Sophie Alyssa Kessner

Service Based Online Business Mentor Transformational Coach
IG + FB Marketer
Personal Branding Queen
Breathwork Facilitator
Trauma Informed Space Holder
Intuitive Movement Healing
Master Copywriter + Sales Page Genius
Rave Babe
Mama Bear
All Around Dope Cosmic Human

Just a few of the titles I’ve worn over the years, but nothing really grasps the totality of the work that I do, which I know you know too– at least, if you’re anything like me you do. 😉

So how?

How does this 25 year old woman from Southern California go from dropping out of university her senior year to scaling multi 6 figure companies and being trained by some of the TOP marketers in the world?

Well… it’s nothing short of pure synchronicity, truly.

Let’s rewind a bit…

Picture this: 14 y/o Soph angry at the world, deeply depressed, rebelling, cutting herself, getting in fights at school, overly promiscuous, no sense of self, massively suicidal coming from a bit of a rough upbringing post parents divorce.

Gets sent to a summer youth camp as a last resort. That Youth Camp was run by the Anthony Robbins Foundation.

Completely changed + saved my life. I became obsessed. Obsessed with understanding how humans work, why we do what we do, how we feel what we feel, how we heal and transform ourselves.

I went back every summer for the next few years, spent all my money on flights, hotels and tickets to every Tony Robbins event out there while simultaneously studying psychology, neuroscience, biology and meditation with Dr. Joe Dispenza.

It was like living a double life;

I’d travel to attend these events and feel at home, like i was with the people who truly saw me, understood me.

Then after the event, i’d return to my hometown riding on the fumes of inspiration trying to face the reality that was infront of me:

Partying, drinking, toxic relationships, fairly absent parents. Struggling to get by. Stacking up credit card debt left + right. Repurposing student loan money to pay for personal development programs and events.

Until… Magic happened.

It was the summer before I transferred into university to finish my bachelors degree in psychology when I decided to volunteer at the youth camp that changed my life back in highschool.

I had just turned 20, was still living at home, dating my marine boyfriend that i was head over heels in love with who inspired my mission to help veterans transition out of service back into civilian life.

He had just lost his best friend to suicide. And was struggling with depression himself.

I volunteered at the youth camp and met a woman named Summer Rose.

Everything changed there.

After hearing me pour out my heart + soul and mission in the world, Summer invited me to attend an NLP program by Steve Linder that would give me the tools to really make an impact with the work.

I spent every last dollar I had to get myself to that 5 day event in Portland, OR.

And damn I’m glad I did.

At the event I met a man who would become my first business mentor and teach me everything about business + marketing, his name was Simon Lovell–

I shared with him my struggles, hopes, and dreams; he saw my heart, passion and mastery of transformational work at the event and wanted to help me.

He offered to mentor me in business if I supported him and his clients with all things mindset and identity shifting.

Within a few months, he hired me full time as a transformational coach in his million dollar company, The FitPreneurs

I quickly went from zero coaching experience to having well over 40 1:1 coaching clients at any time from all over the world who I was supporting.

Eventually after about 2 years, Si went through his own spiritual awakening and decided to shut down the company. I stepped out and by the absolute synchronicity met the next mentor who completely shifted everything…

Her name, was Libby Crow.

I saw her speak at an event I attended right a few months prior. Decided to friend her on facebook and check her out.


She posted that she was hiring.

It was perfect.

I reached out…


Emailed, FB Messaged, engaged like crazy.

And then… 

She answered. We got on a call and the next day, our journey together began

Over the course of the next 10 months together, we scaled her already multi 6 figure business to a million dollar run rate by Sept 2018.

At which point I was leading all the programs, coaching all the clients, doing all the sales and loving every minute of it.

2018 was my first 6 figure year.

Until Libs also decided she wanted to step back from the coaching space…

After the final round of The Business Accelerator in Sept 2018, nearly 4 years into coaching and mentoring for other massive brands and companies…

I finally launched my version of a business + marketing program that laced all things feminine flow with systems and strategy, it was the Gamma Goddess Mastermind

Which then evolved into the Boss Bitch Evolution

And finally, in epic partnership with my business bestie, Mel Judson, we birthed Strategic Business Embodiment– The fruits of EVERYTHING we had mastered when it came to business, branding, marketing, sales, and complete transformation.

Simultaneously I had the pleasure of mentoring inside the BossBabe Inc. Mastermind supporting the most magical woman in scaling their businesses online.

In 2019, I surpassed that seductive $100k mark by July and was growing exponentially.

But it wasn’t sitting right. I was exhausted. Even though externally I had it all, it felt empty. I felt like there was sooo much more i was here to do in this world beyond JUST making shit tons of money… 

So on a trip to Ireland, diving deep into the feminine, I made a decision to break up with my business

And then… The complete unexpected happened…

September 2019.

After just moving to Seattle with a man I had barely met 4 months prior (you can read the full blog story here) we found out we were pregnant.

And I knew,

Things had to change.

So we shut down the companies while I went through one of the darkest nights of the souls I had ever experienced.

Complete and total rebirth from the inside out.

Pregnancy shook me to my core. You can read my full birth story here.

But more than anything, it showed me who I really was.

2020 I surpassed the elusive $100k mark even through pregnancy, traumatic birth, deep loss, and massive healing as I continued to shed and step into the woman I was born to be.

Becoming a mama bear engrained this fieeeerceee protectiveness and rawness deeper than anything I had ever experienced before.

It awoken a love unlike any other. A love that was truly uncompromising and unconditional.

And that, became the fuel in which I dedicated what business, for me, really gets to mean.

An experience of deeeeep healing. Integration. Reclamation.

It opened my eyes to where I had self abandoned, and was operating from wounding. Shedding light on all the darkness, trauma, and tragedy being perepetuated in the coaching industry.

And I knew… I wanted to be a part of something so much bigger. So much more expansive and so much more healing.

Supporting my clients through the business to do soooo much more than just create money.

Reclaiming the truth of your soul.

Rewilding yourself into what truly matters, the magic that you were made to birth in this world.

Where we redefine ourselves, our business and our work, to create wealth from our fullness rather than our wounding.

A more surrendered, softened, and holistic way of doing business that allows spaciousness for all of who you be.

This…. Has been my journey.

Curious about what it looks like to be mentored by me?

My deepest work is through my private 1:1 containers where we become more than just client/mentor but soul sisters as I hold space for your deepest transformations, expansions, and up levels all through the consciousness of your business + marketing.

Ready To Explore Working Together? Just Pick a day + time that works best for you to drop in with Soph on zoom <3

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We will never spam you or share your email with anyone. In addition to the meditation you’ll also receive semi-regular email updates with tips, tools, encouragement, offers and exclusive resources. All emails include an unsubscribe link, you may opt-out at any time. Read our Privacy Policy to see how your data is handled.