The Evolution Of The Online Entrepreneur:

Stages + Phases to becoming the Sacred CEO™ of a multi million dollar empire.

Like anything in life...

...there are stages of development and natural processes of evolution we must go through to arrive as more actualized, matured, and successful entrepreneurs.

Depending on where you are in your current journey, certain programs or courses may be more suitable.

Programs Offered:


A foundational program to launch and grow your online service based business. This is for the entrepreneur that has yet to develop or master their systems, strategies, or infrastructure inside of their business and marketing and is craving a more tactile, tangible support system that will walk them through the core pillars and foundations of scaling an online business through organic social media marketing.

If this is you, GGM will likely be the best fit.


A 5 week intensive to completely rebirth yourself, your brand, and your business into complete energetic alignment with limitless wealth. If you’re ready to experience the magic of DEEPENING into yourself, unveiling your innate genius, and liberating yourself from the old paradigms of business + marketing…. Rebirth is for you.

High Level Business Mentorship

This is for the entrepreneur who’s mastered a foundational level of their business + marketing but either lacks fulfillment, consistency, sustainability, or overall happiness in their well being. At this stage, the entrepreneur is no longer seeking just to survive and make money, but realizes a much deeper reasoning behind their business + purpose in this life. 

They are craving to HEAL both themselves and their business, going on a journey of self actualization, inner transformation, and cultivating a much more conscious way of doing business that allows them to experience a new level of wealth + freedom.

If this feels like you, and you’re ready to be met in your deepest transformation yet as you scale your business more sustainably, please reach out to me about my high end mentorship opportunities.

What's the difference between a program and a course?


My programs are completely comprehensive and all inclusive experiences that combine knowledge, content and information with the support of a live community, coaching and a space to ask questions to receive support + feedback from myself and my team. Programs may be ran LIVE or you may purchase the completed recordings.


My courses are self paced, self study, micro components from my bigger components so you can get the exact part you need if there’s only one aspect speaking to you.

Courses do not include any community, coaching, or mentorship. They are strictly content only.

Self Study Course Options

Each individual purchase ONLY provides access to the content and DOES NOT include any coaching or community aspects. If you would like to have access to the community and coaching support, we invite you to purchase the entire SBE program OR enroll in our Membership.

Business 101: Models + Embodiment

This course will lay down the foundations for creating a program based on your expertise, knowledge, and ideal client then show you how to price, structure, and deliver the program accordingly.

$297 USD

Ideal Client Deep Dive

This is a mini course created to support you identify who your ideal client is and understand how to best position yourself in the market place so you can truly resonate and connect with them.

$197 USD

Creating Your Core Offer

This course will lay down the foundations for creating a program based on your expertise, knowledge, and ideal client then show you how to price, structure, and deliver the program accordingly.

$197 USD

Developing Your Brand Vibe

This section will take you through a step by step process of creating your own brand logo, mood board, and overall brand vibe so you have a more cohesive and high level visual brand experience online. Templates and tutorials provided.

$197 USD

Conscious High Ticket Sales + Sales Systems

This course will walk you through the step by step process of navigating high ticket sales in a more conscious way that does not involve poking at wounds or trauma. You’ll embrace a more heart centered and trauma informed approach to navigating sales both on the phone and through DM’s. You’ll also receive templates to support you in creating a seamless sales system for your core offer.

$397 USD

Copywriting, Tone, Voice, And Mastering The Stages Of Online Marketing

This mini course is designed to help you understand YOU in your marketing. It walks you through the depths of developing your personal story, professional story, tones, voice, archetypes, and learning how to utilize those inside of your marketing. This course will also provide an overview of the 3 phases of online marketing and outline what is involved at each stage.

$497 USD

Content Creation Strategies For Online Marketing

This course will take you through the ins and outs of creating content online for social media marketing including copywriting frameworks, strategies, and structures for cultivating sales online. Including tutorials on IG stories that sell, leveraging client testimonials and results that sell, and how to navigate seasons of nurturing versus marketing in your business.

$597 USD

Content Distribution Strategies For Online Marketing

This mini course specifically focuses on leveraging strategies with content to cultivate sales and dives deep into frameworks for mastering live videos, trainings, free challenges, blog posts, stories, Facebook groups, and DM’s.

$397 USD

Building Your Email List

This course will walk you through simple strategies to start growing your email list along with a step by step tutorial on setting up the tech behind scenes to automate the process.

$197 USD

Not sure which one is right for you?

Click below to reach out to the Sophie Kessner team with your questions.