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Here are all of my favorite recommendations

(Please note that I am an affiliate for all programs and software listed here, by choosing to purchase any of the recommendations from this page, you’re supporting me and my efforts in having tested all the programs out there to give you a brief list of the BEST options on the market below).

All in one platforms to run your business


ScaleUP is our personal custom CRM created to support coaches & digital course creators in sustainably scaling their business online; If you plan on working with The Sacred CEO™ Agency, taking our Online Business Automations Course, or mentoring privately with Soph, we HIGHLY Recommend using ScaleUP To benefit from easy team access, tech support, and on-demand Virtual Assistant Access

Go High Level

Are you an AGENCY Owner who wants to streamline your entire client delivery process? Use my go-to platform to build out your custom AGENCY platform for managing all of your client’s accounts and assets in one place.

Tools to launch and grow your podcast


Podium is your tool for AI generated show notes, chapters, clips, transcripts, and more. It’s what we use to streamline our Podcast Production Process. Try it out today and get 3 free hours and 50% off your first month.

Castos Hosting

Castos is the #1 award-winning Podcast Hosting plugin that links directly with your WordPress site and publishes your podcast to all major podcast platforms including YouTube! This is our personal hosting platform we recommend to all clients

Tools For Blogging like a pro


Can a ROBOT Write copy better and faster than you?! They absolutely can! Check out the future of content creation at an insanely affordable rate and get ahead on your SEO Marketing!

Surfer SEO

Tired of guessing how to write powerful SEO-optimized blogs that have you ranking on the Google SERP? Surfer SEO is the #1 tool for optimizing your entire blog and website to rank on Google AND has a direct integration with BOTH Jasper AI and WordPress


Not sure what kind of content to create on YouTube or which topics rank the highest? TubeBuddy is your best friend when it comes to assessing data, analytics, and understanding the competition so you can create content that you KNOW your audience wants AND converts.


Don’t want to be a photoshop pro, but still need simple and beautiful designs created for your blogs, thumbnails, headers, and more? Try Canva for super easy templates and gorgeous design abilities!

Websites & Funnels

Mel Judson Creative

Are you running your business without any legal protection? Grab the Ultimate Bundle and get access to ALL legal contracts you’ll ever need to ensure your business is both Legally Legit AND Protected.

Tonic Site Shop

Want a stunning Showit website using beautifully designed website templates? Checkout the Tonic Site Shop for access to all of their best website templates to immediately elevate your digital presence at a fraction of the cost for a fully customized website.


Not hosting your website with ScaleUP? Siteground is my top recommendation for all things website, domains, and hosting to ensure you’re getting THE BEST support on the market at an INSANELY affordable rate.

Business Essentials For Legal & Management

Legally Legit Contracts

Are you running your business without any legal protection? Grab the Ultimate Bundle and get access to ALL legal contracts you’ll ever need to ensure your business is both Legally Legit AND Protected.


Want a beautiful and advanced team and project management software to replace them all? ClickUp is my go-to software for backend operations, project management, and team management; that also serves as a tool for time tracking, client management, and much more! If you’re ready to stop being scrappy with platforms like Asana and Trello- It’s time to ClickUp.

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