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This entirely free SEO training and introductory SEO course will teach you the content marketing strategies to leverage organic search results from the #1 search engine in the world, Google, even if you’ve never heard of Search Engine Optimization SEO before.

By the end of this free 90-minute workshop, you will:

  • Know precisely how search engines work and how to create content that ranks high on the Google Search engine algorithms bringing you free leads and website traffic AND growing your email list without ever spending a dime on ads.

  • You’ll have a simple yet effective SEO strategy to start building your own website SEO on your own schedule in less than 2 hours a week so you can finally get your time back to focus on the other things in your life.

  • You’ll have a thorough understanding of SEO basics and technical SEO to feel confident in your digital marketing strategy, knowing exactly how to create and optimize website content and stop spinning your wheels on ineffective social media strategies.

all while spending LESS time posting or dm’ing on IG & FB



You don't need to be an SEO expert or have an SEO Certification to rank #1 on Google

You just need to know HOW Google Works and the Search Engine Optimization fundamentals to have a powerful SEO content marketing strategy

Our FREE Search engine optimization SEO training will teach you this.

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screenshot demonstrating the increased views of one blog post over the course of four years

So what exactly IS SEO, and how will this SEO training help your business?

Search Engine Optimization is a fancy way of saying your page or content has the right keywords, quality, and other important metrics to rank high on Google search engine results pages (SERP)

Bringing you hundreds, if not thousands, of qualified, free leads every month.

Take a look at one of our featured snippets on how ONE single blog post has continued to GROW its on page SEO, ranking #1 on Search engines like Google and COMPOUNDING its MONTHLY viewers by over 1,000% over the course of four years.

Search Engine Optimization is the GOAT for Experts and Educators

Unlike social media...

Where you’re constantly competing with the ever-changing algorithm, keeping up with new trends, learning platform after platform, and never being able to stop without taking a hit on your course or business income;

graphic demonstrating the lifetime of each type of social media post including tik tok instagram facebook youtube pinterest and blogging

Search Engine Optimization

through on page SEO (which we’ll teach you all about in our free SEO training course if you register today!) not only EXTENDS the lifetime of your content from days to YEARS but continues to compound your growth YEAR AFTER YEAR.


It’s a bit more technical than I have space for on this sales page, but rest assured, we’ll explain it in extensive detail in our free SEO training course / SEO Workshop (or you can peep the full blog I wrote here.)

Tell me, what Instagram or Facebook post you made 4+ years ago still drives MORE traffic and leads to your business every month?

This is the power of Google and learning how to build out any page on your website so it can be found by the people who need and want you now.

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demystify SEO marketing
Optimizing your website to rank high on Google SERP

Grow your online business and get leads on autopilot through seo

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Ready to future-proof your business with the power of seo?

Here's What We'll Be Teaching:

Simplifying Search Engine Optimization and breaking down the key elements of on page SEO an off-page optimization

How to perform keyword research and select keywords based on the competitive analysis

Leveraging local SEO and mobile SEO to start improving your website today

SEO Strategies for content creation, including how to build links and leverage influencer relationships

The BEST SEO Tools for SEO growth, like google analytics

How to use robots to simplify your search for relevant keywords

Don't let the technical SEO lingo scare you from the massive opportunity to leverage seo for your business growth

We'll help break down all of our free SEO course materials in an easy to understand way

so you can Understand Consumer Psychology and quickly identify opportunities to

Optimize your website for SEO to start ranking for your key search terms

Know how to create evergreen highly searchable content that puts you in front of your buyers

Achieve higher rankings on other SEO platforms like YouTube, Blogging, Pinterest and More!

If, after the workshop, you decide you want to dive deeper into a comprehensive course with advanced strategies, we'll share more about our own paid SEO course designed specifically for coaches, therapists, and wellness experts who want to...

Build a Business Beyond The Feed.

Hi, I'm Soph

I’ve been in the digital marketing space since 2015 and in the last 8 years, I’ve been behind the scenes of some of the best online courses and coaching programs on the market, including launching and selling my first, second, and third course/group coaching program teaching online business owners how to launch and scale their online business through organic social media marketing.

And though I was a pro at Social Media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, where I sold out group coaching programs, had hugely successful launches, and filled up my coaching roster, I never felt I could get ahead.

I tried every digital marketing course on the market, watched all the pre recorded videos, read all the course material, and implemented what Instagram Marketing experts told me to do.

But no one ever taught me the basics of search engine optimization, let alone how to do keyword research the right way to grow my business.

sophie kessner sitting in a chair with coffee

I made ALL the rookie mistakes in my early online career:

But when I became a mom...

I no longer had the capacity for constant social media posts and Instagram stories, I was forced to find an alternative way to run, grow and manage my business- so I jumped into every SEO course, SEO training, and all things SEO to finally crack the code.

Allowing me to:

  • Regularly grow my email list and see a consistent, steady increase in website visitors every month
  • Completely stop posting on all social media together and STILL maintain organic business growth without taking any hit on my annual revenue
  • Get back in control of my own life, have privacy, and no longer feel the need to always be turning my lived experience into life lessons

SEO Specialization changed my business (and it can change yours too.)

Soph smiling with a coffee in hand at a table

Remember, you don't need an SEO certification to be found by your ideal clients on Google Search.

What You'll Learn

This FREE 90-minute SEO workshop will give you everything you need to start optimizing your business for higher rankings, today.

Are You Ready To Let Search Engines Grow Your Business For You?

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demystify SEO marketing
Optimizing your website to rank high on Google SERP

Grow your online business and get leads on autopilot through seo

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