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EP #94: So Many Life-Changing Transformations In Just One Year!

Who knew that so much could change in just one year? Hosts Dan Mendilow and Sophie Kessner rarely take the time to reflect on just how far the show has come in the last twelve months. It feels like ages ago that they started this podcast, and they were completely different people back then! In this episode, Dan and Sophie interview each other as they go back memory lane and trace the life-changing decisions, “coincidences,” and straight-up magical moments that took them both into totally different financial, business, social, and personal universes.

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So Many Life-Changing Transformations In Just One Year!

We are pumped for this episode. Dan and I decided we wanted to do something a little fun. It’s been a few years now since we have launched this show and all of these episodes for all of you. We wanted to recap and give you a little bit of behind the scenes of everything that we’ve evolved through and we’ve grown through not just in our businesses but in our selves. Our lives have completely changed over in 2018. You’re going to be able to get a fun inside view and maybe even a little bit of the behind the scenes of what we were moving through that maybe you didn’t even see throughout 2018.

We were talking about this before and I had this thunderclap of a moment as I realized a lot has happened in just one year. It seems it goes by so fast. Many things have changed and developed. It has led us to this point where both of us are entering a new era of our lives and our businesses. It’s exciting and it is fun to go back memory lane and see where we came from. Hopefully, these little recaps of our lives will help you. Maybe you’re going through something similar or you just did or maybe you’re going to. This will pop back in your mind and either give you comfort, some ideas, inspiration or something there that will help you through it.

I feel a lot of people have slowly started to tune into this show and they don’t know how we met. Let’s start there and give a little bit of a background about how this show was birthed then we can lead into 2018.

We met at a seminar. The very first time we met, you were speaking at ServeX or something in Southern California. You were one of the speakers there. We connected because we both come from this NLP interventionists life coaching background. We connected on a similar training and then we bumped into each other again at the next seminar where I was a speaker.

That was at Adam’s event, right?

Yeah, 10X Your Business Online. We talked a lot more on that second time. We got to know each other as people, where we’re going and what we wanted to do. I’m not sure how we got onto the subject of podcasting but both of us had our eyes on it.

I remember we were partnered up at some point for one of the exercises. We’re sitting next to each other and I was like, “I don’t know what we’re going to do but we need to do something together.” That’s how all this started. We had a few calls where we sat down and we started brainstorming. We started with doing Facebook Lives together. We interacted and shared a bunch of contents and values. Eventually, we got in this idea of how can we leverage this in a much bigger way? Thus, was born this idea of the podcast. We started talking about this in November of 2017.

Since then, it has been a lot of fun because the directions that both of us have gone into were super unexpected, at least from my standpoint. I had no idea that I’d be going where I’m going now, let alone how things transpired. Let’s get a baseline. Sophie, where was your business then?

That would be July 2018. I was running one program called the BI, the Business Ignitor. I was running it through Libby’s company. I had twelve women inside of that program. On top of that, I was in marketing mode for the Business Accelerator. We were going on round three for that program. I was taking care of all the marketing, all the sales calls and getting ready to onboard what was going to be 34 women for the round that was starting in September. I was in the process of helping Libby scale her company to the million-dollar run rate and being the right-hand woman inside of her business at that point, which was exciting. I also had my own mini-program and I had six to eight women inside of it that was focused on what we called Feminine Entrepreneur Empowerment, FEE.

It was my first go at wanting to work specifically with women and wanting to do more the in-her work with business but not having too much about heavy emphasis on business. I was so involved in that with Libby’s company that I wanted my own little thing that was more focused on the feminine piece and dropping into that. That’s where the work I was doing was. At the same time, I was also going through the breakup with Matt. That time I was traveling all over, going to a bunch of festivals, going to a bunch of different places and having mental-emotional breakdowns and also training for bikini comps. I was right in the middle of bikini comp training. I was about at my peak at this point during all of this. That time was intense.

MMM 94 | Life Changing Transformations
Life Changing Transformations: Any type of intense fitness competitions or bodybuilding or aesthetics is a very intense process.

You had a lot of shit going on. That is so much. I’m trying to think where I was. I’ve only been in the business for myself for a few years and it feels so much longer. It’s hard to imagine because on July 2018, I was still working with Libby. We were in our second month of three together. She was my second business coach. Before that, I worked with Adam for about six months and before that was my first year in business. The growth has been out of this world. July 2018, I was still recovering. I was mostly recovered from the worst thing that has ever happened to me physically. In case you’re not familiar with my story going back, I was a vegetarian for spiritual reasons for a few years until I got anemia. My liver, kidneys and adrenals stopped working. My body was filled up with toxins to a critical near hospitalization level. I couldn’t even get out of bed for days. I was still healing from that, which was super fun.

It freaked me out because most of my business, and I’ve said this multiple times, I don’t care. I’m happy about it. I’m proud of it. I don’t know much about business and marketing. I created my entire business off of spiritual growth. I had manifested it but the problem with that is when my energy is low, if I’m sick or something like that happens, my business dries up because my energy isn’t there. That’s what happened and it freaked me out. I was like, “I need a badass business coach. Libby was only working with women.” I’m like, “I don’t give a fuck. You’re going to be my coach. I’m not asking you. This is going to happen. Tell me what needs to happen so this can happen.”

We started working together and shortly after that, because I was doing a lot of mindsets and spiritual training at the same time, the combination of everything allowed me to increase my business by 66%. It was an overnight thing. One day I decided to do it. The next day, I did it and there was no transition. It happened. It was insanity. That was the biggest jump that I’d ever made at one time. It opened my eyes a lot to see what was possible for me and what was possible in general. I thought you upped your income by 10% at a time, 20% at a time or slowly. You don’t have to do that. There were series of breakthroughs because of that and having Libby as a coach more than just marketing strategies and stuff like that. It’s having a model of possibility for me that opened up a ton of doors.

It’s ironic to look back and see what a catalyst she was for both of us. She was speaking at the event that you spoke at, that second one that we met.

That’s where I met her.

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That’s where I discovered Libby and it was in February of 2018 that she brought me on board inside of her business. Quickly after that, you decided to hire her as your coach. That was where everything unfolded and it’s crazy to tune in to that.

That one seminar was instrumental to all of our lives. It helped her become a millionaire. She got you on her team. Your work with her and then consequently your work with Scott, it opened up a hallway of doors for you and then did for me. That’s cool to think about that one weekend.

That one weekend, we were all at one place at one time. Here we are now with the podcast. Libby scaled into a million-dollar company. Scott got scaled to multi-seven-figure at this point and has two to three different companies. It was this time he had launched the ROI Method and he had proposed to Libby in April of 2018. They had gotten married through the courthouse. It’s been one hell of a journey.

That’s a snapshot of 2018. Take us forward a little bit. How did things develop for you?

Milestone-wise, after July and August, I had moved out of the apartment that I was staying with my ex at that time. I moved into my first real place by myself. At this point, I was 23. It’s the first time I’m having my own space all by myself with no boyfriend and no roommates. It was intimidating but at the same time, I was generating probably $20,000 to $25,000 a month in business revenue. I was doing incredibly well financially but the anxiety and the panic attacks that I was having from the mental and emotional stress that I was under then from the way that I was training with my body because I was going through this whole process of wanting to compete and wanting to step on stage.

MMM 94 | Life Changing Transformations
Life Changing Transformations: Being a business owner is all about experimenting and being a scientist in your business.

For anyone that’s ever done any type of intense fitness competitions or any type of bodybuilding or aesthetics, you know that it’s a very intense process, especially when you get into your cutting phase, when you’re weeks out from a show or when you’re about that last month out. I was at this place where externally I had all of these amazing things. I was crushing $20,000 to $30,000 months in the business. I was living on my own. I had this beautiful place. I was traveling all over. I was training and I was at the lowest body fat percentage I had never been. I was down 12%, which is borderline and not very healthy. Behind the scenes, I was spiraling with anxiety and panic attacks. I remember I got to a point where I would go to the gym and I would start feeling anxious. I would start to feel my heart race. I feel I was going to pass out. I was at the gym one day and I was feeling anxious. I was like, “I need to drive down to the hospital and get looked at because I don’t know what’s going on with me.”

I was struggling to stay awake at this point. My day was Bulletproof coffee, pre-workout, more coffee and I was still exhausted at the end of the day. What I wasn’t realizing how shocked my adrenals were. As I’m driving down the freeway, it’s about 20 to 30-minute drive from where I live down to where the hospital is, I’m getting more and more anxious. I’m feeling my heart rate more and more and I’m starting to feel lightheaded and dizzy. I ended up calling the ambulance in the car. I’m like, “I think I’m going to pass out. I feel there’s something wrong with me. I don’t know what’s going on with me.” They were like, “Go ahead and pull over.” I pulled over off the side of the freeway. It was a gas station. They had an ambulance come and pick me up. They said that I was having a panic attack. They offered to put me on Xanax or some other type of anxiety medication. I was like, “No, I’m good.” It was intense and it woke me up because I started to realize whatever I’m doing is not working. This isn’t healthy and this isn’t sustainable.

I had to go through this huge internal shift through August and September of deciding for myself that I no longer want to be doing this competition. It’s taking away from my health and my business, for me being able to show up for my clients and being able to have a life in general. It was this huge integrity battle I had with myself of like, “I said I was going to do it.” Having to reflect on the person I was at the beginning of the year when I decided that I was going to do it, then eight or nine months later realizing I wasn’t the same person who had said I was going to do it back in January. It’s letting that go and realizing that it’s what’s in the highest good of where I am now. That was the beginning in September of my healing journey with my body and with myself and especially recovering from the adrenals, the anxiety and the panic attacks. It was a process because a lot of it wasn’t the mental piece of it. My body was so deficient in nutrients that I could not help but feel this massive sense of exhaustion, anxiousness and depletion.

That sounds rough. I’m happy you’re feeling better now. I get myself adrenal fatigue while I’m on vacation. If you’re reading this and you have a business of your own or if you don’t, please take care of your adrenals. It is not fun to have to deal with it. It takes a long time and what you have to do if you get bad, it’s obnoxious. It gets old fast. Take care of yourself. That takes you up to December?

That’s September. That’s when I leave off here and then tuning back in for you. What was happening over between July up until September? It feels that was another big quarter.

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Leading up past that, that’s when I started working with the ROI Method. I’ve invested into that and that was a good experience even though it costs me a hell of a lot of money. It was painful but then I realized that I wasn’t ready for ads yet. There was quite a lot of work that I need to do on my copy. I started focusing on that. It sets off a phase that I hope has ended me being detached from my copy, not feeling in it and not having it be my real voice. It was weird. I feel I almost had multiple personalities. I was fully me talking in sessions at workshops and stuff like that, then I’d go and sit down and write. It was a different person who’s much stiffer and formal. It felt like my dad writing. My dad is a legit genius. He studies political science in the Middle East, specializing in elections in Israel.

If you thought that our elections were complicated because we have maybe two, two-and-a-half parties, they have eleven. My dad writes books that are used as textbooks around the world. He was the one who taught me how to write. It was a process of breaking out of that super technical. I could write a textbook if I wanted but that’s not what copy is. That experience woke me up of spending $7,000 on ads that got me absolutely nothing and also $1,000 a month for a Facebook ads guy and all that stuff and $10,000 in the program, etc. It’s great. I know the method, but it was a wake-up call. I thought that it was a frustrating but helpful and useful one. That’s where my mind was at, redoing everything for that program, rewriting my opt-in guides, all my copy, my positioning and testing. That’s what being a business owner is all about is experimenting and being a scientist in your business. For a couple of months, that’s the only thing that was on my mind is cranking through that.

Leading up past to that, going towards December and January, that experience of hustling crazy for the last few months because March 2018, Abby and I did our three-day event. Before then, there was a lot of hustle for that. 2018 was hustle all year long. There’s a lot of fun but there was a lot of work. Towards the end of 2018, I started getting on to this different path which is life is way more than that. Making money is great. Changing the world is awesome. At the same time, I want to do things that are good for me that are fun and that adds a lot to my life. I set on this path of like, “I finished 2018 of absolute hustle. 2019 is going to be a lot more fun. I’m going to play more, rest more, take care of myself even better. I’m going to focus a lot more on me, on what do I need in order to be ultimately successful. What is my definition of successful?” It sparked 2019 of redefinition of, “Who am I? What is my business? What do I want to do?” Combining my business and my lifestyle so that everything in my life is perfectly aligned. That was where my mind was towards that. It’s the best thing because it gave me 2019, which was a gift and a blessing that is still surprising me at every single turn on how incredible life can be.

It’s been a hallowed journey watching you evolve and unfold, especially in your copy and what we will get into. Seeing you show up more as who you are versus the polished professional, I feel like your entire brand as a whole has evolved so much since 2018. It was like taking the tide-up button-up shirts and looking all polished and wearing the suits versus now it’s Dan making weird faces on Instagram.

That’s where I’m at now, weird as fuck, talking about whatever. I had a post on how I loved magic mushrooms the other day.

MMM 94 | Life Changing Transformations
Life Changing Transformations: Business success or growth as an entrepreneur is not always steady. You will have little bumps.

I think leading up to January 2019, September was when I dropped out of the comp. I was running the BI for this. We had 34 women inside of that program. That was 34 different businesses that I was supporting on top of Libby’s business and then on top of my own personal brand. At that time, through November, I had opted into getting not Lasik but ICL surgery. Instead of lasering my eyeballs, they inserted this permanent contact lens behind my iris because I was having a bunch of eye issues and I couldn’t wear my contacts and it was irritating. I went in and towards the end of November, I had this procedure done and I was told I couldn’t fly for two to three weeks. I had already booked and paid for this retreat experience to go to spend a week with Dr. Joe Dispenza at his advanced week-long retreat in Cancun. I was told that I could potentially not be able to fly because it could damage my eyes. I could go potentially blind if I got on the plane.

Fingers crossed, I had gone to the checkup and they had cleared me so I was able to go and fly. The week that I was leaving to go into Dr. Joe’s event, this was right towards the end of November, beginning of December. Libby had decided that she no longer wanted to run the BI as a mentorship program. This was her making this huge pivot. I had spent the last few months at this point supporting her in scaling it. It was like we were coming to this crossroads of loving and having this beautiful relationship as people, but also realizing that business-wise, she wants to make this a self-study course. She’s realizing that she doesn’t want to do the mentorship space anymore. Having this huge program wasn’t in her highest excitement anymore. For me, it was like, “Okay.” I’m heading off to Cancun, I’ve got new eyes and I have no idea what I’m going to be doing next as far as business goes. I’ve spent the last few months working on her company and scaling it up. I went to Cancun and had a bit of pretty much spiritual experience.

It was this intense out of body shamanic experience in a way where it was like for the first time, I felt and completely with no psychedelics or any type of substances involved, this deep connection to source and universe. It was this huge wake up for me of like, “Who do you want to be? What’s in alignment for you? How do you want to feel? What do you want to embody and what do you want to become?” This potential of what was possible for me. I came back from Cancun and hid under a rock for the rest of December. I was in this massive creation mode of what I wanted to build for myself and my personal brand. I built out my entire business, which was the Gamma Goddess Mastermind in about four weeks. I then launched it in January. I market it for about four to six weeks and ended up filling up the program with twelve women. It was all under my own brand and ended up having a $60,000 launch for that program with something that I had built over a four-week period. It was crazy to think about.

From there, I ran that program. At the same time, when I was getting ready to launch for the next round of it, that was supposed to start in April, I was finding that it was very exhausting. I was getting tired of running the business on my own and feeling frustrated like, “This is a lot of work and there was a lot of resistance and the tension. It’s similar to what you were talking about. It’s having had to spend the whole of 2018 in this hustle, “Go, go, go,” mentality. 2019 was like, “I cannot fuck with my adrenals at this point. I cannot live off of coffee and pre-workout anymore.” It was like having to force myself to slow down. That’s when Mel and I started brainstorming. She was in the process of launching her own program and I was getting ready to launch the second run of my program. We’re talking to the same audience and we’re doing the same thing. Why were we doing all of the work by ourselves instead of collaborating and building a brand out together? That’s how we birthed our collaborative business and our collaborative brand, which we’re now in the process of rebranding.

We decided to build that out in about 72-hour period. We built out the entire sales page, the brand, the copy and launched it. Within about a six-week period, we had another $40,000 launch for that. We enrolled eight women into that program. It was another big success but it was also a huge learning experience because we very much had a different tone when we went into that of very rebellious. We’re going to do it the way we want to do it and coming from a very much more analytical perspective. It’s been interesting having run my personal business on my own and the little program that I have, running the collaborative brand with Mel, then also having finished enrollment for the second round of GGM that I did for myself. That’s become more of my personal high-level mastermind and tuning into similar to what you’re experiencing. It’s this shift of how do I want to show up?

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For me, it’s been funny how it leaks into all the different areas of my life. This all or nothing mentality and shedding all of the beliefs and all of the programs that I’ve picked up along the way about how things have to look and the rules about the way things need to be whether it’s in diet, training, business marketing. One of the things that I’ve found for myself leading up to now is I started getting into this work back in February of sexual expression, tantric work, sensuality and pleasure practices. Looking at it like, “This is so much more who I am and realizing how much of that I wasn’t expressing because Libby’s brand is a lot more polished, quaint, and put together. It was beautiful but for me, it’s realizing that’s Libby’s brand, that’s not me. It’s been this beautiful process over the few months now of finding my voice, my belief system, my principles, my personal philosophies when it comes to business and marketing and releasing the ones that I no longer feel congruent or in alignment with.

This leads us to what we’re doing now, which is the rebrand of our program, which is stepping into what we call seductive business embodiment. We’re interlacing this whole concept of sexuality and sensuality and using these core principles of pleasure in business and how to become in essence, this business pleasure princess. Our core focus has become so much more around content creation, copywriting, brand positioning and full self-expression in a way that feels congruent with who you are and getting into some of this deeper shadow work and some of this fun sexual energy, and harnessing that in your marketing and your business. It’s so much more in alignment and so much more congruent. It feels so good. It’s been such a beautiful journey to see in 2018. Having done that for Libby, here we are now with evidently the third business and the third brand that I will be launching, which we will be opening up enrollment. I’m excited to see the success of this one’s going to have and the momentum that it’s picked up on.

I want to honor you and highlight something for our audience. I used to have this. That’s also why I’m saying I thought that business success or growth as an entrepreneur would be a steady thing. We have little bumps. I knew better than saying, “It’s good to be perfectly consistent. It’s got to be a straight shot.” I didn’t know what that journey would entail. I think it’s awesome that your 2018 has been that, “Is this me? I think it’s me,” realizing that it’s not. Having the courage to drop it and to say, “This fitness competition, even though I told myself I want it so bad, I’m going to put this to bed without feeling bad about it, without feeling a quitter, a failure or getting into panic.”

Working with Libby and then going out on your own. It’s like a surprise, “You’ve got two minutes to move out,” and handling that, “Who am I now?” You’re experimenting, testing, working and at all of those times you were successful. Even though if you look at it from the grand side of business, “You’ve got to do this thing or you’ve got to stick in it for five, ten years.” No, you can stick in it for four weeks. It can be super successful with it and then move on and it’s okay. It’s maybe even beautiful to allow yourself to be this dynamic and changing creature. I think that it’s inspiring as well. That’s something that you help people with, with their transitions and who better to teach them than someone who had a lot of experience with it.

We will get into a whole episode on this talking about staying grounded in the business emotional stories and the changes that life brings and the evolution that we have as human beings, especially for those of you that are more spiritual entrepreneurs. For whatever reason, when you get spiritual, it accelerates your evolution like there’s no tomorrow.

MMM 94 | Life Changing Transformations
Life Changing Transformations: One lifestyle doesn’t fit all. One business doesn’t fit all. Choose what you want your life to be.

Talk about pre-workout. It is like you have a decent spiritual practice and a teacher, that’s pre-workout for the soul. It’s crazy and that’s where 2019 brought me. As you were trying to find yourself, so was I but in a very different way. In some ways, our directions now are very similar, with a different approach. It’s like the same language, different dialect thing. Where 2019 has been about me trying to discover and figure out what do I need to be successful? What does success mean to me? What do I need in order to be that and to do that? It started off with me saying, “I want to play more. I want to have more fun. This hustle life is not me. It sucks. It’s not fun.” There’s a lot of money. It’s great but if you have a lot of money and anxiety all day, what’s the point? What’s the point of having a lot of money if you’re miserable?

It’s huge and I love that you’re bringing that up because that’s something that you and I embody so much. For anyone out there, with where Dan and I are at now, this is probably one of the biggest distinctions that we can make for ourselves and our business. In 2018, we were so much focused on the success, the financial growth, the numbers and the business. We were doing all of the things and being so busy. We did that and we got to a point where both of us were like, “This is exhausting. I don’t want to do this anymore.” Realizing that it’s so much more fun and enjoyable when we can release attachment to the numbers and build the business in a way that feels pleasurable, fun, exciting and useful versus stressful and exhausting. I love and commend that you chose to put play first for 2019. I remember having that conversation with you and you’re like, “I’m going to fucking play. I’m not going to work at all.” You mentioned you had some of your best months when you worked the least.

It’s been consistent. It’s been bananas. That’s the double-edged sword of having a spiritually built business that when my energy is high, business comes in, people find me. It’s like my light is on and people can see it. When my energy is low, my light is off and people don’t know where I am. I’m like, “What gets my energy high?” Surrounding myself with these people, doing these things, going into festivals, traveling, taking a lot of time to rest. If I don’t feel writing a post on the weekend, I won’t. If I don’t feel writing a post for a week, I won’t. It’s doing what feels right. It’s intuitive living. I laid into it and I restructured my day so I have even more time in the morning. If I want, I sleep in. If I want to get up early, workout, meditate, read and do all the beautiful things that get my mind right for the day, playing a lot more. It still happens like that.

I wake up in the morning and I will look at my schedule the night before so I know what’s going on that the next day. I wake up the next day and I think, “How much fun can I have now?” I look for it and in my schedule. What am I excited about now? Where are the gaps in my work sessions or my meetings? How can I put fun into that? That’s where my mind is because you’re right, it was insane to me when I saw that I can work a hell of a lot less and earn a hell of a lot more at the same time, as long as what I’m doing in between work is building my energy up. I’m surrounding myself with people who support me and love me and I love them. When I leave, it’s not like I hung out with friends. It’s like I refreshed, I refilled my batteries. When I travel, I have a mission. It’s not just to go and see some shit. It’s to open my mind and to allow myself space. To run away from anything that reminds me of work or even who I am here. It’s ultimate play when you go traveling because if you want to be someone else, go be that person. Try and do things you don’t normally do because it’s temporary. If it doesn’t work who gives a shit, you leave. It doesn’t matter.

I got myself into this space of now I have a much better idea. I’m not going to say I know because who knows, it could change but I have a much better idea of what makes me tick. What do I need so that I can feel good when I’m working, when I’m not, when I have a slow month, when I have a fast month? Where can I enhance myself so that I’m good no matter what happens? That was 2019 and that’s been my shit on my business because I realized that this isn’t something that works for me. I’ve been almost unconsciously going in this direction with all my clients for the last few years. I figured, “Why dance around it? Why not make this a focal point?” I can show people how to have an incredible life and make a lot of money. It doesn’t have to be this all or nothing thing. It’s not like I need to be a millionaire now and I need to sacrifice everything in order to get that. Maybe that doesn’t fit. It’s not a one size fits all thing.

[bctt tweet=”Instead of having to choose between business and lifestyle, you can choose both.” username=”iamsophiekessner”]

For a lot of people, it’s great. Learn from Gary Vee. He will show you how to do that better than anybody else on the planet and he’s a gangster with that thing. That’s not for everyone. The ketogenic diet is great for a lot of people. It sucked for me. I was miserable at it. I felt shit. It took me two months to recover from that fucking thing. It doesn’t fit for everybody. One lifestyle doesn’t fit all. One business doesn’t fit all. I’m getting into this thing of you choose what you want your life to be. You choose what success is. You choose what makes you feel good because when you pick and you have this intentional life and you put everything together so that it enhances each other. What you do in your social time enhances your business. It fuels you. It gives you inspiration and groundedness and fun so that when you show up to your sales call, that’s who they meet. Your business is exciting and this is what you’re tapping into here. It gives you that sexy vibe of like, “I’m doing what I want.” It feels so good that when you’re done a workday like that, you’re not going to crash out on your couch.

You’re going to feel good. You’re going to do fun shit. You have energy, whatever it is. If it’s meditating, reading, going to a party, going on a date, chilling by yourself and painting, whatever it is, you will have the energy for it. My direction is helping people create their versions, their models and eliminating the things that aren’t in alignment with them. That also means internally, negative beliefs and all this shit that we’ve been talking about for this entire show. It’s clearing that stuff out so all that’s left is one cohesive unit. Instead of having to choose between business and lifestyle, you can choose both. That’s my direction now where it’s like, fortunately I’m at this place where I find most of my week is not working and I’m earning a lot more. I seem to find ways to work less and less and consistently earn either the same or more.

I figured why not take this up a notch? My girlfriend loves finding these travel deals like TravelPirates and all these other things. It’s like one week trip to Bermuda, five-star hotel for half off what it normally is. These things are not approachable for a lot of people because it’s you have to book on weird times or you have two days to book this trip. If you have a very hectic life that keeps you where you are, you can’t enjoy that. I’m in the business of designing lifestyles so I’m going to start going on these trips and doing my work from there, doing my sessions from Bali, France, Iceland or wherever it shows up in my email. That’s because I can and I want to show people that you can do this. Who says you even need to stay in the same country to have this life? You can do whatever you want as long as you do it in the right way, as long as it’s strategic and done in a way that works for you. To me, that’s my version of living a sexy life. Having a sexy business is having an adventurous one. Instead of 2018 was a hustle, 2019 is play, the next version is both.

I love what you mentioned that you’re in the business of designing lifestyles. That feels resonant for you and what you do. I feel you’ve found your thing like you’ve found your niche in a weird way. I’m not doing all the things anymore. I’m focusing on this and this is what I’m master at. It’s been this process of embodiment. You’ve always embodied it but it’s been this beautiful process from life, source or universe and holding up this giant mirror and saying, “This is what you’re great at, teach it.”

It’s a process of listening even more and more and picking up on those clues. For me, it takes a little while because I’m balanced between having my head in the clouds because I’m in my spiritual shit and full-on into. My girlfriend loves telling people how we were coming back from Greece on this three-week vacation around Europe. This three-week vacation around Europe where I made five figures on vacation. I didn’t do anything other than having fun. I did not do emails. I did not do posts and still crushed it. It’s not just me. I’m not special like that.

MMM 94 | Life Changing Transformations
Life Changing Transformations: Know yourself and what you’re fully aligned with, and build your business around that.

We can all do this and coming back and then to show how sometimes oblivious I can be because of where my focus is. The whole plane doing whatever. The person next to me is watching Anastasia. I’m reading quantum physics, how the whole universe could be made up of consciousness instead of matter. That’s where my mind is most of the time. It’s hard for me to pick up the clues sometimes when the universe is like, “It’s this.” I’m like, “I’m learning about consciousness.” It’s like, “No, teach this.” I’m like, “The Akashic records.” “No, teach this.” It’s been this whole process of integrating everything so that I can do all the things. It’s been a lot of fun.

I feel the overarching theme in all of this. To tie everything together, it’s been this process of coming to know ourselves and know what we fully aligned with, how we feel most fully expressed in our lives and in our business and the way that feels most integrative and most exciting and most pleasurable or most fun and building the business around that. I love that. Your story is so much in alignment with that. I love that we’re both here on this class and that this is what we’ve evolved into. With all of that being said, what people can expect from this show moving forward is a lot of content that’s going to be resonating with these new perspectives and these beliefs and these philosophies. If you resonated with any of our previous content, awesome, it will always be there for you. This is that coming out for both of us of what you can expect to see. I know you’ve probably started to tune in to my interviews a lot about the sexual energy and getting into this whole sensuality movements. I know Dan and I cannot wait to see and hear more of the content that you’re going to be dropping and it’s going to be pretty juicy.

The next time we do one of these episodes, it’s going to be wild. With that, if you enjoyed this episode, we would love your help. We’d love to get this out to even more people and help even more people. A quick five-star on iTunes or review or both, if you’re feeling generous, is going to be super appreciated or take a quick screenshot, pop it up on your Instagram story and tag us. Let us know that you’re digging what we’re putting down and that it’s helping. We want to set out and we still do want this show to add to your life and we want to know if it is. Email us if you want to do that. That’s cool too. Let us know how this show has helped you or is helping you. It lights up our lives and it makes a big difference.

On that note, we will see you in the next episode.

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