Business Practices

My Intersectional Feminist Values & Business Practices

I am forever a student of Trauma-Informed Care and Anti-Racist practices leading to a more equitable and ethical industry. I am unavailable for white woman nonsense, new age spiritual gaslighting, and folks unwilling to acknowledge systems of oppression or white privilege that exist in an exploitative industry with problematic practices.

Business is NOT about making as much money as possible as fast as possible at the expense of everyone else around you.

Business Practices

FOR ME, business is about creating a sustainable & EQUITABLE way to build generational wealth

Wealth that can be equally dispersed and uplift those with the least amount of inherent privilege while also dismantling and divesting from the systems of oppression that perpetuate harm.

Even as a first-generation biracial Mexican-American cis woman, I benefit from my white-passing appearance and have been on my own journey to both reconcile with my Hispanic roots and unpack my own internalized racism and oppression.

I am NOT here to teach you about anti-racism.

I am here to do the work for myself, and hopefully, compel you to have difficult conversations about your own internalized racism. 

If you’re not sure where to start, I’ve provided a list of resources at the bottom of this page.

Here are my commitments to doing the work:

Team & Money

  1. I consistently invest in continued education with programs, training, and mentors who center on Anti-Racism, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. I disinvest from any communities, programs, or individuals who are consciously upholding systems of oppression or toxic capitalism and are unwilling to do the work.

    As of August 2022, I’ve invested over $21k and nearly two years of my time studying anti-racism equity-centered business, and anti-oppressive marketing while addressing my own internal biases to create a safer and more inclusive online community. I will continue to allocate a minimum of $5,000 per year for continued education in these fields.

  2. I am transparent about the livable wages I pay both myself and my team and how we price our offerings with the utmost integrity and consideration for the time, energy, and result delivered to clients that equally distribute wealth and the workload. On average, 35% of our total annual revenue is allocated for team salaries or paid contractors.

Business Practices

  1. I have strict no urgency or emergency policies within our company and do my best to uphold a clean and clear container with all clients, team members, and community members.

    This looks like allocating an ample amount of time and space for projects, deadlines, and feedback, along with reasonable working hours, paid sick leave, holidays and weekends off, and adjusted sabbatical periods. Workdays never start before 9am and always end by 4pm local time.


  2. I offer a variety of pricing in my products that range from as low as $37 for workshops to $24k for high-end consulting and done-for-you systems development including brand and web design. I offer payment plans with extended options for ALL offerings over $1,000 to ensure economic accessibility at all levels without compromising the quality of integrity of the work we deliver.


  3. I take very seriously the responsibility to create a safe and inclusive space for POC and all non-cis folk including all LGBTQUIA+ and neurodiverse persons. I do so by integrating practices of pronouns, inclusive languaging in all our copy, utilizing closed captioning in videos, and integrating audio format, as well as intentionally creating easily digestible content in shorter segments. These are a few of the practices we have in place and we welcome additional insight from our clientele and community members on other ways to make learning and executing our content easier. If you have additional suggestions, you may email them to


  4. I work with a maximum of 4 full-service agency clients at a time to ensure the quality of the container is never diluted and that myself (and my team) are never stretched too thin between projects. We take on a select number of a la carte projects each quarter and are MORE committed to growing at a steady pace to ensure long-term sustainability for our team (even if that means the company generates less annual revenue).


  5. We are unwilling to work with clients who repeatedly display negligent, racist, or harmful practices whether publicly or privately, and refuse to take responsibility for their actions after being called in. This type of behavior will result in the immediate termination of a contract.

Solidarity in Feminist Sales & Marketing

  1. Abstaining from predatory marketing tactics or frameworks that unequivocally target marginalized communities and uphold toxic capitalist systems through virtue signaling congruent with white feminism.

    This includes:

    • Shameful copy that paints a negative picture of marginalized folks without acknowledging the privilege I have and the oppressive systems we live within. 
    • Fake urgency such as countdown timers, closing cart emails, and limited spot promotions that are not true or real to intentionally try to benefit from activating social cues of scarcity. We will only use deadlines and close cart elements in our marketing when they are 100% honest and trustworthy.
    • Fake Authority is mongering through lifestyle branding that leverages euro-centric values of thin privilege,  white feminism, misogyny, and leisure without acknowledging one’s inherent privilege.
    • Only using screenshots of testimonials with the verbal or written consent of the client and never sharing information or details about a client’s revenue, personal life, or growth without their exclusive consent.
  2. Creating consensual sales processes and practices that are fully transparent through pricing being displayed on the front end of all offers, invitations for conversations and asking questions, and having ample time to make decisions about investing.
  3. Working with each client in cultivating a payment plan that is both sustainable and equitable for them and the company, including opportunities for extended payment plans and partial scholarships.
  4. Providing lifetime access to all digital content to ensure each client has the ability to work through and return to the material at any time without feeling stretched for time.

  5. Referencing, citing, and giving credit to mentors and teachers who have supported my work along with those that I am standing on the shoulders of. I am not here to erase anyone’s work or to claim to have found all of this on my own perpetuating toxic individualistic culture. Everything I have learned, teach and shared is a byproduct of all those I’ve worked with and invested in previously

Company Values


At the core of EVERYTHING we do, we prioritize the mental, emotional and physical well-being of the PERSON and the community over the profit. This looks like creating HEALTHY company profit margins, equitable owners pay and team salaries, healthy working hours, and ethical business practices that support the longevity of the company and desired lifestyle of the company owner.


We aren’t here to make ONLY a ton of money; we are here to create generational wealth in the most ethical way possible that simultaneously dismantles and divests from oppressive systems that are problematic for the communities most targeted for marginalization. This shows up in every facet of what we teach and operate, including creating safe and inclusive business practices, honest pricing, sustainable client delivery experiences, and feminist practices of constant refinement.


We are here to bring awareness of the industry’s harmful and problematic business practices and call business owners to create more ethical and equitable personal and professional practices. This shows up in choosing to only work with clients who have a substantial approach to their work and have been adequately trained to deliver the service they are choosing to market. We do not believe in the fast fashion business and will NOT promote or encourage clients to sell services that are not thoroughly integrity with delivery.


We believe that business is far more than just a practice for creating profit and that you, as the business owner, are far more than just an entrepreneur. We look at the interconnectedness between your identities, lived experiences, and beliefs to cultivate an approach to growing your company that honors your lineage and is conducive to the impact you desire to have. This also means we take the time to understand you at the deepest levels and consider your personal preferences, learning styles, beliefs, values, resources, and abilities to ensure HOW we support you is equitable and ethical.