Our Journey Begins December 28, 2020

Reawaken Your Divine Creatrix Within


Attuning your business into complete energetic alignment with limitless wealth.

A 5 week intensive of complete

Business Rebirth

The problem isn't the strategy; The problem is...
you lost your fire.

Business Is a game of personal power

Rebirth is a portal to remembering how powerful you truly are.

You desire to create a business that feeeels soooo deeply nourishing.

Marketing that leaves you overflowing with joy, exuding radiance + deepening into your own confidence.

Sales that feel effortless, clients who are passionate + ready to invest,

A business that feels juicy, easeful, empowering  and creates the limitless wealth you’ve always imagined.

You desire your business to feel like MAGIC.

This is soooo much more than just a dirty fantasy...

True LIMITLESS wealth comes from the energetic + emotional embodiment of WHO YOU BE

It’s time to completely rebirth yourself, your brand, and your business into complete energetic alignment with the truth of your soul.


You’ve done it all. Followed the frameworks to a T.

Stepped out of your comfort zone and implemented all the strategies (even when they felt heavy, icky or out of alignment).

And now…

You’re ready to experience a completely different approach to evolving your business. An approach anchored in YOUR unique core.

That amplifies your authentic expression. honoring your heart + soul.

THIS, is rebirth.

A PORTAL TO Infinite possibilities

“The goal is to make marketing feeeeel deeply nourishing, enriching, and fully encompassed of your embodied expression.”

Sophie Kessner

Rebirth is a journey of deeeepening into the most authentic aspects of yourself; Reawakening the divine creatrix that lives within you; Creating limitless wealth from embodiment + sacred structure.

Phase 1: Anchoring into your infinite potential

 This is about awareness and healing. Waking up to a whole new world of possibility beyond the traditional rigid dogmatic practices of “Cold Dm’s, tedious marketing, inauthentic sales scripts + constantly feeling like you’re chasing clients”

→ Reconnecting with the truth of who you be; getting clear on where you’ve been settling, sacrificing, abandoning and creating from lack rather than inspiration and awe.

activating your infinite potential and tuning into your most embodied self. The version of you that’s deeply regulated, capable of receiving the wealth + holding the clients you desire to attract. 

→ Giving You Permission to fully OWN + step into what truly sets your soul on fire; Creating the space for you to seamlessly pivot + evolve your brand with your business.

Phase 2: Rebirthing Your Business To Be In complete energetic Alignment

→ Owning your unique voice + KNOWING how to leverage the magic of your  personal story to create an unforgettable brand presence online.

→ Honing in on the brand vibe + overall vision for the business: the legacy you’re creating + what you’re known for that’s aligned with your heart + soul

→ Rebranding your entire online presence to be in alignment with who you at your CORE.

→ Creating an offer(s) in alignment with your highest excitement that also speaks directly to your soul mate clients

Being the soul mate mentor for fuck yes soul fam clients you LOVE and adore, the ones excited + ready to invest

→ Declaring your energetic standards for the most magical + successful launch.

Phase 3: create your most wildly successful Launch

→Integrating a uniquely designed launch strategy that deeply nourishes you.

→ Unpacking a powerful, fully embodied and potent offer that truly captivates your audience and moveesss them into inspired action.

→ Embodying the energetic expression of your offer to create magnetism in your messaging + marketing

→ Knowing how to create EMBODIED heart centered content that sells for you. 

→ Cultivating a sales experience that feels effortless, empowered, and leaves you feeling wildly wealthy


Phase 4: Cultivating a healing way of scaling Online

→ Integrating the sacred structured needed to support your growth as you continue to scale

→ Planning to be triggered in your launches and knowing how to move through the waves in your business

→ Identifying your defaults + trauma responses and knowing how to work with your body to create more sustainability in how you scale

→ A space where strategy and systems are lovingly integrated with emotions and intuition, a divine union that goes far beyond the masculine feminine energetics.


Attuning you to a new paradigm of Embodied Business + Marketing


When we stop putting our power outside of us, in outdated + misaligned systems, strategies, or frameworks– We create space to tap back into the innate wisdom that’s always lived within us.

This is about deepening.
Rebirthing who we be, what we believe and the way we define ourselves, our brands + our businesses online. 
Integrating THE MAGIC of who you be with SOUL LED business strategy
Cultivating a VIBE + online presence that enriches your heart + soul Captivating your audience and Attuning you to limitless wealth.

Ready to experience true limitless wealth?

Here's how we'll hold you in your Rebirth...

Please be advised…
This is NOT a quick fix, business in a box program.


This is a space for the those ready to liberate themselves from outdated, misaligned systems of business and marketing

Those ready to experience true pleasure, prosperity + infinite potential in your business

Those ready to return to wholeness and no longer live in fear, lack, scarcity or unworthiness.

Those who desire to truly integrate EMBODIED marketing in your business, INTEGRATING sacred structure with your expression.

If you’re feeling uninspired, stuck, unsure, or bored by your business, this is the space to fall back in LOVE with who you be, what you do, and how you share it with the world.

About your mentor

Sophie Kessner

→ Built a Half a million dollar business by age 25

Mentored inside four different multi 7 figure coaching businesses and brands including: BossBabe Inc, Libby Crow, Simon Lovell, OCA

→ Supported well over 100’s of entrepreneurs in scaling beyond the multi 6 figure mark

→ 3 Years of Running Personal Podcast (over 118k unique downloads + 125 episodes)
→ 5 years of organic social media marketing on Facebook and Instagram
→ Sales page expert
→ Copywriting Queen
→ Personal Branding
→ Course creator + curriculum development
→ Master at 1:1 + group coaching experiences


Beyond business, marketing, systems + strategy…

 → Master NLP Trainer
→ Spiral Dynamics + Wealth Dynamics Practitioner
→ Breathwork Facilitator
→ Intuitive + Psychic energy clearings

→ Trauma Informed Business  


Ready To Rebirth your
body, heart, soul, and business

Hi Soul Sista Friend...

Whatever you’ve created thus far is only scratching the surface of what’s possible– 

You were born an eternal being, capable of creating literally anything.

When you are in energetic alignment with what your SOUL desires, Business is effortless.

Marketing is a game of energetics + emotional alchemy, reclaiming your personal power and deepening into your BELIEF of limitless possibility

you become unstoppable.

You channel content effortlessly, create from divine inspiration & KNOW how to trust your intuition to lead you to your next destination.

Offers, sales, WEALTH— they’re all a reflection of your emotional integrity & ability to constantly attune to the truth of your soul.

Unphased, untainted by the rules, projections or limitations of the rest of the world.

YOU are limitless.

We cultivate compounded wealth & constantly evolving our business to be in alignment with who we’re becoming.

This is new paradigm of Embodied business + Integrative marketing.

Freedom, prosperity, abundance– It’s already yours.

If you’re feeling called, I invite you in…

This is your rebirth…

xo - Soph

Frequently Asked Questions

Because of the nature of our work and the commitment of time, energy and attention we provide each client, we do NOT offer refunds

Yes. 🙂 we believe financial circumstance should not prevent anyone from deepening their sense of self and experiencing massive healing, therefore, extended payment plans are available.

The short answer, yes. This is a container specifically designed for the femme centered entrepreneurs seeking to both develop their business and themselves in an integrative holistic style. If you’re seeking a more embodied and energetic approach to business + marketing, this space is exactly that. We’ll combine integrative strategy with embodied business.

This is not a basic program; This is a deeply enriching experience of complete and total transformation. A journey of self discovery and soul reclamation. Where you’ll reconnect with your divine power as a sovereign creatrix and embrace a more integrative approach to scaling your online business. This is an intensive designed to completely shift your perception of all that you’ve known to be true in the industry and show you a new realm, a new paradigm, of infinite possibilities. THIS, is embodied business and marketing. 

We cannot guarantee anything other than an experience of a lifetime. We hold our clients in their sovereign power and provide the portal to activate in them what is ready to be healed, transcended, upgraded and evolved. It is the role of the client to choose to take on this journey and integrate all that they are learning.

Yes. This will be a group mentorship dynamic. I will host multiple group zoom calls to dive deep with you and hold space as we unpack whatever is present in the process of rebirthing yourself and your business. 

Ready To Explore Working Together? Just Pick a day + time that works best for you to drop in with Soph on zoom <3

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We will never spam you or share your email with anyone. In addition to the meditation you’ll also receive semi-regular email updates with tips, tools, encouragement, offers and exclusive resources. All emails include an unsubscribe link, you may opt-out at any time. Read our Privacy Policy to see how your data is handled.