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Profitable Coaching Niches for Life Coaches in 2023

Coaching Niche

Discover the most most profitable coaching niche niches to help you pick the right coaching niche and create a successful business with this comprehensive guide.

This blog post delves into various profitable niches within life coaching, each catering to specific client needs and demands.

We will examine niches such as career, sales and video, wellness, interior design, and spiritual guidance.

These areas offer immense potential for executive coaches to apply their skills uniquely while also creating substantial value for their clients.

The unconventional yet profitable niche niches like pet training or social media coaching are gaining traction too.

As we move forward in this exploration, you’ll gain insights on how diverse fields, from sexuality empowerment to money mindset, can be transformed into thriving coaching businesses.

Furthermore, we’ll discuss factors influencing choosing the right niche and resources available for professional certification programs across these disciplines.

By better understanding these aspects of your chosen niche, you can refine your marketing strategy to find clients who truly resonate with your services.

How To Choose A Coaching Niche As a Life Coach

The best way to pick a coaching niche is to base your the right coaching niche on your own leadership skills, personal development and coaching journey as a client.

With an emphasis on a coaching niche, you find yourself confident and competent in getting potential clients lasting results.

The life coaching niche that you choose will be the topic you’re sharing on and supporting clients with 24/7, so you want to be excited about supporting clients in solving that specific problem.

In today’s world, there’s an abundance of online coaching niches to choose from that help to create a better work life balance by allowing you to work from the comfort of your own home while also having a profitable and successful coaching business.

So how do you choose a profitable coaching niche that integrates with your personal development journey?

Know that ANY coaching niche can be a profitable life coaching side business, and start with finding what you’re most confident in and have the most credibility teaching or offering life coaching in.

If you need help figuring out where to start, check out our full list of categories below.

Life Coaching Niche

The life coaching niche is full of different topics and categories that you can branch into, whether you want to be a life coach who focuses on health or a life coach who focuses on finances, the possibilities are endless.

The most profitable life coaching niches tend to be the life coaching niches correlated with helping people get lasting results in a shorter period of time through your coaching skills.

Whether that’s a life coach who helps someone find their dream job, lose weight, find happiness, start a new career, or find their dream partner, the common factor in all these cases is a life coach who gets results.

As we continue to unpack the different life coaching niches, remember that any life coach niche can be profitable if the life coach can help potential clients see lasting results.

Help clients get results as an accountability Coach

The accountability coaching niche is one of the foundational aspects of life coaching that supports clients in setting specific goals, creating a clear action plan, and holding them accountable to achieving and following through on their plan.

As an accountability coach, your job is to help motivate, inspire accountability coach, and support your life coaching clients in building momentum toward their goals.

Understanding how accountability coaching plays a role in all life coaching niches helps newer life coaches see the value of developing these coaching skills to help hold clients accountable in any life coach niche.

Olivia Silvana ADHD Coach for women wired differently

ADHD Coach

ADHD Coaches help clients diagnosed with ADHD better understand their executive functioning and how to work with their brain to better navigate life, including skills like emotional regulation, planning, organization, and more.

If you’re someone who has been diagnosed with ADHD and wants to learn more about becoming an ADHD life coach to help others with ADHD better manage their symptoms and move closer towards their goals in life, check out our client, Olivia Silvana, who offers a three-month ADHD Coaching Certification.

Exploring the Lucrative Niche of Executive Coaching and Career Coaching

In today’s cutthroat job market, career coaching has become a goldmine and is a profitable coaching niche for executive coaches who want to expand their career by helping others.

Leading the pack is Emily Liou, a savvy entrepreneur who helps people achieve their career goals, whether it’s climbing the corporate ladder or starting their own business.

Guiding Professionals Through Job Transitions

Career coaches are the secret weapon for professionals navigating major career changes.

They offer expert advice on everything from crafting killer resumes to acing interviews, giving clients the confidence to conquer new career paths.

A career coach can be valuable when pursuing an ambitious goal or seeking a new beginning.

Empowering Entrepreneurs to Take the Leap

But wait, there’s more.

Some career coaches specialize in entrepreneurial coaching and operate closer to a business coach, helping aspiring business owners realize their dreams and find their dream job.

As a career and relationship coach yourself, you also have the opportunity to branch into executive coaching and work with other corporate experts in finding a career they enjoy along with finding work life balance.

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Executive Coaches Who Manage High Performing Teams

Depending on the type of industry you’ve been in before transitioning into leadership coaching, you may have the strong self management skills needed to go from an employee of a company to an executive coach who can help lead and problem-solve in the corporate atmosphere.

Executive coaches offer a unique form of leadership coaching to teams and small businesses that help the company grow and can be an incredibly profitable niche for mid career professionals seeking a new career.

Meet our previous client, Chris Castillo, who operates as a phenomenal career coach for empowered achievers:

Empowered Achievers Coach Chris Castillo

Understanding The Business Coaching Niche

Business coaches come in all shapes and sizes but are predominantly thought of in small business coaching, where they help other business owners with their marketing, messaging, offers, business structure, pricing, and more.

These business coaches guide on business planning, marketing strategies, and financial management, giving budding entrepreneurs the tools they need to succeed.

You can find a successful business coach for any type of business, which is why it’s also helpful to look at what different small business coaches specialize in and what they have had a successful business coaching in before becoming an actual business coach.

Forbes has the scoop on how entrepreneurial coaching can lead small businesses to triumph.

Financial Coaching Niche

A subcategory of a business coach is the financial coach, who helps clients better understand their finances, financial planning, and investing.

This type of coaching is heavier on the more practical and tangible components of finances and money, like paying off debt, planning for retirement, or building a portfolio.

Our client, Delyanne The Money Coach is a phenomenal example of what this can look like.

The Marketing Coach

A marketing coach helps clients with their online and offline marketing to find dream clients and sell more with their business.

A big part of the marketing coaching niche is understanding how different marketing strategies work and being able to create custom marketing support for the specific niche you’re focusing on.

Sales Coach

The sales coach is also a key component of small business coaches that helps other business owners increase their earnings by helping clients develop tools to increase the total number of sales they make every month, along with how much profit they make.

The Most Profitable Coaching Niches in Business Coaching

Marketing and business and profitable life coaching niches are some of the most profitable coaching niches because they have a direct and obvious correlation with helping other business owners increase their profit which is why these tend to be high ticket coaching niches.

The RRR Method for Relationships, Results and Reputation

The Relationship Results and Reputation Cycle

You can either be going UP the spiral, DOWN the spiral or just straight up staying stuck on the spiral, the biggest indicator of all that? THE RESULTS YOU GET YOUR CLIENTS.

The better results you get, the better reputation you’ll have in the industry and you’ll become truly known for what you deliver.

BUT, it’s important to understand that the real indicator of a profitable niche that you can grow a successful coaching business with is one hundred percent dependent on your ability to get clients results, so we want to ensure we’re not just picking a potentially profitable coaching niche without having the proper training to get clients results.

Choosing your coaching specialty is a big decision.

Consider your interests, expertise, and market demand to find the perfect fit.

The Rise of Sales and Video Coaching

As the digital world evolves, two booming niches emerge: sales coaching and video coaching. These fields offer unique opportunities to enhance selling skills, improve public speaking, and create engaging content for digital platforms.

Enhancing Selling Skills through Sales Coaching

Sales coaching improves your ability to sell effectively. It teaches techniques to understand customer needs, negotiate deals successfully, and close sales efficiently. Forbes emphasizes the importance of sales coaching in overcoming challenges in a competitive market.

  • Understanding Customer Needs: Key to a successful sale. Coaches teach techniques to uncover what customers truly want and need.

  • Negotiating Deals Successfully: Good negotiation skills make all the difference. Sales coaches provide training on effective tactics.

  • Closing Sales Efficiently: Sealing the deal can be tough. A good coach equips you with strategies to close deals more effectively.

Leveraging Video Coaching for Public Speaking and Content Creation

Video coaching helps improve public speaking abilities and create compelling content for digital platforms like YouTube or Instagram stories. Check out this TED Talk by Julian Treasure to master public speaking using voice modulation techniques.

Creating captivating online content requires knowledge of lighting setups, camera angles, and editing software.

Learn useful tips from this HubSpot blog post to further hone your skills under expert supervision. Gaining expertise in sales and video instruction is popular nowadays, regardless of whether you aim to be an influencer, YouTuber, motivational speaker or simply want to refine your communication capabilities.

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Become A Confidence Coach

If you’re unfamiliar with the technical components of video or sales, you can help others build their confidence through positive thinking and practical tools that help them better see themselves and their abilities through leadership coaching.

Life coaches who focus on confidence and overcoming negative emotions can support a wide variety of potential clients in creating a life they enjoy, whether it’s feeling more confident about how they look, how they talk, how they dress, and more.

If you want to make confidence a profitable life coaching niche, it’s important to find out what your ideal clients value most when it comes to building their own confidence and what kind of results they’re willing to pay life coaches to help them get.

Health & Wellness Coaching – A Focus on Mental Health and Well-being

In today’s stress-filled world, Health & Wellness experts are the superhero we all need. These coaches guide us towards healthier lifestyles, focusing on mental health and well-being, helping us conquer stress, eat better, and exercise like champs.

Guiding Clients Towards Balanced Diets

Wellness coaches are like food wizards, creating personalized diet plans that fit our unique needs.

They consider our preferences, health conditions, and lifestyle habits to recommend nutritious food choices, meal-planning strategies, and even cooking tips.

It’s like having a personal chef and nutritionist rolled into one.

Stress Management Techniques

A Health coach isn’t just about food; they’re also stress-busters.

Wellness coaches can show us how to unwind with yoga and meditation, give us strategies for improved sleep and better use of our time, plus utilize sophisticated approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help battle anxiousness and gloom.

To be successful as a wellness coach, one must possess knowledge of healthy living and show empathy and patience with clients.

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Anna Marsh Health Coach For fatigue recovery

Nutrition Coaching & Health Coaches

If you want to be a health and fitness coach yourself, you can focus on different aspects of health, from biohacking, nutrition, movement, and more.

Health Coach

As a health coach, you’re passionate about helping clients increase their sense of vitality through healthy living and can be an extraordinarily rewarding life coaching niche for life coaches who are passionate about seeing others make healthy lifestyle changes that improve their overall quality of life.

Health coaches can also specialize in nutrition coaching so long as they have credentialed training from accredited organizations that allow health coaches to provide more specific diet and nutrition-based guidance to improve someone’s health and vitality and can be a massively profitable coaching niche.

Our client, Anna Marsh, is a Nutritional Coach and Health coach specializing in helping folks recover from chronic fatigue and burnout.

Sara Milic Fitness Coach For Women

Fitness Coach

As a fitness coach, you work with clients specifically on their fitness goals and often can be a certified personal trainer with other nuanced and niche fitness certifications, whether it’s pilates, yoga, dance, or more.

The health & wellness space is one of the most profitable life coaching niches to get into because there’s always a huge buzz around improving your own health and well-being.

Our client, Sara Milic, has created a thriving fitness business helping women stop yo-yo dieting and build sustainable fitness habits as a vegan.

If you love the idea of science, nutrition, fitness, and overall wellness, this might be your niche.

Interior Design and Spiritual Guide Niches

The coaching industry offers countless niches, including interior design coaching focused on home decor and spiritual guide coaching.

These niches can help individuals enhance their living spaces and find inner peace.

Offering Home Decor Advice Through Interior Design Coaching

Interior design coaches provide valuable advice on home decor, helping clients create functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces that reflect their personality. They guide on color schemes, furniture selection, space planning, lighting arrangements, and more. With the rise of remote work due to COVID-19, this niche has seen significant growth as people strive to make their homes comfortable for living and working.

  • Knowing various interior styles from contemporary to rustic is essential.

  • A keen eye for detail helps create harmonious designs.

  • Knowledge about sustainable materials is an advantage in eco-friendly interiors.

Helping Clients Find Inner Peace as a Spiritual Coach or Happiness Coach

Spiritual coaches foster inner peace by guiding individuals through self-discovery journeys and life purpose coaching.

Our client, Dr. Marie Mbouni, is a spiritual guide and spiritual coach who supports high achievers in reconnecting to their full potential.

Marie Mbouni Spiritual Coach

They help clients connect with their higher selves or divine power, using meditation techniques or mindfulness exercises to promote mental well-being with their spiritual coaching.

  • Sensitivity towards different religious beliefs is crucial in spiritual coaching.

  • Patience is key as clients may take time to open up about personal experiences or fears.

The choice between these two niches depends on your interests – transforming physical spaces or fostering emotional transformations within individuals.

Either way, there are plenty of opportunities in these exciting fields.

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Pet Training Coaches and Social Media Coaches – Unconventional Yet Profitable Niches

Coaching isn’t just about careers or life; it can be pawsitively profitable in unconventional areas too. Take pet training as an example of an unconventional niche that can be highly rewarding.

Relationship coaches and social media coaches also find success in these unique niches, demonstrating the diverse opportunities available in the coaching industry.

Helping Pet Owners Tame Wild Behavior

A pet training coach helps pet owners manage their furry friends’ behavior like a pro. From teaching puppies basic obedience to tackling complex issues in older animals, these coaches are in high demand.

Let’s face it, many people need a little help to keep their pets on their best behavior.

But it’s not just about commands; these trainers also build a strong bond between owners and pets through effective communication.

Plus, they’re like animal psychologists, understanding why our furry pals act the way they do.

Unleashing Social Media Success for Businesses

In today’s digital world, social media coaches are the real MVPs for businesses.

They teach companies how to use social media platforms like a boss, reaching wider audiences, boosting brand visibility, and driving sales growth.

  • Social Media Strategy: These experts create tailored strategies for each platform, considering their unique features and audience demographics.

  • Campaign Management: From planning to monitoring, social media coaches handle it all.

  • Trends & Innovations: With ever-evolving algorithms, staying up-to-date is crucial, and these pros have got your back.

This sector has experienced tremendous growth, particularly in the wake of the pandemic, where organizations depend heavily on digital channels.

It’s a purrfectly lucrative option for aspiring life coaches.

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Niches – Sexuality And Empowerment Coaching

Coaching niches are as diverse and dynamic as the people they serve. Two unique fields include sexuality coaching, which focuses on sexuality empowerment, and empowerment coaching, both catering to crucial aspects of human life.

Empowerment coaching also addresses various aspects of personal growth, including developing a positive money mindset.

Aiding Individuals in Grappling With Sexual Issues

Sexuality coaches provide a safe space for individuals dealing with sexual issues.

They offer guidance on understanding one’s own sexuality, improving intimate relationships, addressing sexual dysfunctions or concerns, and fostering positive attitudes towards sex.

This niche is particularly important in societies where open discussions about sex may still be considered taboo.

Ann Nguyen Sexuality Coach

Our past client, Ann Nquyen, is a perfect example of how you can become a powerful life coach helping with sexuality.

Relationship Coach

If you enjoy working with couple dynamics or helping singles navigate the terrain of the dating field, relationship coaching is an incredible life coaching niche to get into where you can support folks in understanding how they show up in their relationships and how to make changes to their behaviors to create happier and healthier relationships.

Relationship coaching is among the most rewarding life coaching niches as you see new relationships blossom, often leading to marriage, kiddos, and more.

Evin Rose Relationship Coach

Our client, Evin Rose, created an incredibly successful coaching business as a relationship coach.

Empowering People to Overcome Personal Obstacles

In contrast, empowerment coaching helps individuals identify gaps hindering personal growth or happiness.

Coaches enable clients to realize their potential by facilitating the process of breaking through barriers such as fear, self-doubt, or limiting beliefs.

These professionals go beyond offering advice; they act as facilitators, guiding clients through transformative journeys using tools like visualization exercises or cognitive behavioral strategies.

Trustful client-coach relationships are built on empathy, sensitivity, and a judgment-free environment.

Whether helping someone embrace their sexuality confidently or empowering them to break free from self-imposed limitations, the impact coaches can make in these areas is profound indeed.

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Experts and Money Mindset Coaches – Tackling Physical and Financial Worries

The coaching world is a diverse and fascinating place, offering a plethora of niches to explore.

Two such niches are fitness expertise and money mindset coaching, each addressing different aspects of an individual’s life.

Motivating Individuals Towards Physical Transformations with Fitness Expertise

Fitness experts play a vital role in motivating individuals to transform their bodies.

Fitness coaches can advise on exercise regimens, dietary strategies, and lifestyle modifications that may result in enhanced physical health and mental well-being.

Check out the Mayo Clinic’s info on how regular exercise can give you a lift in spirits, better sleep, and more vigor.

But it’s not just about workouts and diets. Fitness coaches also help clients conquer mental barriers that stand in the way of their goals. Whether it’s building self-confidence or developing discipline, they’ve got your back.

Achieving Financial Stability with Mindset Coaching

These professionals work with clients to change their perceptions about wealth creation while teaching practical skills like budgeting and effective investing.

For valuable insights into managing finances efficiently, check out Investopedia’s guide on budgeting.

Financial coaches understand that our relationship with money often stems from deeply ingrained beliefs formed during childhood.

By identifying these limiting beliefs, they help individuals cultivate healthier attitudes towards wealth, paving the way for financial independence over time.

This niche goes beyond simple advice-giving.

Money mindset coaches empower clients to take control of their economic lives, which is especially relevant in today’s world of rising costs, inflation rates, and global economic uncertainties.

No wonder it’s a highly sought-after field.

U.S. News’ personal finance section has some great reading material if you’re interested in learning more.

Key Takeaway: 

Fitness experts motivate individuals to transform their bodies through exercise routines, nutrition plans, and addressing mental barriers.

Money mindset coaches help people achieve financial stability by changing their perceptions about wealth creation and teaching practical skills like budgeting and investing.

They empower clients to take control of their economic lives in today’s uncertain world.

Trauma-Informed, Business, Parenting & Family Counseling – Catering To Diverse Needs

Coaching: where versatility meets needs. From trauma-informed coaching to business guidance and family counseling, coaches have got it all covered. In fact, we have an entire blog post outlining how to find the right trauma informed certifications here.

Tackling Past Traumas Sensitively In Trauma-Informed Coaching

Trauma-informed coaching: helping you heal from the past. These pros understand the impact of trauma on mental health and guide you towards resilience and recovery.

Business Guidance – Strategies for Growth and Dealing with Losses

In today’s competitive market, business coaching is a must. Coaches provide insights into growth strategies and support you through tough times, helping your business stay resilient and innovative.

A Family Coach Supporting You Through Different Stages of Family Life

Parenting got you overwhelmed? Parenting coaches are here to help you raise successful children. And when it comes to family life, counselors offer support for marital issues and elder care concerns. They’ve got your back.

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Choosing The Right Niche – Factors To Consider

Determining the correct coaching area of specialization is not solely dependent on pursuing your enthusiasm, but also requires an awareness of commercial patterns, demand-supply ratios, and customer expectations. This involves considering various factors for long-term success.

Understanding Market Trends

To choose the right niche, you gotta know what’s hot. Identify high-demand services and future growth areas. For example, health and wellness is booming thanks to the mental health wave.

Demand-Supply Dynamics

Don’t be lost in the crowd; assess if your specialty is saturated or lacking and identify where you can best utilize your abilities in your coaching business. Check if your niche is oversaturated or underserved. Find where your skills will shine the brightest.

Client Needs And Preferences

Know your audience, know their needs. Figure out how they want their coaching delivered – online or offline, one-on-one or in groups. It’s all about catering to their preferences.

Profitability Factors

Show me the money. Consider the earning potential of different niches. Some will make it rain, while others might leave you high and dry.

All these factors require research and planning.

Take your time to explore different fields before making this career-defining choice for you coaching business.

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Certified Professional- Schools Certification Programs Available

Looking to gain the skills and credentials needed to become a successful coach, therapist, or wellness practitioner?

Choose the right educational platform that offers comprehensive training courses across various disciplines.

Institutions like Good Alliance are here to save the day.

LumiaCoaching and Good Alliance: Your Path to Success

LumiaCoaching and Good Alliance are reputable institutions providing a wide range of certification programs. They equip you with the knowledge, tools, and techniques needed to excel in fields like career coaching or wellness coaching.

Their curriculum is designed to stay ahead of the curve, providing you with all the necessary skills and techniques to be successful in your chosen field.

Mastering the Art of Professionalism

Becoming a certified professional isn’t just about theory; it’s about mastering practical skills too. These schools focus on both, ensuring you’re well-rounded and ready to tackle any situation.

  • Career Coaches: Learn how to guide individuals through job transitions or starting new ventures.

  • Sales Coaches: Enhance your selling abilities in diverse industries with proven strategies.

  • Wellness Coaches: Get trained to guide clients towards healthier lifestyles, from balanced diets to exercise regimes.

And if you’re feeling adventurous, these platforms also cover unconventional areas like interior design coaching or spiritual guidance. The possibilities are endless.

So why wait? Get certified, boost your credibility, and confidently tackle any challenge that comes your way. Start your journey today.

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FAQs in Relation to Coaching Niche

What is an example of a coaching niche?

An example of a coaching niche could be career coaching, where professionals guide individuals through job transitions and career development.

What coaching niche is most in demand?

The wellness and mental health sector has seen significant growth recently, making wellness coaching one of the most in-demand niches. Forbes backs me up on this.

What is your coaching niche?

Your personal experience, skills, and passion should determine your coaching niche. This could range from business to fitness to life transition guidance. It’s all about what floats your boat.

Why is a niche important in coaching?

A specific niche allows coaches to target their services effectively toward a particular group with specialized needs for better results. It’s like being a superhero with a laser-focused superpower.

Can I have more than one niche?

Yes! It’s totally possible to have a wide variety of different niches that you work within your online business, but it’s often recommended to start with one and slowly branch out over time as you get better at delivering results in each individual niche.

How Do I Build My Coaching Business?


This blog post explores high-ticket life and career coach and niches that are in demand and have the potential for success.

We discuss the need for career transition coaching, the rise of public speaking improvement, and opportunities in entrepreneurship coaching.

We also highlight diverse coaching niches like relationship coaches, weight loss and nutrition guidance, parenting advice, and fertility support.

Additionally, we provide a step-by-step process to help coaches select their niche based on interests, market demand, and professional goals.

By understanding these niches and emerging trends like sales training, video training, and wellness guidance, life coaches can find lucrative opportunities to specialize in specific areas that align with their expertise and passion.


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