Transforming Solo-preneurs into CEO's

The Sacred Ceo™ Mastermind

6 Months To Simplify Your Business, Automate Your Marketing & Sustainably Scale Your Profit Online


I see you...

You’ve outgrown the hustle, slay boss babe mentality. 

You’re ready for a thriving grounded & matured company that runs without you

A fully automated system that integrates your entire business + marketing initiatives in a seamless fashion,

Consistently growing your reach, nurturing your audience, and inviting them into the next steps investing with you and your company.

All while you have the time freedom and spaciousness to truly LIVE and enjoy your life OUTSIDE of your company.

You’ve already decided, this is a lifelong career. Now you just need the infrastructure, systems and team to make it real.

It's time to go from Solo-preneur to CEO

So YOU can....

Hi Magical human, call me Soph

When I went from single woman Entrepreneuer to mompreneur...

I realized the WAY I was running my business, even though I was doing back to back multi 6 figure years all through organic social media marketing…

was not scalable OR sustainable long term. 

Why you ask?

Because it could not run without me. I was WAY too involved in my every part of the company without enough automation, streamlining or systems to support me.

Let alone navigate the new adventures of motherhood on top of it. A decision had to be made… do I hang up my entrepreneur hat or change everything?

I decided to put down my entrepreneurial ego to embody the CEO archetype in my company...

The identity shift was just the beginning. The next part of my journey meant reconstructing and redefining the entirety of my business.

Building for the long term.

Healing from past launch trauma and regulating my nervous system.

The Result?

More time to spend embracing motherhood, more profit to LIVE outside of my biz, and a deep sense of renewed joy, connection and inspiration with my business.

This, is the way business is supposed to be.


I. Regulate Your Nervous System.

II. Simplify Your Business.

III. Automate Your Marketing.

IV. scale Your Profit, Sustainably.

Our process is broken down into 4 core phases…

Through this process we've helped our clients....

Build a 6 figure coaching business in 1 year enroll clients in weeks

Double Their Income and have their highest profit months ever

5x their attorney income in one month alone

create $25k through organic social media Marketing

Grow their business by 240% and sell out programs

Sell out 35 spots in high ticket programs

The Sacred Ceo™ Mastermind is a Potent 6 Month Experience Where We'll...

Step 1

Nervous System Regulation

We use a science based approach to support you in grounding back into your body, creating a much more calm, cool, collected and competent state of being so you can approach your business from a space of certainty, clarity, and confidence knowing you have the CAPACITY energetically and emotionally to scale your company without the fear of burnout.

Step 2

Embody The Sacred CEO™

We'll guide you in eliminating any clutter and getting back your time freedom so you can focus ON the business instead of feeling stuck IN it by assessing all of your current assets, diagnosing where we can delegate and clarifying where your zone of genius truly is when it comes to revenue generation in your company.

We'll deep dive into your core values and vision for your company culture along with the impact, lifestyle and efficacy of how you want to be seen in the industry.

Step 3

Simplify To Scale

We'll map out a unique scaling strategy based on YOUR values, goals, and intentions with how you want to build your company including simplifying your current offers, marketing strategy and sales process so you can have a model that's sustainable to scale and made for YOU.

While than begin the process of evolving your overall brand presence online to be more congruent with the vision of where you're going and start the first phase of nurturing your audience for your next launch as well as creating any necessary cash flow and quick wins to support your journey as we build behind the scenes

Step 4

Automate & Streamline

Here's where we'll build out all your assets to increase your capacity as you launch including sales pages, funnels, marketing campaigns and retargeting campaigns so you can have a machine that works for you. Don't worry, we've got a team of trained professionals inside the Sacred Empires Agency ready to support you in building everything out for you.

This will include a robust strategy for moving off of being social media dependent and starting to leverage a more SEO focused and email marketing based approach.

Step 5

Launching & Increase Client Lifetime Value

We'll guide you through our proven processes and systems for having record setting launches in a way that is sustainable and creates S P A C E for you to focus on what areas matter most: Client deliver, Results and IMPACT.

We'll work with you on refining your overall launch strategy including a robust ad campaign and email marketing experience that focuses on cultivating deeply intimate relationships with clients who become lifelong customers.

Step 6

Personal & Professional Leadership Development

As the leader of a company, we'll work with you on continuing to refine, adapt, and evolve yourself both personally and professionally so you can grow your company from a place of feeling grounded, centered and empowered as we integrate a bridge to your philanthropy.

Meaning, we want to support you in paying it forward, we'll focus on how we can create a culture and a presence that really focus on relationships and impact through your own personal development

The Sacred Ceo™ Mastermind is NOT your basic business in a box program

Simply put, we do business differently...

Here's how:

Customized Support & Action Plans

We don’t teach just ONE model. Though we absolutely do cover all the foundations of business, marketing and scaling, we ensure we work with each client to create a business model that most aligns with their personal values, goals and lifestyle. Then we custom tailor our strategies to support their business model

Done For You Full Service Agency Access

We believe in the power of team, delegation and accessibility. We offer all our mastermind clients exclusive pricing for all agency services to support them in building assets and executing on tasks by a team of trained professionals so you can feel confident knowing you’re fully supported especially if you’re not a huge technology fan.

Business Through A Trauma Informed Lens

We believe in a healing way to doing business and marketing. We’ve gone through extensive training and continue to deepen our education in somatics, trauma and nervous system regulation to support our clients in scaling without the burnout. This is BEYOND mindset. We work WITH your body to ensure you are fully taken care of thorughout this process

Deep Intimate Support Through SMALL Groups

Intimacy is a core value and one we pride ourselves on to ensure each client feels fully seen, supported, heard and understood. We limit all mastermind rounds to ensure we never sacrifice the quality of the client experience so you never feel like you’re just another number

By The End of our 6 months together, you'll have...

"She didn't just help me overcome business barriers,
she helped me really develop in myself"

Emma went from investing in tons of trainings to building her online coaching business and being able to step down from her corporate job going full time in her biz.

She overcame multiple mindset blocks, broke through barriers, and really stepped into the woman she was always capable of becoming.

"She closed out her year with December being her largest revenue month ever at over $34k."

Desi was able to close out 2018 with her largest month in revenue at over $34k, has an audience that she feels in full alignment with, and is in the midst of hiring team to help her scale.

Here's what you receive when you join The Sacred Ceo™ Mastermind

18 group zoom mastermind calls with Soph

Each month we will have 3 group mastermind calls where you’ll receive direct 1:1 coaching from Soph

6 month Group Voxer Chat M-F

You’ll have access to a private group voxer where you can ask questions to Soph between calls and receive support 

Personal & Group Slack Channels

Where you’ll be able to ask for feedback and support on everything you’re creating from Soph and her Team

Lifetime Access to Content

You’ll have lifetime access to all the resources inside the program including videos, PDF’s and more

Special Bonuses Included For Mastermind Clients:

The Sacred Empires Agency Services:

→ Custom built websites, funnels and sales pages

→ Facebook ad management and campaign creation

→ Social media management for Facebook and Instagram

→ Graphic design support for Infographics, Logos, and more.

→ Sales page copywriting

→ Brand development and brand kit build outs

→ Automated opt in funnel including design and integration

→ Access to highly trained VA’s to work directly with you on a multitude of projects

→ A complete all in one CRM and client management software

→ Podcast management including show notes, IG photos and sound clips, hosting, editing and more 

Our goal is to take all the heavy lifting off your plate and put you back in the role of CEO creative and visionary.

The Investment:
$10k Paid In Full

6 & 12 month payment plans are available

We believe in personalized mentorship to support you on your own unique path

All applicants should be in a space where they already have their foundations established and are looking for the systems, strategy and structure to more sustainably scale.

Due to the intimacy of this group, we limit spots available to a max of 10 clients per round,

If you'd like to be considered for our next round, beginning May 31, 2021 please complete your application below.

Ready for even more testimony?

Nadine tripled her income from our work together

Alex enrolled 25 women and shut off marketing 3 months early

Teal cracked through her $25k/month ceiling with more space and embodiment

Megan signed her first PIF clients, & built the systems to consistently grow her community

Ann Quit her fulltime job, had a $10k launch & became a master at content creation

Maz hit 6 figures in her first year online, sold out her spots and went nomadic after quitting her job

Amanda went from taking on random 1:1 clients with no program or process resisting systems and strategies to trusting her value + offers making multi 6 figures, feeling confident in stepping in building out her entire mentorship business and filled her program within 2-3 weeks of talking about it.

Fall In Love with all the other past grads who’ve scaled their businesses with our support…

An Experienced & Seasoned Mentor

Soph’s History In The Coaching Industry

→ Built a Half a million dollar business by age 25

Mentored inside four different multi 7 figure coaching businesses and brands including: 

BossBabe Inc, Libby Crow, Simon Lovell, Rachel Bell

→ Supported well over 100’s of entrepreneurs in scaling beyond the multi 6 figure mark

→ 3 Years of Running Personal Podcast (over 118k unique downloads + 125 episodes)
→ 5 years of organic social media marketing on Facebook and Instagram
→ Sales page expert
→ Copywriting Queen
→ Personal Branding
→ Course creator + curriculum development
→ Master at 1:1 + group coaching experiences


Beyond business, marketing, systems + strategy…

 → Master NLP Trainer
→ Spiral Dynamics + Wealth Dynamics Practitioner
→ Breathwork Facilitator
→ Intuitive + Psychic energy clearings

→ Trauma Informed Mentor

→ Beginning I Somatic Experiencing Training

Is the Sacred CEO™ Mastermind Right For You?

if so, I invite you in...

The Next Round Of The Sacred CEO™ Mastermind Begins May 31, 2021

Spots are limited. Apply to Join Today.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is so much more than just a program full of information. This is a space for deep integration with a structure to hold you as you create the systems needed to scale your company. More importantly, this experience is led through a trauma informed lens, meaning we are not only supporting you with your business growth, but also have the training to ensure you are not putting yourself into a space of burn out or in harm. Your safety, growth and expansion is our number 1 priority.

This is also NOT a business in a box program. Though we do provide support with foundational principles, we work diligently WITH each of our clients to create a collaborative experience and build a model that feels 100% congruent with WHO they are and WHAT they are wanting to create.

We ask that our clients bring as much as possible to the table and invite them to fully embrace become the Sacred CEO™ of their own company. We are happy to provide guidance, mentorship and insight, but ultimately it is at the discretion of each client to make decisions on HOW they would like to best move forward with each section we give them.

This program is also integrated with access to a highly trained agency team where each client is given exclusive pricing so they can outsource and delegate all tasks. We find that providing in house services relieves much of the pressure and frustration with the level of implementation and execution we move through in this process. If clients are unable to add on additional services, we ensure templates, examples and tutorials are provided to support the client in being able to create each asset for themselves.

This is an exclusive component of the Sacred CEO™ brand that handles all of the digital marketing components of your business. We have a team of highly trained specialists that we work with and partner with to make scaling your business as easy as possible. Mastermind clients who join the Sacred CEO™ program receive special access to discounted pricing for ALL agency services including sales pages, opt ins, funnels, facebook ads, social media marketing, social media graphics, brand kits, copywriting, website development along with access to an already trained team of virtual assistants and operation experts.

Mastermind clients have the option to choose a full service add on for an additional $2000 USD/month OR they can choose to add on ad hoc services where they can pick and choose which services they would like to have for each month. 

More details for this or reserved exclusively for our active mastermind clients and private clients.

Ad hoc pricing for individual one off projects or services ranges from $200 USD – $3000 USD.

This is for the heart centered entrepreneurs who have already created a certain level of success and stability in their business. This is NOT a program for new coaches or business owners. You must already know who your clients are, what your offers are and have had extensive experience in your field of study working with clients and delivering results.

Yes. we believe in making our services accessible and ensuring that we can support those that truly benefit from what we do. We offer both a 6 month and 12 month payment plan option. If you are BIPOC, LGBTQUIA+ or have other circumstances that prevent you from joining the mastermind where you will need additional support for financing, please contact Sophie directly at: so we can discern if we are a great fit and how we can best support you.

 No, this program is NOT designed to focus solely on healing trauma.

though this is a trauma informed space, MEANING: we work WITH and trauma responses that may arise but we are NOT trained to work directly ON trauma. this is NOT a trauma training nor a trauma healing program. 

We welcome you in with open arms and are also working hard to ensure you have the proper support if you do have deeper traumatic elements you are needing support with, we will work with you in ensuring you are connected with a TRAINED trauma expert in addition to the work you are doing in this mastermind.

Operating in our scope of practice and ethical mentorship is one of our top priorities. If there are sensitive issues that do arise, our team is trained to know when we need to refer out and ensure you are fully supported in the process.

Yes. Sophie thrives on intimate high touch experiences that are individualized for the unique needs of each client. Throughout the mastermind experience you will have access to 2 monthly LIVE zoom group coaching calls along with access to Sophie in a group voxer chat Monday-Friday 9am- 4pm PST (not including holidays or weekends). 

Sophie is also offering each client an additional 3 hour long 1:1 sessions with her personally over the course of the 6 months. These calls are designed for Soph to deep dive with each client and give them the unique support needed to ensure they are receiving everything they need.

We cannot guarantee anything other than an experience of a lifetime. We hold our clients in their sovereign power and provide the portal for them to have as much support as needed. We do our best to ensure each client feels supported, seen and held throughout this experience but also recognize that it is the sole responsibility of the client to choose to show up, ask questions, request support and open up conversations when they feel as though they may not be accomplishing their goals.

Because of the nature of our work and the commitment of time, energy and attention we provide each client, we do NOT offer refunds

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We will never spam you or share your email with anyone. In addition to the meditation you’ll also receive semi-regular email updates with tips, tools, encouragement, offers and exclusive resources. All emails include an unsubscribe link, you may opt-out at any time. Read our Privacy Policy to see how your data is handled.