Integrative Business + Marketing Mentorship For The Soul led Entrepreneur

Creating sustainable wealth from wholeness + healing

Hey Sista friend, Which card resonates most?

The Emerging Entrepreneur

I’m passionate about what I do and know I’m gifted; Now I’m craving the tangible systems, strategies and structure to more successfully launch and market my business online.

The Soulful CEO

I’ve grown a successful business and now crave a more integrative + regenerative approach to compound my wealth + scale my company in a way that heals + nourishes my heart + soul.

You’re A DIVINE Being, Sensual, Soft, Surrendered…

Ready To Birth Heaven On Earth Through Your Company… Regardless of Wherever you are in your business right now, finding yourself here, in this moment, definitely wasn’t an accident… 😉

Ready to experience the depths of your fullness + Radiance through the business?

Take a deep breath...

I’ve got you, love. <3

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Welcome to my sacred space

You can call me Soph. 😉 A starseed inspired to birth heaven on earth through cosmic business restoration.

In my journey of scaling my own multi 6 figure companies, mentoring inside multiple 7 figure companies, supporting hundreds of women internationally in surpassing the multi 6 figure mark– I’ve found TRUE prosperity + freedom cultivated in a deep integration of strategy and soul work.

A way of doing business + marketing that actually feels nourishing and healing to all of who we be. Where we no longer risk adrenal fatigue, burn out, or self sacrifice, but create true wealth from wholeness + a deep sense of self.

THIS is the way business is supposed to be...

“Your Business Will Only Always Evolve To The Extent At Which You’ve Evolved And Healed Yourself First”

~Sophie Kessner

client love

Hear From Soul Sista's All Over The World About The Magic That Comes From Working With Soph

"I'm already at $125k for the year, Projecting $180k!"

Meet Evin, a dating and love life coach who was able to grow and scale her business from her largest month of $5k (before we started working together) to ending 2018 with her highest profit month ever.

We did a LIVE interview with Evin 3 months after this video where she shares how she was able to continue growing her business by over 200%, sold out her group program, and successfully increased her 1:1 pricing.


"I had some of my highest revenue months ever & my average monthly income has DOUBLED!"

Meet Christine, who was able to massively shift her self worth AND implement the right strategies so she could hire team, hit her highest revenue months, launched her first group mentorship program and has doubled her income with more leads and clients than she’s ever had before and SO much more.


"Soph is truly a master at what she does... I launched + sold out my first group program, built my 1:1 offer + integrated all the systems"

Maya (Previously known as Meg) transitioned from the beauty of brand + web design to step fully into spiritual business mentorship. After moving through ego + resistance, she decided to jump all in + over the course of 3 months, we developed all the systems + structure for her to evolve her mentorship business to the next level. <br><br>She created her 1:1 offer, sold our her group program, created her free offer + built out the entire structure to scale. <br><br>”I show up in my truth, clarity, + potency. I have all the implements within my copy that encourage people to invest with me. Make the financial commitment, you will not regret it.” 


“Wealth is about so much more than just the money.”

~Sophie Kessner

I’m not here to heal you, fix you, or distort your unique gifts.

I’m here to hold space for you to come home to the truth of your soul. To reawaken the wild woman living deep within. Reminding you of your sovereign divinity, as you rebirth yourself into the woman you were always born to be….

…Especially in business.

A space of deeeeep healing + integration…

Where you become the CEO in your business; An artist creating wealth, far beyond just the money, from your wholeness + richness.

If you’re ready, I’m here for you… 😉

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