I’m Breaking Up With My Business…

It’s 3:41 am here in Ireland as I’m sitting by the window listening to the rain drip over the mountains.

I’ve been contemplating quite a bit about the pivot I’ve been in for the last few months now and really feeling into what I’m here to cultivate with my business—

There’s been plenty of conversation about self-study programs, online courses, packaging knowledge and creating more automated passive income streams

Yet I’ve been 100% resistant to it.

When I dig deeper, I ask myself “why would I want to be less involved in teaching this? Why turn it into a self study/online program?

The answers that come up are along the line of:

I’m tired of teaching this.

This is exhausting.

It doesn’t fully resonate anymore

I want to share so much more.

I feel like I’ve evolved so much since I first taught this.

Aaannnd it hits me.

Oh the joy of being a spiritually led entrepreneur.

Sure, I could easily package everything up, remove myself from the curriculum, and offer it at a much lower price point to an audience that will probably still resonate with it but then the magic is lost.

The magic that IS me.

When I reflect on all the countless clients and friends that I’ve supported over the years, the information is such a small percentage of the transformation we cultivate in our sacred containers.

The shifts, the wins, the healings, the growth, the expansion, the up levelings—

They come from these deep intimate moments of truly connecting and dropping in at such a level that YOU finally feel fully seen.

And there, is where we discover what’s *really* missing.

My intention with business has *never* been money or strictly revenue focused.

It’s always been heart-centered and driven from a place of true healing.

And so, My heart absolutely REFUSES to offer anything that doesn’t include the most important part of someone’s transformational shift & evolutionary healing— ME.

Because I know that’s the only way my clients will truly experience the level of results that they deserve.

So that’s off the table.

Next, I address where the resistance in the content I teach:

what no longer feels resonant for me and where have I evolved past this?

“But it’s great content”

Sure, Soph.

But it’s not where your heart is.

screams… *AAHHHHHH!*

I could easily continue to teach the same old content, run the curriculum the same way, and continue supporting a certain type of audience—

But at the cost of what?

Me resenting the business and feeling exhausted every time I have to connect on a call and talk about ads and funnels that I know aren’t really the soul of the problem?!

I started the business to create an evolutionary experience, not just to make a shit ton of profit.

If I wanted to make money doing something I didn’t enjoy, I could easily go and get a 9-5 and have a hell of a lot less stress.

So the question now becomes:

“How can I fall back in love with the business? What about it truly excites me & sets my heart on fire?”

*goes through content and crosses out 75% of what I taught*

THIS needs to change.

The way it’s taught no longer sparks joy in my heart, and if I’m going to be in love with my business, I need to be in love with the process of what I teach.

Well ferrk.

Now what?

Back to the whiteboard, literally.

What sparks joy in my heart?

What excites me?

How can I feel more fully expressed in what I teach?

What’s created the biggest evolutionary shifts in my own business?

What have been the most pivotal moments for me personally?

The creative juices start flowing.

My body starts moving and writing uncontrollably while I take a back seat and let my heart lead the way.

Within a few hours, that’s it.

There’s the curriculum.

And then…

a giant, “holy *** Soph, but no ones really doing this? What if it doesn’t work?” Creeps in.

“You want to do what?!

But that’s not what you were taught..”

“People aren’t coming to you for that…”

“That’s not what you spent the last x years teaching, why would you pivot now?”

“How is bringing this in going to impact your credibility?”

Overwhelmed and riddled with fear, I walked to the beach to catch the sunset and journaled on all that was present.

The synchronicities couldn’t be any more divine in timing—

Thank the heavens for Super full moons and ceremonies because THAT is exactly what happened next.

I went home and let the ceremony begin.

meditation, candles

Candles lit.

Ritual music on.

Moon out in all its glory.

Home saged.

Crystals Charged.

Let’s begin.

Breath work and tears— uprooting all the fears, stagnant energy, and old beliefs.

Body shakes.

Screams— Emotional release.


Drop into Meditation.

Feel the resistance, lean in.

More tears.

Lean in deeper.



Lean in.

Body shakes.


Deep breaths.


Lays on the floor—

Body quivers, hands on heart, tears streaming down my face.


“I surrender.”

Caresses skin ever so slightly…

Shivers and goosebumps fill the landscape of my body.

Gently rising to my knees, facing the mirror in front of me.

“I see you. I honor you. I love you. I’m Sorry.”

My heart expands.

I move my hips in rhythm to the emotions coursing through my veins.

Sadness, anger, fear, so much fear.




Hand on heart, lean in.

The music gets louder and raises me to my feet.

In ecstatic dance, all the emotions release.

Until I find myself in tears, laughing hysterically on the floor—

THIS, is what you’re really here for.

I journal and reflect.


Set intentions, speak them into existence, and finally head off to bed to rest.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I graciously give myself space and permission to explore all that’s been coming up and lean in deeper.

I break ALL the rules.

I feel more free, alive, and in my heart than ever before.

Business is becoming fun again—


I can actually LOVE and ENJOY the process.

I lead more and more each day with pleasure as my primary way to measure my success and my body relaxes.

It becomes contagious.

I start feeling myself living more and more consistently in this orgasmic state of being.






This is it.

A massive evolutionary shift in my entire existence.

 A conscious awakening in the way I honor, support and contribute to the greater collective.

Oh, oh, oh— shivers as I feel into how big this truly is.

This is sooooo much more than just business.

This is an embodiment of BOTH your divine inner God & Goddess—

This is YOU becoming WHOLE & INTEGRATED through your business, dripping into every aspect of your life.

Your business becomes the mirror for your own healing—

Reflecting to you where you get to lean in, trust, surrender, and drop in even deeper.

Oh sister, this is it.

Greater than any “Instagram hack” “facebook ad” or “sales strategy”

This is you truly embodying the depth of the work you were put on this earth to do—

To allow your intuition to truly guide you.

This is so much more than just marketing.

It’s divine self-expression in your rawest essence.

It’s your heart racing, your soul singing, your body shaking as you live in this orgasmic state of being.

Everything shifts.

You tap into your Gamma state— your highest self.

You become unapologetic in who you be and how you show up.

You dance through life with love and joy because you trust the process and know the way.



Soul shaking.


This is what breaths life into me.

So when you ask me the question of what’s next, oh baby…

Have I got so much to say?

Let me simplify it in this way:

My curriculum is being built on the foundations of Business Pleasure Principles, meaning pleasure comes first.

We get sexual.

We get sacred.

We get DEEP into your shadow.

We reawaken and reclaim your most divine WHOLE self.

We illuminate and activate your rawest essence.

We expand you into your fullest expression.

We integrate both your masculine and your feminine.

We take the linear strategy and integrate it intuitively with your non-linear soul—

We honor your highest excitement and lean into the path of least resistance.

We turn your business into pleasure practice.

We break all the rules and lead from the soul, then we let our masculine support us in doing the work.

You will cry.

You will evolve.

You will expand in ways you didn’t think possible.

And by the end of it all, your sense of self will be deeper than anything else you’ve ever felt.

The way you do business and marketing will feel full of ease and fun as it becomes so much more intuitive and you fully trust yourself in how to do it.

You’ll show up in your essence and be magnetic because of the energetic glow your radiating from within.

Your entire way of existing will shift, and because of it, you’ll find a life that much more enjoyable—

The things that used to matter, may change— In the best way possible.

You’ll get exactly what you need and everything you didn’t even know you wanted. 😉

This, I can promise.

Where you are in your business is less relevant than where you are in your own self-awareness—

THIS is what really matters to me.

If you feel your soul screaming yes and resonating with my language deeply, then this is probably written to you.

If you find yourself in a query, uncertain, on edge, or in doubt, you may not be on the same path I’m on and that’s okay sister friend—

I’m only calling in those whom I feel fully aligned with.

This is and will be the most sacred community I create to date.

And though fear may be present, your heart will know in the way it feels deeply connected to the message I have to share.

So if you’re feeling called, if any of this feels of resonance…

I invite you to explore with me as I open the doors to the next evolutionary up level that is the Gamma Goddess Mastermind.

Completely redefined in all its glory.

Made for my more soulful and spiritual women really here to create a shift in the collective.

For the woman craving to reclaim her full sexual sovereignty and self-expression in her business.

The woman that seeks to be fully integrated with both her divine masculine AND her divine feminine.

The woman that craves more pleasure and ease in her life and knows she needs so much more than just a “funnel” to truly up level.

The woman that is ready to surrender, trust and step fully into her highest excitement so she can lead from her heart-centered power.

This is the fullest expression of ALL of me and all of which I have found to be the most profound teachings in creating the monumental shifts in my own 3D reality.

Feeling juicy?

Lean in with me.

Together we rise.

The next round of the Gamma Goddess Mastermind opens soon and I’m so excited to be in service to you. Here’s to breaking up with a business that’s no longer in alignment and up leveling the ish out of my highest excitement. 😉

Want the deets? CLICK HERE to learn more.

Wrapping you in cosmic hugs– see you on the inside,



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