1 on 1 High Level Business + Marketing Mentorship For The Sacred Ceo™

You’re ready to sustainable scale your impact, increase your profit AND heal through the process

So why haven’t we made it happen yet?

You’ve likely:

👉  Been seeking a more INTEGRATIVE way to scale that wasn’t all woo and mindset OR all structure and bro marketing

👉 Your business depends on organic social media marketing to sell your offers, at first this was great, but you’re quickly realizing this isn’t a how you want to run your business forever

👉 You’re ready to experience a higher level of growth beyond posting, outreach, and DM’s. You’re really looking for someone who can work WITH you on building out the actual infrastructure, technical components, systems and backend to automate your business

👉 You can feeeeellll yourself craving to be deeply held in a nourishing space where you can feel safe to be fully witnessed as you move through the inevitable layers of fear, doubt, shame, guilt so you can truly heal and expand your capacity to receive more wealth, clients, abundance and growth without blowing out your nervous system.

👉 You’ve Been prospecting a few different mentors, programs or courses trying to decide who you want by your side to really hold you in this massive up level. Mentorship is something near and dear to your heart and feeling deeply connected, aligned and seen by someone who’s values and beliefs you align with is massively important to you.

You Are Not Alone. 

So many entrepreneurs crave a deeper, more personalized approach to scaling online that goes far beyond templated frameworks and cookie cutter programs.

For years, I felt the same.

I always wanted to create REAL impact and to do it in a heart centered way that felt 100% authentic to me.

I never wanted to compromise the integrity of my brand or business just because a more successful program or coach said I should.

I was passionate about having my business STAND FOR SOMETHING, to be about so much more than just the money

And most importantly, I wanted to scale it in a way that felt deeply nourishing to my heart and soul where I didn’t have to fear burn out, adrenal issues or overwhelm.

After scaling 2 of my own multi 6 figure brands, supporting 100’s of entrepreneurs in hitting 6 figures, and mentoring inside multiple 7 figure companies….

I knew that I couldn’t do it all on my own, 

Nor did I want to…

So I built the team around me, created my own agency and began integrating the higher level systems, automation and strategies to scale my company while diving deep into my own trauma healing and training.

The results… are absolutely mind blowing

Nadine tripled her income from our work together

Maz hit 6 figures in her first year online, sold out her spots and went nomadic after quitting her job

Grow their business by 240% and sell out programs

Teal cracked through her $25k/month ceiling with more space and embodiment

Sam was able to 5x her attorney income in one month alone

Double Their Income and have their highest profit months ever

I believe that business can be incredibly healing. that we can create wealth from our wholeness instead of our wounding.

That Our Company Can BE The BRIDGE to Our Philanthropy...

✅When we navigate scaling more sustainably and master the art of delegation so we can create as the CEO’s and visionaries we were born to be not just solo-preneurs managing all sides of a company.

✅When we have a team behind us who can take off all the elements who don’t truly love or enjoy so we can stay in our lane and focus on what matters most.

✅When we have support from the inside out creating space for deep healing establishing ourselves as true LEADERS both personally and professionally so we can powerfully lead a thriving company.

✅When we align our company with our core values and intentionally cultivate every aspect of it to support the vision we have for ourselves AND the world.

So what is 1 on 1 Private Mentorship all about?

It’s for those ready to completely shift timelines + change the paradigm of the entire industry.

Each year I offer a select amount of 1:1 mentorship spaces for the individuals whose hearts, businesses, and missions I truly feel a deep sense of resonance with.

The type of transformation my 1:1 clients experience is unlike anything else.

I treat your business like it's my own and give you full access to all of my resources including my team and agency.

When we choose to work together, it becomes a collaborative and co creative experience where we cultivate a business + marketing model that truly suits your personal lifestyle desires and energy.

We will combine my years of mastery with deep systems, strategy and structural work to create the infrastructure of a company that can hold your soul’s vision.

Simultaneously, we’ll integrate deeep healing, self exploration, and soul expansion through a trauma informed lens for you to fully transcend into the Sacred CEO™ capable of leading your world changing vision effortlessly.

Here’s how this space works:

This is a minimum of a 6 month commitment at either a $1500/month investment for biweekly sessions or $3k/month for weekly sessions.

The Sacred Empires Agency Support Includes:

→ Custom built websites, funnels and sales pages

→ Facebook ad management and campaign creation

→ Social media management for Facebook and Instagram

→ Graphic design support for Infographics, Logos, and more.

→ Sales page copywriting

→ Brand development and brand kit build outs

→ Automated opt in funnel including design and integration

→ Access to highly trained VA’s

→ Podcast management including show notes, IG photos and sound clips, hosting, editing and more 


My high end mentorship containers are my most sacred spaces and receive my most in depth energy, attention and heart.

I work with my inner circle + 1:1 clients as if their businesses are my own and dedicate my all to it. That being said, I am fiercely protective about the clients I choose to take on to ensure its a juicy fit for both of us.

If you’re feeling deeply called to explore working together, please apply below with the most open hearted responses so I can get a feel for your vibe and where you’re currently at.

If it feels like we’re both in resonance; I will email you to schedule a zoom date so we can see how we play together in real time.

***Please note: Sophie only works with a maximum of 6 private clients at a time. Spaces are subject to availability. If you'd like to explore working together, please complete the application below:

Apply Here

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We will never spam you or share your email with anyone. In addition to the meditation you’ll also receive semi-regular email updates with tips, tools, encouragement, offers and exclusive resources. All emails include an unsubscribe link, you may opt-out at any time. Read our Privacy Policy to see how your data is handled.