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Our Team leverages the best SEO practices to grow your organic traffic by ranking on search engine results pages like Google, Youtube and Pinterest

so you can finally build a social media optional business

Are you tired of pouring all your energy into Instagram every month?

Let us show you how to become the go to business in your industry and get found by qualified leads without spending thousands on paid media every month.

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Who Are We?

Unlike most SEO companies, Our digital agency SEO Strategies go far beyond the technicalities of on page and off page SEO, instead focusing on a content strategy that supports your entire business from start to finish.

We Cultivate An Intersectional Approach To Business Growth

There’s nothing to hide here, we believe every business owner should have a solid SEO strategy to support their business growth, which is why we don’t gate keep any information and share our SEO strategies freely.

This is intersectional business.

We are NOT a quick-fix solution for businesses operating in a state of urgency

Our Agency is designed to support values-aligned business owners who’ve grown as far as they can go on their own and are ready to receive integrative support from our team.

New to SEO?

If you’re new to the world of Search Engine Optimization and unsure of how a custom SEO strategy or SEO services can support your business, checkout our free blog with plenty of free resources for all your business needs.

Our Core SEO Strategy

Keyword Research & Keyword Rankings

Unlike platforms like IG, Meta, or TT- search engines are not something you can just “wing-it” with and require you to spend the proper time understanding what you want to rank for, what other websites are already ranking for, and knowing what specific keywords you need to be focused on to really start seeing SEO results.

In other words, if you don’t have a plan and you haven’t done your keyword research, nothing else is going to work. Period.

So how do you develop a solid keyword strategy for your unique business? You can check out our free resources here or keep scrolling to learn more about our SEO Agency.

Once you’ve done your research and know what you want to be ranking for, it’s time to dive into stage 2

Website Optimization

Believe it or not, your site structure matters, a lot.

Not only is your website meant to be the online home for your business, but it’s also the centerpiece of our entire digital marketing strategy which is why many SEO consultants, self included, will spend copious amount of time and energy emphasizing the importance of a strategically built site and SEO friendly content.

If you’ve had your site for a while now, but aren’t getting any website traffic from google or other search engines, we encourage starting with an SEO audit where our marketing team will deep dive into the technical SEO of your site and help you understand how to start improving your web pages today so you can begin working towards your SEO goals.

Though we’re of the belief that design is equally as important as function, your SEO strategy for your website goes far beyond a pretty logo, brand colors or professional photoshoots and can be broken into two categories:

On page SEO which can be summed up as all the content on the actual pages of your site including more technical SEO components such as appropriate title tags, link building via relevant and helpful links throughout your site, and of course, SEO optimized content including images and literal words on the page like the ones you’re reading here.

Off Page SEO which can be summed up as all the things you don’t see including meta descriptions, page speed, slug URL’s, and more technical components typically managed by SEO companies or experienced SEO consultants.

Once your site is setup for search engine optimization, it’s finally time to dive into developing your very own SEO Campaign and long term digital marketing strategy!

Growing Organic Traffic Through SEO Based Digital Marketing

When your site is ready to start receiving traffic, it’s time to dive into what our SEO Agency does to help local businesses and online businesses rank on the first page of google search engines.

There are two real options when contemplating which search engines you want to grow on:

Growing with Google Search through Blog SEO traffic

Growing with YouTube search traffic through a video based SEO plan

What makes our seo company unique, is our ability to support across the board with any seo campaign where we offer done for you services to boost website traffic from multiple search marketing platforms.

SEO Services We Offer

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Stop guessing and get direction

SEO Consulting Services

Work hands on with Soph, our lead SEO Consultant, who will help guide you on understanding the best approach to optimal keyword research, link building, and developing an SEO plan for your digital marketing strategy.

Start With An SEO Audit

WordPress & Elementor

Web development Services

We collaborate with our trusted partner Mel Judson and the Elevate Site Shop with a proven track record for on site conversion optimization, top ranks on the first page of Google Search, and overall improved campaign progress from the revamp and restructure of your site.

Services include

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The Right SEO Company For Your Digital Marketing Needs

Full In House SEO Services

From start to finish, we offer done-for-you SEO services led by our lead SEO Consultant Soph and executed by a team of savvy specialists each trained in their own area of expertise.

SEO Services We Offer

  • Our team will work with you to complete the keyword research process, develop a content marketing plan, and create keyword rich blogs every week to imporve your site ranking and traffic
  • Our Team will create an SEO driven plan for your YouTube channel including an outline of video topics and core points for you to record, then turn around to edit and publish all videos to your channel
  • Our team will take all the content you’ve created and develop keyword optimized pins to start boosting site traffic and organic sales via pinterest

Go High Level Partner

Custom Funnel, Quiz, & Automation

Building your business on Go High Level?

We offer bespoke done-for-you automation and customization including account migration, setup, template development, quiz development and more.

You can checkout our own Whitelabel at

Data-Driven Results

SEO With Blogs & Pinterest

Key Results:

  • Ranking on the first page of Google for more than 10 Keywords with ONE Blog Post
  • Over 800 page views EVER MONTH and consistently growing even after four years
  •  Growing a Pinterest account from 0 to 70k in less than 9 months
screenshot demonstrating the increased views of one blog post over the course of four years

Selling Out With Podcasting​

Key Results:

  • Over a 489% Increase in Podcast Listeners over a 6 month period
  • 3x Growth in website traffic from launch of new website and podcast after 2 years
  • Sold out services and closed waiting list from website traffic

Over 50% All Traffic From Search

Key Results:

  • Increased site traffic from organic search to over 50% year over year
  • Growing monthly impressions over 22k 
  • Improving keyword rankings for more. than 150+ new keywords over 90 days
google analytics site traffic from organic search

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