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You are a natural born manager and delegator who loves spending their free time creating new systems for organization and optimization. Spreadsheets, workflows, and checking off to do lists is one of your all time favorite hobbies. You thrive in a community where you get to be solely in the role of management and support that focuses on all the details of projects, systems and backend management. You enjoy connecting and collaborating with other team members on projects, setting KPI’s. delegating and reviewing work to ensure it’s of the highest quality. Most importantly, you’re ready to be a part of a team that truly values YOU and your incredible systems and detail oriented super powers so you can operate fully in your zone of genius while also supporting a company and mission you fully believe in.

You’re here not only to make a big profit, but more importantly, to make a big impact in the most sustainable and equitable way possible.


Hey there, I’m Soph. First generation Mexican-American and proud founder of our female owned and family oriented business consulting & digital marketing agency focused on supporting impact driven service based experts to sustainably scale online. We like to put the IMPACT back into social impact business models and support our clients in creating a more sustainable way to grow and scale online.

Our culture is heavily focused on integration, EXCLUSIVE INCLUSIVITY, equity, intimacy, finesse, and play. It’s like Cardi B, Marie Forleo and Peter Levine all wrapped into one 😌  You should definitely be okay with profanity, full self expression, high energy, detail oriented and innovative approaches and children #coolmom. Bonus points If you love EDM, weight lifting, consider yourself any type of feminist, activist or social justice ally 🙌


  • Variety of activities
  • Multiple projects occurring simultaneously
  • Multi-tasking
  • Attention to detail
  • High brain bandwidth
  • Follow up and follow through
  • Sense of quality for goal achievement
  • Incredibly systems oriented
  • Fast-paced environment
  • People/relationships focus
  • Inspire, motivate others, to engage their commitment
  • Cooperative, collaborative decision-making
  • Must assume responsibility for risk of projects
  • Collaborative approach
  • Strong commitment to results
  • Delegate readily
  • Quick to learn new technology
  • Innovative problem solver
  • Consistently seeking to optimize and streamline processes
  • Ability to prioritize and organize schedules, tasks and projects accordingly
  • Ability to stay focused on the big vision while managing all of the micro details
  • Great organizational skills to minimize clutter

Our Leadership Philosophy

As a female owned and operated company, The Sacred CEO™ builds its philosophy on adaptability, compassion and curiosity. We understand that the true power is in team, collaboration, connection and communication that supports each individual of the company to be able to fully THRIVE in their role through a diverse group of different personalities and leadership styles.

We lead with compassion, curiosity and safety that cultivates a culture of radical transparency and openness. Allowing each person to be fully seen, heard, understood.

We see each member of our team like family, meaning we understand that each team member is a PERSON first and is treated and honored for the unique individual they are well also being invited to explore their own edges, personal growth and leadership development inside and among the rest of the team.

Relationships first, business will always follow is the core motto of our company. We center the wellbeing of each individual knowing that the more we prioritize overall contentment, confidence and competence, the better quality experience and product will be delivered for all.

Containment is a core priority and ensuring each individual feels held and supported through clear communication of boundaries, expectations and ways in which they can ask and receive support through the power of systems and protocols to support consistency and clarity in each position.

We are also a company that heavily values feedback and input from our team and are always looking for new and innovative ways to create even better systems that support each individual in our company in being and doing the best they can. All of you is welcome here.


  • Develop project plans and ensure they’re delivered on time
  • Record looms to demo how to do projects, tasks or changes that have been made
  • Create SOP’s on processes for how we want processes to be done
  • Take project requests from clients and write out detailed instructions for the team to take over the project, including Loom and linking all necessary files
  • Review team delivery files in Slack, provide feedback and send to the relevant client
    Provide client feedback on projects back to the team to make revisions and edits
  • Make edits in clients accounts per request can range from tweaking systems, links, calendars and so much more
  • Add new clients to CRM by collecting all their info, creating their sub account, adding all info to account, setting up and linking DNS records, mailgun SMTP, twilio setup, and adding appropriate templates to their account
    Provide our clients a demo walkthrough of how to use the platform and it’s features
  • Walk clients thorough Looms of setting up systems in their account including payment, calendar and other integrations
  • Send clients through an onboarding system once they’ve purchase a program
  • Track and manage team VA hours per each client, update client on hours left in their package, let client know when it’s time to update their package
  • Create templates for team DNA clients to use inside the CRM including sales page templates, workshop templates, onboarding templates and more
  • Develop systems and processes on an ongoing basis to keep the company automated wherever possible and running smoothly
  • Provide quality assessments of deliverables and copy
  • Manage contractors to ensure deliverables are timely and of high standard
  • Go through backend systems and ensure streamlined and optimized processes are in place
  • Always be open and looking for new ways to innovate systems and processes
  • Able to map out robust project management plans with micro details, dates and delegation with ease.
  • Creating organized spreadsheets, google docs, and other company assets to make it easy
  • Ability to take incredible notes, summarize and condense information into bite size chunks and capture main points from meetings


  • Virtual location independent
  • Professional leadership coaching
  • Scope for flexible working hours
  • Collaborative, energetic team
  • A safe and inclusive space for personal growth to occur with an array of resources to support you on your personal journey
  • A feminist lens and leading edge approach to family time, vacation and boundaries
  • A trauma sensitive space that will both inspire you and hold you in your own personal transformation
  • Game changing social justice leaders and entrepreneurs
  • The ability to play a big role in anti-racism movements and other social issues
  • A company culture built on relationships and PEOPLE over profit
  • Family centered culture with plenty of moms and other parents as a normal part of the community


This is a starting part time position with 15-20 hours per week with the intention of growing into a full time role over the next 6-12 months

Team meetings will be held each week via zoom where we’ll go over projects, KPI’s, set targets and plan accordingly

You must have a high speed, reliable internet connection as you’ll be solely responsible for managing all company projects across both the coaching company, CRM and Agency

This is an employee role where you’ll be offered a competitive salary base starting at $2000 USD/month for the part time roll with consistent opportunities to increase salary as the company grows and expands based on time spent in the role each week

MUST be comfortable and able to easily learn softwares like Asana, Slack, Go High Level, Google Drive, Word, Excel, Zoom etc as you’ll be responsible for developing more streamlined systems in the backend and ensuring optimization and organization of the overall company

Being a forward thinker who can support the team on staying ahead of tasks, tracking deadlines and supporting on delivering high quality results is paramount to this role

We have a fairly strict no work on weekends and holiday rule so you’ll have free time to completely unplug from the company off hours.

Sustainable Business Automations

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We will never spam you or share your email with anyone. In addition to the meditation you’ll also receive semi-regular email updates with tips, tools, encouragement, offers and exclusive resources. All emails include an unsubscribe link, you may opt-out at any time. Read our Privacy Policy to see how your data is handled.