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You can call me Soph //
Somatic Practitioner & Intersectional Business Mentor


I’ve been marketing and selling online coaching services through social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook since 2015 without any technical SEO skills or SEO techniques.

It wasn’t until I got so burnt out from the never-ending cycle of high-pressure group coaching program launches, leading coaching session after coaching session, constantly building new sales pages, and always having to come up with new flashy content to attract potential clients with no certainty of anything, that I finally had enough.

I was five years into my online coaching business, with no real long-term marketing plan in place, when I knew I had to jump into the SEO industry, learn SEO and understand how search engines work if I was ever going to get off social media.

In the last 3 years, I’ve tested all the SEO tools, taken every SEO course, hired multiple SEO Coaches to refine my SEO coaching services as an SEO consultant and continued testing every SEO strategy for on page SEO and off page optimization to increase my website pages ranking.

After not using social media to market for the last 3 years and providing SEO results with my own brand and website page, I’ve officially transitioned into an SEO consultant teaching SEO techniques to others ready to escape the social media hamster wheel.

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