the internet around as prevalent as it is now. All of the information was only held by certain people and there was a very different type of world. You could only be one certain type of person because we weren’t as accepting as we are now. Now that we’ve transitioned into the Age of Aquarius, it’s more feminine-based.

The tagline for the Age of Aquarius is “There’s no hiding.” People can’t hide anymore because we’re energetically sensitive. Whether you’re an empath or whether you’re a spiritual person, you can be none of those things and still pick up on energy and feel things and say, “That person is out of integrity. I don’t trust that person.” When you’re only showing up in one way as the way that you think is going to be successful, but it’s not you or it’s not all of you, people will feel that. They’re like, “I don’t want to work with her. I can’t trust him or there’s something off,” but when you’re full you, the good, the bad, all of those things, people want that because it’s real and you’re in integrity. You literally vibrate at a higher level when you’re in integrity with who you are. We can dive deeper into all of that.

MMM 87 | Kundalini Energy
Kundalini Energy: Our businesses are an extension of us, but they have their own energetic entity that we can always tap into.

There’s the shift in consciousness that happened and we can’t fake it anymore. We can’t pretend that we’re those certain type of person. That’s why back in the ‘90s, full on ad campaigns where the thing to do on TV and in magazines. That’s how we sold to people. Ads still work but in such a different way. They’re more authentic. You’re having conversations with people. It’s not like, “Here’s my program for $297, buy it now.” That does not work anymore because we want to have a deeper and meaningful connection with our audiences. That only comes from you being authentic.

Let’s lean into this a little bit more because it’s also something that’s been super prevalent for a lot of the women and they are vibing in the season where they are doing all of the things. They’re like, “I’ve done the Facebook training. I’ve done Instagram. I’m thinking about doing a YouTube channel. I’ve got ads running. I’m doing all this stuff. I’m posting every day. I’m showing up.” They’re constantly looking for the next best strategy because they want to grow in scale, but at the same time, it’s not taking off the way that they want it to. It’s this piece of what you’re doing is working for someone else and they’re using the same exact strategies but it’s not working for you. I’d love to always have my clients and that would be great. What part of you isn’t being fully expressed or what part of you is it feeling in its highest excitement with what you’re doing? What’s the energetic state behind the doingness that’s embodying the beingness of what you want to create?

I resonate with that deeply. I believe that we all have our own energetic blueprint to success. We all are meant to be as successful but we cannot look at another coach, another mentor, another person and be like, “She’s doing that and that worked for her so I’m going to do it.” You replicate it and you’re like, “It’s not working. Why is it not working?” The reason why it’s not working is that you’re taking that person’s energy and trying to fit it into your own energy field. It’s not going to work because that person created that from probably some deeply connected place instead of an intuitive prompt and it worked. You’re taking it because you see that it works, but it’s out of integrity with you. Maybe you don’t like the ads. Maybe you don’t like the funnel that you created. Maybe you don’t like the messaging that’s showing up, but you saw that she was doing it and it worked for her. All of your energy gets infused into that and all of that disconnection gets infused, so people feel that and it’s never going to work for you. You might as well figure out what it is that you need to be successful. Activate that business intuition and then take action, then build a funnel, build the ads, do the strategy because then it will be like you have the Midas touch and everything will scale.

For me, the language patterns that I use for this is much more around feminine flow, which is this process of the embodiment of you knowing yourself, of you being in pleasure in this business and fully feeling, “This is fun.” What I find to be interesting here is there tends to be a program that a lot of women get stuck in. I know that we’re speaking specifically to women here. It’s because you and I work with women. There are these patterns as well and it’s this program of like, “I know these things that I’m doing aren’t working.” They almost get stuck in a hypnotic spell of feeling like they need to do more stuff when what needs to happen is this surrender and creating the space to reconnect with themselves. There tends to be almost a state of fear inside of that because they’re operating more from a place of lack or a place of scarcity. A place of what almost feels like not fully trusting that in surrendering, that’s what will create the flow. They feel like they have to force and push even harder.

That’s what’s been ingrained in us like talking about ancestral patterns. When you think about our parents’ generation and our grandparents’ generation, it was hustle, hustle, hustle and you’ll make money. That’s how it used to be. It’s doing whatever you can to make money and it will happen. Our generation is different. It’s what’s been ingrained in us. What we’ve seen is, “If I do this strategy and I do all the things and I’m working hard, then it’s going to happen for me.” When it doesn’t, we still lean into it even more because we tricked ourselves like, “Maybe just another funnel. Maybe if I do five funnels instead of four or two, it will happen. Maybe I’ll spend another $1,000 on the Facebook ads and it will finally happen.” No, it won’t. You have to surrender. You have to tap in. You have to figure out what is going on because success is an internal job, first and foremost.

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Sometimes we’re afraid of leaning in because when we did that, we leaned in and we tuned in, we would become successful. We would be more successful than we ever could even imagine, and that scares the shit out of us. That’s where we’re like, “This isn’t working. Let me keep doing it,” rather than taking that time and taking that moment to slow down. Our businesses, they’re an extension of us, but they have their own energetic entity to them that we can always tap into. It’s a vibration where we can receive and figure out like, “How can I serve your business? What do you need? Do I need to show up more on Instagram? Do I need to do a masterclass training? Do we need to do a Facebook ad?”

You don’t have to have that exact dialogue, but you will get intuitive prompts. If you receive those intuitive prompts and take action, 99% of the time, those actions are going to be so much more aligned and so much more successful for you. Just who I am, I can relate to that so much because sometimes I get up in the story of like, “Strategy, it’s not working. I need to do more.” I realized something’s happening here where if I slow down and I got quiet and tuned in, I did my kriyas and did all my energy work, I’ll get the million-dollar idea. I’m blocking that from happening. That scares the crap out of me because I’m heading an upper-level limit. Once you do that and you’re like, “That’s what’s happening.” It’s the awareness of like, “That’s what I’m doing. Let me go get my butt on the meditation pillow or get my journal out.” I figure it all out and I’m like, “The idea came in. I’m going to go take action on it,” and then it ends up being successful.

This is a big piece and what I see with my clients are the language patterns that I use with that. There’s almost this subconscious part of you, because I believe in this aspect that we have multiple parts of ourselves and each part is they’re willing from different aspects of our personality or different belief systems or whatever it is. They’re all there and when we talk about alignment, the way that I look at it is it’s having all of these parts of you being in alignment and in congruency with your highest purpose, your highest excitement. Oftentimes, when we’re running these self-sabotaging patterns of procrastination, of resistance, whatever it’s showing up as, it’s usually because there’s a part of us that’s not feeling in congruency or in alignment with the other aspects of us.

When we realize that there’s this part of us that’s not feeling in congruency or not feeling in alignment with the higher self. What’s interesting is you’ll see where a lot of people consciously know that this makes sense. “I know what I’m supposed to do. I know how to do it right.” You’ll hear a lot of people say it oftentimes and they’ll say it like that. There’s a part of me that’s afraid or that feels this or that doesn’t believe that. There’s this fear, there’s this block or I have resistance. Oftentimes it’s leaning into that piece because usually, the program that you’ll see people run is they’re like, “How do I get rid of the fear? How do I get rid of the resistance?” It’s not about removing that because if you make that part of you wrong or if you remove it, then you no longer have access to it.

There’s a beautiful gift in that part. The loving reminder that I love to give the women that I work with is, “Let’s see it lean in and let’s speak to that part of you.” What is the fear? What is she afraid of? What’s interesting is we oftentimes disassociate from these parts because we don’t see them as being part of the whole. We don’t feel whole. We don’t feel like we’re in our full embodiment. When we start to speak to this part and we start to lean into it, we realize that this part is there to serve in the same purpose as every other piece, it’s just doing it in a different way. That fear is coming up as a way of a protective mechanism because, for whatever reason, this part has a fear around what it would look like to be “successful” or to have this much money or to do this thing.

MMM 87 | Kundalini Energy
Kundalini Energy: We have the ability to become wildly successful far beyond we could ever even imagine.

Oftentimes, it’s a subconscious belief or an ancestral pattern of like, “This is what it looked like when mom and dad did it. They were super successful or they made this amount of money and then they didn’t have time for me,” or whatever the program is. When we lean into that, we can start to get clear on what’s the subconscious belief that’s going on with this part of you. What does this part of you is needing and wanting to embody that it’s afraid of it would have if we were to get there? How can we embody that now and know that it’s safe to go there, then we can bring all of these pieces back into congruency and back into alignment?

What you’re referencing is the ego. There’s so much talk about it like, “Fuck the ego. I hate the ego.” I’m like, “Your ego’s showing up to keep you in check.” It’s that shadow stuff like, “We’re making a change here. I’m a little scared.” It’s looking back and saying, “What is this pattern? Why is the ego coming up? Why is it trying to block me from this? What can I learn from this? Is it because when my parents were successful, they didn’t have time for me, now I’m afraid I’m not going to have time? Why is the ego coming up?” Instead of bashing it and being like, “It’s the ego,” it’s like, “What’s going on? Why are you coming up? What are you trying to show me here? What can I heal?” When you can heal that, that’s how you evolve and that’s how you change.

Part of this is we have so much “proof” that the masculine works. If you’re from the generational thing of like, “Hustle works.” We have to start figuring out our own proof for our mind to say, “The feminine works and tuning in works.” It’s taking an internal note of, “When was that time that I meditated and I felt better? When was that time that I took action on my intuition and something was in alignment?” Whatever it may be, it’s having that internal proof and reminding yourself of that, then it starts to become a lot easier to lean back into the feminine, surrender, tune in and see what you need. It’s one of those things that’s helped me so much, especially in my business because from New York, I’m like, “What’s next? I’ve got to do the next thing.” That’s a part of my pattern.

I started working with a success therapist to handle success and I was getting caught up in that pattern of, “I need more strategy,” or “I need more of this.” She was like, “I want to remind you that your highest months were the months when you took off and you relaxed, you got a massage, you went floating and you did all the deeper inner work. Those were your highest months by far.” My conscious mind was like, “Really? That happened?” I went back once in my payment track and I was like, “She’s right. Those were the months that I had my highest month. The ones that I was in deep surrender and going within.” That was my proof. Sometimes we need to have that proof of like, “This works,” then you start to reprogram the pattern that masculine and the hustle works.

What you’re tuning into, it’s this piece where it’s like “worked.” We have to almost come back and redefine what working looks like, what that means and what success is for us. A lot of us are only measuring by the stick of financial income and by busyness gauge. The piece that I love to remind people of it is, “Working, but you’re miserable. It’s not working, is it?” When you’re hustling 24/7 and you’re making the money, but you don’t have time or energy to enjoy it, it’s not working, is it? It’s almost like let’s redefine what working means. The definition may be different for everyone. My personal belief is that for something to be working, I need to be feeling a deep sense of pleasure and joy in what I’m doing in my day-to-day life.

[bctt tweet=”Success is an internal job, first and foremost.” username=””]

If I’m not feeling that in my day-to-day life and I’m feeling ridden by stress, overwhelm and anxiety, it doesn’t matter what I’m doing. It doesn’t matter how much money I’m making, it’s not working because that’s not working energetically for me. It’s coming back to this piece and this is that part of that feminine flow, that feminine energy or that embodiment of the first piece to know if something is working is how you’re feeling and your embodiment of these emotions in your higher self. When you’re embodying this energetic state, we then do from that state, the amount of doing becomes so much less because we’re operating from a state of being and it’s so much more easeful and it flows through us versus feeling like we have to force ourselves to get through the process.

You’re touching upon something that I’m constantly asking myself and I say to my clients, “How will I measure success beyond the numbers?” We can easily be like, “I hit $50,000 this month. I’m successful.” It doesn’t matter about the numbers. How will I measure success will be how I’m feeling, what’s happening in my life and what I’m able to do. What is our success indicator? When you’re younger, success is, “I got good grades.” It’s always down to the numbers or the letters. “I got good grades, I got A, mom and dad said I was awesome,” whatever. We then become entrepreneurs, there is no longer this barometer to success. We start freaking out and spiraling because we’re like, “I don’t know, am I doing a good job? Am I not doing a good job? If I hit more numbers, then I’ll be happy.”

That was the story I had. I’m like, “When I hit $50,000 a month, then I’ll know that I’ve made it.” I hit $50,000 and I was like, “I don’t know what’s going on? Am I happy? Am I not happy? What are my core values? What do I want out of life?” You have to figure out, “What are my core values? What makes me happy? How am I going to measure my success? How will I know when I’m successful? What does that feel like?” The second part of it is, “How will I celebrate myself when I get there? How will I take the time to celebrate myself when I know that I’ve achieved success?” When we use that as our internal business compass, then we will feel so much more fulfilled in our life.

We could go on forever. We’ll probably have to do another session to dive even deeper into some of these layers. There are many different dimensions of everything. To honor your time and your space, we’ll close the energy on this. What for you is one last type of potent message that you want to share? Inside of that, for anyone that’s resonating, vibing with you and curious about everything that you’re sharing, how can they find out about you and how can they learn more about what you do?

Thank you for this opportunity. The one thing that I want everyone to leave home with is that we are the creators of our dream. We have the ability to become wildly successful far beyond we could ever even imagine. Don’t think that if it’s not working, that it’s the strategy. I encourage you to go within and set some time to feel your body and feel your energy. Figure out what you need to do because we need you to step up and be incredibly successful because the bigger numbers that we hit means how much more impact we’re making on the planet. If we look around, we need more light leaders on the planet. We need more people that are embodied, that is authentic, that are creating epic opportunities for people to transform in and that begins with you. That’s the one thing that I want to leave everyone with. If you’re vibing with this, I would love to connect with everyone on Instagram. That’s probably the best spot at @IAmBriannaRose. You can check out a lot of content and posts there. My website is there, and you can get into all the things about me and my programs from there.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Everyone is appreciating and loving you immensely and letting us share space. I’m excited about all the endeavors and to continue to see you soar, shine and hold space for all the women that you’re empowering. It’s beautiful.

I’m receiving all that. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be here. This is very special and I’m so grateful for you.

If you found any of this powerful or insightful, if you have any comments or feedback, feel free to rate this episode or to leave any comments or message for Brianna or me. We love hearing from each of you and hearing how all of this has landed for you. With that being said, thank you so much and we will see you in the next episode.

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MMM 87 | Kundalini Energy

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