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Sacred Ceo™


a 6 month hybrid mastermind experience designed to help service based entrepreneurs sustainably scale their impact online through integrative systems, strategies and structure.

We give you the tools, resources and community needed to feel confident, empowered and fully supported as you become the Sacred CEO™ of your own highly successful company.

I see you.

You’re a conscious entrepreneur who’s on a mission to change the world with your incredible gifts…..

but somehow you keep finding yourself spinning your wheels when it comes to growing your business in a way that works for you, am i right?

It’s time to lace your soul work with all the Automation, systems and strategies you need to scale your business online sustainably, 

so you can increase both your impact on the planet as well as the income in your bank account–without burning yourself out.

so tell me…

Can you relate To Any Of this?

You’ve been at this business thing for a while now, truth is you’re AMAZING at what you do, so good in fact, that you’re likely feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work you’ve been putting in JUST to maintain your business.

You’ve focused solely on growing your client roster that marketing, automation, and business management basically fell to the waist side and now you’re stuck playing catch up 

(hello technology allergies)

The freedom you worked so hard to create constantly feels like it’s being lost to clients, sales calls, dm’s and social posts that leaves you sometimes secretly wondering… is it all worth. it?

Or perhaps you’ve yet to fully nail the marketing all together and still aren’t seeing the growth you want but refuse to give up

You’ve dabbled in DIY funnels, sales pages, ads, trying to build pieces of the puzzle with a course here, training there, and a facebook group or two to get you through buuuuuttt…

the business isn’t where you know it COULD BE and you keep wondering to yourself, WHAT am I missing?

Let’s get back to basics.

All you really want is to be able to have a business that creates consistent and sustainable profit doing what you truly love.

which means… It’s time to go from
what if….
You finally had all the time freedom, profit and impact you’ve always wanted?

You woke up every morning feeling invigorated by your mission and business again knowing you had a full team of experts behind you just as passionate and committed to your growth and success as you are.

You felt crystal clear about exactly what actions you need to take to move the needle forward, you’re able to see the growth of your business and launches with ease.

Your clients are getting incredible results, your content and online brand is growing consistently, you have all the time and space to focus on doing your deep soul work and continue developing yourself into being that much more of an amazing leader

You never have to compromise your personal life for your professional life EVER again.

You had the systems in place to take care of all the sales, marketing and client delivery so you can spend your days visioning, leading, and creating even more of the life you love.

Your business can run without you, you can take days, even WEEKS off of social media and KNOW your bank account isn’t going to suffer.

You have the energy, belief in yourself, knowing, and SUPPORT to continue building and scaling your business far beyond the multi 6 figure mark in an integrative and sustainable way that doesn’t leave you feeling depleted, exhausted or overwhelmed.

You’ve finally broke free from the solo-preneur hamster wheel and have built a company that will leave your legacy without sacrificing your life.

So the real question is… 

Where do we even begin?!

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

You Can Call Me Soph

After spending the first 5 years of my online career behind scenes scaling 4 brands to multi 7 figure companies, mentoring and coaching literally hundreds of students to scale beyond 6 figures, and building two of my own multi 6 figure brands….

I’ve learned a thing or two about business, marketing and what it truly means to cultivate a more sustainable and nourishing way to scale online.

After having my son and fully entering motherhood, I quickly realized that being the solo-preneur, independent boss babe, one woman show just wasn’t going to cut it anymore.

Not for me, my business, clients, or my family.


I decided to do something no one had done before…
I put together a world class team and quietly grew my own digital marketing agency behind scenes

Taking all of my knowledge, resources, tools, content and programs built to teach scaling and online marketing and merged it with my digital marketing agency.

So YOU can have everything you need, all in one place to build out all the systems, automate your business and sustainably scale without having to stress all the tech.

Putting you back in the role of CEO.

We welcome you into….

A Hybrid Group Mentorship Experience designed to be a one stop shop for service based entrepreneurs, coaches, course creators and other experts ready to sustainably scale their business online through the power of automation, system and marketing.

Here’s what our clients have to say about working with us….

this is business mentorship, personalized.

Tired of trying to fit yourself into someone else’s blueprint for success? Yeah, me too.

It’s why The Sacred CEO™ Mastermind is the perfect place to sustainably scale your business YOUR way.

We eliminate the biggest blocks that keep most solo-preneurs stuck on the hamsterwheel and give them back their creativity, TIME, and freedom by providing ALL the support you need in ONE PLACE.

Here’s how you know the sacred CEO™ Mastermind is different from anything else…

We don’t just teach business, we take an integrative and holistic approach to scaling online that combines the worlds of business, marketing, personal development and somatics all in one.


Sustainable Scaling with automated systems

We create sustainable business models that are built to scale by combining these 3 areas:

1.Stellar Client Delivery Focused on cultivating lifelong relationships with your clients by creating the best results possible in the most efficient, effective and ethical way possible

2.Automated Sales + Onboarding Giving you back your time by integrating the power of technology to make sales and onboarding a breeze! No more unqualified sales calls, losing track of client payments or manually sending contract links.

3.Streamlined Marketing HELLO FREEDOM. Ready to get off being in that hamster wheel of constantly having to talk about your offers 24/7? Here’s where we’ll support you in leveraging your core assets: email list, website/sales page and your preferred SEO method to start scaling your marketing in a more sustainable way.


CEO Development through Agency Support

You read that right, we provide something most programs never do. A full service done for you agency IN HOUSE to support you on eliminating all the heaviness from the backend of your business.

We know running a company is no easy task, fact is, you weren’t meant to do this all alone which is why we have an entire team of highly trained experts ready to support you every step of the way so you can get back in the role of being the visionary leader you were born to be.

The one focused on creating, serving, growing, and impacting the world through your powerful gifts


Integrative Leadership & Personal Development

You can rest assured that your mentors have been highly trained as trauma informed practitioners and KNOW how to support you through the high highs and the low lows that come with growing a business so you can feel on top of your game, empowered, confident and fully supported as you continue to evolve.

Whether its navigating mindset hurdles, imposter syndrome, self doubt, analysis paralysis or even growing pains, we’ve got you covered to ensure you’re always coming back to BELIEVING and KNOWING it’s possible for you.

We dedicate an entire part of our company to ensuring our clients are thriving mentally, emotionally and spiritually on their journey to scaling online so they never have to risk burn out and can always feel like they are building in a way that truly gives them the freedom, fulfillment and joy they’ve always craved.

Here’s who we support:


If you’re incredible at what you. do and have a highly developed skillset but aren’t sure how to take that online, we’ve got you covered.


If you have the basics down but aren’t sure how to take your mini business and turn it into consistent $5k-$10k/months, we’re here for it.


If you’ve been consistently hitting $10k+ months but don’t have the team or support to go beyond, look no further, we’re here for you.

And Here’s a sprinkle of social proof…

Teal Cracked Through Her $25k/Month Ceiling With More Space

Alex Enrolled 25 Women And Shut Off Marketing 3 Months Early​

Jaya Created $25k Through Organic Social Media Marketing with our systems

Sam was able to 5x her attorney income in one month alone

We make this possible by combining these 4 pillars of support:


You’re amazing at what you do, We’re amazing at mentoring and strategizing business growth with you. This is where we’ll come together to ensure ALL your questions get answered as we map out and build a bullet proof plan to scale your business where you want to take it next

Content & Templates

This isn’t our first rodeo. We have a plethora of resources, templates and tools to give you along with countless hours of laser focused trainings to support you in gaining all the clarity and mastery you need to scale your business sustainably. It’s like getting an MBA crash course in online marketing.


Who said entrepreneurship had to be so lonely? We make this a mastermind to give you the space to connect and feel like you truly belong to a family of other game changing leaders in the industry. It’s the unspoken magic of this space where you really feel held and supported in different ways.


 Our backend agency takes ALL the technology and systems off your plate by helping you build, optimize and automate your business including support with sales pages, funnels, branding, social media posts, graphics, content, websites, podcasts, email marketing and sooo much more. It’s like the dream team you always hoped for without the hassle of hiring/firing or overpaying.

This is an evergreen, open enrollment, on going mastermind experience designed to support VALUE DRIVEN entrepreneurs in sustainably scaling their impact AND profit online in an equitable and ethical fashion By meeting you where you are and customizing a business plan just for you.

When You Join You’ll Also receive:

Weekly coaching calls w/ 1:1 Mentorship

Each week you’ll have the option to connect with your mentor and receive personalized feedback, support and insight on all your business questions so you can walk away with the confidence and peace of mind knowing you’re on the right path and exactly what steps you need to take to move forward.

You’ll also be able to connect and listen in on what other community members are navigating and support one another on growing your businesses in a sustainable way.

Hands on review of your work

Our team is here to support you every step of the way by providing you real time feedback, in depth reviews, critiques and assessments of everything you create inside SLACK so you never have to question if you’re doing it right.

We’ll provide you with all the support and templates you need to make the most out of every part of your business especially when it comes to all things branding, technology, copywriting and more.

Website Templates & All In One CRM

No more guessing or researching what the best tools or softwares are to build and scale your business, we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you and give you access to our sales page, funnel, and website templates to make launching, marketing and selling a breeze through our all in one CRM platform.

You’ll receive 6 months of free access to our software and all our templates so you can eliminate all the random fees and finally have everything in one place! (Includes email marketing, website, funnels, sales pages & more)

Amanda went from taking on random 1:1 clients with no program or process resisting systems and strategies to trusting her value + offers making multi 6 figures, feeling confident in stepping in building out her entire mentorship business and filled her program within 2-3 weeks of talking about it.

Ready to Join?

Choose your investment option below

I absolutely cannot wait to support you! To make it as easy as possible there’s two options for you to choose from both of which are a minimum of 6 months.

The Sacred CEO ™ Mastermind

$888 USD/Month

for 6 months

or one payment of $5000 USD

Social proof is powerful

Though we focus on many more metrics beyond revenue and sales, it's important for you to know, what we do, works, our clients are the proof.

Meet Kirsten, an internet marketing specialist who was able to triple her revenue in the first 6 weeks of the beta program (the Business Ignitor) and developed the foundations for the systems in her business so she can scale with much more ease.
Meet Kri, a branding and web design expert who was able to double her growth in her business revenue during our time together

Meet Chris, a career coach who went from being overwhelmed with 1:1 clients to developing the systems, structure, and strategy needed so she can scale her business with much more ease AND make twice as much profit.

Chloe went from her full Time job to becoming a full time entrepreneur and filling up her acupuncture/coaching roster by creating the systems to streamline her business and market online in a way that feels so good to her.

Life before joining the Sacred Ceo™ Mastermind…

Feel overwhelmed by trying to run and grow the business, can’t stop feeling like you’re spinning your wheels with little to show for it​

Constantly questioning and doubting your next move, never knowing if it’s going to work or not​

Feeling unsure if you can really do it, feeling like you’re constantly battling your mindset and trying to motivate yourself to make it happen​

Doubting if you can really scale the business with everything else going on, wishing you had the help and support to make it happen without sacrificing your sanity​

Waisting hours learning random skills that you don’t actually want to be doing but it’s cheaper to DIY than invest in real support​

Launching random programs, offers and taking on a bunch of clients at different price points without any real structure, organization or consistency in the business​


A Full team of experts in your corner taking all the heavy lifting off your plate and giving you back your TIME FREEDOM so you can get back to living​

Consistent clients coming in and predictable business growth that you can measure with excitement now that you have a bulletproof plan​

A New Found level of self confidence, trust, and leadership to show up every day with PRIDE, gratitude, and an unshakable knowing that you are living in your purpose

A deep connection to a community of other powerhouse leaders on a mission to change the world with you where you feel fully seen, supported, heard and understood

REAL freedom both financially and emotionally to spend doing the things you truly love outside of your business knowing the business is handled

Peace of Mind as you continue scaling with absolute certainty in what you’re doing and how you’re building

Ready to make it happen?

You don’t have to do it all alone. We’re here for you.

Curious about client results?
We love to share!

Anna Sold Out 35 Spots In her High Ticket Program

Evin Grow her Business By 240% in 12 Months With 2 Offers

Nadine Tripled Her Income From The Offer & Marketing We Created

The Sacred CEO™ Mastermind was made for entrepreneurs who are ready to sustainably scale their business online by leveraging the power of automation, systems and structure.

Giving you back your peace of mind, TIME and real freedom to start living a life you love without compromising the business

This is FAR from a cookie cutter templated program. We put all of our attention and energy into personalizing and customizing the principles of online business and marketing to meet each client where they are.

Can you do it all on your own? 
Of course you can! We’re here to make it easier, more enjoyable and to shortcut the entire process. 

Is the sacred Ceo™ Mastermind the right mastermind for me?

here’s how to know you’re in the right place:

You are a highly skilled course creator, coach, brand/web designer, healer or other type of service based entrepreneur who’s able to create incredible results for your clients but haven’t figure out HOW to help more people

Are excited by the idea of being able to sustainably grow your company in an ethical way and are willing to invest in yourself and put in the work to make it happen

You have some sort of established social media presence or email list (even if it’s super tiny) and /or you’re willing to spend the time working on building your social media presence or email list to market your business to.

You know that there’s so much more to business than just great social media posts and sales, you’re ready to take your company to the next level and start automating so you can scale

You’re not afraid of doing the deeper inner work to get your mindset AND your body on track including any type of somatic work that may be present to navigate trauma responses

You love to take action, you’re responsible for your own success and are willing to communicate when you need support so we can get you all the help you need

the sacred Ceo™ Mastermind May not be right for you if…

You expect success to magically happen without putting in any of the groundwork to really build out your business

You Haven’t really developed a skillset that can truly help people and create results

You Are only interested in selling products or information that doesn’t support high level transofrmation. (we’re happy to support SERVICE BASED low ticket membership offers so long as they solve problems and help people

You’re unwilling to make the investment in yourself or put in the time and energy to create a business you truly love

You Want to only run your business on social media and have no plans to create real systems and infrastructre to scale your business in a more sustainable and equitable way

What can my time in the mastermind look like?

The Sacred CEO™ Mastermind is a minimal 6 month commitment designed to be a one stop shop for all of our clients (though many of our client’s love to continue with us long after the initial 6 months). Because we curate a unique personalized plan for each client who joins, everyone’s timeline looks a little bit different depending on where they are when they join and what their intentions are for their first 6 month period. 


Here’s an example of a 6 month plan to give you an idea


You’ll begin your onboarding process by having an initial 90 minute consultation with Soph where we will do a highlevel overview of your entire business and assess exactly what type of support you’ll be needing including getting you all set up inside our CRM software, connecting you with our amazing team and slack community and adding you onto our call schedule so you’re all set and ready to rock!

Month 1

Your first month in the mastermind is all about creating a clear plan of action, identifying where your bottlenecks and energy leaks are and curating a path for injecting cash into your business. We’ll help you map out a step by step plan and give you all the tools and resources you need to start taking action NOW.

Month 2

We’ll begin building out all of the assets needing to start automating your client delivery and sales process while we simultaneously begin building out your new branding, collecting data on your ideal clients, and restructering/optimizing your client delivery inside of your core programs and offers

Month 3

Now that your core assets are built and your brand is established, we’ll start marketing for your top of funnel campaign through your organic social media marketing and bringing people into your world, email list, and content as they prepare to invest in working with you in one of your core offers

Month 4

We’ll take what’s worked best in your organic social media marketing initiatives and start looking at streamlining these through SEO content like Youtube, blogs and podcasts depending on what assets you currently have as well as integrating a higher level paid ad strategy to continue pushing traffic to your nurture process

Month 5

Let’s collect the data from your ad campaigns and continue to optimize your funnels and targeting on the backend while we build out a longer term strategy to continue growing and scaling your offers in a way that works for you. Typically this is where we’ll start to look at the structure of your offers again and bring on any support or automation you need to give you more space and time freedom

Month 6

We’ll prep you for your next big project with a marketing initiative for the next 3-6 months including a game plan of what needs to be optimized with your overall brand presence including your website, social media presence and other SEO related assets to continue scaling your company

Can you accelerate through this process in less than 6 months? ABSOLUTELY! And… we want to make sure we always incorporate sustainability into everything we do, because you’re here for the long term, not just for a fast burn. 😉
No Matter Where You Are On Your Journey, Our Client results speak for themselves…

Lauren enrolled clients in the first few weeks of joining

Ann Quit Her Fulltime Job, After Making $10k In Her First Launch

Megan Signed Her First PIF Clients & started growing her community online

Ready to join the Sacred CEO™ Mastermind?
Enrollment is Officially open

If you’re feeling called to this container, You know you’re here to make big moves in the world and you don’t want to do it all on your own.

If you’re ready to experience a new wave of business leadership & support we invite you to apply below

Still wondering if The Sacred CEO™ Mastermind is really for you?
Let’s get into the details about what we teach and believe…
A Behind the scenes look of what we teach 
Pre-Work: What we’re building
First things first, your big picture overview of EXACTLY what you’ll be doing over the months of us working together. You’ll receive when joining this journey is an actual roadmap of your client journey where we’ll breakdown you’re entire business model and help you get clear on the different ways that you can generate profit in the business so you have a model that’s sustainable and scalable. 

We’ll show you all the different pieces of the puzzle so you know what you’ll be moving through and can understand at depth the entire business model of what we’re building out so you can start the program feeling confident, certain, and absolutely clear on what you’re here to do and how to make it happen. We’ll show you all the different pieces of the puzzle so you know what you’ll be moving through and can understand at depth the entire business model of what we’re building out so you can start the program feeling confident, certain, and absolutely clear on what you’re here to do and how to make it happen.
Phase 1: Messaging & Positioning
Once you’re clear on who you be in the world, we’ll dive deep into aligning your messaging and positioning in a way that magnetizes your ideal client. We will support you in refining and identifying who your ideal client is at the core and teach you how to speak to them in a way that creates deep connect, trust, and credibility. 

You’ll learn how to position yourself as an authority in your industry and most importantly, we will support you in building, nurturing, and growing your online community with an audience that’s highly curated and prequalified in a strategic way through our proven strategies and systems.
Phase 2: Your Core Method & Main Offers
Here is where we take your business to the next level as we begin to extrapolate and develop your core methodology for the work that you do. Once we nail down your methodology, we will work together to map out your signature offers based on the business model you want to create. 

Whether this is group, 1:1, or a self study course, our goal is to ensure you have maximum scalability and a long term plan that will allow you to create the most impact in the world while also increasing your profit AND your freedom.

We will also dive deep in looking at the overall structure, delivery, features, attributes, and even your pricing to ensure everything is on par to create consistent epic results for your clients while also designing more spaciousness for you in the business.
Phase 3: Create Your Online Brand
Here’s where we really put our money where our mouth is and create the visual representation of your brand and business. Together we will map out a branding and website strategy that will work hand in hand with your expert positioning to make you stand out as the obvious choice in your industry. 

We also walk the walk here by providing you with custom brand and website templates that you can plug right into your website as well a copywriting guide and one on one support to make sure all the tech stuff is hooked up right. It’s like having a your own personal designer and developer on your team to elevate your brand and usher you into the next level of leadership in your biz with a brand website that magnetizes your audience, walks them through your nurturing sequence and converts them into dreamy, ideal clients for you.

You’ll Create:
Your Pinterest Board, Brand Adjectives, Mood Board to bring together the visual inspiration for your brand, Color Palette, Your very own Logo! 3 fonts for your brand to use throughout your website and any other marketing materials, Brand Board so that you (and your future team) can easily reference your visual identity for stay #OnBrand always, website copy that sells, your Website with our exclusive website templates designed to convert and so much more!
Phase 4:  Sales Systems & Processes
Now that you know exactly who you are serving and what you are selling, we will teach you the most soulful way to either fully automate your sales process with the systems needed to create a seamless sales page, sales process, onboarding and client delivery including a beautiful sales page branded to your new high end vibe, magnetic copy that clearly communicates the value, and an easy way to help your potential clients assess that they're in the right place.

OR if you prefer to do sales calls and have a more personalized approach we'll teach you how to navigate a high ticket sales conversation that feels yummy for you AND your potential client.

Including setting up a high caliber prequalification process so you're only connecting with people you LOVE working with and value your time!
Phase 5:  Content Creation & Copywriting
In this part of the program, we teach you the frameworks to understand and master the different strategic types of content including: educational, inspirational, behind the scenes, philosophies/beliefs, invitations and offers, community, PR, stories,”asks”, engagement, and so much more.

You’ll learn how to create copy from a place of soul by finding your own voice and learning how to clearly and concisely communicate your message to your audience in a way that’s magnetizing. In essence, you’re learning how to become an influencer and real time thought leader in your space. 

Once you become a total copywriting guru, we’ll dive deep into showing you how to best strategically distribute your content amongst your social platforms and email marketing with step-by-step outlines of ratios and frequencies based on what season you’re in with your business. 

Fun fact: With the methodologies we teach in this module alone, clients have been able to close upwards of $26k months WITHOUT a sales page or crazy ads and funnels.
Phase 6:  Organic Social Media Marketing
This is where we’ll work directly with you in reverse engineering your step by step marketing plan based off of your own unique goals for revenue and lifestyle. You’ll learn our process for building your email list, launching and running your program year round and recognizing the difference between marketing seasons so you don’t always have to feel like you’re selling and can still live sustainably.

We’ll be showing you how to leverage your own personal blog through your social media platforms and email list so you can drive traffic to both your website and your social platforms and finally, we’ll ensure you have your marketing plan for the next year thats inclusive of your entire product suite so you don’t have to feel overwhelmed or scattered with your offers and positioning.
Phase 7:  Your Automated Funnel
If you’re always doing everything in your business, then your business is running you. Which is why we want to support you in building out an automated (or semi automated) funnel that increases your reach, impact, and visibility consistently-- even when you’re deep in meditation or asleep. 😉

Here we teach you how to build your entire marketing funnel-- from your actual content that you’re promoting to all the emails in between--More importantly, you’ll receive access to tons of examples of what great work looks like AND we review everything and help you refine (and give tons of feedback) so you know it’s golden before you put it into the world. 

You’ll either be in the process of refining your current funnel or creating from scratch your entire marketing funnel which hosts your lead magnet, email nurture sequence, and ads (to run paid traffic to your lead magnet). We will also teach you how to organically market this to your audience. 😉

By the end of this part of the program, you have your entire lead generation process created and are ready to start growing your reach outside of your organic audience so you’re reaching people you would have never met before. 

Hello real business model

The Sacred CEO™ Agency

It's your wildest dreams come true! A full service done for you agency IN HOUSE with your mentorship experience... here's all the deets:

We provide our clients EXCLUSIVE access to our agency services at STELLAR pricing to make sure they are able to get all of the support they need.

Once you join the Sacred CEO™ Mastermind, you’ll be added to slack where you’ll be able to connect with Soph and her team and be assigned an amazing VA who will support you on all of your tasks.

You’ll then be granted access to our top secret Mastermind services page with the exclusive pricing and links to purchase and add on any services you need.

We’ve found that it’s best to allow our clients to choose adhoc a la carte services so they’re never overpaying for services they’re not using and can get exactly what they need, when they need.

Here's a sneak peak of the services and special pricing we offer for our mastermind clients:

Sales page funnel
– 1 single page sales page design NO copy ($300 USD)
– 1 long form sales page copy ONLY no design ($400 USD)
– Sales page full package including design, copy and checkout page/application page ($800 USD)

Branding Kits
-New Brand Kit including 1 logo, 2 fonts, color palette, IG highlight cover photos ($200 USD)
– Facebook banner graphics ($75 USD/graphic)

5 page custom website
– 5 page website design NO copy included (client must provide all copy) ($997 USD)
– 5 page custom website WITH copy included (our team will write the entire copy for up to 5 pages with you) ($2000 USD)
– Each additional page will be between $100- $200 USD depending on length

Social media management packages for IG & FB only
– 1 written posts each week ($400 USD/month)
– 2 written posts each week ($600 USD/month)
– 3 written posts each week ($800 USD/month)

FB & IG Ads Management (3 month minimum commitment)
– $500 USD/month PLUS a one time set up fee of $350 USD
– Pricing does NOT include your monthly ad spend

VA hourly packages
– 5 hours per month ($100 USD)
-20 hours per month ($350 USD)
– 30 hours per month ($450 USD)
– Va packages include support with an array of tasks including emailing, podcasting, video editing, client management, data collection, spreadsheets, tracking, simple website edits and more.

Sales & onboarding systems
Enrollment call guide and onboarding welcome packet for the program. Includes 1 canva designed enrollment call guide up to 5 pages based on sales page copy. Includes 1 onboarding email template with links for being plugged in. $200 USD

we love our client case studies <3

Play Video

"I Was Able To 4x My Revenue In 12 Months And Get Back My Freedom To Spend Time With My Family"​

Natashia is an incredible spiritual mentor and channel PLUS an amazing mom of 4 who went from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by her business to finding a model that worked FOR HER.

She was not only able to 4x her revenue but also buy her dream home, pay off all her debt and have the TIME back to spend doing what she loves with her family,

"I had some of my highest revenue months ever & my average monthly income has DOUBLED!"

Meet Christine, who was able to massively shift her self worth AND implement the right strategies so she could hire team, hit her highest revenue months, launched her first group mentorship program and has doubled her income with more leads and clients than she’s ever had before and SO much more.

Play Video

Maz Scaled Her Company To Over $100k In 12 Months​

Maz not only created over $100k in her copywriting business, but was able to book herself out, go nomadic and have a system in place for how she wanted to continue to scale as she transitioned out of her FT job and journeyed into the nomad world.
She created her 1:1 offer, sold our her group program, created her free offer + built out the entire structure to scale.

“I show up in my truth, clarity, + potency. I have all the implements within my copy that encourage people to invest with me. Make the financial commitment, you will not regret it.” 

Ready to join the Sacred CEO™ Mastermind?
Enrollment is Officially open

If you’re feeling called to this container, You know you’re here to make big moves in the world and you don’t want to do it all on your own.

If you’re ready to experience a new wave of business leadership & support we invite you to apply below

It’s your time to shine.

The reality is, there’s never going to be a perfect time to make a big decision, only right here right now and what you’re feeling called to do next.

If you’re ready to finally experience a more sustainable, equitable and ethical way to scale your business online-

– a way that doesn’t cost you all your free time, social life and sanity-

but instead gives you the amazing community, team, support and mentorship you need to take your business beyond your wildest dreams, then this is the place.

1 year from now, you’ll be looking back feeling so proud and grateful for the courage and trust it took to believe in you, to invest in something so much more empowering than you ever would have thought possible.

And we cannot wait to welcome you inside.

xoxo- Soph

Frequently Asked Questions

The Sacred CEO™ Mastermind is a live on going group business mentorship experience and mastermind run by Soph Kessner and her team. The program consists of weekly live coaching calls as well as video modules and PDF’s that take you through both the internal and external elements needed to grow and scale your business in an ethical and equitable way. This Mastermind experience includes access to a full service done for you agency where you can purchase any additional add ons to services to support you with building your business backend. Most importantly, this is also a deeply profound personal development experience designed to support you on your own leadership skills and embrace a more integrative philosophy to business that incorporates your ability to do your own healing work in the process

You can start the mastermind at any time so long as we have capacity to bring on new clients, if at any point all our spots are filled, we will notify applicants who will be put on a waitlist and given an enrollment date for the next available spaces. Apply Now to get started.

Besides the fact that ARE YOU FOR REAL? Lol jk. Here’s the thing, we are 1000% IN this with you, practically holding your hand every single step of the way. This is a model we’ve worked with 100’s of entrepreneurs through. That means there are literally hundreds of business’ alive today because of the work that we do (you’re welcome) we aren’t teaching you theory or concepts, we’re giving you step by step strategies and frameworks to implement that we KNOW work– it’s literally exactly what we do in our own biz. Oh, and we actually help you build out your entire brand and website with your business plan– so tell me, where else can you find ALL of this? 😉

You have the same number of hours in the day as Beyoncé. You have time for what you make time for and what could be more of a priority than creating the life of your dreams.

In terms of actual time investment, the modules will take you about 1 hour per week to go through at your own pace, and then between 1-3 hours per week of implementing the exercises, and then 1 hour a week for the coaching calls aka actual liquid gold. So you’re looking at about 3-6 hours per week depending on what you are building, focusing on and how involved you would like to be in the container. Ultimately, YOU get to set your own pace and tone and we encourage you to move through this in a way that feels MOST supportive for your unique circumstances.

One thing we will do in our first session together is look at HOW we can get your time back and free up space.

We’ve got you covered boo. Transitions and changes in your offers, audiences, brand identity, or overall business service in general is one of our mega specialities, so get your cute little booty in here ASAP because there is a *right* way to do this. 😉

The only thing you *really* need is a computer with internet access and the self-control not to spend all day on Facebook 🙂

We will be reviewing the following apps/softwares some of which are paid and some are free. None of these are required for the program but you’ll likely want some combo of these things to get started with your business:

Google Docs

We will walk you through this step by step in the program, but here is the gist:

You’ll need to purchase your domain name, such as www.spacejam.com or whatever you want to call your business. This is around $10/year.

You’ll need to purchase your hosting, this is what connects your domain name with the rest of the internet. There’s lots of options for this, we’ll go over the best ones and most plans start at around $5/month.

We will be building your website on WordPress which is free and we’ll show you step by step how to install it. Even if you aren’t tech savvy, I promise.

Do I smell a little procrastination, girlfriend? 😉 We can tell you for sure that this is an ongoing evergreen experience that focuses on eliminating the false urgency to support entrepreneurs in trusting themselves, their process and their timelines. You are welcome to join at anytime you wish. Also, we have never run the same iteration of any of our programs because we are constantly evolving and upleveling. The ONE component of this work is that we do CAP and LIMIT the amount of clients we have in at any given time to ensure we never sacrifice the QUALITY of the experience for all clients involved. SO. if you’re feeling the pull to join, we highly encourage applying and scheduling your enrollment call so we can reserve your spot or let you know when the next spaces will be opening.

Jokes aside, I hear you on this one. I would like to tell you that your loved ones should support you unconditionally (they should) but the reality is sometimes they don’t. This is usually because they just want what’s best for you and if they don’t have your vision they might not be able to see how this really, truly *is* what’s best for you.

This is part of being an entrepreneur. Going against the grain and believing in yourself more than anyone else does. 

Well sh*t, life would be pretty boring if you weren’t, wouldn’t it?! Do stuff that scares you. That is how you evolve and grow and level up in life. If you never did anything scary then you wouldn’t have learned to walk, talk, dance and swim. You got this and you are not alone. We are in your corner rooting for you and giving you a loving nudge to jump!

Since you get access to the entire program, community and support as soon as you enroll, there are no refunds. We could give you a refund but honestly we want you to have some skin in the game so that you actually show up, do the work and commit to creating magic and $ in your life and business. IF for whatever reason you have extenuating life conditions that prohibit you from being able to participate in the program, we will make exceptions to support you. This is based on a case by case scenario for the individual at which point we will gladly connect to see what is the BEST way to support you through whatever season you are in.

We ask that if you are choosing to join this mastermind, you are CHOOSING to DEVOTE yourself to AT LEAST the next 6 months and plan on having the resources to invest for that time frame.

This program was designed specifically for service-based, entrepreneurs who want to start/grow a business online. If you do something else but you still think this program may be right for you, send us an email at sophie@sophiekessner.com and we can discuss it on our call.

YES. This is a non binary focused container with a focus on VALUES, ETHICS and beliefs. It is important to us to ensure that ALL students choosing to enroll in the mastermind feel safe, represented and fully supported inside of the container.

That being said, we value being a non binary container that believes in supporting and amplifying the voice of BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ and other minority groups.

If you align with our values and believe in creating a diverse, equitable and ethical way of scaling online, we invite you to apply to join our sacred space.

Yes, it does. Of course you get what you put into this and the proof is in the pudding. Take a look above at the results that past grads have gotten from working with us

Still on the fence? If you’re not sure if you’re ready to fully lean in, just click here to connect with us on a call and we can drop in on what you’re feeling. Loving you always.

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We will never spam you or share your email with anyone. In addition to the meditation you’ll also receive semi-regular email updates with tips, tools, encouragement, offers and exclusive resources. All emails include an unsubscribe link, you may opt-out at any time. Read our Privacy Policy to see how your data is handled.