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Who we are

Hey there, if we haven’t met before, you can call me Soph. I’ve been in the online world since 2016 and have had the pleasure of working in many different sectors, verticals and avenues over the last 8 years from course creation to SaaS and web design, we’ve done it all.

Fast forward to 2024 and our small but mighty team continues to provide incredible support and services for online AND brick and mortar businesses.

More than anything, we are a tech company with a big focus on automation, SEO, and overall business optimization.

But don’t like the tech fool you, we are big on company culture and values, so be sure you share similar values by reading more about how we operate here.

If it sounds like the right place for you, checkout the roles we’re hiring for below.

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Who we're looking for

We spend A LOT of time with our team and want to be sure we’re surrounded with people we ENJOY being around who also know how to balance work and play.

We aren’t focused on massive, quick growth but instead, prioritize our client experience, quality of work, and most importantly, quality of life.

It’s important for us to have team members who share similar views and can appreciate a very human and down to earth approach to business.

Yes, we like to get shit done… 

AND we like to ensure we don’t feel like shit doing it either. Get what I’m saying?

Current Opening: Online Operations Manager

Applications Currently Open Until June 25, 2024

About The Role:

Our operational manager is the glue that holds the ship together and the personal right hand human for everything that happens in the business.

As our operations manager, you’d be spending your days overseeing multiple client projects, managing team members, and ensuring all client facing projects are running smoothly and efficiently.

You’ll be responsible for helping team members problem solve and keep progressing in the right direction ensuring a smooth transition from client onboarding to client delivery, to client off boarding.

You’ll also be responsible for overseeing the management of our marketing team, following up with appropriate team members to ensure assets are ready and moving through the production line.

Finally, you’ll be responsible for managing the general day to day business operations including progress reports for projects and team, communication management between team and clients, and project load for projecting new and upcoming project capacity.

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Role Responsibilities

As our operational manager, you get to be the person with your ear to the ground, tracking time, data, and ensuring nothing gets missed.

Here’s a list of daily and weekly responsibilities you can expect to find in this role:

  • Tracking all client projects inside ClickUp and reviewing updates daily to ensure smooth progress
  • Communicating with relevant team members on project progress, changes, or updates
  • Tracking team time and performance on projects to ensure a healthy capacity and growth for the company to take on additional projects
  • Tracking weekly marketing initiatives to ensure the marketing team is moving forward with assets appropriately and following up as needed
  • Collaborating with Soph on a daily basis with organized lists of priorities and progress reports
  • Overseeing client success and client satisfaction with appropriate team members to ensure clients are responded to in a timely manner.
  • Developing and improving existing SOPs and processes within the company through ClickUp
  • Organizing and improving backend operations for a more efficient and effective backend.

Role Requirements

This is a very technical role that requires a methodical and data driven person who genuinely enjoys managing data, information, projects, and people.

With that in mind, here are a few important skills that are required for you to be a great fit for this role.

  • Exceptional time management and time tracking skills: You’re able to organize and plan effectively with a realistic understanding of project requirements to ensure we are not overbooking or overloading our team.
  • Exceptional organizational skills: You spend your free time enjoying the process of cleaning up digital spaces and looking for new and better ways to organize information whether it be to do lists, spreadsheets, or project management boards
  • Quality Communication: You are able to have both empathy AND hold firm boundaries around expectations and responsibilities. You can be both understanding of life circumstances while also ensuring an equitable approach in moving forward
  • Solution oriented: You are a self starter who likes to innovate and think outside of the box, you thrive in spaces where you get to have room to create and plan without being micro managed

The Details

TIME COMMITMENT: This is a part time role estimating 2-4 hours a week to start with runway for increased hours over the next 3-6 months.

LOCATION: This is an online position that requires California friendly hours Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm PST

PAY: The base pay for this position is starting at $35 USD per hour and is paid out on a biweekly basis

TYPE OF ROLE: This is a contractor role meaning you will NOT be a w2 employee

DESIRED START DATE: We’d like to begin onboarding and training no later than July 1, 2024.

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