High Level Sacred Business Mentorship + deeply embodied soul work

“This is a sacred space for the soul led entrepreneur craving the depth of support needed for her to be fully witnessed in her greatest metamorphosis THROUGH her business…”

A journey to becoming The Sacred CEO of a multi million dollar brand + company.

You feel it in your bones; Your heart + soul’s calling to create + do so much more than what you’ve ever done before

The work encompassed through your business is deeply encoded with the richness of your life’s purpose; It’s sacred.

You craveeeeee much more heart felt + uniquely individualized support designed specifically for who YOU innately are.

If so, chances are…

You’ve likely:

→ Been seeking + asking for our more soulful way to scale that wasn’t all woo or all structure; you desire something more fluid + honorary of you

Played in the world of organic social media marketing, sold offers, and built a brand but know you have so much more room to expand; You’re craving the sound guidance to hold you in deepening into YOU, not just taking on someone else’s expression.

→ You desire true impact; To scale for more than just the abundance + financial wealth. Sustainability and an integrative approach that honors all of who you be is deeply important to you

→ You can feeeeellll yourself craving to be deeply held in a nourishing space where you can feel safe to be fully witnessed as you shed what no longer belongs and make room for the woman you’re stepping into.

Welcome home.

My high level mentorship is exactly this; A sacred space for deeeep healing, transformation, integration, and metamorphosis for both you, and your business.

These spaces are designed to hold ALL of you as we integrate a much more embodied and heart felt way to sustainably scale your company where you want it to be.

There are three options for you, my love,

The Sacred CEO Inner Circle

Private 1:1 Mentorship

The Sacred Empire

Bespoke business management

The Sacred CEO Inner Circle

So much more than just a business mastermind.

This is a 6-12 month journey of becoming, owning, and integrating all of the magic living within you into your business, marketing and personal brand. You’ll be welcomed with loving arms into one of my most sacred spaces where you’ll be deeply held by community, team, and spirit to support you in your unfoldment.

If you’re desiring an experience designed to completely transform you, your business, and your entire way of life, this is it.

Together, amongst a community of heart centered soul led entrepreneurs, we’ll navigate the ins + outs of your next iteration in business. Holding mirrors for you to be fully witnessed, held, and supported in the most intimate + heartfelt way.

You’ll be both a leader + a receiver as each woman contributes her own unique gifts to supporting the group.

My team and I will provide you with all the support, systems, and structure needed to allow you to arrive fully in the creative seat of your business; Ensuring you are truly living in alignment with your most divine purpose.

Here’s how this space works:

The Investment is $1444 USD/ month for a minimum of 6 months

This is truly for the service based entrepreneur who’s ready to completely transform themselves and their business.

The work we do together is non linear and takes on a holistic integrative approach.

Private 1:1 Mentorship

Ready to completely shift timelines + change the paradigm of the entire industry? Each year I offer a select amount of 1:1 mentorship spaces for the individuals whose hearts, businesses, and missions I truly feel a deep sense of resonance with.

The type of transformation my 1:1 clients experience is unlike anything else.

Here’s how this space works:

This is an investment of $3000 USD / month for a minimum of 4 months.

When we choose to work together, it becomes a collaborative and co creative experience where we cultivate a business + marketing model that truly suits your personal lifestyle desires and energy.

We will combine my years of mastery with deep systems, strategy and structural work to create the infrastructure of a company that can hold your soul’s vision.

Simultaneously, we’ll integrate deeep healing, self exploration, and soul expansion through a trauma informed lens for you to fully transcend into the Sacred CEO capable of leading this vision effortlessly.

I will invite you to step into a space unlike anything you’ve ever been before + hold you in your greatest metamorphosis.

The Sacred Empire

Chief Marketing Officer + Business Management

Here’s how it works:

Investment: $3000 USD/month for a minimum of 4 months.


My high end mentorship containers are my most sacred spaces and receive my most in depth energy, attention and heart.

I work with my inner circle + 1:1 clients as if their businesses are my own and dedicate my all to it. That being said, I am fiercely protective about the clients I choose to take on to ensure its a juicy fit for both of us.

If you’re feeling deeply called to explore working together, please apply below with the most open hearted responses so I can get a feel for your vibe and where you’re currently at.

If it feels like we’re both in resonance; I will email you to schedule a zoom date so we can see how we play together in real time.

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My Expertise

→ Built a Half a million dollar business by age 25

→ Mentored inside four different multi 7 figure coaching businesses and brands including: BossBabe Inc, Libby Crow, Simon Lovell, Rachel Bell

→ Supported well over 100’s of entrepreneurs in scaling beyond the multi 6 figure mark

→ 3 Years of Running Personal Podcast (over 118k unique downloads + 125 episodes)

→ 5 years of organic social media marketing on Facebook and Instagram

→ Sales page expert

→ Copywriting Queen

→ Personal Branding

→ Course creator + curriculum development

→ Master at 1:1 + group coaching experiences

Beyond business, marketing, systems + strategy…

→ Master NLP Trainer

→ Spiral Dynamics + Wealth Dynamics Practitioner

→ Breathwork Facilitator Pause Certified

→ Intuitive Coaching

→ Trauma Informed mentorship

→ Cosmic studies

→ Neuroscience geek 🤓

→ Guided Meditation + energy clearings

→ Identity shift work

→ Neurostrategies practitioner

Do Not Hire Me For

→ Facebook ads, quick fixes, linkedin, website design, product based businesses, MLM’s, or Network marketing.

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