Sovereign Wealth Expansion


Using body, mind + soul to rebirth a fully integrated conscious business

The Soulpreneurs Journey of Integrated

Business Rebirth

Creating Infinite Wealth Room Wholeness + Healing

As femme centered energetic beings, we’ve so easily lost ourselves in the world of patriarchal business + marketing Conforming + contouring ourselves to what society believes we should be

As mothers, sisters, wives, daughters 

Taught to feel ashamed of our sexual desires
To hide our sensual selves
Never feeling safe to own ALLLL of who we be–
Especially in our business + marketing.
Finding ourselves watering down what we have to say, doing our best to fit into the system we’ve been conditioned to live in…
Constantly seeking validation, belonging, feeling wanted
So we hustle, do, constantly doing more, never checking in with our heart + soul.

But that’s not true freedom, now is it?

THIS, is where self liberation begins… REWILDING…

An experiential portal of DEEP integrative healing for the courageous, wild, rebellious femme centered entrepreneurs ready to fully reclaim ALL of themselves in business

A complete unfolding as you return to the woman you were always meant to be-- put simply, we do business differently.

Together, in a sacred space, we’ll journey through a complete metamorphosis of the entirety of your business, starting with healing the depths of your heart.
In special partnership with renowned healing mentor + trauma specialist, Jessica Benstock, Rewilding will take you on a business journey unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before…

BEYOND JUST BUSINESS, this is a portal for massive healing, transcendance, integration, and soul level evolution that seeeeps into the juiciness of your soul led business.

“Your Business will only always evolve to the level of which you’ve first evolved + healed yourself”

Sophie Kessner

As a holistic approach to healing trauma, reclaiming sexual sovereignty + expanding our wealth from wholeness in our marketing, Rewilding will take you through 3 phases of Integral Business metamorphosis...

Reawakening Your Sovereignty

As we dismantle all the old patriarchal systems of business and marketing. Decoding and deconstructing the misbeliefs, illusions, and characters we’ve created along the way. Diving deep into understanding the unconscious trauma patterns we’re both projecting + perpetuating unintentionally inside of the coaching industry.

Reclaiming Your Most Divine Essence

As we ground back into the body allowing ourselves to be witnessed in the nakedness of our souls. We’ll unravel where sexual shame, trauma, and expression have kept us from living in our full self expression. Reconnecting with our inner wild woman + tapping into the sacredness of true body based magix in business.

Rebirthing the entirety of your business

To be more aligned with your most organic, raw, and orgasmic nature. A space where strategy and systems are lovingly integrated with emotions and intuition, a divine union that goes far beyond the masculine feminine energetics. Allowing you to create a fully integrated business where wealth is created from our wholeness, not our wounding.

This Work Is Deep Holistic, And Completely Transformational

It’s a journey specifically designed for those seeking everlasting change + deep soul level healing

For the femme centered energetic beings that know in their bones what’s happening in business has so many more layers than just a simple “system or strategy”
You’ve done the dance from an overactive masculine to an overactive femme. Now you’re craving full body integration that supports sovereign wealth expansion.
THIS, is rewilding.
Unlike any other business/marketing “program” we’re not here to regurgitate premeditated models or systems…


An experience of somatic, sexual, and sensual healing
Deepening into your sovereignty as a divine femme centered energetic being in business
Where your business + marketing become the byproduct of your healing–
EXPANDING and amplifying your wealth and impact from a space of neutrality and grace.

You'll be held in multiple ways...

Please be advised… This is a deeply healing, expansive, and transformative experience… This is NOT a quick fix, business in a box program.


This experience will challenge you, expand you, activate you, trigger you, and nourish you unlike anything you’ve ever played in before…

We are here to witness + hold you in your deepest healing as you transcend and integrate all of who you’ve been with all of who you’re becoming
Rebirthing yourself into the femme centered energetic being truly capable of cultivating the wealth you so deeply desire.
This is a sovereign declaration and commitment to yourself, your business, your clients, and your soul mission…

We're not your basic Mentors

Soph’s Credibility In The Coaching Industry

→ Built a Half a million dollar business by age 25

Mentored inside four different multi 7 figure coaching businesses and brands including: 

BossBabe Inc, Libby Crow, Simon Lovell, Rachel Bell

→ Supported well over 100’s of entrepreneurs in scaling beyond the multi 6 figure mark

→ 3 Years of Running Personal Podcast (over 118k unique downloads + 125 episodes)
→ 5 years of organic social media marketing on Facebook and Instagram
→ Sales page expert
→ Copywriting Queen
→ Personal Branding
→ Course creator + curriculum development
→ Master at 1:1 + group coaching experiences


Beyond business, marketing, systems + strategy…

 → Master NLP Trainer
→ Spiral Dynamics + Wealth Dynamics Practitioner
→ Breathwork Facilitator
→ Intuitive + Psychic energy clearings


Jessica Brings in a whole world hardly explored in the coaching industry… including:

→ 11 years experience studying, teaching, & practicing alternative healing modalities:

– Theta Healing
– Alchemical Hypnotherapy
– Breathwork
– Somatic & Energetic Trauma Healing
– South, Central, and North American Shamanism
– Non-violent communication
– Anger Therapy
– Sexual Embodiment & Trauma Healing

Ready To Be Held In The Most Expansive Experience For Your
body, heart, soul, and business

Hi Soul Sista Friend...

Mmmmm welcome. To the journey of a lifetime. If you’re reading this, i know what you craaaaveee is sooo much more than just templates, to do’s, and more busy-ness. You desire HEALING, an experience that goes beyond the mind and touches the depths of your body, heart and soul.

You know the deeper truth that your business is so much more than just a tool. It is an extension of you. A reflection of the work you’re here to do in the world. It is your expression, magic, medicine to the world.

And it’s ready to be experienced in ways it never has before… from a space of neutrality, groundedness, and integration, we’ll take you to a space of knowing yourself so deeply, developing the self assurance to navigate any trigger, and the know how to create your wealth from wholeness.

If you’re feeling called, I invite you in…

This is your rewiliding…

xo - Soph

Frequently Asked Questions

Because of the nature of our work and the commitment of time, energy and attention we provide each client, we do NOT offer refunds

Yes. 🙂 we believe financial circumstance should not prevent anyone from deepening their sense of self and experiencing massive healing, therefore, extended payment plans are available.

The short answer, yes. This is a container specifically designed for the femme centered entrepreneurs seeking to both develop their business and themselves in an integrative holistic style.

This is not a program, this is an experiential portal that integrates knowledge with actual body experience and deep healing. We are going far beyond teaching frameworks, strategies, and structures and taking you through a deep process of identity deconstruction. Then guiding you through the experience of traumatic healing in both self and the business thus allowing you to reintegrate yourself back into a more integral way of doing business and marketing that is unique to you and your life circumstances

We cannot guarantee anything other than an experience of a lifetime. We hold our clients in their sovereign power and provide the portal to activate in them what is ready to be healed, transcended, upgraded and evolved. It is the role of the client to choose to take on this journey and integrate all that they are learning.

Yes. This will be a group mentorship dynamic. Both myself and Jessica will host multiple group zoom calls to dive deep with you and hold space as we unpack whatever is present in the process of rebirthing yourself and your business. 

Ready To Explore Working Together? Just Pick a day + time that works best for you to drop in with Soph on zoom <3

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We will never spam you or share your email with anyone. In addition to the meditation you’ll also receive semi-regular email updates with tips, tools, encouragement, offers and exclusive resources. All emails include an unsubscribe link, you may opt-out at any time. Read our Privacy Policy to see how your data is handled.